August Alsina

Hip-Hop Rumors: August Alsina Spazzes On 106 & Park Chick

August Alsina is a new type of dude. He laid out that chick Keisha Chante flat on live TV. She tried to ask him about the beef that he has with Trey Songz. Apparently, they discussed it and he didn’t want to talk about it. And she asked anyway. And this is what he had to say about it.

“So you just gone go against the grain,” said August. “And go against everything I just … I just told you all not to ask me that s— when I got up in here.”

I kinda think it was dope of her to ask anyway, because clearly he had been answering that question on other media. I don’t know any of these people. Why do I feel like Bow Wow is too old for “106 & Park.” I think I’m too old for this rumor.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • GQ

    LOL My ni99a

  • tha OG

    August alsina is a real ass nigga!!

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  • Bow Wow saved it tho…lol

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  • I forgot Bow Wow existed. lol. Whats the beef with him and Trey?

    • Ninjaz wore the same color sneakers to the award show.

  • atle fjeldstad

    That`s NOT spazzing out..

  • TheBigCheeFa

    damn he told her ass.i know she felt like shit


    august was out of line for disrespecting her like that, he rolled his eyes like a bitch as if he was a woman putting another woman in her place, he is very suspect, im sure him and trey songz had a bromance, thats why he so touchy about it.

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  • soyhiphop

    Check that hoe

  • Phatt Killah

    Not spazzin at all. Just chin checkin right quick

    • illseed

      He didn’t spazz in the traditional sense, but he cussed on live tv….lol…

  • i’mreloaded!

    He coulda just ignored da question. He didn’t have to do dat girl like dat. She gotta do a job too. That was some bish ish and readin all these comments, some of ya’ll think he is a G because he got on national TV and talked down to a female in front of a bunch of teenagers? Ya’ll just as lame as him. Was supportin this dude til I just watched dat. SMDH.

    • ah what part didn’t you not get he ask them not to ask him anything about that situation so she get what she deserve

      • i’mreloaded!

        So why he couldn’t ignore the question and left her lookin clueless on live TV, then on commercial address it to her directly? Yeah, dats what real niggaz do, go on TV and act like a bish. They probably made her ask dat question, you don’t know dat.

      • KC The American Pimp


      • i’mreloaded!

        Bacc up bitch. Me and this man talkin. We don’t need no cheerleading or no fluffers right now u lil bitch.

      • KC The American Pimp

        STFU son!!

      • dayy

        well if he didn’t want them to ask about it his dumb ass shouldn’t have posted via social media and it not her fault her boss told her to do it, i dont even get people like he you post something talking shit about someone that everyone can see and when someone ask you about you got a problem…let be real, if you dont want no one talking about it. dont post shit about on social media that simple

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    emotional fagggggots. he remind of some AHH niccas in here………niccas that respond negatively is the same ones im talking about………

  • 1hiphophiphop

    So you have beef but don’t want to talk about it? I bet he would want to talk about it if he wasn’t that popular.

  • The Legendary Troll

    boy we got some captain save ems in the comment section. she thought her light skin gave her a pass to say what she wanted lol. he told her

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      someone got lightskin girl issues. Did she hurt you, bruh? lol

      • The Legendary Troll

        Im just being real. Light skin chicks have a superiority complex. they think they can walk on water. If the man told you not to ask that retarded question then dont do it. Light skinned chicks think no means yes

      • Celz

        Maybe wit you bruh.. Not around me and my ninjas lol

      • Yeah, he got issues!

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    He checked her (cursing at her) AND BET (cursing on live TV) lol. That wasn’t no spazz. But BET is about to get that call lol. I didn’t know it was really live. The BET sensor man is always late lol. If you’ve ever seen the BET awards you know what I mean. Gotta get that 5 second delay popping.

    • chrismax291

      There is censor for cable television because its paytv, had it been broadcast over public airwaves then BET/Viacom would have to pay a fine.

  • imma darkboy

    so ya’ll just gonna gloss over the fact he requested not to be asked about that shit(off camera) and she went ahead and did it anyway ON LIVE TV, to get a boost in ratings or soundbite…was he wrong maybe but if i ask u not to bring something up and u do it anyway putting me on the spot(cuz clearly he does not wanna talk about it anymore and doesn’t have anything nice to say so he’s stfu about it) then u can’t get tight when i give you the response i gave you
    and that wasn’t a spazz…he could’ve really fucked up the show and stood there like a deaf mute as soon as he heard the nameTrey Songz and have them lookin even dumber…the beep guy should be fired too….lol

    • dayy

      If you dont want people to be talking about something like this then dont post it via social media point blank period he needs to know next time to not post that he got a beef with someone…its that easy

      • imma darkboy

        ?????….he said in an interview while on tour what the issue was with Trey and left it at that…went on to explain even more in other interviews once he had a chance and by the time he got to 106 he made a simple request to not ask questions about it b/c he’s talked it to death and at the end of the day it aint as serious as the media is tryin to make it….THIS IS NOT BEEF….this was a simple disagreement between two men and if i’ve already downplayed the situation and made it known that i’m on here to promote my album not some made up RnB beef and you go against my wishes to bring up the latter than i have every right to “spazz out” like he did or not answer the question which he did as well.

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  • I get tired of him saying he’s a real nigga in every interview though. I found this pretty funny though lol

  • OnlyTheReal

    I don’t think he is going to be banned. It was’nt nuthin for BET to cut Webbie off

  • Sht was funny, they asked him anyway and he let em have it…homegirl kept it moving nicely though even though I know her soul was slowly burning, maybe bruh tired of hearing that sht by now….

  • Guillaume Pilon

    She wack and she deserve it

    But man this kid is so skinny somebody need to feed him

  • He did the right thing, aside from cursing. She looked mad af tho after, Bow Wow like “damn shawty got slapped, whew atleast I ain’t get sonned”!!

  • Schooly B

    Media training… Apparently that wasn’t in the budget.

    • dick fukabatch

      real niggas speak from the heart and aint no training or amount of money gonna stop a real nigga from doing real things

      • Schooly B

        Yes, real niggas speak from their hearts. Talk crazy to women on television regardless of the fact that their target demographic happens to be the estrogen imbued group, thereby limiting their marketability and sales. And then, move on to plug their latest project in the next breath. Real men with business acumen and this thing called tact (I know, the word is foreign to real niggas) though, refuse to answer the question quite simply by saying they aren’t there to feed bad energy and that the situation is a private matter whether they’ve spoken on it or not. Thats the difference between “Niggas” and “Men”. I smell wood burning… Must be those cd’s that didn’t move like the label planned. “Niggas” and “Men”, you decide which you will be recognised as.

        Class Dismissed

      • dick fukabatch

        She blatantly disrespected dude..her asking the question knowing not to was more talking crazy then him saying shit in reference to the question being asked.As far as marketing it seems as if his demographic respects what he said as opposed and he brands himself to come off that way and the label knows that.REAL men speak from the heart and dont have to sugarcoat or hide behind the fact because they on tv or have a deal.thats being fake to yourself.

      • dick fukabatch

        to think about it he was being the better man when he told them ahead of time he tryna avoid the question.she just had to ask and asked again after he said shit.

      • Schooly B

        This may be a shocker but… It’s called the entertainment industry. Keyword here being industry. As in, the production of a good or service within an economy. The service here being entertainment. As an interviewer for one of the most mind crippling shows on television it is her job to ask silly questions about old situations in order to drive ratings and ensure her position within the company. As an artist, it is his job to answer those questions tactfully (there’s that word again) so as not to offend and alienate his core demographic as well as appeal to potential new investors in his career (the label execs and consumers of media). As an RnB artist (I’m assuming based on his “singing”) he would benefit more from being a Man and not a “Nigga” as you so eloquently put it.

        Class Dismissed

      • fuckn rite

      • Schooly B

        You’re probably and agent trying to sow the seeds of ignorance amongst my people. I won’t let you.

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  • SlowRobots

    he didn’t even “spazz out” like that he kept it street bitch stop asking dumb ass questions period.

    • ZUBU

      Exactly bro, he didn’t spazz out and start yelling and shiiit. He just hoe checked the batch. To be honest it is not her fault, I’m sure the producers directed her to ask him, even though he had told them he didn’t want to talk about it.

  • Truth Powell

    Thug r&b is an abomination.

    • rocnation30

      lmfao….i agree

    • Yeah…..

  • We need more dudes like this. People get tired of folks trying them. He already spoke on it plenty of times. What more is there left to say. It’s stuff like this that will spark up beefs that have already been squashed. That’s how people end up getting hurt. B.E.T. wanted to get a reaction out of him then wanted Trey to respond, and dude wasn’t falling for it. You can’t teach that in media training!!

    • Schooly B

      Agent White, stop trying to destroy my people with your ignorance. Your feeble attempt at “jive talk” is unrecognised and invalid. Return to headquarters at once and alert the ASAC that the Niggas are revolting.

      • Oooooooh, I guess you told me…….you really added to this discussion

      • Schooly B

        No, clearly I didn’t. You’re still responding.

    • yes, we need more men that talk crazy 2 women, we in a drought. u need a role-model

      • So I guess she did nothing wrong and he should have been more “respectful”.

  • I really don’t know who this artist is but, he aired his business out on twitter and now that people are asking then he wants to act all Hollywood…..What do you think these media outlets invite you up to do? They want to talk and ask questions, take your skinny ass off the stage if you are not going to be real with the people. #justsaying

    • Obi Won

      You forgot its a new generation of Web Thugs. Of course he went off on TWITTER!!! Behind the screen he’s probably a regular Tony Montana (the I was hacked excuse is famous). But when the camera’s on you can look a person in the face and see if its a man or a mouse.

  • Why was Bow Wow even there? You would think that’s where he would use his star power and get the answer to the question in a different way….Bow Wow should be fired for simply taking up space, he really don’t belong on that show.

  • it’s not hard when u goin bad on sum1 in a skirt & heels. cowardly, really, coulda found a smoov way 2 handle that

    • Kinda hard to thug & sing anyway!

    • stealth

      You act like he screamed on her and called her out her name or sumthin. Shit was pretty smoov to me. Oh you didnt like the cuss word ?

      • it’s a show aimed at teens, he shouldn’t be cussin on it, anyway, but that’s beside the point. She doin her job, and those who put her there and write her checks instructed her to ask the question. He should have expected to be asked the question rather than expect to be able to direct the show before it starts. If it were Scarface hostn the show or a member of Bone Thugs, he’da found a whole different way to answer the question. Men are obviously bigger than women (physically) so to go hard on a woman (physically or verbally) shows cowardice; it would be like women goin hard on children and calln that “street.” Trey Songz got that dude heart in his pocket, he gettn all emotional, spazzn on women 4 askn about th incident he chose to air out via social media. He needa hug.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    I like how bow wow took control of the situation. Very smooth on bow wow to not let it get out of hand even more!

  • Obi Won

    Great, another Man-Bish. He should’ve gently removed his tampon and handled it like a MAN!!!

    • don’t put that coward bs on women, we push human beings out, that take strength. He on his own w/ that weak chit.

  • Jakne

    I seen dude on the breakfast club power 105 interview, he said he do street stuff, I’ll bet he never been locked up for a traffic violoation.

    • Splatter

      so to be street you saying he had to been caught?! and that was a lame ass comment. who gets “locked up” for a traffic violation? you looking for a DWI to proclaim his streetness??? now im not trying to be “street” when I tell you that you sound like a mark ass bitch. smh…kids.

      • Jakne

        Naaaaa homie, slow down. I wont call you out your name online, that’s what the fake internet thugs represent. A suspended license will get you jacked up. I was saying the image dude repping, may not be him. When something pop off, then drop your nuts, the extra talk isn’t necessary. If he’s a R&B cat…be that. But if the label say, we need you to be like this, and artist tend to take that path, to entertain, get fame, and the pursuit of the dollar. I’m a fan of dude music, but you know 95% or more artist are just that, “artist”. Solid cats dont speak it, they walk it.

      • Breeze

        But who are you to judge tho. . . You don’t know shit about this nigga so why are you speculating. I bet you been to jail for plenty of traffic violations cuz ya broke ass can’t pay ya tickets. And no I’m not a fake Internet thug. . . Lol u just seem to know a lot about going to jail for traffic violations lmfao

  • Splatter

    hahahah yo shorty was maaaaad tight after he shut her down. look at the level of uncomfort and silence when bow wow took over. by the way son album is tuff. not just for the shorties.

  • Cloud Air

    she shouldn’t have violated .. this guy clearly asked not to talk about it and she dropped it on him anyway.. you can even tell she knew she shouldn’t do it because she tried to drop a compliment in there to ease it in like “the girls were going crazy from ur performance!.. now answer this thing u didn’t want me to mention”

    she was being an asshole.. if she was on a show and she told the producers: “don’t ask me about my herpes” and they asked her about it anyway, she wouldn’t like that, so she needs to learn to treat people with respect… treat people how you want to be treated.. he is the reason you have a damn show but you trying to put him on blast over some personal issues he has that he didn’t want to put out there

    and she wanted to get salty and walk off stage, no u stand there take your licks you clown.. u want to be confrontational but u run like a b*tch when its not in your favor

    i hope his female cousins rock her corny ass

    • She doin her job, he don’t direct that show. What she look like lettn sum1 come on th show & tell her not 2 ask sum’n she was told by her bosses 2 ask? And herpes, fam? That’s a weak ass sexually demeaning shot at a woman. Don’t forget u came out a woman’s vagina in a mess of blood and fluid next time u want to take shots at a woman’s female parts. If he aired it out via social media, he need to stand on it and take the questions instead of gettn all emotional and takn it out on a woman. This a generation of poodlenuts, what kinda man co-sign a performer losing his cool on a woman cuz he can’t handle a question? It’s HIM who ought to be concerned bout HER cousins.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    I think I’m too old for this rumor, obviously you really don’t.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    LOL he wanted to slap the loop earrings off her head…

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