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Hip-Hop Rumors: You Won't Believe What Mimi Allegedly Got For The "Sex Tape"

Mimi Faust got all the world of Black and Hip-Hop talking right now. She’s just “about that life,” I guess. But, what is all the talk worth in pure dollars? Typically when somebody decides to forgo reason and make a highly publicized sex tape, they generally make crazy loot. But, I am hearing that’s not really the case here. My sources tell me that Mimi got a paltry $125k to get screwed on camera. Mind you, that’s a lot of money to somebody like me. But she’s a reality star! I heard these people get $5-$10k to host basic parties! Anyway! That’s what I heard. The one question I had and the source didn’t know was if Mimi is going to get backend revenues on sales. I know she got back ended every other way so why not? Speaking of “back ended,” the same source tells me that the dude Nikko that’s splashing her goes both ways. (PS: Another source just told me that Mimi is getting a huge percentage of the backend sales revenue. But, they estimated that that would result in less money than the upfront cake, cake, cake.)

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What was the bigger star – the Shower Rod, Niko or Mimi?

OK, I kept Nikko out of the actual pole, I mean poll.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • i’mreloaded!

    Hey, hos is all bout the money. I’m not surprised.

  • Dave Williams


  • tha OG

    This is a stupid ass Thot

  • MrNoName2K

    ahhhhhhh the THIRSTTTTTTTTT

  • brotha_man

    She is no pinky

    • Immortal


  • brotha_man

    Used to think she had potential in the first season……oh how I was wrong

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    This is no “Sex Tape.” It’s a g@ddamn porn. You have professional lighting, a high quality HD cam, and a camera man. If that at ain’t porn movie I don’t know what is. On another note, Mimi was getting broke off in the trailer and she has a great body. Methinks I will cop the bootleg. This trollop will never get my dough.

  • Son Dollars

    hoes gotta eat too…

  • Ramesses The Great

    125 k is more than what the actual porn actresses get. Most of them get less than 5 k per flick, so Mimi ole elderly self ain’t doing bad. She looked like a mule faced drag queen, however, she at least got paid.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      sadily she’s no porn star!!!!!!!! and this either needs to last or she will need to do an part 2 !!!! 100k aint nothing !!!!! especially to someone in the limelight …. you can spend 100k in the night club in 1 night !!!!!!!

      • I wouldn’t though, but that is top porn pay!

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  • soyhiphop

    Whores are the norm.. 7 out of 10 adult b!tches are thots ….ask Inmadopuroz mom she’s an old ass smut.. she gave malcome x the box when he was just known as red…..

    • Boomie Rogers


    • Hahahaaa!

    • johnblacksad


  • The Legendary Troll

    thots arent business savy

  • That ain’t enough to get her daughter through college. Even though she’ll be about 60 by the time she enrolls. MiMi make that money, don’t let it make you!!!

  • Apollo Showtime

    It’s a nice lump sum, but she’s CRAZY if she think’s she’ll get royalties. She got $125K for the video. WE all know that video won’t even make $125K so Vivid will take ALL of the proceeds for the sales to make that $125k back plus whatever else is left for PROFIT because they’re not in this to do a free sextape they had to pay her for. I give Mimi ONE point for managing to make more for one scene than the highest paid porn star gets for one scene, but she can take this “L” as far as seeing any residual income once the shit hits torrent sites lol.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      LOL thats an house in the hood any state usa LOL!!!!!! after taxes its just an downpayment !!!!!!

      • Or 3 low income multi units in the hood that produce 5K a month residually.

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  • What these black chicks don’t understand is that sex tapes are only important when it is discovered by someone on the internet or some place else…But to purposely do a sex tape and pass it out to the highest bidder only waters down the whole concept……These chicks nowadays are so thirsty that eventually no one will even care to offer you anything to see you get donkey punched in the vagina.

    • adam pitterson

      Word…ask Tila Tequila….

    • wickedjones

      Not to mention there’s all kind of porn out there. DING DING DING, They will always classify black women as ghetto and hoes when they do porn.

  • My thing is this, now when she goes around and the media asks her questions about this overrated sextape, I hope that she don’t try to act all Hollywood…Just like how she put it out there is how it will haunt her to a point where she will have to hide from cameras because of the constant disrespect.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      right i hated when superhead was acting like that … chick you wrote the book!!!!!! lol

  • Schooly B

    It seems the agents of ignorance have deleted my comment in the interest of feeding you all more garbage. So, I will retype it word for word; thats the power of a strong mind.

    “Mimi Faust got all the world of Black and Hip-Hop talking right now.” I want you to read that and explain to me exactly what thought you are attempting to convey to the reader. What or where is this “World of Black” you speak of? Is it in the 5th dimension where the Dairy Queen sells spaghetti? Or, is it some distant planet that we have yet to discover and all the inhabitants of this distant undiscovered planet are currently enthralled with the exploits of this one earth woman at the moment. Have all businesses and federal buildings closed while the people closely watch this story unfold with bated breath and on the edge of their seats? Or, are you just an idiot with a Job Corp certificate and limited human interaction with other human beings outside of yourself which explains why you make such broad statements about an entire group of people as if they have nothing else to do or talk about?

  • Schooly B

    I refuse to allow you agents to poison the minds of my people with your manufactured ignorance and distractions.

  • Dorian Frsh

    peanuts for your soul

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    royalties are good for 2 things actually 3 …. 1 if its a top seller 2 if people 10 years from now are still checking for the product 3 if it gets reused in film commercials etc….. i don’t this will hit any of those bullet points !! lol @ the end of the day as soon as it hits the net its gonna get bootlegged digitally and it will severely kill the sales of the footage … unless minis star power rises greatly i don’t see anyone checking for this after the first year or 2 its released ………. and since its x-rated there aren’t many ways to remarket the content to gain even more $$$$$$ off the content… that is unless she invest in shower curtains like most folks been joking about but that real isn

    • ‘Chet!
      You just hit the nail on the head……..heavy duty shower rods, & curtains….with a special anti bacterial coating of course.

  • PretorianIX

    $125k was generous for a 41-year-old d-list reality ‘star’

    • dee

      D list try F list

  • bigdoe6

    No royalties. They bought her out. She doesn’t have star power to demand royalties. $125k is chump change being that she’s on a hit reality show, but honestly if this is true she could’ve got more.

    • Chicks get $500-$2,500 tops.

      No chick is getting 100K sex tape Money.

      ( Normally*)

    • T Shawn Snipes

      “hit” is a relative term. biggest loser is a hit reality show. love and hip hop is doing ok in its time-slot on basic cable.

  • ChocolateGirlWondah

    $125K? Bye Felicia.

  • nicole

    This article is just throwing shit out there…did you all see the super trailer…they show them discussing it and I know somebody behind the scenes that says they always never give the actual amounts out I heard they got that as an advance,then $325K once they agreed and a percentage, and after the last season with Kirk & rasheeda I haven’t watched …but anybody out there that believe that stebie & joseline live in that house needs counseling…AND HE HAD A SEX TAPE WITH EVE They decided to get some money for the company wanting to post it and they where actually together no kids or crazy shit…I actually Like it The Ray J & Kim K thing was boring,so was Paris Hilton”s How come when Black women actually do something better its always labeled trashy…we all fuck,and I know some hypocrites that would except $60K….that’s enough to start a profitable business.

  • ebonyhud

    Nikko is the worst kind of sleaze. More so than Stevie, because at least Stevie can get his own. Nikko needs Mimi for his relevancy. This reaks of his doing.

    On another note Mimi is a grown ass woman and will reap whatever consequences or benefits this gives her. I don’t think anyone knows the specifics of the deal unless they come from the source.

    But just ask Nikko, I’m sure his thirsty ass will just tell you how much she got.

    • big daddy goosh goosh da Voice


      • ebonyhud


  • The_Councilman

    Not to be negatively “racial”, but since she’s black, she wasn’t going to get what the “others” get up front or even on the back end. There isn’t a demand to see black z-list reality “stars” on camera having sex. Even that Farrah Abraham chick got a reported one million for her scenes, and she’s just as relevant as Mimi. So how can Mimi get 10% of what Farrah got, and they’re on the same “celebrity” level? Here’s the three (3) reasons why;

    (1) poor negotiating ability by whomever represented on her behave on the money deal

    (2) whomever negotiated the deal skimmed a large percentage of what the “actors” were going to earn, so whatever she was going to make before all the hands got into the pot, is now down to nil and that’s what she’s taking home

    (3) she’s black.

    • T Shawn Snipes

      In 2013, Farrah Abraham sold a self-filmed sex tape with adult star James Deen for $1.5 million. At one point, it was revealed that Farrah was earning $60,000 per month in royalties from the sex tape on top of her advance money.

      • The_Councilman

        She’s getting that kind of grip because it’s the highest selling “reality star” video in history. The day of its release crashed the Vivid site and outsold Kim K’s tape in a matter of hours.

        Plus, that white skin and being a pathological liar, is a great selling attribute.

        Just as someone said, Mimi’s video is going to be on the black market because that’s where her “fanbase” most likely resides, and she’s not going to get anything on the back end in terms of royalties due to the heavy bootlegging.

        The sex game is like the rap game; you’re going to get fncked when you release something digital.

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  • Brindle

    this women has a daughter by a retard, no she on camera with a gay retard… when I 1st heard about it, I thought she was slippen and didn’t know it… Heathens is taken over and proud of it… SHAMELESS… right about now is where the low lifes of my race say “at least she getten her money”……

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    She is old and not much to look at……who wants to see her porno?

    • victoria rosario

      everyone …lol

  • cece4fascion

    Looks like it was taped in a hotel room, that’s why she was able to chin-up on that shower curtain rod.


    This b!tch just sold her soul!!! And she had the nerve to talk about Joslyn Hernadez???


    She got 1.5 million niggas. #Facts Ill seed you guys love to make up shit.

    • PeoplePlease7

      Do you have any proof, or are you just speculating like everyone else. Many famous white female porn stars don’t even get close to that amount.

      • GTFOOH

        I personally know about that whole ordeal 1.5 a mili. At least we now know the rhyme for the reason. Not saying it’s right.

    • The_Good_Life

      I heard that too bra. She turned down the 100k offer and when the internet caught fire vivid came with 1.5. No pun intended…

  • John Internet-Rambo

    ihr seid alle schwul und masslos behindert