P. Diddy Will Give Commencement Speech At Howard University Graduation

(AllHipHop News) A dropout speaking to the graduates. P. Diddy is set to give the commencement speech at the graduation ceremony at Howard University.

In addition to giving the commencement speech, Diddy will be given an honorary doctorate in Humanities. Diddy will receive his degree over 20 years after he dropped out of Howard University in 1990 with a business major.

The Howard University commencement is set to take place on Saturday, May 10th starting at 10 A.M.


  • This is why College is a waste of time because here is a case of a former dropout, who became successful without a college degree, and now that Diddy is such a huge influence on the world, they invite him back to speak to graduates about the importance of a college degree, something that Diddy never accomplished in the first place. And as an insult to students who successfully completed there studies they are giving Diddy an honorary doctorate in Humanities……. #F*CKCOLLEGE

    • TimeWillTellu1

      You nailed that! Seriously though.

    • Come on son I understand what you’re saying but not everyone is going to become a mogul. Doctors, Lawyers et al have to go to college to qualify for their chosen fields.

      I do agree that some students on a number of courses are just wasting their time since they do not need a college degree to enter their profession. A lot of these folks could do with going on work experience and proving themselves and working their way to the top.

      • My thing is this, I don’t know if I am more upset with the College or Diddy? Perhaps Diddy should have respectfully decline so that he can speak to needy kids in urban communities who really need the motivation and don’t have access to moguls like Diddy.

      • Not having access is not an excuse. If peeps wanted it really bad they will find a way. It’s usually the mind set that hinders a lot of peeps.

        Peeps have enough access, twitter, facebook, and other social networks and the www. That’s all you need.

        Believe you me I have learnt a lot about people and have implemented some of their strategies just by using those sources. I don’t always need to sit down one and one with a person to tap into their mindset / strategies.

        I can assure you that Diddy does talk to the kids too, it just doesn’t get that much press coverage by these kind of sites.

  • I think it is awesome. Hell, I got a Bachelor’s Degree and can barely find a job. So what does that prove. He is still an inspiration to students and he attended Howard University and is very successful. Evidently, he gained something out of the college experience.

    • Seems like the total opposite to me……He is more of an inspiration to people who realize that college is a waste of time….What he gained from the college experience is that you sit 4 years learning something from a book, and graduate with high student loans, when one could have simply started working and hit the real world to make a living from real life situations, instead of something that was written in a book 20 million years ago.

      • That’s true, but he made a name for himself by promoting parties while at Howard. You never know he could have taken something from a business class or something and applied it so it wasn’t a waste of time I don’t think.

      • In my opinion it’s a case of institutional ass kissing. Most institutions invite Alums to speak to students, not a drop out, who eventually made it without what is considered to be a pass to success.

  • jay

    Maya Angelou, Oprah didn’t graduate and both spoke at Howard. You tell me the difference?! Oprah has a cable station and Puff has a Cable station. no difference, except he is hiphop.

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  • nukeman

    Hear this. My sister and my brother both have masters degrees, I have 2 years of college. My present salary is both of their salaries combined. How’s that possible? I am a software engineer.