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50 Cent Says Diddy's "Big Homie" Single Is Garbage (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is not letting up on his verbal assault of fellow Hip Hop mogul Diddy. The G-Unit leader’s latest shot came during an interview with 92.3 Jams in Baltimore.

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50 said:

If the guy doesn’t have significant savvy with the actual business or with the actual culture he’ll be out of here. You’ll see Jay around as long as he’s been around. What he’s on like 11 albums? Puff’s still out there. He don’t even need a record. Cause he don’t got one. Like you know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear. That “Big Homie” s**t is garbage. I’mma keep it all the way real with you, because the guy says, “Don’t worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks.” And then sings to you, but this is why we got rid of Milli Vanilli.

The Queens rhymer previously insinuated that Diddy was gay by posting a picture of the Bad Boy Entertainment CEO hugging Steve Stoute. The caption on the photo read, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right.”

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Listen to 50’s interview and watch the video for Diddy’s “Big Homie” featuring Rick Ross and French Montana below.

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  • RMfag

    Ok ladies, why not just out your sex tape out? I’m not gay but they obviously used to fuk.

    • RMfag

      No homo but is fap to it.

      • Tré Sinclare

        You got aids and dick snot

    • El moreno de Queens #Dominican


  • TheOnlyCoop

    50 is going to end up getting knocked out like Suge.

    • dee

      If it didn’t happen when he first came in the game its not going to.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        I’m sure plenty said the same about Suge.

      • Tré Sinclare

        It already happened Jay rule beat that nigga as twice.

    • Woooo!

      Nah, he would of got knocked out a long time ago.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Suge was running acting crazy for years before it happened.

      • Tré Sinclare

        Jay beat the nigga up twice

    • Shalove2

      He’s got to many police guarding him.

    • Tré Sinclare

      Jay rule be a em up twice,black.child stabbed his ass and homo shot the nigga 30 some times an hit him nine times. I been telling y’all this nigga a soft snake ass birch boy. He bisexual too recording buck and crying over ugly ass Chelsea handler

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  • Smashit

    50 talk a lot of ish but he say a lot of ish that be real – Diddy came out & changed the game with BIG, Black Rob & Lox – he did it big with R&B like Mary J & Jodeci – but now he a very rich business man and he really outta touch with the music game putting out trash like French Montana & letting lames like False mess up BIG’s legacy with remakes of his classic songs & using his lyrics – for what a few dollars he really don’t need – Diddy need to man up with his old ass & get back to good music or leave it alone

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Super Co-Sign

      • SleepyTheGreat

        @disqus_4v1v9qAanK:disqus I agree with you fam. Im not supporting that shit. Diddy need to go back to the “Press Play” era lol

    • Casor_G

      Cry all you want, but suckas can’t knock the hustle. Furthermore – that Big Homie song is nice

  • baller187

    50 thats all he can do is talk, as usual

  • jeezuz

    IT IS THO….o_0 … dont tell me yall thought it was hot!

  • EniggaMA

    Boo hoo hoo 50 dissed Puff. You dudes really care that much. That’s what he does

  • MrNoName2K

    “It dont matter if i write rhymes, I write checks”..lol Diddy that nigga

    • RMfag


    • johnblacksad

      “don’t worry if I write checks, I write rhymes” -Evidence

      “I write rhymes, I write checks” -Hov

      • MrNoName2K

        “don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks”..DIDDY…”Bad Boy for Life”

  • The Legendary Troll

    He right though. big homie is trash

    • RMfag


  • dee

    Diddy kills me with this act. He always talking about real nigga etc. At the end of the day how are you a real nigga when you was holding your suppose to be niggas to contracts collecting money off them. Dont forgot about how shyne was down for him and turn his back on him but yeah thats a “real nigga”.

    • Tré Sinclare

      You act like a nigga is a good think. You Mus like hollow da don and calico

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    Man F*CK P Diddy or whatever the f*ck his name is, he is only worried about how he looks. Remember this?

    50 Cent – The Bomb

    Who shot Biggie Smalls?
    We don’t get em
    They gonna kill us all
    Man Puffy know who hit that n!gger
    Man that n!gger soft
    He scared them boyz from the Westside’ll break him off
    Dump on his ass
    So he run to Harlem shake em off

    • Tré Sinclare

      Fifty.got stabbed shot and beat up. He didn’t respond at all. He aunt the type of nigga I think of as gangster. Even I puff killed biggie fifty tried to burn down a house with kids inside

  • brotha_man

    Im wit fif on this one….french is possibly the worst ny rapper ever. Tim dog is in the clear

    • RMfag

      I’m the best tho

    • Terrance

      Let’s say French is the worst. The dude is STILL gettin’ bread so this should be a lesson to folks. ” A Hustle is a Hustle”. If you get money doing it, then CLEARLY you are good at your hustle. You may not be talented the way SOME PPL would prefer, but it’s a BUSINESS. You can be nice as hell on the mic but gets NO BREAD. At that point I have to say you’re a TERRIBLE BUSINESSMAN. GET IT???

      • brotha_man

        i not saying he aint getting bread. just saying he wack on the mic get money, by all means get money. ome rappers like being rappers anything extra is a bonus. businessmen= businessmen. rappers = rappers

      • Terrance

        I get it. My comment was no slight on your comment tho. I just took the opportunity to share my thoughts on The music BUSINESS.

  • “I wanna help support new artists” —- 50, start with your crew
    “I don’t know if I wanna be around forever” —– You won’t if Animal Ambition ain’t tight
    “Puffy ain’t got no music you wanna hear” —– Quote of the day
    “But this is why we got rid of Milli Vanilli” —– Yep so why dudes give Puff a pass?

    • Shalove2

      Puff never claims to be a rapper, he’s an entertainment mogul who happens to make the occasional record. Nobody cares who writes his stuff just like nobody cares who writes R&B artist’s songs. The record is about the performance. Oh, and Puff doesn’t lip sync to someone else’s singing, that’s what Milli Vanilli did. Puff sold a lot of records with B.I.G., Craig Mack and MA$E.

  • RobJMars

    Fiddy said it best… Bad boy Ent is like a dead end for any new artist. Puff is well paid and I bet you Puff’s music budget comes from all his artists royalty checks

    • Shalove2

      …and G-Unit is killing… oh, never mind.

      • RobJMars

        French is about the only BadBoy that made it, I give him 4 years … at least!

      • Tré Sinclare

        Go look at games sales. Fifty won’t even go gold and fifty tried to fight his son and burn his ex girl alive

      • brotha_man

        game sales = fif’s profit

      • RobJMars

        Ok So Game first album was like 2x’s Platinum, Doctor Advocate went
        Gold, LAX went silver, R.e.d. and Jesus Piece went leather lmao! Now
        compared to 50… GRODT went 6 times platinum, Massacre went 5 times
        platinum, Curtis and Before I self destruct went gold… 50’s track record wrecks Game!

    • Tré Sinclare

      Lou banks dead
      Yayo dead
      Buck dead fifty dead

      Game the only one who can move some units now

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’ve never met anyone that was a fan of puffs music.

    • RMfag

      I am!

  • Antwon Grant

    he needs to worry about some of the garbage he’s putting out before he talks shit about someone else….I hope the album is better

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    I downright hate 50 Cent. He’s a vile hater and is all around conflict causing, whether it’s outright aggression or passive aggression. The most negative person I’ve seen. The rap game was a terrible influence on this boy and whatever meager street existence he had.

  • guddaboy

    dis nigga shitty cent stay upset, he talkin bout puff putting out garbage, but wat 50 doin actually? he barely even puttin out music and the music he putting out is ass too, but his stans gone stick on his nutts knowing damn well dat shit sound horrible. I still don’t hear his shit played on the radio or even niggaz in da hood bumpin his shit. I said it once and ima say it again…50 only sold records cuz he got shot. the rap game is somewhat like the soup opera’s, niggaz wanted to hear his story. but now da nigga aint got shit to rap bout. only thing dude knows how to do is start sum shit.


    Diddy’s Ghostwriter & tha biggest FRAUD in Hip Hop history William “Officer Ricky Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts are nominated for BIGGEST F*CK UPS OF THE YEAR!
    GTFOH with that bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tré Sinclare

      Rick Ross go gold every time. Fifty was hot at a point but he through he ain’t making shit ppl wanna hear

      • AK

        i rather listen to 50 than rawse

      • 80nigga

        rick ross go gold everytime well congrats he aint even sold half of what 50 sold off grodt alone nigga wack as hell

  • anonymous

    50 is a loser

  • SleepyTheGreat

    How He Gone Disrespect Gary Coleman Like That, He’s Dead…..

  • majesticking

    That shit is trash!!!!! I like 50 new shit it feels like get rich or die trying. Real hip hop heads bumping that there, say what you want yet he speaking the truth yall can accept it or reject it .

    • Tré Sinclare

      Lol you lying diddy trash an Fifty trash.

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Yea 50.. you’re coming off as a hater. It’s pretty obvious Puff can give 2 shits about if you like his rhymes or not. This guy is at the top of the food chain when it comes to entertainment. Yup, entertainment. Not just hip-hop. He’s all over the place and there is nothing you can do (you’ve tried, still trying) to do about it. Give Puff his props. He’s in the game like you wish you could be and he’s not on a top 10 MC list anywhere in the history of hip-hop… LOL……. But guess what list he does control? lol. yup.. you guessed it.

    • Tré Sinclare

      Fifty was at 240 mil he at 140 now. Ppl.say he’s a business man but his shit shrinking slowly but surely. Coca cola saved his ass.

      • 80nigga

        tre we know u a hater u post on everbody post hating young nigga

  • guddaboy

    yall 50stans should go back and check puff track ” bout dat life”. tell me dat shit aint bangin. that track and big homie better than the music 50 putting out.

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      I’m definitely not a Stan but 50’s new music is still way better then the rest off the trash that comes out

  • Once again continues to disrespect his own kind, and continues to kiss white Americas ass. We are on to you 50, bashing your own people is getting tired, you might be rich but your music is not selling out like GRODT.

    • Tré Sinclare

      Fifty gonna make that Scooby doo sound when that shit do fifty thousand copies first week



    • trilltalk1

      so i guess you didn’t like the massacre or any of the mixtapes and shit like that then. ok

      • Tré Sinclare

        Hell no. I think we should toss his garbage ass and bring back Jay rule. The nigga never made hot music it was just co signs and beef

      • 80nigga

        Get yo young ass off here cant even spell you bum ass nigga

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  • Tony Soprano

    50 is a Beast, he showed us again with “Animal Ambition”. As for Puff hes more a businessman than a Rapper

  • trilltalk1

    well the nigga not lying, that big homie sht is WIKWIKWACK!!!!

  • One minute he disses certain rappers, weeks later he will be in your video shaking his ass. 50 cent is a fraud.

    • Tré Sinclare

      He gotta build interest for that beer coaster he’s making. He was talking bout diddy but was also referring to himself.

      • Lmao @ that beer coaster he’s making.

      • yo yo yo

        Lmao @ that beer coaster he’s making.

  • I like 50 as far as rap wise but dude be talking more than these hoes do…not hating but that nigga act like a lil broad that need attention. GRODT was raw and all bruh but he be going too hard when he wanna be acknowledged as still breathing.

  • bigdoe6

    It’s the truth. That song is wack. Very wack. Can’t hate 50 for speaking the truth.

  • Puff daddy has been hi jacked because the old puff daddy had genius ghostwriters lol

  • yo yo yo

    “Number 1 on Forbes. I’m getting lonely”

    That hurt 50Cent’s feelings.


    • ftoftdaf

      thats the only rhymme diddy wrote in decades 😮

  • king

    Here goes this has been hating again because his hop career is in toilet.

  • kixxxers

    The Hate Runs deep in 50…

  • bigg dogg

    its called promtion people!!! before you have an album out you do a ton of interviews…thay asked him and he answered… should have gave a fake answer??? rick ross supporters or lame

  • 80nigga

    Well the song is wack puff daddy is wack p diddy is wack and sean combs is wack

    • truthrevealer

      and so is 50. deal with it.

      • ftoftdaf

        you didn’t hear powerofdollar did you?

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