Hip-Hop Rumors: Was That Wu Dude On Drugs When He Cut His Junk Off?

I’m a pretty big Wu Tang fan and I never heard of Andre Johnson aka rapper Christ Bearer (until I saw that old Northstar album cover). Anyway, when dude cut his penis off, I thought it was the media just yanking some dude out and saying “Hey, he knows RZA.” So, that’s not exactly the case. So, Christ Bearer cut his penis off and then jumped out of a window in an apparent attempt to kill himself. I was like:

I hope the dude is OK. But, here’s the problem. They cannot reattach his “member.” I don’t get too many girls as it is, but I cannot imagine life without my lil guy. Sadly, Andre Johnson will have a very different life after he recovers.

But, here is the rumor. I am hearing he was possibly using Bath Salts. The person I spoke to said it probably was and my google search revealed that those Bath Salts (not epsom salt) causes “agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, increased pulse, high blood pressure, and suicidal thinking/behavior.” Sounds about right. If he wasn’t on any drugs, lets hope he gets the right medical help to let him live a good life here on.

Oh snap. I was just googling for a pic and this came up in the search!

Are they disowning dude or is he a Wu faker? I don’t know, but I think RZA “discovered” him. I just found out about him this week!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Dontoure Smith

    Those aren’t even the same two people. The not affiliated dude’s name is Andre Roxx and he’s currently in jail. Did y’all even look at the pic?

  • $36424596

    AHH is the worst site I visit. It’s mediatakeout minus 1000. All they do is post unresearched BS. RZA has already said he discovered dude and hopes his family does well.
    But AHH is so far behind the curve this idiot is still posting rumors.

    • Realist4200

      Lol they even have the interview with RZA on here at the same time. Great reporting.

    • jon dubock

      well, you do know that yahoo had this story up waaaaay before AHH…..tells you about this site….

  • kolosol .

    THANK YOU!!! I sent ILLseed an email yesterday with that same info, even included a side by side. I mean he has to go through a lot of Junk mail I’m sure, but for 2 days now they’re using 2 DIFFERENT people!!! Lol. Unless you think all black people look alike, they are CLEARLY not the same person

    • It ain’t just them.I been saying that those pics look nothing a like and ppl think I’m bugging

  • >> In Florida Evan’s voice :

  • Ronald Tregan

    “I dont get too many girls as it is”

    I think we could have guessed that Illseed no need to put yourself on blast like that lol

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  • Frank

    When he spit, you just know he was on that wet. Some mfers can’t handle the shit.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      when Northstar was making a little noise a lot of rappers were on the wet! shit was big in Philly around my way.

      • Frank

        Word up. I remember the times. I’m right across the river..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        fam, that shit had nigs tripping. that was like the bath salts of that time. that ish had people out of their minds!

  • Lou Velazquez

    he down with northstar they were on the wu killa bees the swarm album he bugged out though!

  • Immortal

    If he wasn’t on drugs before, he will be now

    • Live Well

      LOL No doubt

  • RealSpit

    All i hear about bath salt is ppl that use it bitting ppl’s faces off, cut their parts off and killing their parents. Anybody that would even try bath salt after hearing all these crazy stories about it has to be a idiot.

  • jade laby

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