Diamond Talks Physically Fighting Lil Scrappy, Gucci Mane Slapping Him Over Weed+ More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) A fews days ago, Diamond EXCLUSIVELY informed AllHipHop that she will reveal more details of her failed relationship with Lil Scrappy on her upcoming album. However, she decided to air out a bit more of their dirty laundry during her appearance on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this past Friday (April 18th).

During her interview, she revealed that her ex Lil Scrappy “has some issues”  and stated he was physically abusive:

He was mentally abusive, physically abusive. We fought. You ain’t beating my ass. We gon fight! So if that’s what you wanna call it, but if you fighting a n-gga, there ain’t but so much you can win. He got some issues and need some help.

After saying Scrappy and “his aura” messed up a few opportunities for her, Diamond confirms a longstanding rumor about an altercation between Gucci Mane and Lil Scrappy. It was rumored that Lil Scrappy was slapped by Gucci Mane at The Velvet Room in Atlanta. According to Diamond, it all started after Gucci Mane requested Scrappy not smoke around him, because he was currently on probation:

That small little thing just stroked his ego and [Scrappy] felt like Gucci was sonning him ’cause he kept telling him ‘Bruh, chill on the weed. If you going to smoke, go over there.’ Still rolling up weed. Still blowing it. [Gucci] like ‘Bruh, chill.’ Next thing you know they getting into it. Gucci slapped him. [Scrappy] got kicked out the club.

Check out the full interview below:

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59 Responses to “Diamond Talks Physically Fighting Lil Scrappy, Gucci Mane Slapping Him Over Weed+ More (VIDEO)”

  1. Terrance Goodman

    When a woman fed up she tell all. Knew scrappy couldn’t fight by the coonery with Stevie j. Look like 2 bitches boxing

      • Dadon850

        A what?? Man you a got damn foo!. Tupac, Scarface, Nas, Big, Cube, Big Daddy Kane, etc. Those are legends. Gucci is a non rapping dope fiend mental patient.

      • Jimmy Bob Thornton

        Pac was good, Scarface the most overrated MC ever, Nas is ill but a bitch in real life, BIG was dope, Ice Cube – are we there yet… Nuff said, Big Daddy Kane was trash… You a soft type nigga so its understandable that you don’t feel Gucci

      • Dadon850

        Scarface overrated?? You a homo type n!gga for saying that. Stop listening to rap.

  2. TruthSerum

    Anybody who dates a chick in this business gets what they deserve. How many times you gotta see this same story over and over but still be stupid enough to think it aint gonna be you getting aired out by these attention whores one day??

    There’s plenty of beautiful women that aint in this lowlife business, shop around and stop settling for these industry broads smh

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if shes telling the truth then you got the wrong chica she seems thuro … if you beat on woman and just plane lame you deserved to get aired out … it seems like she tried her best to hold it down but dude was just too messy to the point alot of his mess was being looked @ as hers i cant knock it especially since no one knew alot of this stuff till now which means she was holdin it down

      • golder1

        But why she wait 3 years to talk about it. Why wait until you have a project coming out to finally talk about this so called abuse. She might be telling the truth, just a little suspect

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        why not ? thats the benefits of an artist … they can utilize thier life if they calculate thier moves right to also benefit thier career … most arent lucky enuff to have current events to speak on when its time to drop that project … its smart to just in the meantime stay quite build up all the things you have going on in life … and utilize that to help promote your next project to give it extra character personality and steam ontop of the other marketing and promotional schemes you got going on … i dont know if most artist realize this tactic … which is ok for an artist to use cause most artist talk about thier life in thier music anyway … so it goes hand and hand … especially now that the game is more CONVERSATIONAL then it is about Listening to new music … alot of these artist be on conversation tours until the music is ready … and in diamonds case she was actually there to promote the reality show she is on not an album or anything like that ………

      • golder1

        Because it makes her sound bitter to be talk about something that MIGHT have happened 3 yrs ago. T.I name attached is all the promoting the show. Bring this up wont do anything for her career noone is buying her music

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        she prob is bitter i know i would be if most of my faults that people “publically” talk about actually came from a lame that i am no longer associated with … you gotta expose them … especially in light of building a brand … the only thing i say she should had keeped to herself was the fight between Scrap and Gucci … there was no reason for her to put that 1 out there ……

  3. DDub

    It’s called Karma. You don’t treat people bad and expect them to honor your secrets. Hip hop may be a male dominated arena but at some point it’s incumbent upon us to stand up for our women and against abuse.

  4. i'mreloaded!

    Did dat nigga Charlemagne say “nice” when she talked about her dad and da drunk driver? Did u see how she looked at dat nigga? She fine in a ratchet sorta way.

  5. Charlotte

    Niggaz just don’t know about Diamond rep in the A smh for the longest everybody thought she had Aids and Scrappy been weak

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      so i guess that was all hate lol … you know how they say the thirst in real … the hate is real too LOL !

  6. El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    You motherfu(kas with out gucci hiphop will become a soft p()ssy as genre of music. When hiphop got popular real gangsters would rap about that real streat life and the hustle and strugle. Now a days we have
    1) emo rappers like drake with all his emo fans
    2) Nerd rappers like kendrick with a horde of annoying nerd fans
    3) Swag fags like lil wayne and his annoying bunch of swag fag fans
    4) Pop rappers like mackelmoore and BOB with all their pop fans

    You know whats missing real gangsters rapping about real shit. Gucci is the last of the real niggas he is the saviour of gangster rap with out gucci rap would turn into some soft gay shit that you nerds and groupies can only listen to while real niggas like me will have to keep listening to old rap. FREE GUCCI

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  8. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    if shes keeping it 100 shes def wifey material … !! hopefully her eyes can spot a real man so far she aint doing so well LOL !! its sad that woman so bright and so intelligent are idiots when it come to men …. one day they will get it hopefully for man kind sake LOL !!

  9. jade laby

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