EXCLUSIVE: Lil Bibby Explains His "King of New York" Tweet, Picks Jay Z Over Drake + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Bibby has been one of the most talked about newcomers since he screenshot a direct message of Drake calling him and Lil Herb “the future” last April.The 19 year old gruff Chicago MC spoke EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop about his upcoming EP The Book, who would be the best co-sign and which side he’s picking in Jay Z vs. Drake.

Bibby told XXL that meeting Drake “scared him” when he first met him last year, because the Toronto superstar told him he was waiting on his new project. While Bibby admits that Drake is his favorite rapper, he not only attests to Jay Z being the holy grail of co-signs but also knows who is better between the two:

C’mon man. It’s Hov, man. [Laughs]. Drake, that’s my homie, man. But, you can’t do that, man.

Before the interview, Bibby caught some flack from Hot 97’s Ebro Darden for his “King of the New York” tweet:

Screenshot 2014-04-23 11.28.48

Bibby explained it was all in good fun, but did not know his one tweet would cause that much of a stir on social media:

The “King of New York” thing, man, I was really joking around man. I ain’t know it was going to get like that. You see, my man Ebro.

Check out the full PART ONE of ALLHIPHOP’s interview with Lil Bibby as he also explains how his fans helped him pick his album title, and how he’s changed since Free Crack below:

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  • This young man is definitely coming on strong!

  • carltoBnb

    these kids today lol smh

  • MrNoName2K

    Jay Z vs Drake?? Aw man…here we go…got these kids heads all f*cked up thinkin they gotta choose sides..

  • Ipullcards

    But everybody wants the crown. It don’t matter who the king of the south is, or the west coast! It’s about the big rotten apple! Hate is the new love so everyone is taking their shots at my city because they’re city ain’t putting on like we do!

    • colas03

      Well said. Let them keep throwing their little stones.

    • Willem bonnie

      Chiraq dont care about that king shit.

      • Ipullcards

        He do! We fux with the chi I do! Da one, k-town, englewood south side west side and my goons on the east shore on Stoney. But facts remain this is still African Americans Mecca of hiphop art/culture period!

      • Willem bonnie

        i feel you, but ny cant put out talent they all coming from chi and the south.

      • Ipullcards

        Wait… Wait a sec.. You from the home of ye, no id, common, and lupe & you calling lil durk and chief Keef and homie that makes all the beats that sound the sane talent? That’s a slight to the chi. The best rappers and icons aren’t even from America Drake & Rihanna. I’m still waiting for 2 chains to go platinum

      • Willem bonnie

        it’s our time now and the south been putting it down. NY Still living in the past, still saying we the Mecca, we started this and that. but that time is over. NY is dead since Snoop went through and kicked over the buildings. common is the shit Lupe is the shit. No ID is the shit. you cant deny that. keef, durk are rappers with they own sound called Drill music i applaud them on being Original. NY can learn a thing or two since everyone else is moving on and leaving them in the past.

      • Ipullcards

        Lol.. We were hot ten years after the buildings try a guan muddasucka! It’s our time, name a top 40 song with a new Chicago rapper nationwide? I won’t wait, theirs none. Fab had a top 100 song off his mixtape! Try again muddasucka!

      • Willem bonnie

        muddasucka! I fucks with FAB. lmao but he needs to drop some more hot shit tho.but we know if he drops a album when Ye drops he wont sale.

      • Ipullcards

        And who put ye on? A New Yorker! You have to show respect my g! That’s what’s wrong with these young cats they don’t no how to be humble lol. We showed ya the catalogue if u can’t win with the blueprint than somethings wrong

      • Willem bonnie

        i thought we was talking about who’s hot and where the talent is coming from? lol but im with you i see where you going with it. im not a young cat really, i came up at the end of the back pack rapper era . my big brother put me up on facemob and Rakim so i fucks with that real hip hop. and you can be put on a nigga but his talent got to keep him in the game. *i can give a nigga a job but his work ethic has to be good so he can keep the job.

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