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Hip-Hop Rumors: G-Unit To Reform Like Voltron?

When 50 Cent was the star of the show for the upcoming Summer Jam in New York City, I gave it a bit of a side eye. The side eye is no more after this latest rumor. I’m hearing that the original crew will be in the building! 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks are rumored to be reuniting at the hip-hop event – all in the name of G-g-g-g-g-G-UNIT! I definitely was like “Hmmmmmm” because 50 Cent has been saying some stuff about the crew being babies! I’m wondering how this work out on the real to real!

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • MrNoName2K

    First off..LMAO@ the people still screaming “GUNIT!”..hopefully they put them problems to the side though. Industry bullsh*t is one thing but being homies from the hood, niggas gotta stick together

    • johnblacksad

      “If that’s your clique, I suggest that you stay wit’em yo
      While some say break up to make up,
      I say stick together God until you’re all caked up”

  • Killtothis

    I’ve never been a G-Unit/50 fan, but surely pulling it back together would be a good look money wise?

  • Why not they fam

  • Ipullcards

    Ain’t no beef fifty didn’t say anything fif wouldn’t say. He called them out on their own hustle. He set their careers on the up & up and all they have to show for it is mixtapes? I mean banks had Beamer Benz or Bentley and his mixtape before last was heat.. But not much from them other than that

    • Papi Peligro

      Man family don’t put the business out in the streets. Especially to people that feeding off the negativity.

      • Ipullcards

        But street fam is the most dysfunctional fam there is facts! So sh1t like this ain’t surprising esp when it’s millions on the table

      • Papi Peligro

        True. And 50 has been making good music. But nobody is going to take what they saying on the track serious though.

      • friends talk shit to each other… thats how it is.. that is if u are real friends

  • Son Dollars

    in the hood and L.A. they yelling 50 u hot!

  • Son Dollars

    No Young Buck and Game? Thats like the 97 Bulls without Rodman and Pippen!

    • johnblacksad


    • PorchBoySlim

      Buck said he had a video for a track with 50 coming out on his facebook page a while back.

    • more like tony kukoch and steve kerr…

      • Son Dollars

        more like Jud Buchler and BJ armstrong …stfu!

      • nigga u said it was rodman and pippen, so u stfu

      • Son Dollars

        yeah…until u started talking about Steve Kerr and Bill Cartwright and shit!

      • i didnt mention no bill cartwright lol…

  • Montezuma1

    Summer Jam has been dying on the vine for years. Hip Hop is dead.

  • carltoBnb

    50 is a genius he has something big up his sleeve and the haters are gonna be soooooooooo mad

  • i’mreloaded!

    I liked G Unit and everything but they weren’t THAT big of a deal. Just a crew dat came and went. They’re on Junior Mafia type status and realistically 50 is like Lil Kim in dis case. Yeah ya’ll got hits but ain’t nobody gon cry bout ya’ll not getting together. And honestly I’d rather see a Junior Mafia reunion before them because they music was better. No disrespect because I listened to some G Unit, just wasn’t a true fan, but I fucced wit Young Buck.

    • Son Dollars

      Junior Mafia without Biggie is like the 01 Washington Wizards without Jordan!

      • i’mreloaded!


      • i’mreloaded!

        Dat’s exactly why I said 50 is on Kim status because 50 on the bill even ain’t enough for people to get excited about a reunion. Maybe some because I know there are some die hard fans but not enough to give a damn in my opinion. Lemme know when Suave House have a damn reunion.

      • well if 50 wasnt there then no one would give a F.. so….

      • brotha_man

        I cosign

        but that conspiracy theory is a underrated album.

      • they are like the 2014 milwalke bucks… ahahahahahaha i know i cant spell milwalke off the top.. ajhahahahahaha

    • IT GO DOWN

      name all the members of junior mafia.

      • Son Dollars

        The ones that matter Lil cease and Kim.

    • Jazz Pee

      Thats the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard….

      • i’mreloaded!

        I think ya’ll misunderstandin what I’m sayin. I’m not hatin on these dudes and they was aight, but not good enough to keep printing articles bout them. Yayo is trash and an average hype man at best, Banks is cool but can get borin wit dat same monotone flow. 50 got hits so he would be straight. Game and Buck would be dope but ain’t no way in hell dey gon be there. So basically they’re trying to hype up a nigga wit a bunch of solo hits, a rapper who has potential to be really good but doesn’t consistently put out anything good since Beamer Benz or Bentley, and a failed solo artist who just gets paid to say “Yes 50”. A star rapper and two hype men. No thank u.

    • SmashBandicoot

      Junior Mafia? The only group I could compare them too is Dipset.

    • Hector G

      yer slow bud

      • i’mreloaded!

        Dat’s what’s wrong wit ya’ll niggas. U take bits and pieces of information, put it together to make ish say what YOU want it to say. At no time did I say Junior Mafia was bigger nor better than G-Unit. I was COMPARING the two groups. 50 is good but he had as much impact on the music game as Lil Kim. Meaning he was hot, but 15 years from now nobody outside of N.Y. is gonna be talkin about him except for his first album and a few mixtapes. He’ll never be on legendary status like a Pac, Biggie, Scarface, or Ice Cube because dude don’t bring nothing to the table except a bunch of bull$hit beef now. Can’t name one song from 50 when he actually told a meaningful story. Everyone wanna talk about how they sold shoes. made this amount of money, made clothes, when in all actuality, when music was better, no Rakims, Nas, or Outkast and artists under legendary status was making no damn clothes. So what they made is irrelevant to me. I’m not gonna go to a nigga concert because they made shoes and shit. Like I said, the biggest members of G-Unit don’t want nothing to do wit it and to be honest, unless they keeping a helluva secret, I don’t think Banks and Yayo do either.

      • i’mreloaded!

        And to be honest, I WOULD bump dat first Junior Mafia album before I would bump anything wit just Banks, Yayo, and 50. Just bein honest. Even if I only do know Kim and Cease.

    • Eli Pinilla

      They just came and went?!?! Like they came and sold millions of records. Each album went platinum on each artists first run. And they had they own successful sneaker line and clothing….name another crew/click/ record label where each of the artist on the team went platinum on they own releases. Not the St Lunatics, d12, hot boys, death row, cash money, bad boy, dipset, ruff ryders, no limit, rocafella…..nobody!!! They the only ones…..whether people care to see em now is one thing, I really don’t care, but what they did when they were here ain’t nobody do before or since…..

    • juniour mafia? lmfao gtfoh.. lil c sucks ball sack always did always will

      • reg joe

        Clown ass nigga. Its Lil Cease. As in Caesar, the Emperor. Did you even listen to the group at all? Ill bet youre a teenager. If so, GTFOH!

      • dude, lil cease sucked and sucks still… get a clue

  • crm123456

    i was thinking the same thing when he was talking about summerjam

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  • dehova

    50 likes to feed his n****z

  • everybody in g-unit made 10 million dollars and went platnium what other crew did that dont worry ill wait

    • JaySwa

      Tony Yayo went wood!!! But fa real he didn’t even go gold!!

      • PorchBoySlim

        Thoughts of a predicate felon went platinum my dude.

      • exactly so im still waiting

      • chocboywonder

        The way Ross talks, you would swear his crew did the same

      • he got meek then he got…. … …. … …. wale? lmfao.. wale lame

      • Boomie Rogers

        lmao. All them MMG niggaz lame in my opinion. Except for Gunplay. Gunplay is retarded, but he can make some good music

      • Spadey

        Damn dawg did you say meek & wale wack but you listen to gunplay……Illseed this is a sign the world is coming to an end!

      • Boomie Rogers

        Did u notice the words “In my opinion”? And hell yeah meek is wack. Too much damn screaming, and not talking about sh!t. And Wale sux, tried listening to him, just can’t. Ab-Soul and Big KRIT better than all them MMG niggaz combined

      • dehova

        I’m not really in to MMG myself but I better Gunplay wouldn’t switch places with…um…Hot Rod

      • reg joe

        Wale is straight, fool.

      • Wale straight? that nigga gay as hell. Only women who support gay rights listen to that corny shit.. ahahahaha


      How about…why is a grown ass man being a male groupie for a bunch of old niggas?

      Does that make sense?


      Sorry, you just went to bat for another MAN that doesn’t care if you drop dead tomorrow lol.

      Had to post another comment.

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  • Winged words

    man i knew 50 was playing that whole 33 strategies of war shit even though niggas don’t care about the inter beef of this nigga movement..he know control all sides of the war and you win either way..everyone got some attention from that ol bullshit..100 tho no one has checkin whats going on with g-unit..this barely gotta nigga ta bite

    • But it got us though!


      indeed… And the way I see it… 50 probably got a track with Banks, Yayo and Buck on Animal Ambition… He is talking about having beef with Yayo but Dude is on 50 latest video “chase the paper”… Plus Yayo released a track with Buck recently and Buck did a remix of 50 track “this is not murder” a while back… it is clear that Buck is willing to work… Come to think of it, shit was probably planned while 50 was trying to go indi… even the Game will play his role as the Anti-G-Unot- Bad Kid of the group… I bet that’s why YMCMB signed The Game and they did the right thing strategic wise… Bottom Line is The Original 3 should reunite first, NYC Please stand Up!…

      • Splatter

        Game not on YMCB. there were just talks. I don’t see why Buck would do music with 50 after being embarrassed crying on the phone. The generation that cared about G-unit are in there late 20’s and don’t really have that much voice in todays bubble gum hip hop. I don’t care as long as the music is “G-Unit to the core”. Last thing I wanna hear is G-unit on Trap beats or that “turn up” bullshit.

  • 1SOFLO1

    When I was out there(street) 2 types of bosses, the ones that feed you to grow on your own or the ones that bird feed you so you can’t grow and go too far. I am on the fence on 50. what do you think?

    • he made banks a millionair, he set them up to do bigger and better things, they just didnt do it…

    • Dope

      He made all of them big, he gave them money and an opportunity. It was up to them to hustle for more from that jumpstart he gave them.

    • hoeyuno

      Fif made them a lot of money. he did things unheard of in the industry…examples..while jay z was getting $100,000 per show for him and his artists jay paid them $1200 each..Fif got the same deal for there shows but gave them all $10,000 each…Also when get rich came out and yayo was in jail fif put money in yayos bank account so he would have cash when he got out..fif put a million bucks in that account when yayo wasn’t even there.


    without Game = not 100% G-Unit = Failed Reunion

    • Realist4200

      G Unit was fine before Game. 50, Banks and Buck with an appearance from Yayo from time to time is what it needs to be to be official. Have No Mercy style. Not hating Game, I just see him as more of an asset for G Unit as a record label than G Unit as a group.

      • dont even need buck.. just need 50 and banks.. with yayo as the hype man

      • Nah buck brought that southern draw that completed the group…i really cant say that i would be a fan of the unit without Buck…hell couldnt even get into TOS because it didnt have that Buck vibe but Beg for Mercy is in my top 5 greatest group albums ever…and Buck been snappin lately too.

      • nah dont need him at all.. its a NYC group.. no need for bucks southren draw.. plus 50 rap with a southren draw anyways lol..

      • billowred

        U a mad 50 d*ck rider son.

      • no i just live in reality… son

      • NEWSKULL

        Yeah that would be awesome if Buck is part of it but Not Necessary…

    • ’50 cent is the future’, ‘No mercy no fear’ and ‘Gods plan’ thinks differently nigga….

    • hoeyuno

      Disagree….game wasn’t there when g unit blew. He came a year or 2 into that shit and was part of it for like a month….If anything games antics were the first big “bitchassness” that came publicly tide to the unit. banks, buck, yayo and fif had a genuine street movement going until game came with all his corny ass baggage..it was disappointing! Game coulda been a legendary West coast rapper if he learnt when to shut his mouth.

  • Nothing is real with this guy 50 anymore…….This sounds like he is desperate to save his music career.

    • seems like he is having fun with it, i sense zero desperation

      • Having fun disrespecting other artists then trying to work with them again, makes others uncomfortable….50 is a bully with money, all this “get rich or die trying” was kind of pointless, all the money in the world and 50 seems bored.

      • Spadey

        “Bully?”…..Can you truly be bullied when you rap about murder and drug selling? I think he just calls out bitch ass studio gangstas, and they never go at 50 cause they wanna keep everything on wax- that is what’s boring and pointless.

      • I hear you but, 50 cent has surpassed dissing rappers, now he is a huge influence on the world, if he really wants to call people out, then call out people on real issues that effect real people….My point is 50 is acting like the ghetto trash that he once was before the fame….With all his success he should now use it to influence and elevate.

      • trilltalk1

        i bet you are gay!

      • kandonga

        real issues like feeding people in africa with SK or in the states with SMS? maybe his fitness book, or book to help adolescents with bullying? i would say that is more than most rappers u know do to elevate no? i think there is a lot of tough talk and fake gangsters in rap and he is calling them out.

      • 50 seems bored? lol.. he seems like he is having fun, thats not bored.

        I LOVE the fact that 50 says what ever he wants… more artists need to do so.. instead of all the fake love and people who talk behind backs and not man enough to say it on wax

      • Well 50 has NEVER dissed any white person with power, instead he kisses their asses….I am just tired of seeing him tear down his own kind, when he clearly don’t have the balls to do it to anyone else.

      • huh? how many white people with power are there in hip hop? one? you think he gonna diss eminem?? you out ya damn mind son

        he doesnt have the balls?? this nigga went at jada kiss… lmfao step ya game up son

      • F.U.

        He dissed the head of Interscope(Jimmy Lovine) and his Street King Immortal never saw the light of day. He subsequently got dropped because of his big mouth. My Grandmother used to tell me my mouth would be my ruin because I talked to much! This is what she meant to an extent. He also has a lawsuit from that model chick.

      • D_Ably

        Dior is the new madd rapper

      • Madd Rapper?? More like the “Peek-a-boo” nigga from that second Gangstalicious episode…

    • Jeff Van Gundy

      I agree son is doing 1000 interviews name dropping a bunch of people.. sounds like he’s begging for attention n relevancy smh

    • is he not doing what he usually does when he has an album coming out?

  • The new music 50 has been releasing is dam good… had prodigy and styles P on the last jawn…

    • steelbangin

      Originally was a track, banks did 4 years ago, with some of the same featured artist.

  • Jeff Van Gundy

    Lets be real, no one cares unless Buck & Game are involved lol even though thts impossible that shit got way too ugly

    • Spadey

      Lloyd Banks got bars!

      • $25041764

        buck suck

      • Jeff Van Gundy

        I agree but the unit was at its hottest when all 5 of them was in the fold T.O.S. wasnt sayin too much

      • Hector G

        t o s was dope go listen to it again for real….and game wasn’t on beg for mercy either so stop it

      • Splatter

        nigga you sooo tuff…that was my shit!

    • Hector G

      if game never had a song again i wouldn’t give 2 s#its

    • nobody gives a fugg about Game being back….they were nice before him and he aint been jack since he left

      • Jeff Van Gundy

        he has been the second most successful in the group behind 50… 3 platinum albums… men lie women lie numbers dont, get ya head out ur ass homeboy

  • steelbangin

    Reunion aint gon be shit without Buck. We all heard T.O.S

    • D_Ably

      Buck was on T.O.S.

  • steelbangin

    Gunit reunion with Buck= Beg for Mercy 2.0

  • Sean Power

    so this beef is all one big act by 50 for promo lol

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      maybe 50 got this “idea” from jim jones smh

  • klansman

    Bring back Buck Trust the fans want that and he was there at the height of the unit

  • WeakSauce

    I said this on a previous post from the video chase the paper lol where Yeyo appear on the video… I hope is true tho!

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  • digitallife

    Sit around long enough living large them millions turn to thousands..Banks better get back on his grind seriously. Always respected dudes flow.

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  • Jeff Van Gundy

    they all fell off none of them can go plat in today’s age that 50 game and then buck beef just hurt everyone #truthhurts suck it up G unit stans Lol

    • ur comment is pointless..most artists dont go platinum these days anyway

      • Jeff Van Gundy

        Kanye Drake Jay Z Lil Wayne Kendrick J Cole Eminem Nicki Minaj… theres 8 right there…. im just saying all these beefs hurt everyone in the group ur delusional if u disagree