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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Continues To Melt Down Over Kids

The Game really seems to be going through it. Apparently, he’s got a major domestic violence situation with his wife, but on the flip, his ex Tiffany ain’t really giving him access to the kids. And, that’s what’s tearing him up. This seems like the real deal Holyfield! Peep what he posted and then deleted on his social media. Sad…

1st off, I’d like to say.. Before you read this, I’d like to say I love my fans & sometimes venting to you guys is my ONLY therapy. The moment i decided to be famous… I waived the right to privacy & surrendered myself to my music & my fans….. & to be honest, I try to keep most of it in on some G shit but everyone has a BREAKING POINT & my weakness is my children.

Loving them too much has turned them into weapons to be used against me. & I say that to say, today I am……. LUCKY: I got to spend Easter & eat lunch with my 1st born.
UN-LUCKY: haven’t got to spend time with both of my younger kids in over a month.
FACTS: My 3 year old daughter told my mom that her mother told her that I am very bad man & a terrible father furthermore brainwashing Cali to harbor hate towards me preventing her from even wanting to speak to me. 3 year olds just don’t make these things up.

MORE FACTS: I have dedicated my entire life to being the best father possible, ensuring my children are loved, cared for & have been provided for everyday since they were born.

QUESTIONS: How come men that fully take care of their children financially & are 100% emotionally & physically available and want to be fathers have to beg to see their children & are deprived….. & men that are dead beats, that don’t do shit for their kids are begged to be in their child’s lives & have to give nothing ??

Sometimes situations like this make ni***s wish they were DEAD BEATS…. Them ni***s got it easy !!!! No responsibility & ain’t got to drop a dime or invest anytime at all with their kids.. Just bust a nut & be gone.

ANSWER: That’s Life.

CALI & JUSTICE…. Your father loves you with all his heart & I hope you two had a wonderful Easter. This will be the 1st Easter since your births I wasn’t
allowed to be apart of. No kids, no call, no happy Easter, no nothing…. The thanks I get for being an OUTSTANDING father their entire life !!!

As my n***a @champagnepapi would say: “They Ain’t Got No Awards For That” #Trophies

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    …beautiful kids!

    Hey listen… I don’t really fcuk with his ever changing mind/bipolar personality… but I do believe he is the dad he says he is!

    The shit this old azz b!tch is pullin ain’t right… I feel sorry for the brotha

    Hope karma takes care of her azz

  • moonfromsoufcack

    i just watched a dr umar lecture where he talks about dumb bitches that do this shit! My daughter is a sweetheart and I LOVE HER BEYOND WORDS!!! I would be on some murder shit if ANYbody purposely kept me away from her, and lied to her about me! ( i ain’t a killa but don’t push me) this sucks and I really hate this for the game cuz the nigga really is a great father to his kids, and he’s provided a great life for that shady bitch.

    • Antwon Grant

      so you’d be on some murder shit…end up in jail for life and never see ur kids..that makes a lot of sense lol

      • Brindle

        of course he would, he quoted Pac, you know that gives Black Men super hero powers

  • Big tee

    That’s women for as pawns the only way to hurt ya.

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    Fucked up man. It’s no confusion Game love his kids for real. Tired of these birds getting mad and then using kids as the bargaining chip. That shit is just wrong. This kind of shit can mess with his kids’ heads. Whatever that needs to happen so that Game can get to his kids needs to happen.

  • RBG4Life

    Got plenty experience with this situation! Its all about control or power. The moment they know you care about something, it becomes a tool to punish you with whenever things are not going their way. You can either go head to head with them and go thru a bunch of games and obstacles or you can play like everything smooth long enough to leave your impression on your kid(s) so that when they try to run that bull the kid(s) know better. Pick your poison. Both can make you want to hurt something. A lot of people on the outside looking in believe that black men dont want to be fathers but they dont look at how often this happens. Its almost like whatever direction you go, they will take the opposite. Be there for your kids, they’ll try to take them away. Dont care about them, they’ll chase you down wanting you to be in their lives. A lot of women use these children as carrots on a string and other women coach them on how to put your ass thru the wringer the best way they can. Sometimes you damned if you do, damned if you dont. In the end, you half the do the best you can so you ok with self, knowing you did everything you could when you go to sleep at night. Plant your seeds under good conditions in fertile soil because trust me you do not want this problem!

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  • streets

    Game we rock with u all the way king,,One blood,just hold on,,ths gals aint loyal,she probably wants a big cheque to blow..take time king ..all that energy can make good sound with,,,,,,ur art should keep u focused…kids grow fast and thy will be back in ur arms,we kno game loves his kids to death and we down wit it

  • Antwon Grant

    Sad how women use kids as pawns, not realizing that the kids are the ones that suffer the most….never deny a man who WANTS to be apart of his kids life the opportunity to do so smh

  • $30071418

    I know that pain first hand. Then you get people who think they understand what your going through, trying to give you words of encouragement. It means nothing unless you too know first hand the frustration a black man feels just to keep the dead beat stereotypes at bay only to get further degraded by your black woman. All the while the little person you swore to protect gets neglected and used as leverage for her ego. Big shout out to the game and all the dad’s who are trying. GOD NAH SLEEP.

  • $30071418

    More love less twerk bitches

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    I feel for him, but if he doesn’t want things like this used against him then he shouldn’t put it on social media.

  • Live Well

    I feel for the brotha but things will get better. Just a lot of legal shit in the way right now.

  • kingpush

    thas some black woman for ya,,good dad or not she will run to the open enemy (the white man system) if u and her are not right to spite you.I hate bitches like that the kids suffer the most fuc her and every black woman who think that white man system got ya back




    black women need to stop keeping their kids from the father

    • RazaBladeKing

      Change your screen name.

  • Eli Pinilla

    It sucks, but in times like these you gotta be extra cold hearted and stubborn. If you know u a good dude and you providing, then you gonna see your kids and they will see that themselves. Regardless of what the mother or anyone else says. Kids gonna love u as long as show you them love……but to go on social media and all this back and forth shit, that’s just you playin into the bullshit. Ngga provide and be there with love….The kids always come around. Even if the women dont. But don’t be a prisoner of the moment and then 10-15 years from now you gotta explain to your kids why you and they mom’s was beefin in public.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Chick got mad because he was fuccin his assistant.

  • D_Ably

    As if all you spunk stains are coming out with all this ‘black women are like this and that’ over Games side of the story. Game being the dude who always tells the truth right? You people are unbelievably lame. I ain’t sayin Games lying but i’m sayin theres no truth to him either. Dudes a bipolar wreck, always has been. Airin his shit out in public? Suprised?

    • Son Dollars

      All u got to do is breathe hot breath on a ho and its assault. Then u cant see your kids and whole 9. If he did slap her I hope it was a Debo slap like when he upper cut Dj Pooh on friday. These hoes aint loyal fukk’em!

  • FACTS!

  • Son Dollars

    My advise to game be a dead beat… problem solved if God intended for man to raise babies we would be able to chest feed em…lol

  • JLlama

    NO Kids = No Problem.

    • LexxBrown

      NO Kids = Nursing Home

      • Papi Peligro

        Oh if you think them lil selfish mongrels you raising is going to keep you out of the nursing home you kidding yourself.


        Damn Man, that sh*t too funny, but you’re right.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        white people put their parents in nursing homes anyway.

  • Blaq_Boi

    Just down the road from me is a WHITE woman who won’t let her WEALTHY ex WHITE husband see their kids cause he a drunk and a cheat and is abusive. Dear black people, we don’t OWN problems of any kind. Get the f*ck over yourselves. Oh and I’m black too just in case that was how some of you lames was planning to retaliate using race. This is A problem, not A BLACK problem. So leave the BLACK WOMEN generalization sh*t outta this. Some o you fools saying that sh*t and yo own mama BLACK. F*ck wrong with yall? Game The Bipolar Hurricane won’t shout you out or spare you no bread for siding with his childish social media mind games. Damn

    • Dope

      Now just wait for these righteous black keyboard warriors attack you for posting a sensible post, just because you said all people and not just black people can have all these problems.

      As for me, respect for your post.

    • regalpimp

      I think the reason it is related to it being a “Black thing ” amongst ourselves is because maybe not too many of us have white friends or associates that share these types of experiences…But we all have friends, cousins, or even parents ourselves who are entangled in this type of dilemma one way or another…The ones that ACTUALLY have frineds and associates of other races know it isn’t a “Black Thing.” But if you have never experienced the friendship of another race, and stay confined to the comfort of people from your own neighborhood or own family, I can easily see how this is only considered a “black thing”. we seem to be the only ones dumb enough to let it all play out through social media and other channels…

      • Blaq_Boi

        But u don’t even need white friends fam. The idiot box (TV) is all you need to know that other folk got problems too.

    • FOLK103

      LMFAO, THERE GOES YO MAMA IS BLACK lmfao hilarouis every time someone brings that up never will you hear your father is black though no matter what.
      you must been raised by a single mom

      • Blaq_Boi

        Lol, real talk most of us don’t care none for our dads (whole nother topic). If I say some bout your pop its like talking bout a long lost cousin, u know you should give AF but you couldn’t be bothered. Sad but true, in most cases.

      • FOLK103

        the black community is sad and these mothers deserve all blasting they can get you a simp

  • RazaBladeKing

    And so it was written, and so it will come to pass…
    “I think it’s time to kill for our women, time to heal our women, be real to our women;
    cuz if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies who will hate the ladies that make the babies” 2Pac, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’
    This is some sad s***. Nope, not Game cryin and airin his dirty laundry out (as usual). Not even the fact that he apparently whooped his children’s mother’s @$$. All these comments about “this is what women do”, “black women always be on that”, etc. I swear some of you n****s hate your own mommas. And would be real quick to defend Miley Cyrus’ ratchet @$$. The system won.

    • regalpimp

      How did Miley Cyrus get into this discussion??? She has no kids, and has no domestic situation on the horizon…And the reason we say, “This is what women do”, and, “black women alwyas be on that”, is because it’s true..We have ALL seen it…women using kids as pawns is nothing new, so stop acting brand new like it’s a made up thing…While I don’t agree with EVERYTHING he says or does, Game hit some valid points…The ones that do give a damn are put through the ringer, just to get to see them..The ones that don’t give a shit are the ones that are covenienced, the mothers go out of their way to try and MAKE the man a prt of their kids lives, when it should be the other way around…The problem is the fact that too many women have gotten away with doin this, and when a man calls you out on it, you use a deflection tactic to try and turn the tables…Miley Cyrus??? Really??? Please use another form of deflection, because that was tired…And FYI, Miley Cyrus is only COPYING behavior of BLACK WOMEN!!!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        There, there, lil buddy. I appear to have touched a nerve. I’m sorry my point flew over your head. My point was that the system succeeded in making black men hate black women. Look no further than these comment boards. White, latin, and asian women do the SAME TRIFLIN S***, but they don’t face the same generalizations. And now our own people are doin it. Just imagine a Bill O’ Reilly sayin “Black women ain’t s***” and imagine the fake outrage you would muster. The same people that log in here and kick around the Nicki Minaj’s are the same ones that log in and say “Give Miley a break, she’s just a kid.” THAT was my point. I agree with Game on the real father’s vs. dead beats thing, but when you beat up your baby mother, don’t expect to see your baby. And don’t cry on Instagram about it either, cuz you get no pity from me. I’m impressed you learned such a big word as “deflection” though. Keep up the good work.

      • regalpimp

        You can’t blame the system for making black men hate black women..someone has to take the bait…SO, you’re blaming the deceiver, as opposed to the decieved…Someone has to drink the kool aid and say, “You know what? They are right. I DON’T need another man to ake care of his child. I’ll just make the court punish his ass.” At some point the blind need to open their eyes and see what is really going on. If Game put his hands on her, he deserves to be punished , no doubt about that. But even SHE says he is the greatest father she could have hoped for..There are plenty of ways she could let him see his children without her being involved. A 3rd party, she could have his mom or one of her relatives take them to public location where the kids could be exchanged , without her ever having to see the dude. This is spite at it’s finest.
        And if Bill O’Reilly made his point in eloquent fashion, without disparaging or generalizing the entire race, I would WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with him, because it is the truth.
        Your point did not fly over my head, you just did a horrible job in making it…

      • RazaBladeKing

        Weeeeeell, it looked like a few people could smell what i was cookin judging by the numbers, so I don’t know how “horrible” my presentation was. It’s just hilarious that a dude calling himself “Regal Pimp” would write all these long posts whining about “Girls are mean.” And I guess you misunderstood my central point, which is that I don’t like anybody saying “Black women are this or that”, ESPECIALLY if it’s someone black saying it, cuz a black man dumb enough to say that is the one that ‘drank the koolaid’, and ends up publicly disrespecting their own momma. I thought I made that clear. Scroll down and tell me I’m imagining things. And I’d bet money that if a white man said some of the s*** below, this board would have a whole different tenor. Let’s chalk it up as a miscommunication.

      • regalpimp

        Like I said, if it was a white man that presented the argument with instances such as the one being discussed, I would agree…But I don’t speak for everyone…And saying, “This is what black femailes do.” is not black men drinking the Kool Aid…It is a conclusion drawn based off of personal experiences and instances that hit close to home…I have plenty of friends that go through it, and guess what??? They’re ALL BLACK!!! So, based off of my experiences, or the experiences of others that have experienced this, who are you to call them dumb for coming to a conclusion based off of what they have seen and experienced…Maybe, just maybe, they would stop saying it when it stops happening…And as far as “regalpimp”, I have a tricked out 84 Buick Regal that I restored as a project, that’s where the name comes from…But, we’ll chalk that up to miscommunication as well…Or ignorance…doesn’t matter….

  • Brindle

    sometimes cats gotta think about the consequences of their actions and personalities. His own homies have been tellen him to do right by that woman which she always made easy for him to do, takes care of the kids, works a full time job, cool with him cheating as long as its not thrown in her face, etc… He was comfortable with his image being 10% husband, 20% father 20% player and 50% rapper. Some cats can man up, handle it all and please their fam and fans… Some cats can’t….

  • $18916246

    There’s nothing outstanding about being a single parent, humans are not animals and children are born to be reared by both mother and father in the same home. It is the long time perpetuating of single parent homes that has cause many people not to care about the much needed family structure children deserve. Babies are largely conceived for the wrong reasons and fall out is now generations of people carelessly producing children when the would be parents clearly are not ready to be parents. Woman and men willingly spread themselves out thin to minimal time and financial resources needed to raise children.

    People would rather allow the court system iron out their mistakes they made choosing mates to conceive with. Woman no longer expect men to be a part of their children’s lives and have accepted the available options of child support, assisted housing, inflated tax returns, all perks to tossing a loving family structure to the side. Men have increased their ability to aimlessly wonder about engaging in sex with any woman with minimal thought to what the turn out will be when the female sex partner you have no genuine love or care for suddenly becomes pregnant due to one too many oooohs and aaaahs.

    Add to this the spiteful conception of children as a means of controlling your mate or setting back your mate and as a result kids are produced that are not raised but farmed and used as pawns to deadbeat irresponsible parents who want nothing to do with actually nurturing of a child’s growth as these sorts of people will have children with anyone they have slept with. These baby makers male and female attempt to juggle a lifestyle of hustling numerous sex partners void of consequence to their own selfish animal like behaviors. These negative examples have become the standard perception that men and woman have for one another and what used to be the natural and basic physical attraction quickly spirals out of control when the now commonly insecure male and female works feverishly at tearing each other down as a result to not being able to deal with one another’s emotions after sexual encounters.

    People we have sadly grown into a n*gga/(n*gger) society where millions of peopel seek to define themsleves by this term and want nothing more than to live a life that perpetuates ignorant behavior. As the rapper Game and so many others like him including non-blacks who will reference the term n*gga defining themselves as trying to be a n*gga and successful. How can you define yourself or refer to people as n*ggaz and expect to have anything positive in life. A n*gga by choice and definition is a failure, their is no positive accomplishment in being a n*gga. This social acceptance of the n*gga mindset is at the basis of why their are so many failed otherwise positively structured lives in the world. PEOPLE DENIGGAFY YOURSELVES and work towards correcting this n*gga minded epidemic.

    • MrNoName2K

      oooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkk my nigga…good points though

  • Iron mike

    Wicked women using children to live on/trying to hurt and hate cuz she know the thrill is gone

  • SleepyTheGreat

    My homie’s baby momma got mad at him on Easter because he didn’t want to leave his fiancé in the house with their new born to come smoke and “chill” with her for 4/20. Needless to say he won’t be seeing his child anytime soon…..these hoes aint shit.

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  • TimeWillTellu1

    These type of women live by themselves in the end with nothing. I know because my great grandmother, grandmother and mother are completely alone. SMH

    • Montezuma1

      Wow. Lots of women end up that way. They never seem to understand it’s something THEY’RE doing or not doing that’s the cause. Sorry to hear it though.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      dam thats tough

  • Jamel Williams

    I know the feeling I can’t see my 2 kids

  • MrNoName2K

    F*ck a paragraph..Keep the faith..

  • It’s not a nice feeling at all. Seems it’s true, the fathers who want to be fathers are given hell. The dead beats are forced to see the kids…

    • Once a chick sees they care….they use them as a weapon, but they can’t use them with a Ninja who don’t give a fugg.

      Solution = Act like you don’t give a fugg for 1 yr & you will be able to see them whenever in the future….as long as that 1 yr doesn’t make you stop giving a fugg!

  • Papi Peligro

    Real deal Holyfield is when he slapped her up. He put his business in the system now. You got to let another broad eat her out. You can’t give her that. I don’t get mad. Just pick up the kids. Better than walking in and a dude got her. Yo EGO should take no L’S from a woman wanting another woman.

  • Montezuma1

    Game and Drake should do an album together. “Who said Men Don’t Cry?”

    • W.$.G.T.$

      “Butterfly Tears”

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      this is his kids he is talking about, even if he did cry, its his kids and understandable, at least from a parent stndpoint!

  • $30071418

    When it’s all said and done the choices we make in life determine whether or not we’ll see our kids for Easter. Rap it up.

    • Papi Peligro

      You mean the fist for no evidence?

  • scullyson

    He needs to push away from the computer for a few. Say less.

  • The_Good_Life

    Did he break shorty nose for real or was that story fake.

  • therealest1

    Game, we know you’re distressed, but please keep this discreet, in house so to speak. He’s a grown man, there’s no need to post his hardships on social networks. We all have problems as adults, some issues just shouldn’t be posted. Him putting stuff online will not persuade us to help him as we have our own shits to deal with.

    Game continues to prove age is only a number. He is a grown man by age default, but definitely not mentally.

    This couple must resolve privately, one on one, man to woman, adult to adult.

    • J. Smith

      I respect what you’re saying, but I disagree. Whenever women have an issue with their kids father, they say some bulls**t, and women across the world rally to get “justice”. However, when a man is obviously being wronged, other men tell him to suck it up, and be a man. A man who takes care of his children, is immediately labeled a deadbeat, when he doesn’t live with them. Men never care, until they are going through the exact same situation. Game’s only mistake, in my opinion, was taking the post down. His ex should be held accountable for parental alienation. Had it been Game who severed contact with their mother, believe me there would be a nonstop assault on his character, if not an amber alert. Men need to be more vocal when it comes to our children. Maybe their would be less femininity amongst young men today.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      you must have never been publicly drug thru the mud by a bum ass broad. they been killing us for years in the public eye

  • why strippers so emotional

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  • if he actually does what he raps about he shouldnt have kids…

    • ChrisBreezy

      Nobody does what they rap about anymore numbnut.

      • then mofucas need to stop rappin.. i dont roll with that fake shit, only F boys allow that shit to slide…

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        You sir, are a profound asshole. Out of one side of your neck you self righteously shit on a guy by saying he doesn’t deserve his kids ( fuk r u to say that ne way? ). Out the other side you demand authenticity in rappers rhymes. You should slap yourself. Make sure you wash your hands first…

      • Hey thugs can have kids, they just should raise them or be their role model.. learn how to think complex my nigga.. F fake rap

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        its entertainment get over it…..

      • thats what a fake nigga would say

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        no i sound like someone who never lives/lived my life based off of what someone else is rapping about. that shit doesnt make or break me. what they eat dont make me shit. nothing fake about me! fall back with your bullshit

      • no you sound like a fake nigga

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        why? because i had an intelligent to your corny ass rhetoric, shut the fukk up and get off my nuts!

      • Why? because you knowingly and openly co-sign fake shit……….. what else is there to say

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        im not cosigning shit im just not a dumbass thats feeds into bullshit such as yourself. you dont know me or what the fukk i listen to so fall the fukk back. you on AllHipHiop talking this bullshit when half of the stories on here are about rappers (who dont live what they rap about). Dickhead!

      • guess what.. you are cosiging that shit….. i dont feed into the bullshit at all in anyway, yet you cosign it and dive in head 1st into the bullshit.. lmfao… dumbass.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i cant keep going back and forth with you dude. you right i fell head first into YOUR bullshit. so fukk off and go play with somebody else! you have no valid points to make. im done

      • you won gold medals for diving into bullshit..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        yup your bullshit! now have a nice day!

      • no…. the fake ass niggas you co-sign, that is whos bullshit you fall into.. try and keep up lil guy

  • ursocalledgod

    if he slapped this broad up then he should definitely deal with the consequences but that has nothing to do with his relationship with his children. unless he did it in front of them which is TOTALLY fucked up. if hes been an upstanding a loving, and nuturing father there is no reason he shouldnt see his kids because of a selfish mother. these women dont realize theyre hurting themselves. its not the childrens fault and they will end up holding this against the mother when theyre old enoungh to realize what youve done.


    That type of schitt will make a cat want to bust a chick in her phukkkin face!!!

  • these negu got all this big money but no good attorney team..that sensitive shit go have this negu back 2 being broke n still stressin..normally a few c-notes n ah good d**k her down would put the average baby mama back n check..n its off 2 chucky cheese wit da kids.