Papoose: People Are Afraid To Say Drake's Album Is "Sweet"

(AllHipHop News) When Common dropped his song “Sweet” from the The Dreamer/The Believer a lot of observers thought the track was aimed at Drake. The Young Money rapper even took offense to the song and eventually a verbal battle was sparked between the two.

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While Com was open about his feelings that Drake is “sweet” on the diss track “Stay Schemin Remix,” New York emcee Papoose believes a lot of other people in the industry are afraid to speak out about Drizzy’s music.


Speaking with VladTV, Pap addressed his Instagram post about Drake’s Nothing Was The Same LP that included a picture of a cake truck. During the conversation, Papoose adds that others agree with him but will not say it in public.

“A lot of people felt like that, that was the energy at the time about his album. I just spoke about it, everybody was saying it behind the scenes, but they scared to say it publicly. I’m not one of them dudes,” said Pap. “Not to say that he don’t make some good records from time to time, but that particular album, I felt like it was sweet.”

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  • Brindle

    Pap is 100% correct… But he need to focus on his own career.

    • imma darkboy

      i agree….i get that he’s being interviewed but im a lil tired of hearing Papoose Interview soundbites and NO music

      • Live Well

        He has been making plenty of music, it’s just mixtape stuff

      • imma darkboy

        that’s the problem…dude is damn near 40 and is still just puttin out mixtapes?…all that time and energy can be spent puttin out actual albums than sittin around talkin about Hov and Drake IMO

      • Live Well

        Papoose is an indy artist who doesn’t make music for terrestrial radio so there isn’t a real need for a studio album. He can drop a bunch of free music and do shows off of that material. That’s how he’s been doing it for the last 15 years. You gotta remember, you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to have a successful career. 95% of artists out there aren’t and believe it or not, they can still live a very comfortable life.

      • imma darkboy

        i know about Pap, been following him for years and i respect his grind but if you’re not about making a name for yaself like that…why do interviews?…why answer these questions about shit your really dont care about?..stick to the music and tours if thats what your really all about.
        there are a bunch of cats like Pap who dont mind going under the radar and doing the indy/underground thing and they for the most part keep quiet about alot of things except thier music(to keep thier fans updated) and if that’s his lane thats cool but again im hearing more about what Pap says in INTERVIEWS than his actual MUSIC and that’s a problem b/c in the world we live now everything is a soundbite/IG/WSHH moment and this just looks like an opportunity to create some type of controversy to make his name known.

      • Live Well

        I feel you. I think he’s just outspoken and Vlad looks for outspoken people to interview. I think what people don’t want to admit is that Papoose is pretty relevant to the culture, even if it’s for his opinion more than music lately. Relevance isn’t measured only by how hot you are right now musically, it’s also measured by the interest you create when you speak on issues.

      • imma darkboy

        that’s true…good point

      • $18592567

        True that, but Papoose dissing Drake just sounds crazy.

      • Live Well

        By today’s standards of Hip Hop and competition, you’re absolutely right. If you’re not selling wild records then you aren’t supposed to challenge anyone. But by the old rules, you can speak on anybody as long as you have the skills to back it up.

      • $18592567

        You right bro.

      • imma darkboy

        in that retrospect…he should’ve said this in a rap…lol

      • Live Well

        He has and everybody called him a hater who’s fishing for relevancy.

      • poview

        Someone else who gets it. Thumbs up.

      • Restlesscali


  • End of Days

    That shit was cupcakes on a Sunday. Only 2-3 rap songs that were good or even really rap. The rest was butter cream.

  • Live Well

    This is not a diss from Papoose, just an obvious observation. Drake purposely makes sweet music and that’s what his market wants form him. His own fanbase clowns him when he tries to be hard.

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  • MrNoName2K

    lol man pap looking for more exposure.. no ones scared to say anything to ol wheelchair jimmy, niggas is just about that money.


      My thing is his stans, He’s an OK Rapper, never hear anybody quoting lyrics from his albums, they just say he’s paid or he’s running hip hop. Sweet tho, lol they didn’t call ja Rule music sweet. LOL.

      • MrNoName2K

        for real tho

    • Judah Nazayar

      MrNoName2K • a day ago

      lol man pap looking for more exposure.. no ones scared to say anything to ol wheelchair jimmy, niggas is just about that money.
      wait,,,just ask urself. when was it ever cool to ride wid the we do to day? Why are u the listener concerned wid a HIT?? whuen i buy a hiphop anxious for production and lyrics.. Not.. Does Mf Doom have a HIT? drake has a couple of cuts i dig… started from the bottom is dope…eff wut ur talkin about. but to see grown ass men oozing discharge over drake is phenomenal… rappers cant even say their opinion… becuz if u diss who whyte ppl like…u aint gonna make n money.. every RAPPER SCARED TO STATE THEIR MIND BECUZ OF MONEY SOLD OUT. OLE 501C3 AZZ NIKAHZ

  • Dave Williams

    he,s right !!!!!!!!

  • poloplayboi

    Papoose always talking and not producing. How bout you focus on making a hit record. Honestly, nobody listens to you outside of New York. Really nobody knows who you are to be real. But you always talking. Make a hit, then talk. Because regardless of if Drake music is sweet or not, he has a gift that a lot of us don’t. The ability to rap and sing. Well, he can hold a melody, but he’s undeniably on of the best MC’s out. I’m just tired of this nigga Papoose doing all this hating! lol boy he be doing some hating

    • Jason Mazur

      We don’t listen to him in NY either….I can’t remember the last time I knew he dropped something and I see him on my block from time to time which makes it even worse. He gets #fail for letting talent go to waste.

    • $18592567

      NYC don’t mess with this clown

    • BIGL

      we know who papoose in sweden dafuq you mean nobody ever heard of him outside NY

  • MrWindyCity82

    Sounds like Papoose is bitter because he’s not “mainstream”. Throwing shots at Jay-Z and Drake lately.

    • Insite The-Formula

      dont know whats wrong with these broke rappers. long term wise…hating dont pay bills

  • JimJames29

    You should judge music based on what it is instead of what it isn’t, if that makes sense. Why does nobody say Kanye’s albums are sweet, or Lil Romeo’s, or Jhene Aiko’s. Because not everybody is trying to be Chief Keef. Meanwhile papoose is trying to be the God MC, and failing miserably.

  • johnblacksad

    Can anybody name Papoose last hit song?

    (last or first one… it’s the same one anyway…smh)

    • ThaRealHater


  • johnblacksad

    Is the n!gga so dumb he can’t see this is not going to help his career?

  • ihatefaggots

    Fruitcakes listen to drake music

    • ThaRealHater

      Repressed niggaz hiding their homosexuality refuse to listen to Drake. I guess we see where u stand.

      • Insite The-Formula

        thats the truth!

  • justmathoughts

    if thats the case, why didnt he say the same about “take care”…that was basically a r&b album

    • ThaRealHater

      This niggaz opinion is as valid as his record sales. If he was so smart, he’d be in the game relaxing and not strugglin and appealing to niggaz who bootleg music and enjoy garbage complexity.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    What is a Papoose? WTF lol ?

    • Jared

      An American Indian baby or child.

  • ThaRealHater

    When you’re busy with your own career and making money, you dont have time to worry about other rappers. We see what youre on Papoose. Keep struggling.

  • Pierre Elliott




  • Immortal

    Pap this 50cent beefing with everyone bs is old. Time to come out with something substantial or go home to the wife quietly. No dis here, but tweeting, instagraming, or facebooking beef is ignorant, weak, and in ol school terms, you’d be one suckka a$$ MC. Get some good production and put your money where your mouth is. I know you’re a better rapper than Drake…even Lil John is, but Drake is putting out albums and you’re putting out pictures. There is a disconnect there if he’s doing his thing and you’re doing his thing too.

    • Insite The-Formula


  • $18592567

    Papoose’s wife is more credible than Papoose.

  • Dubz

    I think it would be better news if Pap listed the names of the people that were afraid to say Drake album was cupcake…instead of saying Drake is sweet. We know this.

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  • I_AM_Houston

    Lol I like Pap sometimes but he has to quit this shit. Dude dont even get asked to feature on NY niggas songs and he talkin. Dude dont ever appear at somebody concert somewhere, dude aint never in the news for his music but he always got something to say about the next man. Doesnt he see how backward it is

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  • He telling the truth but why the hell bruh doing all this talking right now…

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  • Insite The-Formula

    hating gets him no were..the nigga sings and raps, at least he aint cloning other rappers or talking about hustling..but then matter what you do.. niggaz is gonna hate..Drakes dope, papose is dope..but shit like this wont generate any positive vibes to his career..

  • Son Dollars

    This nigga played on Degrassi everyone knows he’s soft… remember mf neva loved us remember?

  • Dante Rapper

    I used to respect Papoose..but his opinions are so pointless these days.

  • jbworldwide1

    Niggas putting on capes for Drake in here. Lol!

    • poloplayboi

      Not necessarily that, it’s that Papoose has been sounding extra salty lately, and needs to focus more on himself instead of tryna call everybody else out like Jay and Drake

      • golder1

        He is doing this to get his name out there more. Say you are better that Jayz they write a story, sya Drake cd is sweet they write a story.

  • BIGL

    nacirema dream>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nothing was the same

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