Elle Varner Says "F*ck It All" On New Song

I say f*ck it all. ‘Cause I could be a whole lot of things/Go on and clip my wings/be a piss drunk, b*tch of a whore

Little Gabrielle Varner who appeared on the scene with a bubbly “Give It To U” single is now saying “f*ck it all”. On her latest leak from her upcoming album 4 Letter Words, Elle slurs her melodically melancholy vocals to express herself losing all her f*cks.

Elle Varner’s new album 4 Letter Words comes out later this year.

Check out Elle Varner’s new song “F*ck It All” below:

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10 Responses to “Elle Varner Says "F*ck It All" On New Song”

  1. $18916246

    SAD……digression. Kids have a new suicide theme? What happens when kids senselessly iterate these hopeless lyrics to their parents. These entertainers need help.

    • Isaiah S. Freeman

      This isn’t a suicide theme… it’s saying she shouldn’t stress over bs. Honestly, if you’re worried about kids saying f*ck it all, then your worries are all in the wrong place. Parents probably should be monitoring their kids better…

      • $18916246

        I don’t think kids need to be inspired to say “F*ck it all”. It’s a message in the music that does not need to be heard in rotation. Black kids for the last 30 or so years have largely be reared by single parents and that being mostly woman. Need I speak to the result of these broken homes. So my point to the artist is be responsible as people may never notice the good things you do but always remember the bad. People buy your music. Maybe this song would be good as a good filler track but definitely not for promo or a single. Establish yourself as an R&B artist and also a true core audience that clearly seeks your creative expression and support it. This so far looks desperate and based on how long it took for someone else to write in this thread besides myself, many may feel as I do silently.

  2. Tony-Sony Cmr

    It’s a great song! and Elle Varner makes great music! I’m also really excited for Jazmine Sullivan’s new album “Reality Show” to drop! Jazmine Sullivan – Dumb

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