Master P's Wife Wants $67 Million In Divorce

(AllHipHop News) Sonya Miller is seeking a nice sum of money in her divorce proceedings from Hip Hop mogul Percy “Master P” Miller. According to TMZ, Sonya filed court documents requesting that she receive a total of  $67,647,800 in assets from her estranged husband.

$54 million of that total is from P’s No Limit Records empire which is estimated to be worth around $136,101,000. Sonya is also asking for $10 million from the Make ‘Em Say Ughh! energy drink company.

Sonya reportedly wants 40% of the Miller family’s fortune including real estate properties, cars, and other items. P is said to be worth $178,743,300.

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  • Mack

    Is that Nick Cannon’s dad?

  • F.U.

    She worried about his money when her kids left her. Her priorities are in the wrong place! P left her, the kids left lol it’s not rocket science to see she’s on drugs or booze heavy!

    • southside4lyfe

      True the only way she aint gettin that much money is if the kds testify.

    • Go

      Boy, I wasn’t done speaking to you. You are going to hear me. That’s for damn sure.


    These #’s in divorce always bring up interesting things, like No Limit/New No Limit or No Limit Forever Records hasn’t had a hit in over a decade so who said it’s worth over $130 Million?! Stans will say “P” is worth over $300 Million & then lastly his divorce lawyers will come out & say some shit like, the record label has gone bankrupt at least once & is now a small independent label & has yet to release an album in stores since it was restarted up so she can’t get anywhere near the amount she wants.

  • JeremyAn2

    Why not just tack on another 10% and make it half.

    • Ipullcards

      They were married in Cali so she gets half anyway

  • Jaymo

    $67 mil is just a baseline,…she’ll get at least half of that amount, if not all of it.

    • golder1

      No way she would get all and might not get half. They werent married in Cali and if P’s lawyer is smart they can have the case heard in the jurisdiction they were married

  • Bossladi Thomas

    She been planning this robbery before they got married believe that ,they call it a stick up without a gun this the new way to rob.

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      I think it was there since the beginning of time

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  • End of Days

    I didn’t even know he had that amount of assets… Man them colored CDs carried a nigga to the promise land.

    • hoeyuno

      I knew kids that copped everyone of those corny ass lookin cd’s..remember when you couldn’t turn a page in the source without seeing a full page ad full of bentleys, rolexs and the no limit tank done out in diamonds..?


  • MrNoName2K

    this chic…fishing for real

  • hoeyuno

    If she filed that ish in a California court best believe she’s gonna get that..

    • golder1

      They werent married in California

      • hoeyuno

        I don’t think that matters..if they lived in cali and she filed in cali they got the 50/50 laws in divorce laws.

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  • WeakSauce

    This bitch is hungry! I wonder how she came out with that number? Oh yeah, lawyer! Bitch look like she deserved a dime bag of that Reggie Bush!

  • Not a fan of P but I respect dudes hustle. If he hadnt been so shortsighted perhaps No Limit would still mean something. Oversaturating the market with so much music in such a short period of time got him rich but nobody is checkin for any of the artists that were on that label. But he certainly has enough money to live off of for the rest of his life…even if the ex takes half.

    • So if Mystikal or fiend drop sumn you wouldn’t check it out? I got the entire no limit discography even niggaz I ain’t like (serv on and that singing group) even Mercedes lol. All on the 80 gig ipad bruh…sorry but I sometimes go back

      • I wont front, Mystikal was cool but he wasnt one of those dudes who just had hot albums one after the other so id be intrigued but not really interested after a 10 year layoff. Plus droppin 5 new albums a week that all sound the same with pratically interchangeable rappers just gets old pretty quick. But P got paid so I guess thats all that matters

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  • Why 60 sumn odd million? That’s too much period man

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