Snoop Dogg Calls LA Clippers' Owner A "Racist Piece Of Sh*t" On Instagram (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Snoop Dogg’s bark packs a vile bite . Hours after news spread about Donald Sterling’s racist rant to his girlfriend V. Stiviano, Snoop Dogg recorded a video message towards the Clippers’ owner on Instagram.

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In the video Snoop Dogg addresses Sterling directly with a barrage of inflammatory slurs:

A message to the racist motherfu*cker that owns the Clippers. You b*ch as*, redneck, whitebread chicken sh*t motherf*cker. F*ck you, your momma and anything connected to you. F*ck you.

One of those people connected to Sterling is Los Angeles Clippers forward, Matt Barnes whom Snoop Dogg co-hosted an Athletes vs. Cancer Celebrity Flag Football Game last August. 

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Check out Snoop Dogg’s message to Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling:

  • Same thing I said snoop…..I can honestly say I have never been racist towards another person, I have traveled all over the world and met so many cool people that I can’t help but be non racist. I often wonder how can a person honestly feel that way about a particular race….that sht is pure evil in my opinion. Fk them type of folks….talking to an enemy? that old man got sum nerve man. Whatever his legacy was going to be I’m glad it’s tarnished forever, dissn us like that passes me off though I ain’t gon front, but whatever fk em and forget about em…..

  • scullyson

    Tell him how you really feel Snoop. LOL…

  • Amanda

    I agree with Snoop. Verbatim. Well said I think. Good for him.

  • The Black Fist

    A message to the muthafucka that owns the clippers…..

    MuthaFuck you, you redneck, crackerjack, coward faggot ass, dick n da booty,
    laden In mental illness, pastyface, MUTHAFUCKEN shit head bitch!!!

    • old cracker

      He’s a jew, moron.

      • The Black Fist

        The skin color is what matters that’s how racism works. his skin color is white. Punk!


      Your own hate far exceeds his racist.

      • The Black Fist


      • LOLDGAF

        Wish you all the best

      • The Black Fist

        My condolences goes out to you and your family.

      • LOLDGAF

        Well at least you have a measure of compassion, that’s a good start.

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    I have to ask what purpose did this serve or why choose to speak out in this manner?

    • Definitely an epic fail…an epic win for anyone struggling in the ‘Hood, but businesswise, a bad move for Snoop.

  • Executive

    Snoop could of ethered him without stooping to his level!

    • InTheNightKitchen


      • Executive

        We have the right to be pissed but we gotta use our heads.

      • LOLDGAF

        I agree

    • Instead he eithered himself.



      Exactly, where’s the dignity in becoming the evil one is against?

  • To the racist owner of The L.A. Clippers:

    I am disheartened by your recent comments and feel deeply betrayed, as do many of the former Clippers supporters, for supporting OUR team.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer support your endeavors, but since it would be unfair to punish the entire Clipper organization and it’s supporting fan base, I will be working toward your removal as owner.

    Today, I am announcing the formation of “Blah Blah Blah” Organization to purchase the Clippers and help empower the Black Community’s athletes and community.

    Calvin Brodus, AKA Snoop Dogg

    >> Then puts plan in action, etc……LA superstars in Hip Hop buy the team, etc. & make that ‘chet into the hottest NBA experience ever!

    Strike while the iron is hot & homey is under mad pressure. Take that team.

    Get Fat Al, Messy Jesse, etc.

    • InTheNightKitchen


      • Guest

        I didn’t ask what you put your mouth on, … re-read the question.

  • Fighting fire with fire only makes more fire. This is a mental game, chess not checkers. Good on Snoop for speaking out, bad on Snoop for doing what they expect from us. We can make a victory out of this, but not this way.

    • InTheNightKitchen

      That’s what I’m saying…

    • RobJMars

      Snoop’s influence helps, perhaps gang bangers in LA will consider the racism still present in America and step their game up rather than tear another down because of where he from.

      • That’s a good point, but it’s best we not take a violent approach to this.

      • RobJMars

        Yeah of course not take arms but at least go for actual block and Black ownership and stop support of businesses with no interest in developing underprivileged black communities.

      • Wurd I feel you on that, absolutely right. I hope that comes to pass.

      • LOLDGAF

        Bless you

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  • justmathoughts

    i better not see chris paul, deandre jordan or half of blake griffin for the rest of the playoffs!!

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  • yesanditcounts

    Yeah, Snoop that was real mature. You showed him. I bet he already thinks all black men are uneducated, weed smoking, emotional……wait never rmind.

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The owner wrong but how does Snoop being racist back help? Praise Jesus. Its been a whole week of no trolling. Thank you to all that accepted me back.

    • johnblacksad

      Did you see what CR7 did this weekend? 2 amazing goals! u need to check that out!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Yeah I peeped it a little before work. Tito V died so that’s all I been seeing online. Either way its coming down to the 3 teams as usual for the final.



    • Joe Crowe

      I’ll never be a rapper, I just can’t rhyme, this communist idea won’t work this time – and it never will. My beans, my beans, and my beans, still. Now let the beans spill like a mountain to a mole-hill. Corporations aren’t plantations, no matter what you believe. If you don’t like your job, you can pack up and leave. See? I got no rhythm. Nobody’s ever gonna let me rap with ’em. I got no sparks. I missed the Marx of communism. But if I did… no time to kid, we’d still be alive and crappy rappers like me would survive on our rhymes so be glad we have capitalism this time. Slavery was a crime and a method of hate. Communism is nothing more than being a slave to the state. So what’s the solution? It sure as heck isn’t wealth re-distribution. Look on the tag. Somebody made everything that you bought. Now it’s made in the shade and somebody will get paid instead of being a slave they can save and make dreams of their own and on an on with whatever property they want to own and I’m worse than I thought.

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  • yesanditcounts

    As a black man it’s funny to me the game the white media plays with black people. The white media will run and ask people like Snoop & Lil’ Wayne how they feel about things like this, while secretly laughing their asses off…….because they know that people like these two ultimately due more damage to black people (esp. the black youth) than Donald Sterling comments every will. Or ask Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton to speak for Black America, knowing that most of Black America do not even consider them to be are voice.

    • Joe Crowe

      I think that’s a very astute observation.I don’t think anyone gains from this kind of manipulation, though. I think all media is guilty of this as well.

  • The_Good_Life

    You rocking French tips now snoop so sorry. Can’t take u serious.

  • CY Aaron

    For those critiquing Snoop’s comments, cut him some slack. That’s what we all really want to say, Snoop was just brave enough to say it. Does it help or hurt? Doesn’t matter. It’s how he felt at he time (and millions of other black men) because every time we turn around, racism is shown to be alive and well, even when it’s making the racist pig millions of dollars owning a team represented 95% by black players and has a black coach. Instead of critiquing Snoop, what are you going to do about it yourself (are you going to write the NBA? protest? Are you going to contact the NAACP and demand that they rescind the award they were scheduled to present to this racist jackass? Probably none of you critiquing Snoop are going to do a damn thing. Just sit back with your uncle tom/aunt tomisena mentalities and remain quiet and thus voiceless. I’d rather stand behind the black man who has the guts to speak out on this.

    • Guest

      “Brave enough” to use a racial epithet…? really?

      Why is it o.k. for him?

      What are YOU going to do about people hating whites?

      • Kweli

        He’s not really brave because he is already rich and it’s not going to affect his already gangsta image. However, he is not hating white people, so get off that.

      • Guest

        His animosity is obvious to anyone willing to take the color out view his statement from an unbiased viewpoint.

      • Kweli

        Maybe you should view it unbiased. He’s not hating white people. He’s talking specifically to the Clippers owner. Also, I’m from the South, and rednecks are not necessarily racist nor is that a demeaning term, although Snoop meant it to be. he still ain’t hating white folks, just dissing one a$$hole.

      • Guest

        When anyone mentions skin color in a dis….. they are opening themselves up for scrutiny. Unless of course standards on language are not applied evenly.

        And I agree Sterling is an a$$hole. It’s his loss for sure.

      • Guest

        The most despicable person in this is not Dip ish himself, but the skqwank he rode in on…

      • LOLDGAF

        These days, it’s important to choose one’s language carefully, brutha Snoop(‘s) ass did not

      • Kweli

        And Sterling did? Ha! Snoop is hardly the issue here. Snoop is not going to lose anything because of what he said. Believe that.

      • BlaqCeeza

        What racial epithet might that be? Please enlighten me!

      • Guest

        lol, if you don’t see it, I’m not going to bother trying to educate you.

        No matter how righteous a person feels, hate itself is always pleased to find an accommodating host.

      • Joe Crowe

        1) redneck 2) whitebread . I don’t think Snoop is likely to be called a redneck, or whitebread. I believe those two terms are race-based insults aimed at light-skinned peoples. Redneck indicates the color of a white person’s skin after a day in the sun. It is also specifically a class-based egalitarian remark, but is none-the-less aimed at a specific race. Whitebread is an insult, like vanilla, which is not only indicative of the color of the bread made when using bleached flour, but is aimed more directly at the perceived inability of whites to have a culture of their own… white bread is bland, like vanilla and is indicative of the supposed bland nature of white culture. Each phrase also has positive attributes (redneck can indicate someone with a good work ethic, for instance), but even these supposed positive traits, even when actually held by the person, are lost in the concept that the person holds these positive traits, not by virtue of the content of their character, but by virtue of the color of their skin. In this way, the person hearing the phrase is robbed of any positive feelings that normally come from having a positive character trait. When confronted with such insults, the person may choose to internalize the insult and be manipulated by the speaker or choose among more positive options.

    • Joe Crowe

      Correction: Snoop was dumb enough to say it. This was how Sterling felt at the time. Do you see how dumb the excuse is now? Everyone seems to be missing the point that Sterling’s conversation wasn’t posted on instagram… it was a private conversation. You are being racism by holding Snoop Dogg to a lower standard because of race. Or are you holding Sterling to a higher standard because of race? I guess both. Either way, that is a really racist attitude. “Uncle Tom/aunt tomisena mentalities”? More racism. Would you stand behind Snoop’s racist rants if Snoop Dogg were white?

      • LOLDGAF


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  • meanygreene

    the number of times snoop used the N-word in his music, he really has some nerve

    • Joe Crowe

      Ohhhhhhhh. Snap.

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  • Alisha Oreaboe Suite’nFiesty

    OMG are you kidding me. I am so sick of this N-word bandwagon everyone who is on a pretend “high horse” is jumping on and won’t get off. Myself, being very African American have listened to all of Snoops music since Doggystyle in ’93 and I have never felt like he was referring to me and mine. Unfortunately, the screwed up REALITY is that our society is sooo messed up where there are words that certain races of people can and cannot say. If a white person uses the word “cracker” and it is heard by another white person- no offense is taken. However, if a black person uses this word and its heard by a white person, that white person is offended as hell and that black person is labeled as racist. Furthermore, anyone who listens to a song and really thinks the song was made with them personally in mind is mentally throwed off to the left. Snoop expressed his true feelings on this donald sterling clown and the remarks this clown made were very personal. The same feelings you would have if on the receiving end of such an ignorant, disrespectful and unnecessary remark.

    • Guest

      I am a cracker, you are an African American


  • Fosho3528

    I hear you Snoop but he’s Jewish.

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  • sh4

    Fighting racism with racism…smh

  • Fred234

    I don’t think sterling meant black people, but the ni$$er culture that blacks seem to identify with. Snoopyboy seems to be the epitome of that culture: crude, uneducated, angry, illiterate, violent, and dresses very poorly.
    Amazingly, blacks that have acquired an education, contribute positively to society, put the past behind them and look to the future are called ‘Uncle Toms’ by people such as Snoopy. Snoopy makes millions off of racism and it is to his benefit to keep it going, he certainly doesn’t want to solve the problem.
    Message to Snoopy: Quit being an idiot. Think of someone besides yourself. I’d highly recommend attendance of a good Christian church to give you a moral foundation you so obviously lack. It will take time for you to deal with your issues but it will be worth it in the end.

  • old cracker

    Wow. A Jew insults blacks and snoop cusses whites. Who does he think used to buy his records? You killed your own business snoop. You are just as big a racist as Sterling.

  • Marisa Rancich

    Snoop is right, the Owner is a piece of shit! His entitled ass on tape saying ” I feed them, I buy them clothes, houses, cars, I make the team.” This Sterling mofo thinks he’s God bc some young girl took his money. Delusional schmuck cheated on his wife!!! He has no room to be racist when he’s a practicing Jew, but alas his faith is faltering. SNOOP LION RISE ABOVE!!!


      Snoop Lion reveals more racial animosity in his statement than Mr. Stir-the ish- ling.

      Indeed, it would be good for him to rise above this type of reaction,.