Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Reportedly Trying To Prevent Hours Of More Tape From Being Released

(AllHipHop News) Clippers owner Donald Sterling is reportedly looking to see how he can end the ongoing public backlash for alleged comments he made about minorities. The racist rant said to be recorded on tape by his girlfriend V. Stiviano has led to condemnation by Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and even President Barack Obama.

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According to TMZ, Sterling has reached out to Stiviano to ask her “How can we make this go away?” Stiviano apparently has over a 100 more hours of Sterling recordings which are believed to be very damaging. A settlement between the two may be in the works.

To complicate the situation further, Donald’s wife, Sally, previously filed a lawsuit against Stiviano accusing her of stealing $1.8 million from the businessman. The suit states Sally is “a married woman seeking to protect and recover community property in her individual capacity.”

Stiviano is reportedly upset that Sterling publicly backed the lawsuit.

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  • soyhiphop

    If we can expose how racist other owners are would anybody in the nfl or nba play? This guy was set up by his lil gold digging hoe probably cause she couldnt get the bugatti she asked him for..not defending him at all but if her gold digging ass was getting what she wanted she would let all this slide she basically black mailed him..he ain’t pay up and leaked every thing

    • IceBergSlim

      slim you are ignorant ..this is over your head ..stay out of it…you can not be black. Your talking about this chick gold digging bamma it’s bigger then that

      • soyhiphop

        Is not.. you being ignorant lol you think any of these multi billionaire owners dont hate minorities? Wake up kid! Same shit different toilet bowl..ask your self what’s this sluts motive can u trust her? A gold digging smut with a man 3 times her age? And even how she asked the questions straight set up she knew he was racist she was being a hoe..stop this coonery cuz..hoes down

      • Immortal

        You have a point. She was being sued by him or his fam for embelizing 1.8mil. I forget if it was him or his wife that doing this. In this case, I’d wonder if the wife knew the score and put ol girl up to it. Funny how that 1.8mil case isn’t in the news anywhere. Dude is the kind of mofo I’d like to live next to because I KNOW he doesn’t like me; I can’t stand mofo’s who are scared and hide the fact that they can’t stand me because of my race. But wifey is going to come out a winner in this divorce with him. While the NBA cannot force him out as owner of the team, the courts can through the divorce. Any doubters can look at the Dodgers and how that played out.

      • soyhiphop

        Great point

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  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    This shit bigger than racism and black mufuckas eating the shit right up. She mad bout some otha shit so she trying bring that racist shit to light. Now I’m not advocating what the nigga said say or do but I been seeing the most racist black mufuckas acting like this shit the end of the world. Look at the bigger pic here. Him being a extreme racist is the smallest part of it. This just a story bout a bitch who angry who trying run game. The racism part was just her way of putting the nail in homies public view coffin to get more revenge on the situation she was already mad bout!

    • This is also a case about a man who is in the top tier level percentage wise of people who run this country. He is a very influential person in society that employs thousands of people, some of them minority. It’s a lot bigger than a usual racist spitting that bs. This guy is one of the longest tenured owners in the NBA. He is very much in a position of power and wealth which he made with help from minorities. I could go on and on but u get what I’m saying? This dudes past is disgusting and he as racist as they come, is he allowed to slide because he’s rich. The league commissioner works FOR the owners. So if that’s the case and they let him slide it would make the entire league look racist. The owners have to step up and get him gone through their worker bee (the commish). That’s a big deal bruh, never seen in the history of sports.

      • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

        I kno rite yo. Shit is insane! I totally feel u. And u right if they don’t do shit bout this cracka the whole league gone come off as racist af. Like I was telling my mom the shit that he was saying is the way mad black ppl feel time to time bout how they think white ppl feel about them and he just made it maddd evident that YES…some white ppl do think like this old bastard smh…shit crazy!

      • Some do bruh but alot of them don’t anymore….you can just look at music people are making nowadays with all the weird collabos and sht….juicy j and miley…I remember 3 6 back in high school and never in a million yrs would have seen that…I’ll be glad when all those bigoted old fks die off….racism is still alive and well but not as prevalent as when I came up

    • whatupdoe

      Why do white folks continue to defend ignorance?

  • Historic case in professional sports unfolding right before our eyes….somebody bout to lose money and face…oh yea he has plenty money but that pocket book finna take a hit. His own wife pushed away from him…He might as well go ahead and go out like Paterno….go head and die old man and let your views die wit u biaaatch!

  • RazaBladeKing

    This is a billionaire slumlord who’s had multiple race-based fair housing lawsuits against him; a sports business owner who’s employees (that he is responsible for the financial welfare of) are predominantly black, a race he clearly despises. Anybody who thinks his relationship problems (which he created by cheating on his wife) are bigger than that is too stupid to share air with me. I’m seeing way too many people saying “Poor Don Sterling, he got set up by a gold-digger.” Nope. Don Sterling is an @$$hole, who got caught being an @$$hole, plain and simple. There’s no context that can excuse his words, period. It’s his right to be a racist, but at the same time nobody forced him to say, think, or believe any of that s***, regardless of if he knew he was being recorded. And racism is meaningless unless its from a position of power, such as the position Sterling holds. Y’all sound like house slaves, makin excuses for why “Massa ain’t really so bad.” Pathetic. Just remember, the guy you’re reaching to make excuses for wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

    • Marekso

      I disagree with your statement “it’s his right to be a racist”…I was beaten several times and even robbed by blacks…I was beaten even by white people…And I hate them as individuals, if they were forced to do that because of money I hate that circumstances that led them into that behavior…but there’s never reason to hate cause of color, it’s just wrong and I still treat unknown man as innocent even if he’s black…factual state of your race which you can’t choose or change is not reason for hate PERIOD…

      • RazaBladeKing

        You misunderstand. In an ideal world, you are correct, it shouldn’t be okay for anyone to be racist. In the actual world we live in, and specifically in the USA, people have a right to believe whatever they want, even racist things. The KKK has the right to block off sections of cities and hold demonstrations to this day. I don’t like it either, but I didn’t write the Constitution.

  • Gmad9

    Protesting the games is ignorant. CP & Doc & Blake etc. didn’t
    do anything to deserve this. They shouldn’t have to suffer because of
    it. They’re in the playoffs and their fans should support them. F*ck
    this protest nonsense game and other ignorant fools are trying to start.
    Adam Silver will punish Sterling. He’s already blackballed himself all
    over LA. Let him continue to dig his own grave and be the bigger man.

    • H Town Psych

      Bull crap. Not only should FANS boycott the games, the players, trainers, dancers, concession stand workers, parking attendants…. ANY black people or allies should boycott that team’s events. You can look to the NBA to do something. I don’t have any faith in that at all. This man has had racial issues before. The league does not care. HIs position is toward black people. Black people should respond.

      • Gmad9

        I mean realistically there’s not much the league can do. He bought the team with his own money, he’s not a player so they can’t just exile him. But really though, these players worked their whole life to be NBA champions, why take that away from them because the guy who owns the team is an old bigot. More than just the owners were bigots when Magic played, but that didn’t stop him from competing. The team can handle this situation in the post season and next year. But don’t expect them to stop playing for their coach and for each other and for the championship because the owner made an ignorant comment about black people in general.

      • H Town Psych

        I have to fundamentally disagree with you. I do not know exactly how the NBA is structured as a corporate entity. They may not be able to FORCE someone to sell, but they could bar him from owner’s organizations and other franchises could refuse to engage his team. It would be awfully hard to maintain a team with no opponents. But ultimately I do not expect 30 other old, rich white men to take this stand. Black people have to stop looking to our “white daddies” to fix things for us. They might feel the exact same way Sterling does. I understand the players have played their hearts out for a championship, but let’s keep it 100, NO ONE ELSE CARES. If I asked you who won the 2006 NBA title, you’d probably have to go to Google. There will be a new champion next year and the year after and the year after. People WOULD remember a team taking a stand against hatred. Maybe if Magic Johnson had taken as stand in his day, things would be different in this one. Black folks have got to think beyond our own individual come-up.

      • Gmad9

        You make a couple solid points. But first and foremost, Magic is regarded as one of the best Athletes of all time. I don’t think him sitting on the sidelines until racism ended league-wide would have made him a very memorable person. And to your point about who won the NBA championship in 2006 (the Heat, who made their first finals appearance in almost 40 years), every championship may not be memorable to the fans, but to the guys who sacrificed from day 1 to get there and may only have one shot it’s everything. But you’re right, on the social scale does an NBA championship match up to an issue of race? No, not even close. But I was discussing this with a former (black) NFL player this morning and he made an interesting point. He said the man should acknowledge his wrongdoing by apologizing to anyone he made feel uncomfortable, he should personally apologize to Magic, and he should do whatever he can to save the face of that franchise, but if he really feels that way about black people, protesting his games is not going to change his mind. The best the thing team can do is be above it.

      • H Town Psych

        You and your friend seem to think the goal of protesting would be to change the bigot’s mind. That’s not the point. This is about uplifting people from serving white supremacy. As a fan, I don’t care if he doesn’t like people like me. He sure won’t get any of my money. For the players, the issue should be that he is not going to continue making money off people he views as inferior.

  • End of Days

    A wealthy, racist, Caucasian male in world is news, but not new. I wonder if he just looks at athletes like show ponies and all that, how they used to do the slaves… But yeah I agree with not punishing the players by protesting. Where shirts that say “I’m here to support the team, but not the franchise/owner.” or something…

    • H Town Psych

      Protesting is NOT punishing the players. What are you talking about? Most of the players are on the receiving end of this man’s hatred. THEY should be protesting too. Also, their contracts will not be terminated because fans are boycotting their bigoted owner. I don’t get your comment at all.

  • Don Sterling is just an idiot.
    Don’t get caught up with all that.

    Same for the Trayvon Martin
    incident. They use this to steer
    away your attention. Divide the
    people more so you can still be
    used by the same people in the
    next 100 years without knowing
    what is truly happening in America
    and the rest of the world.

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn he know he f*cked like chuck..

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  • terrible2s

    A billionaire not using cease and desist is surprising

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