Hip Hop Rumors: Guess Which Meds Teairra Mari Carries In Her Bag?

Love & Hip Hop LA hasn’t even dropped a single episode yet and these chicks are actin’ a fool.

Ray J’s two lady friends, Teairra Mari and his current girlfriend Princess Love have been throwing shade and supposedly catching fades since day one of taping.

Love has taken things to a new level of low, somehow getting Mari’s purse and exposing items that were in it via Instagram.



That’s right. A bag full of vaginal medicines. The question is, how the hell did she get a hold of her bag???

  • Oh dayum!

    She needs to post her id with that or something, but, it’s still funny, unbelievable, but funny!

    B’ish ain’t got no lipstick, wallet, keys, phone, pen, & other useless ‘chet women typically carry in their purse, but she got a big @$$ bottle of vagisil, not even the travel size, the econono jawnt! LOL~N


      At least she is making an effort to keep her kitty clean…

      • Effort?

        That’s the Poo poo’s version of BP’s oil spill clean up!

        If that’s all that’s in there, that ‘chet ain’t a purse…it’s a med kit!


        I wouldn’t hit it if I looked in and saw that…only thing missing is a pair of rubber gloves.

      • MalcolmLittle

        Haaaaaa, FOOLIN with it! You ain’t bullshittin though. LOL

      • LOL~N

        B’ish got the whole kit in there!

        Where you been playa?

        The boards be missing your outlook on deep topics.

      • MalcolmLittle

        Gratitude fam…I been here, there, everywhere, nowhere. Y’know me, always dippin out and then pop back up for a lil min…LOL I do gotta start comin thru more. Everything decent with you though bruh?

      • SAMEY SAME!


      • MalcolmLittle

        Beautiful specimen my dude, real dialogue. Can’t have pets where I’m residin at though fam…

      • I know, but when you ready…holla!

      • MalcolmLittle

        Yes indeed, yes indeed. Hope everything else is well.

      • You know it!


    • superh8


  • MrNoName2K

    school girl back and forth bullsh*t puttin eachother on blast…wow…

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  • i_am_LOUD

    Yuck she could bake bread with all that yeast in her cooch. Stank poosie

  • MLB44

    Props to her for keeping it clean for whomever goes down there. Can’t say that about everybody.

  • Executive

    What’s funny? They all fuckin the same men so they all probably itchin and burning!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      talk about it !!

  • Sean Power

    when you sell records and can’t get a hit just go and TV and act a fool

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    You supposed to get her number not doo-doo

  • tasha

    These products are not to maintain the vagina but shit that is used when it is already infected…damn and i liked her songs when she came out too 🙁

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol @ maintain … i dont know why that was funny to me but it was lol

  • kwimby72

    she didn’t get a hold o her bag thats HER BAG

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer


  • brotha_man

    what happen to my sistas…….the foolery