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EXCLUSIVE: Lil Boosie Talks Being Called "Boo-Pac" In Prison, Conspiracies + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Since Lil Boosie’s return he has been compared to everyone from Obama to Jesus Christ. During an EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur, the Baton Rouge legend spoke on upcoming collaborations, being called “Boo Pac” in prison and how his lyrics led to a conspiratorial effort to incarcerate him.

One of the main artists Boosie has been compared to has been the late Tupac Shakur. Boosie reveals a letter he received from a fan while in prison who explained why she not only compare the two artists but referred to Boosie as “Boo Pac”:

She said ‘the reason why I call you Boo Pac is because y’all music the only one I ever shed tears to. If your music can make somebody cry it speaks to them. So, I just feel we have a lot of similarities as far as music that can touch people. I guess we’ve had court cases too. [Laughs]

While serving his five year prison sentence, Boosie was accused of hiring Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding to murder 35-year-old Terry Boyd and Boosie’s lyrics were used in the court case. According to Boosie, he belives his prison sentence was predicated on a conspiracy to incarcerate him in order to shut him up: 

I really think that was based on some of the music I made. Some of the songs I talk about the court system and what they doing to Black people. I made songs about how I don’t care for the police that’s harassing. I was the voice of the people who couldn’t say nothing. When you the voice, plus you living better than these people that you talking about, you become a priority.

Boosie admits that he will no longer mention names as often in his lyrics as to avoid such negative attention.

Check out PART ONE of AllHipHop’s interview with Lil Boosie:

  • $18592567

    This nigga takin’ it too far now. We glad Boosie home and all, but he NoPac not BooPac…

    • superh8

      U glad he’s home

  • Obi Won

    Boosie you my man hundred grand, but you might be similar to Pac in your area, but not nationwide. Boosie does make music that makes you feel like your not alone though, with some of the struggles and problems everyday people encounter. Hopefully he still can touch the people.
    Boopac, dead that right now!!!

    • Black Adam



    lol…just wait when gucci get out…(tons of fake love)…fans and artist watch…its the
    NEW trend….. and…boopac….(in jail calling you that)….smmfh

    • Jared

      Thinking the same thing. “Boopac”? I wouldn’t even admit that and this man is not nationwide. South and Midwest at best. I know they love him in Milwaukee lol


        yeah man i think… he wasn’t thinking….just trying to compare (ONLY)
        which is lame on his part…lol yeah boosie dope,but not that dope…lol

      • Ronald Tregan

        He gets a lot of love in California believe it or not

  • Blaq_Boi

    Bet it’s the niggaz out Trick Daddys crew EataBootyGang that were calling him that…

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Boopac? That sounds like some straight jailhouse homo shit.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    The jail niggas was like “LET ME PAC THAT BOO”


    This TALENTLESS Killer of Young Black Men couldn’t hold 2PAC’s jockstrap! ENOUGH of this BS even mentioning this inarticulate mush mouth in the same WORLD as one of the most socially conscious, poetic rhymesmith who inspired millions across every race, religion & culture worldwide – 2PAC! BOOPSIE take a f*ckin’ seat……

  • 225CampLife

    If anybody listened to the interview, you would hear that he didn’t call himself BooPac. Fans started calling him that. He said that he feels that PAC is PAC and Boosie is Boosie.

  • JD

    Quit comparing this clown to 2pac. That’s like comparing Kwame Brown to Wilt Chamberlain.

    • redcons

      Well in high school Kwame had better stats, unlike Wilt, Kwame went straight to the pros out of high school.

      • KLewis

        So Boosie was the better “gangster” in real life, but when moving into the professional world of entertaining, Tupac was far above and beyond Boosie.

  • Ipullcards

    Ya getting ya panties in a bunch. If you not from Louisiana you DONT & WONT get the message he sent and who he represented. Yes he’s not the best rapper neither was Pac and if ya say Pac was a lyricists I’d disagree. I can name 20 guys that’ll rap circles around Pac but it’s not all about how many rhymes you got, it’s when your music becomes art and ppl relate so much that you have this cult following. Boosie has that shyt! I live in New Orleans 8 yrs took me half that to start liking him because I actually heard it from the ppl! 1

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  • soyhiphop

    I’m a boosie fan before most folks outside of the southern regions even knew him. But his music is not living up to the hype surrounding his release from prison why? Cause boosie is not a mainstream rapper he has his lane and fans but he makes a lot of hood felt rap songs..he’s no different than Houston’s own z-ro the crooked great rapper real life song..but this industry is saturated and watered down with twerking songs and materialism bubble gum artificial rap music.. Drake one of many example’s

    • Obi Won

      Z-Ro is the damn TRUTH

      • soyhiphop

        —>BIG Z-RO FAN

  • Ronald Tregan

    “Now three years ago they talked about me,
    Criticized me, and laughed at me
    Called me local joker had Lil Boosie finna stop rappin
    I’m still so confused, got bread and still ain’t happy
    Cause I’m lost without these pictures, Lil I and my fuckin daddy
    God tell me bout this hoe right here, is this just a hoe right here? will she keep it gutta if a nigga go and blow this year” – Boosie “Confused”

    • Obi Won

      “and I done lost a lot of niggaz, my trust fuked up
      and I done did some dirty sh!t, that’s why my luck fuked up”
      Boosie been honest & real with it

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Boosie Grown

  • IceBergSlim

    This cat is a rapper and that’s it. I’m not putting the cat down by no means but he is no way shape or form Tupac..The only comparison is that they were incarcerated. His music holds no weight to Tupacs.

    • superh8

      The bitch that wrote the letter was prolly white n crying bc his whiney lil annoying voice

  • ccwaterbound32

    well well look what we have here…chuck ima say this DIRECTLY to you…your one of the fakest motherf**ers i ever seen in my life. you DOGGED this man and downed him for YEARS and now you need him for publicity for your lil website….you made up stories about this man knowing he had kids who could access the internet and most likely see all the garbage you spew about their dad… man this world is fake as f**k and you just proved that your one of them cats boosie be talking about…. i truly believe in my heart your no good. i hope boosie goes back and sees all the stories you wrote about him so he can make your brand suffer! you yellowback ass son of a b**ch.

  • Slaughtr


  • Yg Swerve

    boosie speaks the truth just like tupac did bout wats really goin on in da struggle and a real nigha from a real struggle gone fully understand both and why they callin my nigha boopuc