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Dr Dre: I Am Interested In Buying The Los Angeles Clippers (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When you’re worth over half a billion dollars and own the majority of one of the most profitable American businesses, you can splurge on things like NBA teams. Last night (April 29th), Dr. Dre informed TMZ that he is interested in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Last night, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA and his team would be voted to be sold. Even though Sterling has stated he has no intention of selling the team, Dr. Dre told TMZ outside of Boa Steakhouse and claimed he was interested in buying the team. 

In addition to his interest in buying the team, Dre stated he shared the same sentiments towards Donald Sterling that Snoop Dogg released in his inflammatory Instagram video. While Dre is interested in buying the Clippers, he states he is unsure if he will change the name.

Check out Dr. Dre speak on the Donald Sterling controversy and make his bid for the Los Angeles Clippers below:

  • I love Dre, but Magic Johnson and his team of investors makes more sense to me. Either way, i just want The Clippers to have a new owner.

    • MLB44

      I can see Magic owning a basketball team besides the Lakers somewhere else, but he’s an L.A. Laker for life (Mr. Lakers) so that just seems like a conflict of interest for him to own the Clippers in L.A. He would have to move them to a new city. Maybe back to Daygo or up to Seattle.

    • EniggaMA

      Why would that make more sense? There’s a bunch of owners out there that know shit about bBball so there shouldnt be An issue With dre

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    dre was interested in making detox too at one point…………..

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  • ThatBostonMan

    Why should this centralization of wealth be considered a good thing? Maybe if enough people pooled their money they could crowd fund a project. But they have to be high net worth individuals with only $1 million or $100,000 a year salary. Still that situation is better than to have even fewer people own the Clippers.

    Diddy, Jay Z, Magic Johnson, Dr. Dre, these guys are the elite. So the elite want to buy another team, what difference does it make if one group of elite takes control of a team from another group? You wont own a piece of the team regardless so why care?

    Teams should be owned by the players and people associated with it.

    • bobbyhansonf898

      I want to tear your jugular vein out, let you spurt blood like a geyser, and watch you die screaming in agony….

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    I hate those f@cking TMZ camera reporters. The questions they ask are lame as hell.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    It’s more relevant for Magic Johnson and His investors, than Dr. Dre and whoever…(wait for it..wait for it) unless Jay Z puts in a bid, then it’s boss. Y’all bullsh^ttin’.

    At the end of the day, my politics about the Hip Hop Elite aside, it be great to see Puffy, Dre, Jay along with Magic..and if Jordan want in- to be the owners of this team once the dust settles for Sterling.

    Though my dude Note Work gave some points to consider. Wordy as fuq, but worth digesting as we all go “On to the Next”

    (Note Work, FB-Seattle)

    “For the uninitiated you just witnessed a coup d’état…

    A wealthy 80 year old Jewish/ White American with a decades long history of racial bigotry and oppression isn’t exactly uncommon in the USA or the NBA. Magic Johnson attended his games. The league continued to do business. The NAACP accepted “donations” i.e. payoffs to restore his image (and secure more handouts). Sterling is diabolical period. The following is not to absolve the Clippers owner or misdirect the conversation but a theory that racism is the red herring in this particular story. The endgame is power and controlling interests in one of the National Basketball Association’s billion dollar, corporate sponsored organizations—which also happens to be located in the second largest media market in the world.

    So, no the team is not moving to Seattle or anywhere else. The power brokers of LA’s sports community decided they were staying long before the general public knew of Donald Sterling and his white supremacist ramblings. It was simply time to remove old money (literally) so they can insert their new Shah plus they had the perfect insider to obtain exactly the evidence they needed to initiate the “assassination”. The mistress acted as nothing more than a paid informant with a checkered past who they could hang out to dry should she not comply. Now the real question… who were the people that paid her to obtain what the NBA and the entire Los Angeles area already knew?? (no it wasn’t TMZ)

    Always follow the money and ask 2 questions in cases like this:

    a) Who truly benefits?
    b) Who truly is at a loss?

    Think about it…”

    -Note Work



  • RAMADAwhite

    although it makes sense for magic and investors to step in and buy, dre can easily get a team of investors behind him as well like Jimmy iovine and the investors from beats

  • Slaughtr


    • SleepyTheGreat

      say it again

  • therealest1

    This ignorant debacle of that old Jew is bringing people out to make noise proclaiming their interest. Hell, Flavor Flav and Clipper Darrell should be potential new owners too.

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    i don’t blame him….i wouldn’t tell (my son) not to if he could….

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