Hip-Hop Rumors: Donald Sterling's Girl Was Magic Don Juan's Hoe?

YOOOOOOOO! This may be the craziest week in news since the last crazy week (think Mimi). V. Stiviano, the woman that brought Donald Sterling down, is actually sad that her former boyfriend is banned from the NBA for life. This is funny, but what’s funnier is the rumor that SHE used to be one of Magic Don Juan’s prostitute.

The Bishop is a well known P-I-M-P. But people are saying that he used to put on the Stiviano stroll. I don’t know how true it is, but, if so, she learned from the best. She sure pimped Donald Sterling for mad money.

Peep the pic:

Oh, the other side, I heard Bishop Magic Don Juan is about to be married and has turned a new leaf on pimping.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • She prolly wasn’t his hoe she just liked being around folks wit greenbacks……she struck fools gold fkn wit that lame Donald

    • She was his hoe!


      You know Don was poking & selling that pu$$!

      Probably sold it more than poked it!

      • Ipullcards

        Yea u don’t want dents in her clench. You sell it, them 500 dollar bbj add up lol

      • David Gonz


      • ‘Ole Captain Save A Heaux @$$ Ninjaz!

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  • Old tricks go crazy for b!tches like that. And if she wasn’t doing it for the money, what other reason would she have for messing with donald duck sterling? Pimpin is still alive.

  • Mack

    The only hoe here is Donald Sterling.


    Fake ass pic

    • brotha_man

      her head do look photoshoped

      • Immortal

        Is that “Golden boy” or Pac?

  • itZ Tamar

    ..sooo sad this women did something epic and everybody callin her a hoe…if it wasn’t for her we would have known anything #sounfortunate

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  • dehova

    Has anyone noticed something in the last picture? Yes. They both have Adam’s apples

  • Ravi Singh

    y she look the exact same age & juan look 20 yrs younger? hey either way, if its true then the hoe became the pimp! hell she pimped his ass evn if she wasnt!



  • lethal5

    Don Sterling look like Troy McClure, that dude that does all them infomercials from The Simpsons

  • hoeyuno

    You doin hoe activities with hoe tendencies/hoes are your friends hoes are your enemies….

  • JD

    I could see where she’d be in demand for dudes who like chics with dicks

  • J Sinister

    Who says nothin good ever came out of being pimped???

  • David Gonz

    i seen bishop don smoke a hit from a blunt out his nose no joke

  • Southcidal

    Why is everybody saying that she was Sterling’s “girlfriend”? She was paid for. Don Juan probably sent her to Sterling. Big Pimpin literally. The Bishop has since got out of the game and probably gave a lot of his clientele to The Lion which explains Kurupt’s presence.

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  • domici merchant

    no find all the women he fucked over and split the money evenly!! funny these niggaz have every diamond that DeBeers jewelers makeS, BUT THE Y WONT SPEND $ TO GET THIER TEETH CLEANED!! Such an embarrassment to BLACK PEOPLE AS A WHOLE!! (AT LEAST A WESTERN DENTAL CLEANIG!! OH & UGLY PEOPLE LIKE THIS PIMP NEED ALL THOSE PROPS TO THINK THEY LOOK GOOD!! THIS FOOL LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF A GEORGE CLINTON CONCERT!! can anyone tell me if he can receive radio stations in his mouth?? stupid coon!! what a Minstrel Show so Caucasian people can talk about us more!! people like Don Juan are the reason many whites feel so standoffish towards us