Kurupt at Backside Records

Hip-Hop Rumors: Why Was Kurupt Coming Outta Donald Sterling's Chick's House!

This story won’t stop and as much as I want to get away from it, I can’t. I definitely can’t when rap legends are coming out of her house. Apparently, Kurupt was seen on the news in the West Coast coming out of V. Stiviano’s house with a V. Stiviano HAT on. This is odd and nobody fully knows what he was doing. I’m so confused.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Soulgasm

    He’s about to put in his bid to buy the Clippers. Hell, everybody else is…

  • Brindle

    Only a West Coast nikka! You gotta love us!!!

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  • He waiting on the rest of the homies to come out … #DUH. Why else would he still be standing outside the door long enough for a picture. LOL

  • K. Lionheart

    She got Some Bomb A$$ P***y

    • Now if I fucked yo bitch would a nigga trip?
      Did you know your ho goin round blowin niggaz dickz

      • dee


  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Man these rap niccas is funny for real. Cant make this Sh*T up. Bit(h look old enough to be in the “I get around” 2Pac video….

  • Gabriel Love

    This is hilarious…truly

  • JamalFromGhostwriter

    Stop covering this broad. She’s on the path to being the next reality tv attention whore.

    • Ipullcards

      Well she’s done one good deed before shes on tv pulling out weaves or fighting in heels.. She leaked that audio and did what most black men wish they could do.. Get a rich ass white dude fired from his job. Nuff said this hoe can win for a while. Wtf has a kardashian done for sports? Turn one dude into a crackhead and Reggie bush still hasn’t recovered from her neither has that other fool that married her

    • soyhiphop

      Lmao wow Jamal from ghost rider is it really u?

    • Chuck Haze

      Well at least a bitch set someone up for a good cause this time.



  • bigdoe6

    Kurupt is G.

  • lethal5

    1st: Kurupt look like he hella aged in that first pic
    2nd: Yesterday Seed said she was a dude
    Whats up with dat?

  • brotha_man

    why this dude rocking a hat wit her name on it tho….looks like shes the pimp u ask me

    • Terrance Goodman

      True ish.

    • hoeyuno

      Haha no doubt..Kurupt cool tho…

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  • almightyVL

    shes not the one who’s racist

  • Son Dollars

    I thought she was a Tranny?

  • wickedjones

    like 50 said, “niggas are like roaches man.”

  • ven fli

    Venfli YouTube 44songs

  • i’mreloaded!

    Making dat fucc tape to send dat old cracka. Dat mufucca prolly shoot himself if he saw dat ish. It ain’t no fuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn, if the homies can’t haaaaaa-a-aaaaave none!

  • 225CampLife

    Kurupt was rapping the lyrics to “Lets Play House” when he came over

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  • TXKING25

    “Just another day in Sunny C-A-L | Tryna Tag Some Tail | I knew it was ya Bitch by the way her P*ssy Smell.” – Kurupt

  • Reblogged this on thawordbysmooch.

  • soyhiphop

    She a smart ho that’s the kind of skeezer a nicca dream bout.. She juices that 80 yr old Jew nicca out his paper gets all type’s of foreign car’s and if you the nicca f-cking her right she gonna treat ya right..

  • soyhiphop

    She one ugly bitch tho.. Ain’t it funny how women stoop so low they f*ck 80 and 70 year old niccas for cash yet you dont normally see men boning grandma ass bitches..these hoes got strong stomach’s

    • hoeyuno

      Find me a 90 year old lonely grandma with half a billion to her name and I’ll keep her warm till she dies

      • I WILL TEAR OPRAH’S @$$ UP!

      • soyhiphop

        I’ll do it for free

      • Oh Hell Nah!

        Without makeup, she couldn’t get into my backyard BBQ for free!


      • soyhiphop

        Hahahahahahaha harsh!

      • Changeclothz

        lmfao damn thats mean bro lol

      • Just keeping it 100% 🙂

      • soyhiphop

        Damn. A billy? I might do it too

      • Changeclothz

        lmfao lol

  • Black Adam

    Wouldnt be surprised if Too Short walked out of there next.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    dropping off that Chronic 2014

  • He picking up his money… Pimping ain’t easy, but somebody got to do it.

  • Hold up, there is another rapper still inside too afraid to come out.

    • hoeyuno

      Yup!! Kurupt waiting for the heat to die down to tell daz to bounce..haha

      • Rob


      • Sleep


  • dee

    When it all boils down you gonna find in the end
    a b!tch is a b!tch, but a Dogg is a man’s best friend
    So what you found you a hoe that you like
    But you can’t make a ho3 a housewife.

  • J Sinister

    I seen that skinny nigga and thought it was her dope man at first

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  • Chrisblackusa

    Legendary rapper…whooooa!! Dude was doing his thing during the golden age.. I mean he was there..buttttt…yeah he was loving foxy..but next you gonna say pm dawn was legendary. .

  • AntLee06

    On the real, I can tell my nigga Schoolboy took a lot of influence from Kurupt Young Gotti. Nuff said right there. each one teach one.