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Erykah Badu Facing Criticism For Peforming At Accused Human Rights Abuser's Party

(AllHipHop News) Soul singer Erykah Badu is catching heat from the Human Rights Foundation for singing “Happy Birthday” to Swaziland’s King Mswati III. The organization calls Mswati a “corrupt tyrant.”

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“She owes us all an explanation. The king is a kleptocrat who lives in the lap of obscene luxury while most of his countrymen toil in abject poverty for less than $2 a day,” said HRF’s Alex Gladstein said in a statement.

Badu spoke with The Dallas Morning News about her performance and the HRF’s response:

I don’t keep up with current events [in Swaziland]. I’m touring eight months out of the year. I wish I was more educated — and I am also not so quick to judge before I find out any information,” said Badu. “I was in attendance with half of the citizens of Swaziland, who cheered him on, and shared a stage with 20 performers, and all of them were Swazi.

I want to address the people, not a group or a government agency. The people know I was not endorsing the king or helping to further his political agenda. I have no agenda. I went into a situation not completely knowing the political climate of the kingdom. I can’t be held responsible for the situation in the kingdom because I signed up as an artist, not as a political activist. I don’t belong to anyone or to anything. Anything I do is because I am a human being, and I am for the people.

This is an opportunity for groups claiming they are for the rights of humans to shine a spotlight on this situation using me as a tool. The people that I’ve walked with for the past 15 years know who I am and how I move and need no explanation. The people who don’t know won’t understand anyway, so why explain?

Badu added there is not a place on the planet she will not go, and she sees “freedom ahead for those enslaved and the slave masters.”

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  • MrNoName2K

    Money talks, bullshit walks..then again im sure had she known, she woulda fell out.

  • Reading her statement, Bull S**T comes to mind.

    She clearly knew what she was doing but the money aspect prevailed.
    Her thoughts were, oh well I’m going to do it anyway and get paid and deal with
    the consequences later hoping that it will fade away with time. It will.

    • JimJames29

      ^This. She probably got something crazy like two million to perform for 15 minutes. People become morally flexible when confronted with those kind of paydays. And yes, this fades away with time. And not even that much time, maybe like a week.

    • So you’re going to just make someone guilty without fully knowing all or even most the details, just going off assumption? Congratulations, you are a typical American.

      • Sir, you’ve made a number of assumptions.
        1) I am not American
        2) Which artist would not find out more about a country, or individual that they’ll perform in / to? she has a team of intelligent people around her. It was a case of risk v reward. It’s business mate.

      • 1) if you truly aren’t American, you sure seem like it by ignorantly stating that your opinion is fact.
        2) I think youre lying because you inexplicably changed your speech via your writing.
        3) I would imagine that most artists dont do an analysis on every single country they go to, especially if going to multiple countries, not to mention the fact that there are many other things to do.
        4) if the people there are indeed in dire straits, her appearance only helps them, no matter the circumstances.

      • Are you telling me that an artist or even a person of such calibre would blindly visit a country / nation without knowing the ins and out? Would she have visited a war torn country where her life would have been in jeopardy? No. That’s why they would’ve researched the country.

        You do realise that she has a team of people, each has a different function within her business? Badu is NOT a solopreneur.

        Firstly she tweets that she was not paid by the king (whatever that means) and the tweet was deleted ( Eau du BS), then she states that she gave all the money for that trip to the servants of the house.

        Once again I am not American, when have I ever said that I’m American? If you’re from the UK you could even be my neighbour ha ha.

      • I’m saying that I don’t know where this trip fit into her schedule nor do I know what research she did. And ive seem her career from the beginning; I just find it hard to believe she just did this show for the money

      • golder1

        People do it all the time. People from United states take vacation to Korea which has major human rights issues, China, Dubai, Africa, ect. And you right nowhere in you ignorance have you stated to be an American but ignorance is bliss!

      • Bro, I’m sorry to say this, your comment is more confusing than an Allhiphop news article.

        I’m hoping that you’ll come back and use the edit option.

        Please don’t take it as a diss.

      • golder1

        Just because you dont understand or cant accept the truth doesnt mean I cant communicate jackass. It just means you are not equipped to comprehend my statement, which us ok their are class out there to help people like yourself

      • golder1

        How many artist do you think actually read up on the political problems of every country they perform? Get real1

    • golder1

      Thats not even close to what she said. You made up your own meaning from her statement. You sound dumb!!!

      • You sound like a bitter 50 cent. You’ve found the time to go through all my posts and insult me. WOW.

        Have I QUOTED her? I read what she said on other credible sites too.

        Calling me dumb? The page with the definition of dumb must be missing from your dictionary. Based on the way you “try to communicate” I think you need to plaster / tattoo that word on your forehead or get your barber to carve it on your head, It’ll suit you.

        I’m not into slanging matches so don’t be surprised if I NEVER respond to you again. You sir, need to learn how to communicate. It’s not a hard skill. Never be too quick to type, ask questions if you’re unsure of things it helps you avoid all the mistakes you’ve made.

        I’m hoping that you’ve learn’t something today and one day you and I can have a mature and intelligent debate in the future.


      • golder1

        You act like I know you on a personal level. When you develop your own meaning when she clearly states what her intent was at that event, then yes that makes you sound dumb. The only mistake made was you leaving a comment in the first place. Dont be made Ms. as you age hopefully you become smarter. As you said you probably wont respond because having a debate is very difficulty for you when someone clearly has hurt your feelings.

      • This is not what I class as a debate. It’s now turned into a lesson in social etiquette from me to you.

        Once again you’ve proved that you’re at the bottom of the intellectual food chain. ( bottom feeder )

        When intelligent people are having a discussion YOU SIR NEED TO WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE INVITED or risk humiliating yourself with your attitude. Once you Re- Read your comments you’ll understand what I mean. That’s your home work.

        Read other peoples posts and learn how to have a grown up debate. Your first comment said a lot about you.

        No disrespect, take this as FAIR COMMENT, you sound like a VERY gullible and ignorant individual.

        Stop being delusional fella how can a comment hurt my feelings? Far from it dude.

        This has gone off topic but I’m glad to have shared some Golden Nuggets with you. I hope to see you as a successful fella in the future ” Bigging me up” as the person who changed your life for the better ;-).

        Now go and put my advise into practice.

        Have fun, who you reckon is going to win the Mayweather fight? 🙂

      • golder1

        You have shared nothing. You put a bunch of words togther and said absolutely nothing. I can tell knowledge is something you lack. As far as being successful, Im alreadt there youngster. Calling your first comment dumb and you getting bothered by that tells a lot about you sir. Calm down and sorry for hurting your feelings.

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