EXCLUSIVE: Kolley Responds To DJ Khaled Allegedly Copying His Album Cover Art

(AllHipHop News) In Hip Hop, there’s “inspiration”, there’s “biting” and then there’s just plain delusion. Today (May 1st), Kolley speaks EXCLUSIVELY with AllHipHop about the controversy surrounding DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More”artwork’s similarities to his #RNS mixtape cover.

Yesterday (April 30th), reports surfaced that Kolley’s representatives at Bigg Bank Entertainment filed a cease and desist order against Khaled for allegedly copying the artwork style. Kolley admits that the cease and desist order came from his “thirsty a*s lawyers” and not himself:

I greatly appreciate the luv from all my people back home.. I salute the real. #RNS tho i can care less about these industry n*ggas. But I got some thirsty ass lawyers and I can’t blame em for that trait. Do ya job homie.. Tru I can’t own a pose not the first n*gga to bite his chain want be the last. But subliminal shots won’t define me as a artist only my works. The grind never stops.

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DJ Khaled has not responded to the lawsuit or allegations. Check out the two artworks below:

cover They-Dont-Love-You-No-More-600x600

  • Ranger

    Biting ass nigga… literally


    khaled they never liked your b*tch a*s in the 1st place, they only want your beats lol fake muslim

    • anemia716

      and he’s not even making those.

  • MrNoName2K

    Niggas sitting there “bickering” over biting a damn chain in a picture…maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..

  • hoeyuno

    In the top pick it looks like khaled is trying to light his beard on fire..the chain One he looks like a retard…

  • tra mo

    I wanna no Wat type of trees grew in Marcy Wat kind of water hov tasted i wanna see Wat he saw out his window if he even had a window lllmmmmmmaaaoooooooo

  • ursocalledgod

    SMH come on khaled…

  • slyfox

    khaled and ross keep doing this. he stole the kiss my ring title from another upcoming rapper and got called out for it. frauds and fakes smh. why are they still here.

    • best_believe

      Ross also bit off of Corey Gunz fantasy album tittle God forgives I don’t album tittle.

  • Sean Taylor

    How is this an “exclusive” when TMZ had Kolley on yesterday, 4/30/14, speaking about this. Bwhahahahahah

  • Whofarted42

    Huh rakim was the first to bite a chain…

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  • Guce- controversial has the same pic…. niggas been doin that cover

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