Floyd Mayweather Posts Pics of Ex-Fiancé's Abortion Papers On Facebook (PICS)

(AllHipHop News) Floyd Mayweather may have experienced the greatest swing in social media popularity of all time. In less than 24 hours after he posted video of Lil Wayne and Drake recording “Believe Me” on Instagram, he posted the abortion documents from his former fiancé on Facebook.

Last night, Mayweather decided to reveal to the world why him and his ex-fiancé Shantel Jackson called it quits on his personal Facebook account. Mayweather released a photo of abortion documents, allegedgly from Jackson. According to Mayweather’s caption for the photo, he did it for the kids:

The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies. #ShantelJackson #FloydMayweather #TheMoneyTeam #TMT

This past  Monday (April 28th), Jackson was spotted with Nelly, court-side at a Miami Heat/Charlotte Bobcats game after Nelly posted a photo of Jackson on his personal Instagram with the caption “#WomanCrushWednesday”. A few days later on Wednesday, Mayweather posted a photo of Jackson with no makeup on his personal Instagram account with the same caption as Nelly’s photo. Jackson responded with an Instagram photo of her own, a day before Mayweather released the abortion pictures, and told her side of why the pair broke up in the photo’s caption:

What women doesn’t have a day like this. The reason why I left!!! It’s been a year now. Don’t you have a fight.

Check out the abortion documents and Jackson’s response to Floyd below:


  • MrNoName2K

    Skeezer ass b*tch..on both ends

  • Brindle

    That woman broke that man’s heart, 1st he said he left her cause she told him, if they get married, he can’t cheat no more… Now its about her getting an abortion… Stay focused on the fight Floyd, I’ve lost a bunch of good woman, them ratchets will help you heal your wounds…

    • Casor_G

      Maybe just MAYBE She left him because other than the boxing and money he was a loser. Maybe there are a few women out there who aren’t willing to sacrifice their self respect to be with a man…

      • Brindle

        i agree. last night on all access he was talking bout he’s ready to change… he know he lost a POSSIBLE good one

      • RapItUp

        And the play ho’s started applauding!! Lol

      • He lost a good one? You dudes are hilarious, you dont know ANYTHING about this person!

      • Brindle

        key word is possible… And based on everything him, Ray J, 50, pops and uncle have said, she’s a good girl… watch all access from last night, that fool was hurt while sitten around 10 ho’s, trying to let ms. jackson know he’s changed…

      • Surely you do not believe everything on reality shows (which essentially this is) and Ray J isnt a believable source. Plus he may have hurt feelings but that show was done before the abortion report so I dont know.

  • Casor_G

    Both of them pathetic

  • P Q

    What a shameful, disgusting, spiteful thing for someone to do. Thank goodness she didn’t bring those babies into the world – Floyd would make a terrible father. Let’s not forget that Mayweather has a history of domestic violence, and countless women across the country know that pregnancy can trigger violent behavior. Her decision to end her pregnancy (if the papers aren’t fake) likely saved her life.

    • Brindle

      I don’t agree with the man, but you sound crazy… STFU with that extremist sh!t..

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      “What a shameful, disgusting, spiteful thing for someone to do”

      your talking about murdering a unborn defenseless child?…..

    • Sean Taylor

      Showing paperwork is worse than actually having an abortion. Your logic is azz backwards if you think Floyd is the “shameful, disgusting” one in this situation….

      • The documents state that there were complications with the pregnancy.

        The babies were forming inside her tubes – which if left untreated is FATAL for BOTH the MOTHER and UNBORN CHILDREN.

        Put simply, ABORTION was the ONLY OPTION.

      • Shirley

        Where did you read that?

      • GiveNTake

        Thank you smart one.

      • P Q

        So a bunch of cells is more important than the life of an adult woman? By the way – if you’d actually paid attention to the photo, it wasn’t an abortion paper, but a sonogram form. There’s a checkmark next to the option that indicates the “fetuses” were not moving. An abortion would’ve removed them from view, whereas, this is nothing more than a sonogram confirming a miscarriage. Too bad you’re too slow to figure all of that out.

      • Shirley

        Even disregarding your question and insult, your comment is nonsense.


      She did right to have a doctor hack them up inside of her and pull them out.Instead of having their father put them in the best schools and give them the best life while making sure she wants for nothing.I totally agree with you…..Sarcasm

  • Definitely will not be buying the clippers now lol

    • Ipullcards

      Now? Same guy that went to jail for domestic battery? Nah you can’t be a Felon and try to run a multimillion dollar company in a multimillion dollar sports industry

      • Floyd isnt a felon. However Don King is and he runs a multimillion dollar company in a multimillion dollar sports industry so………

      • Ipullcards

        Boxing is the most crooked sport out of all the major sports here. That’s not saying much. It’s far fetched period! The whole idea is a joke, u guys just don’t get it.


        You are a moron!!!!money walk and making up shit to sound smart leaves us blogging lol!!!!

      • Ipullcards

        Moron? Lol ok. You’re the guy that believes he’s going to own an NBA team? How moronic is that lmao. Clearly don’t know what your talking about

  • RichFromBX

    can someone from Floyd’s corner please get him some water…

  • about as bad as him playing the race card when Rude Jude dug in his ass on the radio….corny ass punk

  • Denise Deeabru


  • ZUBU

    Money May is that brotha, but I can’t ride with him on this shiitt.
    Now Nelly, he really looking lame, he need to stay out of the spotlight with that chick and let the chick battle with Money May. Nelly kind of got his buff on and shiittt but he doesn’t want to see Money May.
    Why do these rap brothas get re-treads, when they have a relative amount of money and fame. They get a slut that has been around the celebrity block ie. Kim Kardashslut, Amber Ho Rose, Trina, etc. I think Luda did it right with the doctor chick she fine as heck and her personal biz is not public info. I think Cam did it right with Juju.

  • Wow, from Floyd Mayweather Jr to Nelly. This is the very definition of playin yourself. Also, abortion isnt murdering a child, people really get confused with this. But abortion is definitely something that should be mostly kept between the two parties, not facebook. And she showed a pic of what? No one knows how that happened and moreover, im not sure I trust a women who is in things strictly for money.

    • Shirley

      “people really get confused”?
      According to you, “should be mostly kept between the two parties”
      … because of shame, correct?

      • Actually no. Its more because the decision to have a child is a personal matter between the 2 people.

      • Shirley

        How did you come up with this rule?

      • I didnt come up with any “rule”. Perhaps abortion is facebook worthy to you but it just seems like personal information to me.

      • Shirley

        “But abortion is definitely something that should be mostly kept between the two parties, not facebook.” looks like a rule, because you used “definitely… should…”

        Facebook is full of personal content.

      • Surely you arent saying pregnancy and ending a pregnancy are the same thing or that thye would be recieved the same way, Shirley. And since you said that, I presume you would put that you got an abortion on facebook, or that you would recommend that a friend or family member put that they had an abortion on facebook, right?

        You can play this game of semantics all day if you want. But you know damn well that saying “my boyfriend cheated on me” and ” I just got an abortion” on facebook are not the same type of personal information.

      • Shirley

        No, you were equating them.

        I wouldn’t get an abortion.

        I’m not playing semantics. I’m trying to help you stop using euphemisms and start using honest language. You claimed it’s not about shame, it’s just “personal,” by which you meant “private.” Explain why this should be a secret. Shame, right?

      • Im equating them? Ok. I dont think you know what equate means if thats the case. Also I dont think you know what a euphemism is, which is defined as “the substitution of an expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant”.

        The circular nature of this is boring me. If you think having an abortion is something you think is public business then good for you. I dont and its not about shame but im not a woman, cant have babies, and wouldnt be ashamed if I ended a pregnancy but my view doesn represent everyone and neither does yours.

      • Shirley

        You wouldn’t be ashamed, but you would want it kept secret. To me, that doesn’t add up.

        You didn’t explain why this should be a secret.

        Alright, our views about what is shameful don’t represent everyone. So now you’re pleading relativism, but according to you, he should definitely (absolutely) have kept it a secret?

      • Shirley

        People generally don’t keep births a secret.


      Abortion is not murder???Go have a wreck and kill a pregnant woman and see if you get one or two counts of vehicle homicide.Read a book or just open another tab before you say dumb shit!!!

      • First, each state has its own laws about how to prosecute unborn babies. Second, you may not know this but the prefix “un” means “not” so unborn means not born. And finally, axcording to your logic, if its murder why arent pregnant women charged with murder after ending a pregnancy? Birth constitutes a human being. For your own sake lets not get in an intellectual battle, youve already made yourself seem stupid enough.

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  • LoSki387

    Well I smell a lawsuit coming. Medical records are confidential. I’m sure he deleted that post quickly after realizing what a stupid mistake he made. Whether you agree with abortions or not posting private medical records of any kind is wrong. This boy is acting like a catty female.

    • Shirley

      I don’t think a reasonable expectation of privacy would apply to this situation.

    • grelingjackson

      HIPPA doesn’t apply to private citizens, just healthcare workers and government employees with access to health information.

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  • Veronica Sanger

    What an asshole. No wonder she didn’t want to have his babies! Good for her.


      What a hoe/Keep your legs closed then you don’t have to commit murder along with the fornication!!!

      • Veronica Sanger

        Thankfully, the law doesn’t agree with your ignorant ass.


    Trashy hoes on here talking shit.Don’t get pregnant and don’t get an abortion but this is what African Americans do.They make a problem and then try to patch it up instead owning you mishap which would have been beautiful lives

    • Veronica Sanger

      Someone should have aborted you then there would be one less stupid ass moron in the world.

    • GiveNTake

      African Americans? It’s amazing how people call these hoes non-black then when they do something that ain’t right they called them African Americans.

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