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Lebron James Said He Would Not Sign With The LA Clippers In 2010 Because Of Donald Sterling

(AllHipHop News) Imagine the highlight monopoly a team with Lebron James and Blake Griffin would have on the game of basketball. That may have been a fantasy of Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling a few years back; one that Lebron James quickly destroyed.

Before Lebron James shattered Cleveland Cavilers fans back in the summer of 2010 with “The Decision”, James was a free agent testing the NBA waters. In an interview with ESPN, multibillionaire music and film mogul David Geffen informed ESPN’s David Schapp that James informed him that the Clippers were one of his potential choices, if not for their owner being Sterling. Geffen did not explicitly state why James refused to play for Sterling, vaguely remarking, “the reasons are pretty clear.”

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Less than a year before Lebron James entered free agency in 2010, Sterling paid out $2.75 million in a housing discrimination settlement where he was accused of evicting and not renting to individuals based on their race. Yesterday (April 30th), James spoke about NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s decision to ban Sterling from the NBA for life for the first time:

We’re fighting to get an owner out of our league who shouldn’t be a part of our league. No matter how long it takes, no matter how much money it costs, we need to get him out of there — and whoever is associated with him doesn’t belong in our league.

  • MrNoName2K

    Lebron James/Blake Griffin on the same squad…uuuuuuuuuum no..woulda fell flat then heda been in the same position Dwight was when they tried to team him up with Kobe..and oh yea…GO WARRIORSSSSSSSS!!

    • Keith N.

      Blake plays PF….Lebron at SF(his natural position)

      • MrNoName2K

        position as in when dwight up and left…not player position brah

  • Eli Pinilla

    See. This si what I’m sayin. So in 2010, LeBron James didn’t join the Clippers cuz he knew Sterling’s racist thoughts and past. But doc rivers ain’t know?!?!?! David stern ain’t know? Blake? Chris paul?!??! Please man. All them dudes knew. But as long as they got paid and he didn’t act that way towards them, them dudes was comfortable lookin the other way…..not a big fan, but much respect to LeBron james!!!

    • Dubz

      They all knew…since 2003 they knew this dude was a racist. Don’t let this “We need to get him out of here” movement fool you. It’s just the flavor of the month. Something so easy to get behind. Sure we can thank the recordings for bringing this public…but this guy been racist…been done racist shit and now all these players are “acting” shocked. I’m not giving Lebron “more” respect then I did before this came out….The people that brought this up before should be the one’s gaining respect. NAACP of LA should lose respect…they are the ones that gave this dude a lifetime achievement award even with all the racist stuff going on.

      • Eli Pinilla

        You right, Cuz if he did know, he ain’t tell nobody else. Why he wait till now to let everybody know he ain’t wanna play for ol boy cuz he a racisit?!?!? And why he ain’t stop others from goin there or making it an issue

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        prolly cause no one else cared cause he a old white man with money. funny thing is i heard jamie foxx biggin him up and saying how he stay haveing “hoes”. i dont follow sports like that so i aint know who the guy was until the story hit the fan. but it aint Lebron, it aint Mayweather, it aint Foxx……….it sound like all the whos whos of LA knew about dude and his racism. but when your a whore for money then you’ll let things slide i guess

    • Ryan Cole

      I agree with everything you said except giving props to LeBron. If he knew four years ago, why didn’t he say anything then? Don’t be a freedom fighter now if you let it slide and carry on before.

      And yeah, I’m suspicious of Doc, too. He played for the Clippers back in the day, and was there when Danny Manning was going through his BS treatment with Sterling. He had to know.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    we need more Lebrons in the league and less kobes.
    “the reasons are pretty clear.”

  • Sean Taylor

    Suuuuuuuuuure Lebron.

  • ThinkBlackPeople

    We have been knowing several key politicians, celebrities, ect are racists for years. Why haven’t we done anything? My point is that it’s not what you know, it’s what power you have to change the circumstances. Without those tapes neither LeBron, Doc, CP3 or any other black man in the league had any traction to make this type of move. Now they do. Case Closed. If you worked for a company with a racist CEO (which many of you do) I don’t expect you wouldnt quit the day you found out. Your kids still need to be fed, your bills need to be paid. But I bet if they got him on camera making racist statements you’d be lined up ready to put your claim in for the lawsuit. Don’t be a f***ng hypocrite, just congratulate them on using their power to make a change when they could. It’s more than most of us are doing in our own communities.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Naw… they knew better. Cuz this isn’t his first racist infraction. He been sued by Elgin baylor. Baron Davis spoke out against him in 2006…..ain’t none of this new to them. They all knew and there was already physical proof…..The only reason they actin up is cuz the media and public got a hold of it and they were forced to do something or get killed by public opinion. This shit runs deep, and even the Damn naacp was giving him awards knowin all his racist history. He ended up settling in one of the biggest discrimination suites ever….. The fact that LeBron chose not to go there because of his racism shows that people were fully aware of it and still chose to go there anyways.

      • ThinkBlackPeople

        You aint said nothing that my first comment didn’t already address…

      • Eli Pinilla

        “If you worked for a company with a racist CEO (which many of you do) I don’t expect you wouldnt quit the day you found out. Your kids still need to be fed, your bills need to be paid.”

        The day the tape came out ain’t the day they found out he was racist. They been knew!!! LeBron knew in 2010 and decided not to go there cuz of it. Elgin baylor sued him in the mid 90s and baron Davis and these discrimination suites are from the mid 2000’s…..they knew, that’s the problem. They knew and they went there anyways…..and you can’t compare a person making 20-40 mill to someone making 20-40k. If cris paul doesn’t play, not only will he get picked up somewhere else, but he’s not broke to where his family won’t eat. Their ina a players union. They could’ve protested and not played for him at anytime and used civil rights and boycotting agaisnt discrimination as a proper excuse to not play….it wasn’t until that pressure came that they had to do something….yea LeBron is just now saying something public, but he acted upon it by not going to them in 2010 for that. Weather public or not, he still didn’t go play there. What’s doc’s and everybody else’s excuse?!?

  • ghettogov

    Whether LeBron been knew he was racist or not I’m sure he didn’t think he would say some Shit like that….What a lot ppl are overlooking is the fact that dude said now i got ppl calling me or whatever which tells you that its bigger than just him some high ranking people in his inner circle were upset about it…it makes alot of sense that he’s Jewish…

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