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Papoose Challenges Jay Z To Attend 5 Percent Nation Community Event

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s choice of neckwear at a Brooklyn Nets game last month brought the BK rhymer a lot of attention. That’s because the chain he had on is affiliated with Nation of Gods and Earths also known as Five Percenters. The Hip Hop legend had both the media and 5 Percent representatives questioning his association with the group.

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Fellow Brooklyn emcee Papoose spoke with VladTV about Jigga rocking the 5% medallion, and The Nacirema Dream creator suggests that if Jay is going to wear the regalia he should attend community-based events sponsored by the organization.

“You know Jay been wearing the flag on his neck. I would like to see him at the annual ‘Show & Prove’ we do every year,” said Pap. “I come out there and represent. Kay Slay comes out. A couple of artists came out in the past. Rakim… the list goes on. But yo, you’re representing that flag; I’d like to see him come out there, and do something positive for the people.”

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Damn Ahh yall over 100 hours late on this story.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ




    • Qudus

      Hahahahahaha, I swear, you crazy for this one…

  • Jared

    True indeed

  • Southcidal

    Papoose is obsessed with Jay. Let the man live bro. As for Jay, it seems that he’s finally said f-ck it and is about to start letting his nuts hang on the powers that be. Well hopefully.

    • I agree, these street dudes, don’t do anything but watch others and scheme on how they can bring someone down…We all watched Jay work hard for his fortune, Jay didn’t get any of these things handed to him, he worked hard for it…Pap need to put in work and stop complaining…Or better yet, in order to speak to Jay Papoose need to get on Jay-Z’s level.

      • Son Dollars

        Who is to say Pappose aint the next jay-z it took him 35 years to blow up so Pappose got 30 more years to catch him.

      • Son Dollars

        This pic is Jay-Z in 1962!

      • F.U.

        He wasn’t born then you gold tooth faggot! Your reaching and I bet your breath stinks.

      • Son Dollars

        my nuts stank 2 ur mom just leaked on em when my dick was in her!

  • I get what he is saying, but Papoose is the reason why Jay should not attend…This Papoose guy is using Jay as a meal ticket….Keep Jay-Z’s name out of your mouth….Jay has made his contribution to the world…He as helped his community by offering jobs to the residence of Brooklyn by way of the Barclays Center….Papoose seems salty and is not doing this for the people, he himself is all about personal gain. #justsaying

  • Papoose is the boyfriend of Remy Ma, a chick who shot someone in the stomach for $2,000….Point is before you talk about others, check your self and the people in your circle.

    • Remy was the realest Ninja in Terror Squad!

      Bx style…you violate, you get violated…..but yeah…that ‘chet was a dummy move though.

      • Son Dollars

        she was the only nigga… Fatty Joe and the other members are wetback!!!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        wasn’t pistol pete terror squad.

      • No, that was the guy who pretended to be Pistol Pete.

        “Pistol Pete Rollack” ( Scarface’s inspiration for the song “Peter Roll’d” ( “Yo’ @$$ outta line, Yo’ @$$ got Peter Rolled” ) = Chorus. was a Black gangster from Soundview projects in the Bx. He’s doing life in solitary at ADX for 14 destructions & more keys than a grand piano!


      • Bumpy Johnson

        no no no i was talkin bout the puerto rican one…i know he ain the real soundview sex money murda pete, but i heard he was wit the shit…didnt he get shot, or was that mike beck.

      • >>In Ed Lover’s voice : “C’Mon Son!”

        That’s like saying Officer Ricky or 50 Cent, or anyone that pretends to be a thorough Ninja is the ‘chet!

        Few exceptions to that rule though

    • rocnation30


    • king joe

      she actually shot the girl in the face…not the stomach

    • AlbertoRipRon

      So…we just excuse Jay from going to Aleister Crowley shirts to now 5 percenter medallions? Ok bruh…

  • Mack

    Don’t be a gold digger, Papoose.

  • Son Dollars

    Papoose is just like every other real nigga thats tired of Gay-Z’s coonery… only reason he wearing the flag is to draw attention away from that illuminati shit. Listen to Lucifer Son of the Morning!

    • rocnation30


      • Son Dollars

        Some one need to do Gay-Z like they did Pac and Biggie… since he always stealing they hooks and bars! After that happens maybe i will be a fan!.

      • F.U.

        First off all to wish death on another Blackman shows your intelligence or lack thereof. When you “steal” hooks it pays homage dumb ass! Do you know how many rappers bit Rakim, Slick Rick, Chuck D etc. Also many have bitten Jay Z. It’s called hip hop stupid.

      • Son Dollars

        Afeni and Voletta didnt get any royalties the 2 greatest rappers ever dont need no one who rapped when they rapped paying homage niggas can pay homage 100 years from now and if one monkey’s death would stop a nation of youth from being brain washed I say murk em… Every artist that Jigga broke has set the black race back 100 years. (Jeezy, Ross, Rihanna etc. So fu$k that bit#h and u… f@ck boy!

      • F.U.

        Afeni sued Suge and got his Catalogue dumb ass lol you mad bitch ass nigga? Lmao

      • Son Dollars

        naw… u a internet gangsta… what does Afeni suing Suge got to do with Gay-Z stealn the song me and my girlfriend from 2pac and with him putn out all these artist with satanic music, and him worshiping alexander crowley a known satanist!

  • Raheem Classick

    Papoose Challenges Jay Z To Attend 5 Percent Nation Community Event / Really ? Well then, I challenge papoose to make A hit record.

    • rocnation30


      • Bumpy Johnson

        its not about a hit …pap a real rapper…big L never had one neither but he a straight top 10 ever.

      • NYComicBookGuy

        Big L had hits. bad analogy.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        give me one radio hit he had?

      • NYComicBookGuy

        I’ll give you 3. “Ebonics, MVP and “Put it on”

      • Bumpy Johnson

        those were minor hits…they are street hits but not on some MTV shit

    • Bumpy Johnson

      real rap ain about a hit record for the masses..big L, buckshot, jeru the damaja, n them are legends…..J Dilla, Dj Screw, Pete Rock never really had hits but are rap legends and greats…stfu right quick bro.

  • tra mo

    For all u joe camel ball huggers it was a interview tbat started about another topic then towards the end they brought up the camel pap dnt tell these guys Wat to ask

  • MrNoName2K

    Power move Pap!

    • Indeed!

      • Immortal

        How do you figure? I had respect for dude, but all he seems to be doing is going in on any and everyone he can. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and make a difference through your own personal actions. If Jay wears a cardigan sweater is he going to say something then? He needs to grow a pair in the booth, and put something out that the streets can feel.

      • He was building support for The NGE’s.

        Of Jay attends a parliment, or whatever, that’s charity, like Jay said in the Trayvon case.

      • Tx_Vandal187

        didn’t odb seed say basically the same chet

      • Missed that…elaborate?

      • Tx_Vandal187

        ydb was talking schooling these ppl on it awhile back and how he was schooled by his og and how jay needed to step up cus of the influence he has

      • nO DOUBT!

        i CAUGHT THAT……I thought you meant in regards to the 5% tip.

    • Tx_Vandal187

      i agree

  • beezy

    He’s on Jay-Z like a tick.

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  • GMF357

    really tho? that’s like telling everyone with a cross or crucifixion to go to church.

  • STFUUIgnants

    maybe Pap could use that publicity to bring more young brothers to the meetings & teach them knowledge of self

  • Thanx Nerve

    Papoose is a joke.

  • i’mreloaded!

    Jay, give dis nigga an autograph please so he can shut da hell up.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    This dude is butthurt as f*ck. move on. He’s really saying this all from an internet rumor ? I feel like he just monitors the web and looks for things to beef

  • Tx_Vandal187

    Jayz don’t care bout black people (KANYE VOICE)

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  • $18916246

    Papoose is seeking a father figure…ambulance chasing…dudes career is on mute as is..he keep taking shots at Jay..for what when he knows he’ll be apologizing sooner then later…uhhhh,ohhhh…I never said uh I hate JAY-Z.

  • Htwn5440

    Jay Z been a hoe since the 90s. Pac dissed that nigga on the regular. He a nigga who f*cked over everybody to get where he at now. Nigga stay getting sued. Papoose just want to be that dude.

    • F.U.

      Your hate is real. He gets sued a lot and nobody wins. How has he been a hoe? Remaining relevant and going platinum every single time? Lol stfu

      • Son Dollars

        keep smoking ur hookah bitch ass nigga…while u trying to count the Carats in my gangsta grill. Ur baby mama like it!!!

    • Son Dollars

      F.U. is Gay-Z’s wife…every nigga know b4 Pac died Gay-Z was silent as a church mouse.

  • meanygreene

    first rza, now pap.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Jay isn’t about that life

    • golder1

      Neither are you. This is that nigga shit!

  • Smurfaveli

    Papoose just want Jay to say his name.

  • NYComicBookGuy

    I don’t get how a grown man is worried about what another grown man wears and how he lives if it aint affecting him. SMH We gonna lose hip-hop if we keep this BS up.

    • A little different, you can’t false flag the NGE’s like you can the Bloods & Crips ( *& even then you could get your ‘chet split ) , but NGE’s / 5% have always jealously protected their ranks.

      “Some try to be hard, front & say “I’m GOD!”, don’t know a lesson, say a blessing, you’re gonna get scarred!”

      Kool G Rap – Riker’s Island

    • Son Dollars

      Hip-Hop is dead… ask gang members if they worried about what another man is wearing and Eminem and Macklamore run hip-hop!

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