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T.I. And The Game Stand Off With The LAPD

(AllHipHop News) T.I. and The Game have had their share of legal fracas, but that didn’t stop the pair from engaging in a stand off with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The pair reportedly thought mutual acquaintances were brutally beaten by the police as they were making a club appearance. In fact, their friends were beaten by security at the club when a fight broke out. According to reports, their associate threw a punch at security and was thrashed, because some of the entourage couldn’t get into the club. While on the ground, the defenseless man was also kicked in the face by one security guard.

The two rappers were on the scene as the police were called to restore order. At points in the video, it seems like the factions would engage each other, but it never happened. The Game particularly seemed upset, but cooler heads prevailed.

TMZ obtained video of the whole ordeal. The first video shows the fight and the second shows T.I. and The Game.


  • Celz

    Punk ass renta cop almost got someone killed. Fake ass niccas man..

  • soyhiphop

    That’s big u from RSC and some Compton mobb piru nicca..them securities packed them out cuz.. That security guard who kicked the young damu in the face gone more then likely catch that green light.. FCK em

    • That Security guard is going to jail for those three kicks to the head

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      my question is: where was Game and TIP, they crew etc when they two homies was getting beat down by the security? Most likely they were inside enjoying, didn’t give a FU(K about it till later. That’s why they came out like “why you do that” and then TIP finally got some sense and said to Game “it wasn’t the police x2, it was club security”………
      I know the dude that got kicked in the face probably did something but damn you already subdued them and then go and kick him in the face on camera?!?!!?!?! FOUL!

      • soyhiphop

        Yea he probably got fired for excessive forced.bruh kicked blood twice in the face and to make matters worse big u from rolling 60s was hurt.. bad choice them 60s is like 1, 500 deep.that security should quit if he wasn’t fired cause if not there’s gonna be rolling 60s 40 side 100s 90s harlem crips. Basically every crip under the nh card

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  • Black Adam

    Looks staged but interesting nonetheless.

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    lol…T.I. better leave the gang bang (death)style) alone that’s how TUPAC died…THE
    RULES APPLY TO EVERYBODY……..PERIOD!………..let me tell it

    • Southcidal

      Was that gang banging? More like a trillion security guards jumping two brothers.


        lol…its started (inside the club) between too (sets)… and what they
        showed you was bad security..that already choose their side..
        in the club and showed you out side the club too..
        security in clubs aint neutral… (cail)

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  • $30071418

    You ain’t shit wid out your home boyz.

    • Terrance Goodman

      PAC line at its finest. True ish on most

  • How old is Game all those tattoos are getting to his head….And T.I come on these dudes are millionaires why are they still caught up in ghetto street stuff? Hire people to do these things for ya and stay out of trouble. These rapper dudes continue to make black folks look bad…Always fighting

    • Ipullcards

      Not one rapper was fighting the dudes he paid to do “ghetto” stuff were. So wtf are you talking about? If my employee is on the ground getting kicked I’m going to not be quiet. You just don’t like black wether ur black or not I hear it in your voice as if u don’t have any ghetto in you. Foh

      • When you are a public figure like T.I and Game, you should make it your duty to stay out of harms way…..You hate to hear about how wild and violent black people are, but you love to watch it on TV. #justsaying

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  • Sean Power

    T.I just try go back to jail again smh

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    Is that Big U? man someones gonna get in a lot of trouble.

    • Ipullcards

      Feel me? They don’t know who they were kicking

    • superh8

      Big u had 2 do a big u turn

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Game acting up for the camera haha

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  • trilltalk1

    forget T.I and GAME did yall see the lil security kicking BIG U in the head on the cool. he does not have a clue who he was kicking. i am not from L.A but i know who BIG U is. hope ole boy left town cause he will know who BIG U is real soon i am sure.

    • Southcidal

      Yeah, and that was a biitch move. I always hated the little punk that tried to get a sneaky lick in when his team had the numbers and the upper hand.

  • superh8

    Ti n gay me standing off with lapd like they really gone do somn.fucking clowns

    • RealSpit

      Clown ass fag niggas like you always the first to talk about what a nigga not or gonna do, but big mouth fags like you is the first to run when it goes down. Shut them lips hoe ass nigga.

  • hoeyuno

    When is game not involved in drama??

  • I guess what im not understanding is why are people bashing these guys for standin up to the police? You just can’t please black folks, if they did nothing theyd be called sellouts and lames and bitches when most of yall would have ran away. But they do they’re called stupid and clowns and that they didnt get there soon enough so theyre cowards. I dont care if they were there cause cameras were there or not…the coulda got beatdown or killed and you KNOW the LAPD dont mind dishin out beatings to black people.

    • When you are a rapper with tons of money, standing up to the police in 2014 means calling up your powerful friends to get certain dirty cops off the force….Artist with tons of money that is willing to get into a fist fight with cops nowadays, deserve to get whatever is it that comes to them, you pay millions for jewelry, cars and clubs but you can’t invest good money into making sure you are not face to face with the local police. Whites celebs have at least 5 escorts go outside before they even leave an establishment, black artists still have that “hood” mentality.

  • Isn’t T.I the same guy who when to our kids schools across the country
    to tell them the importance of non-violence?…..Like I have always
    said, he was ONLY doing that because the courts ordered him to do it, on
    any regular day T.I is still caught up in the most violent situations

    • Southcidal

      There’s a time when violence is necessary.

      • Yeah but when you are super rich, violence should be something that you look at riding by. #justsaying

    • Christopher Mercer

      what violence was T.I. involved in again? from what I saw he was one of the cooler heads.

      • When best friend got shot up, then later T.I found out that they were after him…Then T.I gets caught buying a collection of guns and ammo….Should I go on?

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  • Southcidal

    I always tell everybody them wetbacks aint down with us. They wanna act like they down in the hood then get in front of them crackas and slick their hair back and be white. F#CK EM ALL!!!

  • i’mreloaded!

    Dat security guard coulda killed dat dude by kickin him in da face like dat. I respect Game and Tip for comin out to help they hittas, but squarin off against LAPD ain’t the smart way to go about it. Them security guards need they azz whooped cuz they foul as hell for doin dem dudes like dat. Give a nigga a security shirt and they think they muffuccin Axel Foley and $hit.

    • Dudes were stupid for making security bust ‘dat @$$!

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  • ZUBU

    Yeah security was dirty. At about 2:35 of the fight video you can hear someone say “green light” Not certain if it was Big U or not who said it but security needs to worry about a lot more than getting fired from the job.
    Amazing how brave people are when a man is on the ground being held by several SMH……..

  • What rapper still walks around with an entourage of 20 people? Drop the entourage of thugs because they make you look bad..Establishments are not having 20 hood dudes walking up in their place of business, because when one person get denied entry then this is the problem that happens. Rappers and their pack of goons, are always tearing shit up….It’s getting tired all those dudes are on T.I and Game payroll. Cut your cost and hire 1 bodyguard and walk through with class. #justsaying