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50 Cent Offers Commentary On Floyd Mayweather's Issues With Ex-Girlfriend (VIDS)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent is not one to hold back his views on – pretty much everything. The latest topic the G-Unit leader is providing commentary for is the controversy surrounding Floyd Mayweather’s issues with ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson.

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50 took to Instagram to throw a few comedic shots at the boxing champion. The two videos featured the respective captions, “Floyd is my brother I’m just making fun of bulls**t. LMAO #SMSaudio#Animalambition” and “When brothers talk it out. Lol#smsaudio#animalambition.”

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Check out 50 Cent’s Instagram videos below.

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  • 50 Always saying he’s only responding to others but unless they’re playing he be starting shit with Floyd…i think they’re still friends though, just can’t do business all your friends.

  • Sean Power

    Floyd seems very on focus going in to this fight it wouldn’t shock me if he lost this weekend way to much tweeting and other ish

    • dee

      He been doing that for years before a fight

  • MrNoName2K

    Cant front, fif do a good job at staying relevant

    • DLOUPO

      Oh word 50 is relevant?

      • MrNoName2K

        obviously..come on duke, he aint never really been out the spotlight

      • tra mo


      • digitallife

        Define the spotlight cuz…perhaps other people have a different definition of what a spotlight for an artist is.

      • MrNoName2K

        im talkin outside the realm of music brah..ok he we all know duke aint came out with no new album in a little while but what about everything else. lol 50 is more than music now..nigga got/had business ventures out tha ass. Hell everybodys run in the game eventually stops..

  • wickedjones

    lol, this nigga said “these light skinned niggas are trying to take over everything.” (I’m a light skin brother)

    • Ipullcards

      I guess he’s wrong cause you ain’t nobody! Jk don’t get too sensitive

      • wickedjones

        nigga I’m from the westside of Chicago not Toronto. lol

  • Tx_Vandal187

    50 cent got me crying over here lol..he be getting at everyone but that shit with buck was a diff story

  • TheBigCheeFa

    lol 50 cent clowning floyd uhoh

  • TheBigCheeFa

    these hoes aint loyal

  • guddaboy

    50 miss his boo Floyd how cute

  • guddaboy

    cant take dis comedian ass nikka serious. he got his teeth shaved down now he wanna show his fuckin rich nigga teeth. ole bugs bunny ass nigga.

    • southside4lyfe

      You mad cause you got medicaid and cant afford a good dentist so you walk around like Trinidad James.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Lmao!!!! This ngga hating on 50 cuz he got his teeth fixed!!! And I though I seen it all.

  • Dam for an entire week, 50 cent but ranting about other artists, and not one word about Racism in America, Donald Sterling and American rights…..This is a topic that could have used 50’s input……..50 is a clown, super rich, successful black guy with no honor and respect for his own kind.

    • droz82

      oh stop, why does everybody need to constantly be serious and making a point and everything and can’t simply just enjoy their lives, have fun and try to laugh. Haven’t you ever heard that happiness and living well is the best revenge? Let other people hate and don’t pay them any mind and just enjoy your life and stop bitching about anyone who chooses to do that and saying that they should just be mr serious guy commenting on the issues and everything. He is not a news reporter, civil rights activist, hell he isn’t even a spoken word performer who might have something to say. He is a super successful rapper who doesn’t let anybody hold him down or back and is simply enjoying his life and success.

      • That’s fine but the fans pump money into these rappers bank account with the hopes that one day they can return back to the communities with the strong star power that they can use to assist in making a difference…..I personally attack 50 because I have yet to see him fight or beef with anyone else outside of his own people.

      • Sorry Dior, ” the fans pump money into these rappers bank account” because they enjoy the shows, or for bragging rights, buy merchandise because they feel cool to be associated with XYZ I could go on but the list is long but it’s 6:42 am UK time and I’ve not slept yet.

        I’m not convinced about the “return back to the community with a strong star power though”

    • tra mo

      And y do u keep posting that on every 50 article whos attention u trying to get

      • I want your attention, I want his attention I want everyones attention….Hip-Hop is practically dead, rappers are not passing the torch as it was passed to them by older rappers….Most successful rappers like 50 seem to have given up on strengthening the craft and seem to be leaving it for dead, based on the fact that he made his money now the genre can continue to sink.

    • With all due respect Dior, it seems that you think that 50’s words or intervention are the cure for racism.

      Bro he may have rapped about a magic stick, but that magic stick is not a magic wand which he can wave and stop racism with.

      I feel you with regards to his activities over the week and that’s why I despise him too. He does it too often.

      But asking him to jump on the bandwagon and comment about something he does not give a “F” about is asking for too much, especially when it’s a waste of his ” precious time” . I’m sure he could find “more important chores” to do with his time, such as looking for another successful black person to clown.

      Here’s a fact, a lot of rappers bringing up the Sterling issue are just trying to jump on the bandwagon and just to be seen as being busy. The same way they jumped on the political bandwagon without understanding the implications.

      Sometimes its better to stay silent especially when you don’t really give a rat arse about an issue.

      • MrsOno

        That could be true. But maybe, just maybe some of these rappers making comments know that a young fan will hear these comments and it will have an impact on them. Who knows, we can hope.

      • My thing is this 50 cent has a voice to speak to CEO’s and movers and shakers of the world, and he clearly choose to use his voice to beef with artists who are at the end of the day just trying to make a living and become as rich as he is.

      • Well that’s were the fans come in, the kids who by records and pay to go to concerts, rely on these public figures like rapper 50 cent, to speak to the higher forces in ways that normal folks can’t….It’s 2014 the kids are expecting much more from rappers these days than just making it rain at the club and signing autographs……50 cent love the company of these same rich white people and they clearly don’t like black folks, 50 has a huge presences in the world and while he can’t change the world, he sure can play a role in making sure that he uses his star power to represent the same common folk who assisted in making him super rich.

      • As much as I don’t even support Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, even they took time out of their busy schedule to express their opinion even if it doesn’t have an impact….Dam even Lil Wayne, I have a new found respect for him because it just shows that he cares.

      • Bro, Lil wayne used his video to plug his Trukfit gear, there’s nothing wrong with advertising but there’s a time and place. I and a lot of peeps questioned his motives behind creating the video.

        He or his business manager surely got that wrong. It clearly shouted I’ve said my piece because the community expects me to, and oh yeah I sell Trukfit too.

        Watch the video again bro, you’ll see what I’m referring to. By the way I watched the unedited version on Worldstar.

      • That’s fine, all the kids ask, is for these rappers to care..Even though rappers live a different life, they have to be mindful of what’s happening around the world as well.

  • ZUBU

    50 funny as heck… lol…

  • imma darkboy

    lmaoooo…that was hilarious

  • RapItUp

    $5 million?? Lol not said in the same tone as one of us, but like.. you took her to a GOOD restaurant?? Lol 50 is funny though, when he’s not incredibly bitter

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  • dehova

    Has 50 done a comedy film yet? I have to be honest, I’ve not seen most of his films so wouldn’t know but he needs to do one and, if he’s cool with them at the time, with NORE and Kiss

    • AK

      pimpin curley not really a film but a series

  • Guest

    50 Cent is always talking about other people, but when Steve Stoute spits the truth about him, he’s mad.

    You don’t see Jay, Dre, Diddy, Eminem or Nas with others people names in their mouth all the time.


      They don’t talk shit because them white folks won’t let them

    • Christopher

      Nas has never been one to talk reckless about another rapper unless they come for him but was in hot water months ago for dissing feminist, Dr. Dre ain’t dropped an album in over 15 years which means him dissing another rapper would be useless, Eminem dissed Nick Cannon and Mariah just a few years ago, Jay Z his last album dissed a established sports agent not to mention he dissed Drake not too long ago and Diddy has never been a guy built for beef. Steve Stoute talked all that shit until he got that finger pointed in his face and did or said nothing!

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  • trilltalk1

    lol this nigga crazy, niggas on here take this shit personal. like these entertainers they friends or some shit.

  • Papi Peligro

    That isn’t even funny.

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    lol!!!!Maybe they can be friends again

  • Ion even know what to say bout Curtis no more…lol bruh rich but he be doing some of the weakest

  • Mec-One

    Last dude that should be talking about how to deal with women & relationships ….. smh

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