Floyd Mayweather: The Only Thing God Made Perfect Was My Boxing Record

(AllHipHop News) Floyd Mayweather openly admits that he is a flawed human, but that does not mean he does not believe he posses some godly perfection. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Mayweather speaks on his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana, the only thing God made perfect and more.

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During the interview, the man who recently leaked pictures of his ex-fiancé’s abortion documents admits “I can contradict myself, though. I’m human. I make mistakes.” While he attests to his own imperfections, the man with a flawless 45-0 boxing record desires to not only be the face of boxing but a testament to a higher power’s perfection:

[It’s about] legacy, the legacy. When you mention boxing, all I want you to mention is just one name, that’s Floyd Mayweather. When my career is over, I don’t want nobody talking about nobody else. Nobody. God only made one thing perfect: my boxing record.

Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Maidana will take place this Saturday (May 3rd) at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, the one fight people have chided Mayweather for not following through with is the one with arch rival Manny Pacquio. Mayweather understands the criticism, but believes it is unwarranted:

I think not everybody is listening. First, everybody was: ‘Floyd is a coward, he’s scared.’ I didn’t care less. I am probably the highest-paid coward in the world, so I don’t mind. All I want to do is clean up boxing. This sport will live on when I am gone but we need you guys to call a spade a spade. Give it to them straight. I want to give people boxing which is clean.

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Check out Mayweather’s full interview with The Guardian here.

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  • Soulgasm

    A flawless “22-0” boxing record? Great job writer and editor of this article! #TypicalAHH…

    • ZUBU

      Yeah, I did a double-take on the “22-0” as well. SMH…..

  • MrNoName2K

    Floyd is one of them niggas that people love to hate. Gotta give it to dude, he definitely changed the game and took the sport to a whole nother level..


    watch this nukka head got so big his bubble bout to burst. whatever rises must fall

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  • The Black Fist

    Floyd is TBE and if you disagree then you obviously hating or just don’t know about boxing. there are levels to this shit, science.

    • I disagree. And I know a great deal about boxing. So what makes him the greatest to you?

      • Ring generalship / strategy / thinking, etc.

        His experience makes him a “cagey” veteran.

  • The Black Fist

    22-0 record huh AHH?? its 2014, these spelling errors & inaccurate info shit must stop at some point. we just can’t do shit right. smh!

    I mean……how dafuk can you mistake 22-0 with 45-0??

    • TruthnoLie

      Took 23 fights to be champ 23 + 22 = 45-0??

      • 22 X 2 + The last fight = 45?

      • TruthnoLie

        He is Now 46-0.. You should work on your math…

        EDOGZ818 TruthnoLie •7 days ago
        22 X 2 + The last fight = 45?

      • Yeah, trying to figure out AHH’s math!

    • Yeah, I think they confused Floyd’s record in title fights, which is 22-0. I think he won his first title at 18-0

  • RapItUp

    still kinda stepped around the Pacquio question though… didn’t Manny meet all test requirements? Why DID they never end up fighting?? does kinda make one wonder..

    • Pac never accepted terms right away, there was always an excuse. First he was scared of needles, then he felt weakened when he gave blood, then he didnt wanna give blood too close to the date. Then suddenly none of this was a problem anymore, which one could say that he waited until he was done with his PED cycle, then was open to anything.

      • RapItUp

        Fair enough. I knew there was some delays in testing, but not that staggered, multifaceted excuse train. Can’t argue w/ that!

      • Now im not sayin Manny is on PEDs, just that there have been delays for whatever reason on both sides.

      • RapItUp

        I copy you.. Given that timeline you provided, that sequence.. I feel much differently about Mayweather holding off. I knew Manny delayed a little, but that was doing a lot.. Not like he would’ve seen his first needle fighting Mayweather!

      • Abibi Fawohodie

        then 40 million wasnt worth it if he couldnt get pay per view… Floyd is a proud champ… he was like ok…. Manny P main selling point was that Floyd is scared of him… he sold tickets that way… if he fought Floyd and loss his career would have been over probably.

      • Im not sure his career would have been over; if a emphatic KO to Juan Manuel Marquez couldn’t end his career a loss to Mayweather wouldn’t end it either. But you’re right, getting no end of the PPV may have played a part and may have even been an unreasonable demand but that came after all the testing talk. Mayweather has always maintained that he sells more PPVs, is the best P4P, and is still undefeated, which is a good point but every fighter he’s fought since getting the Showtime contract have gotten a piece of the PPV. I still feel like Bob Arum was and is the biggest obstacle though.

    • Abibi Fawohodie

      pac said 40 million was an insult to him…

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Edwin valero, Joe calzaghe, Ricardo lopez, rocky Marciano all have “perfect” records. That don’t make them the best or even mentioned in that conversation.(Marciano is cuz he beat Joe louis). Floyd is one of the greats cuz of his defense, not the record….and boxing will always have Ali. Even if Floyd can go down as better than sugar ray, Joe lewis, Forman, tyson, Lenox and such, he’ll never be able to top Ali.

    • A 28 year old Marciano beat a 37 year old Joe Louis 2 months after Louis got a unanimous decision against a 78-20 fighter. I know you saw “Coming to America”!

      • Eli Pinilla

        “Frank said, “Joe louis 137 years old”

      • Hahahaha, thats right. Dude also me Martin Luther the King…

      • Eli Pinilla

        I had to do a biography on Joe louis back in my school days. Marciano grew up idolizing louis. And I think it was either him or shmeling who helped out louis financially towards the end of his life….

      • Abibi Fawohodie

        the german

      • Abibi Fawohodie

        rocky died young my g

    • Valero was a beast though……he will be debated as being the best!

      Only knock against Valero is that he never changed up the tempo, always 100%.

      He was a cannon though.

    • who has floyd fought?

      • tower

        who hasn’t he…..and don’t mention pac man…cos he has fought everyone one that makes sense pac man fought…hating people..
        Who have you fought?

      • who has any of them fought? they all suck.. boxing is watered down… the sport is highly flawed.

        Who have you fought? Ya older sister dont count!!! ahahahaha

  • Sigh…when athletes, musicians, and other celebs thank god, just substitute the pronouns me, I, my, myself, etc. Then youll get to what they really mean.

    Ok…a perfect record is great and I think Mayweather is a great fighter but the best fighters in history dont have a perfect record. Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Jack Dempsy, Julio Cesar Chavez…I think all those fighters are better than Mayweather. And im not counting the most athletic boxer in the histoty of the sport, Roy Jones Jr. or the first flashy black championJack Johnson.

    • RapItUp

      Y’all must’ve forgot!!

      • Bawahahahaaa!

        That ‘chet was so wack it was funny…..”Can’t Be Touched” is proof that rappers rap about what they live / see, and if they don’t read daily, they will become stale & stagnant.

        Can’t Be Touched was a str8 Banger though,

        hate is the new love & I remember when Lou Devalle knocked Jones down…the whole Bx celebrated, even though we had love for Jones & he got up and continued to beat the skin off our home town heroes forehead….that fight won’t be in the highlights!

        The 1st Rd Jones ever lost counted as a win for the Bx.

        Yt “Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr & pick the jawnt with the defensive highlights.

        He was a bad, bad, man!


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  • “I am probably the highest-paid coward in the world”

    hey nuff said.

  • thats 45 – 0 sir

  • Tx_Vandal187

    If GOD made his boxing record perfect then his ignorance is devilish

  • soyhiphop

    Mayweather will

  • soyhiphop

    Mayweather will never be the peoples champ. His lack of humility and stupid ego. Turns people off this also being the same guy who beat his wife infront off his young children. I hope he gets a karma ass whooping

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