Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Boosie And Meek Mill?

“Free Boosie, real ni**a. In the jail standing tall like Shaquille n***a. I used to say, “I know how you feel, ni**a” – Meek Mill

I know a lot of the rumors that go on these days are based largely on non-music related stuff. NOW, grab ahold of your Beats, because I know this is going to drive you nuts! But, Boosie and Meek Mill have reportedly recorded some joints and they will be released next week. Also, you may already know this, but Meek is slated to released his new album this summer. My sources are saying that this new song will likely show up on Meek’s album, but who knows. Sources are just that. We’ll have to see if this musical collaboration results in dope or dog food!

They need to let his daughter open that song. She crunk.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • tra mo

    Rap geeks riding boosie coat tails where was yall before the indictments

    • JimJames29

      His stock went through the roof

      • EniggaMA

        of an upside down house

      • superh8


    • Ipullcards

      Where were ya I was in Louisiana pre lock up and post, he was the man. He needs to get with the right producers an business men so he can put out 1 good album

    • redcons

      Riding with Bad Azz.

  • MrNoName2K

    Man sad to say but Boosie was worth more in jail than he is out.. i think he came out to a good homecoming but people just set him up for failure with all that “Boosie bout to save rap”, mile high expectations and even some dumn b*tch called that nigga “Jesus”…lets see if all these bandwagoners and so called Boosie die hards are still riding with him after this year..

  • baller187

    little boosie is trash raisn trash kids, who wants their kids talkin like that

    • redcons

      Just like you and your whole family is trash.


    LAMES attract LAMES! Lil BOOPSIE & dat MEEK ‘rapper’ from MAYCOCK Music are butt buddies, suckin’ on dat fake ‘Rick Ross’ Officer Ricky – William Roberts’ flabby man boobs while ‘rapping’ unlistenable garbage! PAC shouldn’t be mentioned within a hundred thousand miles of these untalented idiots! PLEASE send BOOPSIE back to the slammer 4 life for killin’ young black men & polluting the World with that trash outta his mouth…………….

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  • droz82

    he’s an ignorant piece of shit who is raising ignorant ass kids and who absolutely wouldn’t be getting anywhere near the attention had he not been to jail and faced those charges. And why exactly does facing charges make you such a great rapper? Where the hell do people get that notion from? There are a lot of guys in jail that try to spit and just come up with garbage, just like any random guy on the outside trying and so why is this piece of trash so special? I was disgusted by the lavish homecoming and the attention he is getting and I think he probably did deserve to face all the time they wanted him for. I highly doubt he’s innocent of anything but we are “blessed” with another criminal scumbag running around with enough money for Gucci for being scum. And if you think that’s jealousy you’re wrong, it is disgust that criminal scum is rewarded and hard working good people are shit on. I say lock up criminal scum and pay good people who benefit our society more. Teachers, firefighters, soldiers, doctors anyone? naaaah let’s give it to this trash, he is improving our world. Sure he is, just look at his adorable kid, oh wait what is that thats spilling out of her mouth, awww shouldn’t we all be so proud that that is what he is contributing to the next generation. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A CRIMINAL TO BE A RAPPER!!!

  • ZUBU

    Wow, the video clip of his daughter is not cool. Not to defend Boosie but when this video clip first came out he stated he would speak with his daughter about her words. Also not certain how much direct contact she has had with her father considering she looks pretty young and he has been locked for a good while. Not to blame the girls mother or other family members but somebody thinks its cool to hear the cute lil’ girl speaking like that. SMH………

  • Thanx Nerve

    I don’t like to talk about kids, so I blame the “parents”, people who are around and let that little girl behave like an uneducated thug. SO SAD !!!

    • Until she flips it into millions like Nikki Minaj… it acting or parenting?

      Can’t blame Boosie, he’s been away, but when stallone or Schwartzenager kill 50 ninjaz in a movie, they aren’t called thugs, neither are Robert Blake or Phil Spectere when they do it in real life.

      I get your point though, conforming & advancing within the society at large’s preconcived guidelines / selling out is always the smarter move.

      Technically speaking, so is snitching.

      Right & smart have nothing to do with each other, anymore tham RIGHT has to do with legal vs illegal.

      If she turns into a megastar keeping billions, it’s a smart move, if she turns into a bum @$$ hoodrat, it’s trifling….nut Fugg it…I’m pulling for Boosie & hoping he can make a positive contribution with his 2nd chance…until he demostrates a reason not too…..and his coming home freestyle was dayum near reason to, in it of itself.

      • MrsOno

        If they knew better, they would do better😕

      • iT’S CLEARER THAN “bLACK & wHITE.”

      • Tx_Vandal187


      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        at the same time you can blame Boosie for not being there. to many young kids being raised in these streets and not by responsible parents.

      • Indeed, plus he was away!

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  • Fosho3528

    Just what we’ve all been waiting for (sarcasm)

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  • Dhz30

    damn that video is sad

  • Slapboxyamom

    countdown begins to when that girl starts turnin tricks….

  • OnlyTheReal

    I wonder if Boosie realized before he did an interview with this website how much they hated on him from when he was in prison to the little subliminal shit they do now like post this video of his daughter cursing under every article about him. I still remember during his murder trial how much out of their way they went to insinuate he was guilty and how every story covering the trial consisted of pictures of him holding guns. Not even the Baton Rogue news stations did all that

  • Tx_Vandal187

    I blame the vid of his seed on the person(s) who uploaded this

  • Was it cool when biggie had his daughter cursing on his album? or schoolboy Q? is it ok when kids are paid to curse in movies? just curious.