KNOCKOUT NATION: The Most Avoided Fighter In Boxing Names Names!

(Knockout Nation) Keith “One Time” Thurman sees a forthcoming vacancy on the pound for pound throne of boxing once Floyd Mayweather decides to retire. And you better believe that he’s more than ready to fill it. Not now, but right now.

The heavy handed welterweight, who is fresh off of 3rd round TKO of Julio Diaz, spoke to Knockout Nation while in Las Vegas for Mayweather’s May 3 showdown with Marcos Maidana. With his record now at 23-0 with 21 of those wins coming by way of knockout, Thurman says he is ready to clean out the 147 division. The only problem is that he can’t get anybody to fight him.

“The Diaz fight was short but that’s what happens when you don’t put me in with world class fighters,” Thurman said. “I can do that to many men.”

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Thurman then starts singing the hook of 50 Cent’s “Many Men” because, just like boxing, this is all fun for him. The 25-year-old has been running roughshod over opponents with a wicked display of speed and power. In a sick and twisted way, he enjoys watching his opponents crumble to the canvas. But the joy he gets out of cracking a rib or breaking bones in his opponents face has led to a number of big name opponents turning down fights with him.

“Honestly, I’m the most avoided fighter in the game in comparison to any other weight division,” Thurman said when discussing with Knockout Nation what is next for him. “Nobody has said no to a fighter more times than they have said no to Keith Thurman.”

But we wanted to know who has turned down a fight with Keith Thurman. Many fighters say that they are avoided but unwilling to drop names.

Keith Thurman isn’t one of those fighters.

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39 Responses to “KNOCKOUT NATION: The Most Avoided Fighter In Boxing Names Names!”

    • golder1

      He cant beat Floyd. Thurman is a stronger fighter but has no defense which will be exposed when he fights beter competition

      • SAVAGE

        look if floyd diddnt fight margarito,manny,amir they are all skilled, you get it floyd wont fight thurman he has skills..floyd dont fight guys like him dats y he goes after da slow slow guys…to look good..

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so you think amir khan can beat floyd? c’mon son.
        and dont forget flody was read to fight khan, it was the fans that was like nah that aint a good match…………

      • water_ur_seeds

        the fans choose/voted for khan fight lol floyd then still opted for maidana…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        Oh my bad, I thought it was the other way around

      • golder1

        What has Khan done before Sat to be worth of a fight with Floyd. He was 1-2 in his last 3 fights with a knock out by Garcia.

      • water_ur_seeds

        Besides being an ex world champ and the fact he would sell crazy amounts of tickets? Floyd knows Khan and the British fans would make him mad paper, that alone makes ‘CENTS’….

        Added to the fact Khan could get KO’d with one shot makes the fight more exciting…

        I agree Khan didn’t deserve a fight before the Collazo fight, but he deserves a fight just as much as anyone…

        Anyways what have half the fighters done that Floyd has fought? Maidana lost to Khan…

      • SAVAGE

        Brooklyn Stoop OMG wtf are you talking about floyd was ready to fight amir dont watch boxing you just like to talk.. just LISTEN to ”WATER_UR_SEEDS” he knows boxing..

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        I made a mistake. Thought it was the other way around

      • ILL Will

        I watch boxing bruh and u seem to know a lil sumn sumn, most Floyd stans can’t take the heat when the evidence is there. Floyd done ducked plenty cats that would have gave him a decent run. He always opts to fight mummies and sht tho. I swear he don’t want it with Manny. Look at their records and tell me who has fought tougher competition. Yea Manny got Ko by Marquez but them boys know each other like the back of their hands. If u fight the best of the best all the time you’re bound to catch a L sooner or later.

      • golder1

        Margarito sucks. Amir is not a elite fighter. Manny isva slave to Arum and Thurman has no defense. Floyd has better competition than anyone in the list of fighters u just mentioned. U think Khan is an elite fighter shows your boxing knowledge is limited

      • SAVAGE

        golder1 you sound dumb and stupid calling some one a ”SLAVE” and saying Margarito ”SUCKS” and Amir is not a ”ELITE” fighter lmao.. That tells me you only like 1 fighter and not boxing…So you LACK of boxing KNOWLEDGE..

      • golder1

        You sound dumb. Noone think Khan is elite. He is good but not great. Margarito has proven to be an average fighter, period. And yes Pac is a slave when he allows someone to take advantage of him constantly. So idiot shut the hell up when you dont know shit

      • ILL Will

        Wrong home boi go compare Manny and Floyds fight records…The proof is in the pudding…Manny always fights the top of the division in whatever weight class he goes to…Floyd on the other hand usually plays the waiting game.

      • golder1

        Floyd has fought great competition. He dodged noone. When he was up and coming he called out Mosley and Oscar two of the best when he was coming neither wanted to fight him. When Corrales was knock boy silly and noone wanted to fight him, Floyd steps up a beat the brakes off the bigger man. Noone considers the fighters Manny fought when he was fighting at 116-130 lbs as elite fighters. 2nd Manny fought a couple of fighters floyd beat playing 2nd fiddle. Name 1 fighter on Manny list that is better than someone on Floyds.

      • golder1

        And none of those fighters are like Floyd

      • Dhz30

        bruh looking at this comment i gotta assume you dont watch boxing AT ALL..nigga said margarito is skilled and floyd only fights slow fighters so thats why he ‘ducked’’d be hard pressed to find 5 fighters slower than margarito……………………….

      • SAVAGE

        Since Floyd is the money man, he was offered 8 million to fight
        Margarito but instead decided to “duck” Margarito and take 1.5 million
        to fight Bouldamir of Argentina in August of years ago. Everyone said
        they would have fought Margarito for that amount of money. So to say
        Floyd contradicted himself and basically made himself a liar of calling
        himself the money man when he chose not to fight for 8 million dollars.
        Floyd wanted to act like he didn’t know who Antonio was but when Antonio
        approached Floyd at Conference’s he acted like a straight coward and
        started shaking and talking about down the line or something. Look it
        up, I’m not gonna make up facts that are just opinions, an opinion is
        still an opinion and if I think of something it’s still a damn opinion.

      • ILL Will

        I agree to an extent because he waits til the niggaz that run the division get too old and sht…I got a full list of fighters that he shoulda would a coulda fought in their primes…he is the truth in the booth but I don’t respect all the dodging he’s done thru the years. Can’t knock him tho. His managers and yes men do a good job of keeping him out of the tougher fights…never seen my dog Manny back down from the best in his multiple divisions…Real sht.

  1. Dhz30

    One Time is no joke but he can’t see floyd..i’d like to see him KO khan if he stops ducking..and Broner but i think broner going to stay at 140 and would probably avoid this fight if offered anyway

  2. bossflossy

    he talking way above his actual accomplishments. shawn porter is a young dude too just like him and has already beat way tougher dudes than thurman has fought. devon alexander and malinaggi is better than any dude thurman been in there with. thurman talk a good game with all that one time stuff, but kell brook and shawn porter is both young dudes who aint been beat and ranked higher than him.

  3. Brooklyn Stoop

    coulda had this debate if he was able to complete his last fight.
    i was disappointed in the outcome. but them under cards was no joke!

  4. water_ur_seeds

    Thurman is a wild puncher, Floyd would cope easily with him…

    Collazo has gotta be one of the most avoided fighters, hes fighting Khan this weekend, I think Khan is mad taking the fight on considering he hasnt fought in 12months and if he wins theres a golden ticket with Mayweather…

    Sam Langford gotta be the most avoided fighter in history, defo atleast one of them…

      • WestCoast323

        Until they go to the scores card like always! How did you like that 2 point win last night?!! Smh

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