Meek Mill Loses Constitutional Rights Case Against Philadelphia & Police

(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill has lost his a lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia and two police officers. The Philly native claimed the defendants violated his rights by falsely imprisoning him.

Cops took Meek into custody on Halloween night 2012 after they alleged to have smelled marijuana in his vehicle. No drugs were found, but Meek was still held by police for 9 hours.

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According to reports, the jury sided with the defendants but admonished both sides for their respective roles in the incident.

“Although we voted unanimously that Mr. Williams’ Fourth Amendment rights were not violated, we feel strongly both the plaintiff and defendant were in the wrong and made mistakes,” said a note jurors read aloud after the verdict.

The MMG rapper was seeking $400,000 in lost income and additional money for emotional stress. Meek was forced to cancel a scheduled appearance in Atlanta because of the police stop. He also stated that the negative attention from the situation affected his negotiations with the Puma shoe company. The deal supposedly went from $2 million to $650,000.

One officer named in the complaint, Andre Boyer, has since been fired from the police department after a police board inquiry found he violated procedures involving a case where $6,000 was seized during an arrest. Boyer was also involved in several civilian complaints.

“I just feel like [Boyer] did me wrong,” said Meek.

While the Dreams and Nightmares creator says he respects the jury’s decision, he also contends that the mostly white jury were not from where he’s from and do not really understand the history of his community’s relationship with the police.

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42 Responses to “Meek Mill Loses Constitutional Rights Case Against Philadelphia & Police”

      • Stoner Simpson

        Running into a brick wall(our justice system) over and over is not the “right way” obviously….nothing ever gets done and blacks never win….

      • RapItUp

        “and blacks never win…” Soo… We just don’t do ANYTHING? Just give up?

      • Stoner Simpson

        When I said never win I meant through the justice system….I never said give up tho….you need to somehow get blacks that will support other blacks into positions of power….

      • RapItUp

        Well I can tell you we will definitely never win if we don’t try.. they don’t expect us to even step to them in that capacity.. With the right representation, etc.. you never know. I agree though, not our ace in the hole by any means. Your post just sounded so dismal though playa.. lol

      • Pope Chuck Paul


  1. Brooklyn Stoop

    “According to reports, the jury sided with the defendants but admonished both sides for their respective roles in the incident.” sound like they hit him with the trayvon vs zimmerman excuse.

    what i DO find “interesting” is “One officer named in the complaint, Andre Boyer, has since been fired from the police department after a police board inquiry found he violated procedures involving a case where $6,000 was seized during an arrest. Boyer was also involved in several civilian complaints.”

    so Meek loses his police misconduct case against a cop that was fired for misconduct pretty much. only in america

    • Ipullcards

      U can’t compare those two cases that’s an agregious mishandle of an analogy. They have nothing in common but a black person was involved. Tray Wasn’t a big mouth rapper, trayvon didn’t have the opprotunity to get to the cops he was murdered before that. Don’t compare missacarriages of judgment when one person didn’t even get justice and was never in a court room. All blk men get fuxed with but it’s not all the same!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        in both cases it was said that BOTH PEOPLE WAS TO BLAME. so yes i can compare the two……… wanna another reason why? cause BOTH CASES it was said by the JURY!!!!!!!!!! that both was to blame. the hell you talking bout.

        and finally one of the cops was fired for misconduct, that in its self should have swayed the jury towards meek if the jury was not bias. now what a “big mouth” rapper have to do with justice is a whole nother convo cause i have not seen anything stating that the cops was right in detaining meek………..

      • Ipullcards

        Meeks hi profile with an overt display of disrespect and a history of gucking with cops.. Dirt bike incident? Yea they are illegal but he’s on video YouTube throwing it in police face, what you think is gunna happen? You got niggaz with money that don’t no how to act! Calling yourself the king of Philly but you wanna sue because you can’t keep out of trouble? That’s a bitch move! And who’s his lawyer? He didn’t tell him he wasn’t gunna win? Even I knew that! Listen don’t inherit this double standard. N one of the cops were fired not because of this but a number of things.. Keep low be humble my things like this are AVOIDABLE

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        now watch this……….you do remember how trayvon twitter, school records, a small amount of weed was used to try and create a character of him before they gave zimmerman the not guilty. your doing the same thing. his youtube clips have nothing to do with this…….him saying he king of philly have nothing to do with this, “niggas” having money and not knowing how to “act” have nothing to do with this. but you bring that up to im guessing justify what happen to meek.

        but then peep what you say bout the cop though……
        “N one of the cops were fired not because of this but a number of things”
        EXACTLY! thats the point. how can you saying the number of things you bring up about meek is why this happen to him then turn around and say the cop wasnt fired for what they did to meek it was a number of other things that lead to his firing. if your using meek pass to justify this then us the cops pass too. and that my friend is what me and knowdaledge is speaking on

      • Ipullcards

        Ok now watch this. All the has been going on since the 70’s instead of eating toward a more upward path we choose to let Jews/whites to take our art form to create negativity. Them with our help twisted our culture and most of these kids walk around with the most ignorant of minds because they’ve been brainwashed example MEEK! Who sh!tted on his own man because he was having a baby and needed help after he already helped meek get on? No morals or values no brother’s keeper in our community. I’m not defending these ignorant niggaz u can! I’ll defend trayvon but not this guy or any ignorant black person. It’s 2014 and we still acting like niggaz and not business men or upstanding ppl. U get no love from me. Don’t something illegal to bring positivity I’ll give ppl a pass on that but the crap he does he’s begging to be fux with FACTS! We from the same city I see dumb sh1t pop out of more black ppls mouths because they lack intellect. The want someone to blame for their misfortunes! Only so much u can blame on the system before u have to POINT THE FINGER AT OURSELVES! We do dumb SH1t! Like filming ourselves commuting felonies or breaking the law… MEEK! Than wanna sue because he felt he was done wrong, well what about the other 100 times this clown broke the law? Smh ya don’t hear me, ya want sympathy foh! Trayvons parents can have my sympathy not this fool!

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        gillie calls himself King of Philly and Bike life is a way for people in my city and in b More and in other areas. thats still doesnt give anyone any right to violate someones rights…. you mentioning bikes, etc but was he on a bike when he was detained. if you tell that man not to compare the two cases then dont bring anything that isnt relevant to the case. suing the cops is not a bitch move. he trying to get his life turnaround legally, no matter what he raps abou,t and he lost money. he has the right to sue and try and recoup. its not a matter of winning vs losing all the time, its about taking a stand.

      • Terrance

        You mean… “It’s about taking THE stand”. Ha Ha!!!

        Just Kidding.

  2. MrNoName2K

    Good to see that dude went in on them about it but you cant front, deep down inside niggas knew he wasnt gonna walkaway with the W on this one..

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      yeah, but at least he tried you know. i got a cousin thats doing some time for intent to do body harm (he beat the attempted murder charge) i told him take the stand………he listened to the lawyer and didnt, he went to jail, and while in jail he said…… i wish i woulda took the stand. now would the out come change? who knows………but atleast he know he used every means in his power to try and get off (like chaz williams did and got a 90 year sentence reduced to him coming home). meek lost, but at least he fought, and that might prevent cops from messing with him in the future cause they know he might sue.

  3. Tx_Vandal187

    cant be as bad as this dude from houston that got sent to jail for spending to much time with his kid and paying to much $ on his child support,apparently he was visiting his seed on the days he was suppose to..

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      what about the NY father who was in disney land for a family vacay ON VIDEO and still was found guilty and spent 25 years in jail.
      prosecution said he might have left FL flew to new york killed the person then flew back to fl to his fam,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow

      • Tx_Vandal187

        damn son didnt hear that one…yeah homie in Houston paid 3 stack on the spot for court cost issues and paid extra $ on top of what his child support was i guess his Jezebel bm and her lawyer used it as a loop hole and put him in jail for six months now son is behind in payments

  4. Peter Kushing

    When will muthafuckas learn that the faggot ass police can get away with MURDER and they do everyday.You cant beat the police or the system, the best you can do is try to stay off their radar

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