Hip-Hop Rumors: Floyd Mayweather Disses 50 Cent And Nelly

I never thought 50 and Nelly would share a common foe, but it has happened. It seems that Floyd Mayweather has tossed a black cloud over 50 Cent and Nelly, whom he has issues with. Just some backdrop, Floyd’s ex-girlfriend Shantel now seems to be dating Nelly and 50 Cent recently commented jokingly on Floyd’s situation with her. And then at the pre-fight madness, Money May was asked some questions and he send some darts and some nameless rappers. But, you know who he’s talking about.

“We gonna shoot rapper’s that’s relevant. A lot of them trying to stay relevant using my name,” Floyd said with daggers in his voice. Watch the video for the rest of it.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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127 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Floyd Mayweather Disses 50 Cent And Nelly”

    • therealjjohnson

      You felt you was important typing that huh? For that moment you were the most important nigga in the comment section…for that moment

      *see what i did there?* lol

      • Breeze

        Lmao nah I wasn’t feeling important. Just wanted to shit on some of the people who strive to be first. Good one tho

  1. Tyfromthechi

    50 and floyd had ross kids and baby momma at floyd house and diddy was there and ross on these niggaz nuttz heavy

  2. MrNoName2K

    Man niggas be chasing Floyd like lil hoes.. Im just sayin that nigga got too too toooooooooooooooo many niggas that be hangin around til he get into one of them “WHO THE F*CK IS THIS, PAGING ME AT 5:46 IN THE MORNING” situations..(WARNING-ONE LOVE BIG)

  3. Christopher

    I am quite sure he was dissing Nelly because in the interview with Big Tigger he was speaking on Nelly’s career and how Ms. Jackson was dissing him behind his back. He most likely did it because he feels hurt Shantel left him and start dating Nelly. 50 was doing what everyone else (Including rappers) was doing cracking jokes.

    • Tré Sinclare

      50 gonna see a joke when his al b sales comeback lol and nelly just like fifty were huge but nellies last album sold 16000 copies hahha

    • Tré Sinclare

      Like Chelsea handler did fifty? Like 50 son did fifty? Like game,buck,Tony yayo and banks did fifty?

      • Realist4200

        Lol @ mentioning buck, tony yayo and banks – 50 talks about them like they’re his bastard children. Don’t try to act like they played him.

      • 5% Hov

        The one name that you could say DID 50 anything was Game.
        U can tell 50 is still baffled by that.

  4. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    QUEENS niccas would handle this nicca EARLY! Keep boxing with them gloves homie and think that’s all you need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SECURITY!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        To me Floyd is cool but he not a street dude and he need to leave that alone. He never been anywhere without security the last 18+ years.

  5. digitallife

    Floyd all in his feelings lol..money can’t buy a mofo no self confidence…only temporary confidence.

      • digitallife

        Punk? Says the guy trying to sound tough over a keyboard..I can smell the b*Tch in you from here. You still emotional too apparently.

      • KiiNG J

        You’re typing over a keyboard as well. I know that you still hurting over Mayweather’s masterful victory.

      • digitallife

        LOL…my brother you are too stupid to even bother with. “You’re on a keyboard too”..well sucka I wasn’t the one instigating a fight now was I chump. Why would I be butthurt? Fight went just as I said it would. We ain’t in here talking about the fight either….keep up. Regadless since we are on the topic you call that masterful? Then you really ain’t a Money fight fan..that’s the worst performance of his career cuz..




  6. Eli Pinilla

    Like I said…suckas!!!! Floyd and ross had “beef”. 50 brought ross kids to Floyd house and them nggz was taking the most disrespectful pics off all time. kanye wouldn’t interrupt that shit…..then 2 chain ol I got robbed but I ain’t got robbed ass ngga. He 40 catchin feelins over wack freestyles. And on top of that, Floyd come out with Lil Wayne and Justin beieber. Who supposed to keep it real with this fool?!?!?!

      • KiiNG J

        Exactly. Kidd Kidd can’t even go back to New Orleans. The guy that pistol whip and shot him is still walking comfortably around New Orleans to this day. 50 done fell off and has only himself to blame.

      • 5% Hov

        I gotmad respectfor 50 tho.
        I been saying for years unless he gives us growth in his music he will no longer be relevant….

        and he new album sounds like he spitting more of the same…. Its Shame.

      • KiiNG J

        Everybody gets their turn and Curtis had a great historical run, but now it’s over for selling albums though. However, there are other lanes of success for rappers after rap.

      • 5% Hov

        Nah not even talking sales. Just relevance.
        SK, SMS, Cheetah Films – have all failed to make money.

        50 has one deal (water) which means he will always have money but without quality music his relevance is already declining…. I love his interviews but he should of diversified his rap persona at least 3 years ago… no its too late.

      • KiiNG J

        Hopefully he isn’t foolish enough to squander all of those millions, but we’ve both seen it happen so many times to these multi millionaires.

      • Peter Morris

        Lol what are you this n!gga’s accountant or something? How do you know what “failed to make money”?

      • Son Dollars

        diversified his rap persona… one deal???

      • 5% Hov

        I.e Switched up the style. Saying that his flow on the new Jadakiss record is a good start.
        Also collaborate with better artists i.e no more Kidd Kidd.

      • NEWSKULL

        Please Check the Forbes list…50 made 15 Mill this year… That’s more than Birdman… and that’s twice the amount of cash 50 made last year… Fact!… BTW that’s without touring and without an album out!… Fact!… So how can he make more money?… Seems like SK, SMS, Cheetah Films are making more and more money…
        Another Fact SMS AUDIO is now distributed in 60 countries… Hello the touring and the merchandising, as soon as Both albums “Animal Ambition” and “Street King Immortal” drop…
        Now I got a question for you and all y’all out there… What if 50 decide to use the Jay-z “new rule” and sell his next albums a la Jay-Z “Samsung app deal”… Would you consider it a comeback and say “Man lie, woman lie, numbers don’t” aka 50 is relevant again? ….

      • 5% Hov

        SMS has not made profit…. yet. I didn;t say it wont.

        Jay has one thing over 50. Good music. Thats my point.

      • chocboywonder

        niggs always talking about growth. Lil Wayne has shown any growth since he first came out. if you dissect bling bling and the last song he came out with, he is still talking about the same thing in both songs and almost every song in between. The problem is this era of rap has become very gay, and the niggas they can relate to are the nigga that give off that feeling (wearing dress and women’s clothes)…it has nothing to do with growth

      • 5% Hov

        Nah… Lil wayne is trash. Bad comparison.

      • Eli Pinilla

        It don’t got nothin to do with 50 and everything to do with who he chooses to stand with. He could a been with any other rappers with actual credibility and made statement or got brought to the ring. But he’s got 2 chainz and ross?!?!? And Wayne and bieber?!?! That’s just not solid people he around. And they ain’t the only ones…..don’t got nothin to do with whether he cool with 50 or not.

      • 5% Hov

        Solid?? What are talking about. Its called marketing. These people aint “around”.
        Marketing is something FM has been doing especially well.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Solid, like he can stand around more credible people. Especially people he’s had beef with that would make people question the relationship in the first place. It seemed organic when it was 50. This looks like “the label made me do it” type shit. From a business standpoint it’s a flop cuz look who you standing around when you sayin what you sayin. They lookin at him and it takes away cuz who’s he’s around. It shows…..like people who don’t like 50 say. The ja rule beef was cool cuz it was real. But they hate the fabricated beefs. The same don’t apply for fabricated Friendship?!?!? He could of stood alone and it woulda meant more than standing with these dudes. It takes away cuz of who they are and what he sayin. And that’s just from a business standpoint….personally, they look like suckas.

      • 5% Hov


        Again, are you speaking as a observer or a an emotional wreck?

    • KiiNG J

      Nobody from Floyd’s camp never got touched by anyone from William’s camp and vice versa. Floyd flew Robert’s children and one of his baby mother’s to Vegas first class and put them in a luxury suite. Floyd took William’s children shopping and didn’t let any harm come to them. Sounds like an uncle to me. Just because you having a dispute with your brother, it doesn’t mean you treat the kids bad. Now beef is when you slap someone’s child like Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher did to the son of Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond. Ain’t no coming back from that. Ask 50 and Yayo.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Wait, what?!?!?! They was brothers?!?! That’s new to me. They had beef. They was dissin eachother on radio. Them boys ain’t know each other and Def not enough to be called a “brother”. The shit you said is something some weak dude would say to justify that shit. The man was with ross enemy (50 cent) taking disrespect pictures with his kids. How you justify that?!?! He was not being no “uncle” bruh…..and what the shit with henchman gotta do with who Floyd keep around him. 50 haters bring up 50 more than his fans do…..you sound crazy man. I hope you don’t really believe that shit you just wrote.

      • 5% Hov

        I think your applying some sort of ethic to which it doesn’t belong… this is clearly BUSINESS moves your not seeing here.
        S/O to RR and FM.

      • Eli Pinilla

        not all business is good business. Especially when that boys a whreck. It’s obvious he don’t even know who to stand around. And it’s business for Rick Ross and 2 chainz and em, it don’t do nothing for floyd. They eatin off of his shine.

      • 5% Hov

        But all PR is good PR.
        There is NO line being crossed here.

        He is using them to promote his fight. Over 2000 hiphop blogs will carry the story because features rappers.. do you understand??

        Over 2000 pop blogs will carry the story because Bieber is there…. making sense now??

      • Eli Pinilla

        And you know what he’s gonna get on them 2000 blogs?!?!?! A bunch of people lookin at him funny cuz of who’s he’s standing around. All publicity is Def not good publicity especially when you adding fuel to the fire that’s making you look bad…..This past week has been bad. It’s made him look bad. And the one place he was supposed to clear that up, he didn’t look good. And it’s cuz of all the bullshit goin on outside the ring. Now he had to make another statement, and he stands next to these dudes. It’s a decision made out of emotion.

      • Son Dollars

        You know the industry like Russel Simmions (if he was stupid)… 2000 pop blogs? Ur are a idiot there arent even 2000 pop websites for these blogs to be on. Mayweather needs little to no promo. You should stick to dick riding these illuminati puppets ur little broke 5% organization. U must of thought PR stood for Penis Riding when u said all PR is good PR… do allhiphop a favor and kill urself!

      • 5% Hov

        Blogs…Globally??? Way more than 2000….. are you stupid.

      • Sonny Tutimez

        You right about the part they had beef but the squashed that shit a while back..Ross put it in a song “s/o to may weather squashed that beef on g shit”…they didn’t disrespect his kids they just flew his BM and kids out to Vegas and had them at the house took em shopping and showed em a good time and Ross said he didn’t bother him…i mean as long as he didn’t hurt the kids or embarrass them in no rude way then no harm no foul

      • Eli Pinilla

        I can’t agree to that cuz we all know what 50 intentions were and we know what he was implying. If we was cool, you would be straight with me chillin with your enemy taking pictures with your kids and you baby mom’s and posting that shit on the internet?!?! And we used to have beef before?!?!? Would you do business with me after that? Would we ever be cool?!?!? If you let me do that to u, I’d own property under your name and maybe a few cars

      • Super_Hero

        Floyd took pictures with Ross children not because they were brothers. It was to be disrespectful to Ross. Ross is a chump so he took it on the chin like a porn chick. Floyd right now is a groupie going from rapper to rapper. With that said, yeah 50 is irrelevant. But 50 was already irrelevant when they hooked up like school girls.

      • KiiNG J

        Ok, I get now. You don’t like Floyd Mayweather or Rick Ross. I thought you was legit for a moment. You’re not making any sense now, so you’ll get no more words from me. I hope that you get over your pain lol.

      • Son Dollars

        who is Williams??? The name is Officer Ricky… Triple Cheese!!!

      • KiiNG J

        An ‘s after William symbolizes ownership of kids. Your welcome.

  7. 5% Hov

    Standing next to RR was a big F*** U to 50.
    Good marketing move. 50 is cold out here – marketing wise.

  8. wei sheng

    whats “relevant” is the media and white amerikkka got these clown niggas thinking they are relevant when they are simply a man like myself, take away the lights and money and your just another nigga, bros in this type of lime light need to humble themselves. we are playing right into there hands, i don’t take away nothing from their talent or hustle but you don’t see white folk at each other’s neck like the rest of these clowns….sheesh!!!!

    • OnlyTheReal

      Shit yeah you do. You just would’nt know unless you had white friends that followed white entertainers. They do the SAME shit

  9. SursumAd Summum


  10. Sean Taylor

    Does the “writer” understand the meaning of quotes? Doesn’t appear so but if so, why put Floyd’s words in quotes when that’s not even what he really said word for word??

  11. t1m3b0mb

    oh yes the never ending 50 cent articles, tomorrow it will be 50 responding to how may weather is not on his level and how animal ambition is his most important project to date SMH

  12. Faceda59

    They got all this Money and clashing over hoes.Money should not care about what the chick does with Nelly.Nelly needs attention right now.Checks stop coming in the last few years.Can’t make a good album.Then there’s Floyd still getting paid millions every fight.50 and nelly couldn’t hold a candle to this cat.Floyd is getting old too so his time is almost up too get while you can because in five years he will be where they at right now.Begging for attention…….

  13. $18916246

    Curtis is reaching..and totally irrelevant…dude like on his 10th weak single..ain’t none of them hittin nothin….Curtis should buy a chain of car washes…and name them BooBoo’s Bubbles.

    • Sgt. H. Jennings

      I think Floyd got 50 beat in the money column. Either or, they both have more bread than me… Entertainment Purposes Only.

      • SOHO

        Floyd has more liquid then 50 he already admitted that but 50 has more of a networth

  14. Percyy II

    50 cent is real showman, every move made by 50 cent is hype on the Internet. Whatever he say’s or writes people get involved very fast. 50 cent should stop been gangstar study little bit in the world of politics and try one day to be a politic

  15. ghettogov

    Wasn’t ross dissing floyd not that long ago? On mafia music he said “that mayweather money looking funny in.the light” or some Shit right? He couldn’t do better than 2 chainz though? His ship is sinking already Justin Bieber too….


    The FAKEST ‘Rapper’ in history, William ‘Officer Ricky – Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts flip flops like those flabby man boobs of his, suckin’ Floyd’s d*ck to appear ‘relevant’! His ‘one trick’ career is WAY OVER his 15 minutes & he needs to SIT DOWN & SHUT tha F*CK UP! We need to Spotlight REAL TALENT, not FRAUDS!

    • keylon jackson

      what frauds has to do with talenr, you sound so ignorant, if hip hop was for gansta only, 50 wouldnt be there but its cause of his talent that he still there as rozay


        WHO sounds ‘ignorant’?! You can’t even spell or speak…….I said William Roberts is a FAKE ‘Rick Ross’ & flip flops his support or disrespect for others, bsed on what will help him politically at the moment. These are FACTS! My professional opinion as a music industry expert for over 40 years is William ‘rick ross’ Roberts is MARGINALLY TALENTED, ot ‘talentless’…….

      • keylon jackson

        it means i speak another language would you hate on a nikka that speak two language? put it on knowleedge stupid motherfuker… and like i said talent aint got sh!t to do with fraud … would you hate if he was a doctor that turned C.O? or a C.O that saved your kids from a serial killer or that see you getting beat by ppl and that help you out to get away from them? you sounds so ignorant HIPHOP is a passion nothing else, you could be a rapper and a lawyer as a drug that is a cop, same as you see cops selling dope with drug dealer…. dont hate on shit when you can not explain them … i hope if one day a cop tell you hey your mom or daughter got rape they wont do shit for it, you will be the first one crying saying there is no law, so plz sit your ignorant azz somewhere and read a book….

      • keylon jackson

        he was a dancer and fifty a snitch lol they dont kno

  17. chocboywonder

    @5 Percent Hov saying: I been saying for years unless he gives us growth in his music he will no longer be relevant….

    and he new album sounds like he spitting more of the same…. Its Shame.

    niggs always talking about growth. Lil Wayne hasn’t shown any growth since he first came out. if you dissect bling bling and the last song he came out with, he is still talking about the same thing in both songs and almost every song in between. The problem is this era of rap has become very gay, and the niggas they can relate to are the nigga that give off that feeling (wearing dress and women’s clothes)…it has nothing to do with growth

  18. chocboywonder

    i been saying if 50 was smart he would have holla’d at chris rock and made CB4 Part 2 and capitalize off the situation

  19. Kevin Anthony

    Just make good music. Soap opera’s are for hollywood. All this talk about who real and who’s fake is getting old too. My name is Kevin Anthony..if you want to hear something radio ain up on yet, check me out. (Kevin Anthony-21 on soundcloud)

  20. Lowe

    lmao .. 50 cent still got fans? all these fools defending this clown don’t see the insecuirty behind the comments. He disses people, takes their spot, and then does the same shit they were doing to make a buck. This chump ass fool dissed Ja Rule for singing all over his songs and then came out with candy shop. hahaha Now he dissin on Floyd case Floyd wasn’t stupid enough to leave his boxing team for 50 cents boxing promotional aspirations. And look what happened .. Floyd is surrounded by the most powerful men in boxing, his team is strong, and weak ass 50 is struggling to find his boxers a meaning fight .. boxers that only signed with him because Floyd’s name was attached. Bet they all regret that shit now. Especially Gamboa.

    • Brick Soulja

      Men have always done that. Like when a guy has a really good woman and all of his so called “friends” starting dissing her, because they want her for themselves. When the guy is stupid enough to let her go, one of those snakes scoops her up and stop talking to the guy lol.

  21. Brick Soulja

    Floyd just made 50 and Nelly look stupid without having to say a word, because a picture is worth 1000 of those lol.

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