Top Dawg Entertainment CEO: Ab-Soul Will Leak His Album Title And Release Date This Week

(AllHipHop News) Soul fought the law and the Soul won. Less than five days after Ab-Soul threatened to leak his entire album, the CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment has agreed to allow the frustrated artist to leak his album release date and title.

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Earlier today (May 5th), Dagneroo Kipawaa announced on his personal Twitter account that Ab-Soul’s album title and release date will be revealed. In a tweet he urged fans to increase social media awareness before the album title will be revealed:

Ab-Soul’s last project released with Top Dawg Entertainment was Control System, released on May 11th, 2012.

  • Dat nicca Emm

    Move dat Dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The_Good_Life

    Control system… Ironic…

  • Brindle

    “I WILL LET”

  • YouKnowNothing

    Ohhhh REALLY?! You’ll “LET” him “leak” the title of his album? How nice of you! What a GREAT prize we can all win! GTFOH. Aint noone checking for this hipster bullshit. LOL this guy really thinks he’s got a dynasty and all he’s got is K.Dot and SchoolBoy debuting at #1 because noone else dropped an album in that same week. I’ll LET…GTFOH!

    • Tré Sinclare

      That school boy album was trash.

  • BigDayOne

    if I am not mistaken to “leak” something is to offer it for consumer consumption before its time without the permission of persons in control, if the C.E.O is allowing him to share information about his project than it is not a “leak” at all

    • JerZeBoy

      exactly what I was thinking.

    • YouKnowNothing

      LMAO exactly. Like “leaking” an album title is some big breaking news or product.

    • anemia716


      right over your head huh?

      He’s mocking Ab, saying he’ll LET him do this or that. basically saying “yea, I’m Top Dawg”. (literally)

  • Tré Sinclare

    This guy is trying way too hard to be Suge knight and eazy e. Kendrick is getting robbed.on that label lololololol

  • Who?

    • AntLee06

      I know you tryna be funny or cool but if you really don’t know who Ab-Soul is then you’re missing out on some good music

      • MalcolmLittle

        Don’t even mind dude man, his limp wrist ass STAYS on that ol goofy shit.

  • Terrance


  • Iron Sheik

    To who it may concern…
    Dangeroo Kipawaa is only a screenname handle.
    His name is TOP DAWG!!!!..check your FACTS before you
    post…this is getting ridiculous now. Next you’ll start calling
    drake champagnepapi. smh.

    • YouKnowNothing

      I had to correct these retards on this site about this same damn thing on the last article. It’s RIDICULOUS.

  • anemia716

    why is he antagonizing him like that. he’s basically mocking him. that’s dirty man. tight knit “family” my ass.

    Isn’t TDE an indie lable? Ab doesn’t seem like he has much independence.

    • Gonja

      Naw they signed to Jimmy (Interscope) or at least have some type of partnership that ain’t a 360 deal. But yea, he playing Ab like a lame.

    • Greg Gorham

      TDE is indie – Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar both have joint deals with Interscope as well.

    • Ipullcards

      Because slave master taught house niggaz how to control them field niggaz. Jimmy Ivine schooled dre, they all follow suit. It’s greed man, greed for power and money & attn. You wanna be self contained than do your own promotion & marketing, distribute yourself! Shit that’s why we have the Internet & soulja boy come head ass. That’s the new blueprint don’t know why niggaz still running around thirsty to be signed, than become disgruntle cause you’re not getting the attn u want/deserve. We’ll stop falling into the same dumb trap.

      • I hear you bro, I’m not saying its not “doable” but doing your own marketing, distribution and management is hard work. Some people make it while some crash and burn. There’s NO overnight success.

        Peeps put music videos on the net everyday, they get views but the views may never translate into money.

        People also place videos on Facebook, Twitter, their homeboys and homegirls like the videos but still wont pay for the music.

        It can be a real struggle if an artist doesn’t have the will power or other sources of income to keep them going until they get their big break. Going it alone is not for the fainthearted.

        Some peeps are better off being signed because it hands the hassle over to someone else. The downside is that he who pays the piper dictates the tune.

        If an artist is willing to wait for a number of years without a decent income from their music then they can go down the route of doing the marketing and promotion themselves. This is a real test, but if you’re dope and strong you’ll get to the other side.

        Some can’t wait around and would rather get a cheque so that they can eat and that’s why they’ll sign to a label.

        Soulja boy did well for himself when he first came out, he was one of the lucky and wise few who used the www to his advantage.

        Another youngen I like is Lil B even though I’m not a fan, but I admire his work ethics, he’s not afraid to be different and does what others are afraid to do.

        Going it alone is not as easy as it is on paper.

  • Gonja

    Top Dawg starting to do everything Harry O told Suge not to do (the limelight).. He should’ve got at Ab in private, like a boss. Everything is used for publicity now..

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  • superh8

    Tde ceo a lil bitch

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