Tyga To Diss Lil Durk On "Chiraq" Freestyle (VIDEO); Durk Responds

(AllHipHop News) Tyga jumps on fellow Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq” beat to take aim at Chicago’s Lil Durk. The “Rack City” rhymer posted a preview of his response to Durk’s diss on Instagram.

“Who the f**k is Lil Durk?” spits Tyga on the track.

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Dirk caught wind of the his name being mentioned on the snippet and responded via his own Twitter.

According to Durk, the back-and-forth began after he mentioned Tyga’s girlfriend Black Chyna on “Get Dat Money” with Chris Brown and French Montana. The two rappers then had a falling out which led to Durk throwing shots at Tyga on his own version of a “Chiraq” remix.

Durk rapped, “Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain’t got one stripe.”

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    • hassan

      im not tyga fan and i dont like him at all but chiraq is not 3 rd world yall just killin each other for nothing come to somalia one of highest dead body and kidnapping

      • Executive

        Lmao@ Chicago being a 3rd world! Them niggas wouldn’t make it in a 3rd world.

      • hassan

        loooooooool that what im sayin they not gonna make it and they not even clooooooooooose to 3rd world…..else Chicago got mcdonald and kfc and downtown and free education..in 3rd world country they dont even have that and they dont know wtf is kfc or mcdonald is in 3rd world country. idk wtf this dumb nigga talking about

      • PorchBoySlim

        Chitown had damn near double the amount of murders back in the 80s and 90s. So this 3rd world shit is out of the window. lol

      • hassan

        loool he say double amount 80s and 90s yall not even close yall need stay in free educated school and eat some McDonald cuz yall aint bout that life

      • Actually I been saying that all along….midwest been on that murder game way before that chiraq bullsht…I don’t understand why they tryna make it seem like crime is at an all time high in the chi….shit been going on for years…90s was the years fools was getting blown away at a much higher rate than in the 2g.

      • hassan

        that wat im sayin they think they r the only people who got higher rate crime and all struggle n shiit but they not

      • 80nigga

        I like when niggas like u niggas post dumb shit like yall walk a minute threw englewood im frm chicago i hate the violence there im not condoning it but truth be told nigga get kilt for telling jokes to the wrong nigga out here mfs aint for none shit sad cause its mostly young niggas under 25

      • hassan

        ingwood aint shiit broo come to my country u will see some realll reall ghetto shiit and worst and dead body never get bury….me neither i dont like my brother get killed

    • The Legendary Troll

      ninja stfu you not finna do nothing

    • Executive

      Who’s us?

  • ZUBU

    I hate to see more young brothas beefin, and I don’t know much about Tyga. Having said that I really don’t think he want beef with these crazy young Chi town brothas.
    IJS maybe Tyga is built for this maybe not, but Keef, Durk, Reese, etc. they built for this crazy life. I’m not condoning their actions just stating the facts.

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  • End of Days

    Why do these dudes always risk these fancy lives of having more than the common man financially? Why beef to the point of one person dying and the other person going to jail for damn near forever? Cuz you “bout dat life”? Haha… self enslavement.

    • don king

      true n it also started over a dirty ass ho. these dudes r dumb as hell.

  • Executive

    Tyga ain’t worth a bullet, he the type of nigga that you’d smack the pigment of his face and he wouldn’t do shit but flee!

  • Executive

    Tyga need some bass slapped in him with that lil ass 5 year old voice he got.

  • MrNoName2K

    Both these niggas is some “jive ass turkeys”

    • dehova

      Yeah but one of them is a jive ass turkey with more bodies on him than Marlo

      • MrNoName2K

        word..literally…especially in Chief Keef’s “Dont Like” video..smh

      • dehova

        HAHAHA!!!!!!! Yeah, that was suspect to say the least! Shame so many young people are more interested in being infamous than being productive. Drill music, as much as it helps me lose lbs in the gym, needs to be looked at. As Pac once said, we gotta police ourselves

  • don king

    LIL DURK ✔ @lildurk_Follow
    Everytime a nigga rap beef he get clapped up in a couple weeks ig comments and a couple tweets Location on we can go and meet #chiraq
    12:01 AM – 5 May 2014

    – somewhere in chicago a police officer rubs his hands like birdman while readin this.

  • GangChief OfRap Tmc

    forreal tho lil durk nem arent rappers..they jus a bunch of gangbangers and young shooters who know how to rap a little.all they know is that shit,they dont know how to battle rap they know how to shoot.i live in chicago and my brother booked them at his club they bought all kind of choppers and assault rifles,they pulling up i see thick ass army guns on the back seat for nothing!they jus ride like that.ijs if Tyga come to chicago..be safe..shit aint hollywood at all.

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  • Tyga? Ain’t that the spoiled rich kid that grew up in the burbs and had a wealthy family. I think I seen him talking bout his silver spoon in some interview. If he is a spoiled rich kid, I would like to tell him to refrain from fkn round cuz “this ain’t what he want”…lmao rappers be tripn man, u niggaz is driving benzene and sht talking bout gangster sht…better retire to ur loft young man…lmao

  • John Sangi

    Yet another rap feud who no one cares about and music no real Hip-Hop fan wants to hear!

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  • This must be apart of the YMCMB contract, because they all seem to be reaching for attention.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Both u niggas irrelevant

  • Craig

    dirk is an idiot, hes everything wrong with hiphop, ready to kill instead of spitting a rhyme

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