Iggy Azalea's 'Monster Outbreak Tour Visits NYC

From start to finish, the allure of Iggy Azalea, motivated hundreds to visit New York City’s Irving Plaza. Dominated by carefree laughs, abounding spirits, and an eager audience, the atmosphere promised a delightful event.

Once the curtain rose to reveal, Hotel Iggy, instantaneous applause consumed the theater. IGGY, IGGY, IGGY—the boisterous chant abated as DJ Vice took the stage. Propped behind the 1’s & 2’ s, Vice’s smooth dexterity demonstrated his fluid ability to fuse several genres. Everything from the infectious Pop of Bruno Mars, to the insatiable grit of Nicki Minaj, to the emphatic declarations of Montel Jordan compelled the crowd to party.

Following unforeseen technical difficulties, Iggy Azalea’s mere presence was enough to forgive the show’s delay. The Australian rapper whose provocative lyrics rival that of her sensuous limbs did not disappoint. “F*ck Love,” “Bounce,” “My World,” “Don’t Need Y’all,” all elicited a tremendous crowd response. “Lady Patra,” “Pu$$y,” “Black Widow,” “Fancy,” and “Work” showcased the phenomena that has propelled Iggy to stardom.

Iggy’s ability to spit live and to relentlessly entertain will ensure that purchasing a ticket is a sound investment.

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22 Responses to “Iggy Azalea's 'Monster Outbreak Tour Visits NYC”

  1. Django 2Chainz

    Maaan Im just tryna get her prego a couple times & start a family with her, I aint tryna go to the concert

  2. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    who is cutting the checks for this stripper !! i fee like she is being forced on us in my Mike Epps voice !! lol

    • timwest1000

      You are right sir. This is disgusting. She is making a mockery of black women and rap. Do you see how racist this is? She is from the Outback sounding like a girl from the poverty stricken ghetto south. Her whole scheme should be laughed at. I havent seen blackface in a looong time but this chick is bold enough to do it. Shucking and Jiving and exploiting her body while faking it to make it. This is a plague on rap music. This writer is obviously not black, getting paid to enhance or ignorant to cultural rape and white privilege. LMAO And she moves like a clunky horse, aint nothing sexy about that LMAO!!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sadily TI is backing this … and i know all he sees is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ but f dat homey !! you got daughters too ijs but too each his/her own i guess

      • P€OpLé hAte Me

        Dam you right i didn’t even think about that she is Australian and sound like she from South Florida WTF SMH,What is funny to me is every one wants to be black but quick to be racist when they get the chance then go back to acting black after(In my Whiteboy,Spanishboy voice o let me guess i’m trying to act black because i got on baggy jeans a backwards hat,Jordans and i rap a lil bit)pause umm…yes you are because before yall started wearing that your people wore tight high water slacks,wigs and listened to country and salsa lol, face it they hate us cause they not us END OF STORY.

  3. Oliver Rupčić

    I fucked this bitch and she was like THREE FIDDY I said BITCH I ain’t give you no 3.5 is you crazy hoe ? Never returned my phone calls again

  4. Burbz Royal

    They coulda came up wit a better name for the tour wtf is a “monster outbreak” I feel like I would be infected if I went to a show

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