Saigon Questions Nicki Minaj's Marketing Strategy; Comments On Jay Electronica As A "Conscious Rapper"

(AllHipHop News) Rapper and former reality show star Saigon had a lot to say about the way Nicki Minaj is presented as an artist. Speaking with VladTV, the New Yorker questions the decision to market the Young Money rapper as a “Barbie” to young girls despite her use of explicit lyrics.

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“I don’t blame an artist like Nicki Minaj but it just confuses me why a lot of her lyrics are x-rated,” said Saigon. “I got a five-year old daughter who loves Barbie. Then they use Barbie to market Nicki Minaj and Nicki Minaj is… not to bash, I don’t even want to finish that because it looks like I’m bashing.”

He continued, “But I’m, not going to start blaming artists when I know it ain’t the artists. It’s really the marketing person. It’s the person that’s gonna pump $2 million into putting you out there. That’s the real problem.”

Saigon also spoke on whether he felt Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica was the next “big conscious rapper.”

“I didn’t hear enough of Jay Electronica to put him in that category. I know he wasn’t ignorant, but I don’t know where Jay Electronica was gonna go because I don’t think he put out enough music,” adds Saigon. “He had a huge buzz. Then his buzz got deterred somehow by a rich woman with a lot of money who supposedly took him off his path… It was like everybody was anticipating him and then the next thing we know he’s dealing with a rich white woman and then we never hear from him again.”

Saigon goes on to say that Jay E is “smart” and “a gifted artist.”

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  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    Man stfu. You sound like someone who need to be in one of these comment boxes. I don’t kno not one song by this dude!

    • MrNoName2K


    • Casor_G

      Jay E is garbage

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  • jubileeshine

    @RasJBaraka for Newark mayor May 13. #RasUP!

  • MrNoName2K

    you know what, this nigga is dead on point..

  • Obi Won

    Saigon is right, about both…..BUT maybe he should’ve gotten a better marketing team, because as dope as Saigon is, no one would ever know.
    If it wasn’t for the Love and Hip Hop, Saigon would be exactly like Jay Elec. An intelligent aggressive rapper, with positive uplifting music, that had a buzz and faded away.

    • I_AM_Houston

      He was posed to capitalize better off being on a hit TV show like Entourage

  • Guillaume Pilon

    Having a rich white wife >>>>> wasting your skillz on a track with a wack mc like saigon

    • Earl Rutherland

      I like rich white women. I like middle class white women. I like broke white women. Same goes for black chicks, Asians, Indians, Arabs……..twat is twat.

      • golder1


  • RichFromBX

    so he’s saying that Jay shouldn’t be with a white woman because it’s not a good look for a black rapper who’s trying be be conscious…is that like it not being a good look for a white billionaire to have his girlfriend taking pictures with black guys and posting them in instagram?

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Reaching Fam

      • RichFromBX

        why is it reaching? He specifically called out a Jay being with a “white woman” a problem…

      • Frank

        No the problem was he didn’t release enough music. But that happened at the same time he was dealing with the rich white lady.

  • Tx_Vandal187


  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Catch this flag bruh…don’t nobody on this site want that shit…

    • Tx_Vandal187

      real spill..prob a fed trying to fish

    • Immortal

      What I find amazing is that it took this long for someone to put a stop to this…..after three months and how many dumba$$es caught later?

      • Tx_Vandal187

        word…smh i had to flag him to

  • Tx_Vandal187

    i got a daughter and the last thing she gonna listen to is nicki…i feel saigon

    • Earl Rutherland


      • Tx_Vandal187

        i rather play her some common etc..

      • brotha_man

        or jean grae…..or rapsody.

      • Tx_Vandal187

        Word…Dead Prez is on heavy rotation as well

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        dead prez for a small child…. ummmm, naw homie! they are not for kids either. especially early dead prez..

      • Tx_Vandal187

        my nephew is bout 9 or 10 when i play a song i sit there and brake down the track…i understand ur point but my nephew is mix Mexican and black he know his Mexican culture but not his black side..i dont play him the whole album just selective songs i dont want him to group to hate ppl of other race i want him to be prod of his black race..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        ok word i feel that. you definitely gotta be careful with certain material but i do the same thing… let my son hear certain songs from a certain artist or group but not everything.

      • Tx_Vandal187

        yeah ur right i make sure the music i listen my nephew he can understand…Mos def is another artist..i want to be able to listen to music that keeps him from be the prey and rather the hunter. i play Black on Both sides..GOT is one of the main tracks i play for him…

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        man grab that Yaasin Gaye (mos def/marvin gaye mash up) i play that the most now when in the car with my son. plus that joint is so dam smooth it aint even funny…. GOT and Mathmatics are damn near unfuckwitable!!!!!!

      • Tx_Vandal187

        Word is it a mixtape

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        they basically took some of Mos Def songs and blended them with Marvin gaye music, beats and instros… this tape is put together so well that other mash ups should pay attention. i tried to attach the link but nutass allhiphop is hating on it

      • Tx_Vandal187

        I’m gonna peep it for sure thnks for the heads up..mos def been on Marvin tip so I have a feeling it will be dope it a free mixtape

      • Tx_Vandal187

        just downloaded it maaan..that intro is on some Chris tucker Dead President needle in the arm shit

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Hell yeah fam… Wait til you get the version of Mathmatics, sheeesh!!! Number 5 is my shittt as well. This stays in my rotation

    • golder1

      If you have a 5 yr old daughter you control what she watches and listens too. So, if she knows nicki’s music thats Saigons problem not nicki’s

  • Freeing Eritrea

    “by a rich woman with lots of money” WTF…this nigga talks like English is his second language.

  • David Gonz


    • Smurfaveli

      How is Saigon wasted talent? Dude put out tough albums. Popularity is one thing, but his talent is seen in the music he continues to make.

  • Dadon850

    Go to YouTube and listen to “Its Alright” by Saigon produced by Kanye if you’ve never heard a Saigon song. Dude is a beast.

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  • Jared

    Saigon would have a point but he played his self by being on LAHH NY lol…How do you scream racism in society and then call him out being with a white chick despite what J Elect spits?

    • golder1

      Has Saigon listen his lyrics? I hate when someone talks about X-rated lyrcis being a problem but they live that life and talk it. He played himself on that reality show and he looked like a fool all the time. He is trying to creat buzz for his knew label.

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  • wei sheng

    hip hop and in the state its in right now, is not ready for an mc like jay electron, actually the genre has been dumbed down too much to get back to it’s essence but these rap niggas let the execs and record co’s take over, hip hop lives in our hearts and thats good enough for me

  • Jewels Drop to Get Picked Up

    I know you ain’t talkin’. You? What?

    First offense: Buzz? Exhibit A, Exhibit C, The Pledge, The Announcement, In tune with the Infinite. Pick one. Any one of those has had a bigger ORGANIC (not forced) buzz/impact than your entire career. And STILL his album is highly anticipated.

    Second offense: While you’re mentioning Nicki being x-rated, your clown ass is on a distasteful, trashy VH1 reality show violating and disrespecting your child’s mother. Great example. Come on son, cut it out.

    To be someone so full of conscious in your art, the lifestyle you portray and your actions show differently. Btw, why is it that your daughter ‘loves’ barbie anyway?

  • Jewels Drop to Get Picked Up

    “They’ll be sayin, “Man
    He goin’ off the path”,
    But that’s on the low though
    Beatin’ cats with no glow
    Tryin’ to play me like a hoe
    But this ain’t rooks or pawns or Tic-tac-toe
    This planets, moons, quasars and high tech radars
    You niggas on the grid while jay man stay gone off the radar…AWOL”

    nuff said vh1/viacom clown