Michael Jordan: I Used To Consider Myself A Racist And Was Against All White People

(AllHipHop News) While 51 year old Michael Jordan did not approve of Donald Sterling’s racist comments, a younger Michael Jordan might have been more understanding. According to an excerpt from an upcoming biography Michael Jordan: The Life, Jordan admitted to once considering himself a racist and being against all white people.

One part of the the biography, written by Roland Lazenby, has Jordan recall an altercation he had with a White classmate while attending Emsley A. Laney High School back in 1977. According to Jordan, the girl called Jordan the N-word and Jordan’s retaliation got the future Hall of Famer suspended:

So I threw a soda at her. I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people.

Lazenby spoke on the presence of the Klu Klux Klan in North Carolina during the years Jordan attended Emsley A. Laney High School. Lazenby informed Sports Illustrated that Jordan’s hatred for White people could be a byproduct of the monopolizing influence of the KKK over his hometown and a history of racism:

As I started looking at newspapers back in this era when I was putting together [Michael’s great-grandfather] Dawson Jordan’s life, the Klan was like a chamber of commerce. It bought the uniforms for ball teams, it put Bibles in all the schools. It may well have ended up being a chamber of commerce if not for all the violence it was perpetrating, too. A lot of the context just wasn’t possible to put it in a basketball book. A lot of it ended up being cut.

Michael Jordan: The Life is available now.

  • Trill Gates

    My ninja. F white people they can all go to h.e.l.l.

    • Tyree Dawson

      don’t feed this troll

      • Trill Gates

        what troll? F white people

      • 2PacFan420

        STFU racist piece of s*** you’re no better than Sterling. Fing loser

  • Smurfaveli

    Hate breeds hate.

  • TheAkademik

    You are not racist if you are black and are responding to racism. Individual acts of discrimination do constitute the entirety of racism. It is about power differentials. Jordan should not feel guilty. He felt like he was against all white people because he was facing discrimination.

    • whatupdoe

      This. It cracks me up when white people try to use the Black Panthers or Malcolm X types as an example of Black racism. While pretending to be in love with the likes of MLK.

    • Realist4200

      “You are not racist if you are black and…” – being black isn’t a pass or an exception. Racism is racism.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “being black isn’t a pass or an exception. Racism is racism.”

        i think you shoulda read the guys full post, you ironically stopped at black and…..

        when the most important part of his comment was …”are responding to racism.”

        how can you be racist when your responding to racism.

      • You can….if you have the power to do so….which obviously neither he nor his community had.


      • Brooklyn Stoop

        which is why…………… thing is this. if MJ said HE was doing things to white people then fine, if he wanna call him self a racist then fine. but from the excerpts from the book that dealt with the racist parts……….it all sound like he encountered racism or prejudice (anyone heard the story of the old white women who was nervous when she was in the elevator with MJ and another bball player?) and is reacting towards it. and i dont get how me REACTING to someone elses racism make ME a racist.

      • It doesn’t, but like the King James Bible….they control the distribution of the images.

      • Realist4200

        I read his full post, and I disagreed with that excerpt; simply because it’s a scenario any race, color or culture can experience.

        “You are not racist if you are black and are responding to racism.” implies that pass only applies to blacks.
        “You are not racist if you are responding to racism.” would be a more accurate statement and at least arguable.

        Asking how can somebody be racist when responding to racism is like asking how can somebody be a killer for killing a killer.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        so let me ask you that question. if someone is trying to kill you and in your retaliation you kill the killer…………..that makes you a killer? you now turn into the “killer”? that doesn’t make sense to me.

        and again im asking a question

      • True, but Black’s don’t have the political, economic or physical resources to be racist. they can only discrimiate. The RACE is over & white people won.


      • RichFromBX

        c’mon now…the average person in general don’t have that. By that definition white people who live in the hood can’t be racists because they don’t have anything of those things over anyone around them. If they did, would they still be living in the hood?

      • Exactly!

        That’s the difference between RACISM ( A group’s race to control the resources through their advantagious position ) & bigotry & discrimination ( an individuals right. )

      • RichFromBX

        okay, so racists and bigots aren’t the same piece of shit human being? both can hate someone specifically based on nothing more than their race but somehow bigots are different – isn’t that just a game of semantics?

        Also, there are black people who have the political, economic and/or physical resources to keep a white person down. There are black judges, if one of them rules against a white person because they don’t like white people, does that make that black judge a racist?

      • No, bigotry is a right.
        IE: You go to BK instead of McDonald’s, you just discriminated against McDonald’s.
        If a Black person used their power to unjustly and negatively affect a white person based on skin color, yeah, that’s racist, but, look at the Pres….the racist won’t let an uncontrolable Black get power.
        ( For the most part )

      • Troll_E_G

        The problem is White Supremacy not racism , that’s just a tool they use

      • White supremacy is the tool, RACISM ( The goup’s RACE for resources ) is the objective,

      • Troll_E_G

        You got it backwards my brother….y would racism be the objective…its a tool because without racism, white supremacy couldn’t florish…white supremacy has been known as many words before racism became a word…research the cabinet speech by PW Botha to get a clear example

      • Racism = The Race for resources.

        It started with the colonization of Africa for the benefit of Europe.

        The objective is & always was about resources / wealth, not personal preferance.

        It is a business decision.

      • Black people can’t be racist because they can’t opress white people and make white people fear inferior.

      • michele

        True.. Why is it that whites have a terrible habit, especially when they’re drunk, of calling us the “N” word to our face. Yet I know NO blacks who accidentally call whites “cracker$” “honk3y”.. Why?? because it’s not in our heart to do that. Most of us don’t have the intense hatered toward them as they us..

  • Troll_E_G

    You see how the oppression n mind control works…they throw a public figure out that’s influential n uses a quote thats keeps the submissive order in tow…how can a person feel guilty for defending himself . Makes no sense so how can a person feel racist for defending himself against people who want to k*ll him because he has melanin

    • RichFromBX

      It wasn’t about defending himself it was more about how he applied the situation going forward.

      I suppose the other way to look at it would be that here’s a person who at one point for their own reasons was a racist but as he got older and wiser began to change and realized that perhaps it was narrow minded and wrong demonstrating that if a person who has a perceived good reason for being racist can change, then what stopping others?

      • Troll_E_G

        Disliking racists whites n white Supremacy is not racist n that’s where the Jordan is wrong describing himself as seeing he not the aggressor….racism is not the problem, its just a tool used with the real problem white supremacy

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i dont want to sound redundant, but my comment will mirror the comments of others on this site.

    jordan considered him self a racist because he was countering racism and prejudices that was levied on him????

    and the idiot that wrote the story (or copy and pasted the story) gonna say “While 51 year old Michael Jordan did not approve of Donald Sterling’s racist comments, a younger Michael Jordan might have been more understanding.”

    i really would like to know what the hell did that comment even mean?

    • Dudes don’t know the difference between racism or bigotry / discrimination.

      They probably don’t know what racism is.


      • Brooklyn Stoop

        racism to me is like the king james version of the bible. people only know what was said about it…………not many have every read (the bible) or looked up the word (racism) for the correct context

      • Exactly!

  • jubileeshine

    @RasJBaraka for mayor of Newark, May 13! #RasUP! #BelieveinNewark!

  • IceBergSlim

    Who hasn’t especially anyone in his age bracket..Look how they mistreat us. The greatest thing about being black we overcome all hurdles and keep it moving and not let it destroy us and who we are and how successful we pursue to become. We are Warriors and we take a lot of SHIT !

    • Yeah, but….we should have kicked some @$$ though!


  • Ronlg1

    Oh great. Now white people will be trying to compare Jordan to Sterling.

  • Chris

    Most Black people from that time period and earlier probably feel the same way. Nothing more to see here.

  • MrNoName2K

    Racism is for the birds… plus back then the race table wasnt too stable anyways..

  • Vast amounts of money always seems to change black people’s opinion of white people. Jordan went from “racist” to “republicans buy shoes too”. Also, I dont see hating a group of people because how they historically murdered, raped, and sold people who look like you as the same thing as hating a group of people because you feel they are sub human and inferior to you and you should own them. Thats just me though.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      “I dont see hating a group of people because how they historically murdered, raped, and sold people who look like you…….”

      Its a bunch of us that think like you. we still here

      • ZUBU


      • Im glad about that too! Too many black people act like its all good now cause white folks say it is. Its not the same as it was 50 or 100 years ago but its not all good, believe that.

      • michele

        Exactly,.. Don’t be fooled..Whites will deny that racism exists then want us to amen on that..Our black president and the Trayvon Martin case proved it. If you want to know the racial climate of a country, watch what happends when an incident involves race.

    • michele

      Black folks suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and we got it bad. Stockholm Syndrome is a victim’s emotional “bonding” with their abuser. We tend to forgive and forget real fast… It’s really embarrassing, with the intensity with which whites hate us, you would think they were the ones who were slaves AND I mean their hatered is intense..Nothing we ever do ,in their eyes, is right. We are always wrong,in their eyes,.Even when we are victimized, it’s our fault or we contributed to it in some way. I have seen coountless examples of whites doing some heinous things and other whites will justifity those actions, make excuses, and give the benefit of the doubt. When it’s blacks, forget it . We are PRESUMED guilty and have to prove our innocence. This is an unspoken rule.

  • Executive

    I’m pretty sure the scum bag who called him the n word is a very cheerful walmart greeter.

    • Obi Won

      wont matter, if they felt that way, they still see him as a Ni99er that can ball

      • michele

        and that’s true.. now can someone please tell Tiger this

  • RichFromBX

    so if you have a white kid, who isn’t racist that gets jumped by blacks kids and from that point on hates black people, is he still racist?

    He had no prior beefs and it wasn’t until someone black initiated hate towards him did he then reciprocate the hate towards black people.

    • justmathoughts

      dumb question, but to play your game…..yeah hes still a racist because its not like every black person in the world jumped him

      • RichFromBX

        it wasn’t like every white person that a black person comes across calls them a n!@@er but when one does it seems to be okay to call them all racist crackers…read down through the comments here – you’ll see what I mean.

      • justmathoughts

        difference is, white people created the racism in america….if youre white and not doing anything to try to fix the problem you are the problem

      • RichFromBX

        how can someone white fix the problem when immediately they’re always looked at as racist regardless of what they actually do – if people aren’t willing to accept that there are white people who aren’t racist then it’s just a cycle that’s going to continue and nothing will ever change…best to just accept, move on and never waste time on the topic because it’s never going to change.

        You have white people who aren’t racist but because of the ones that are they’re going to be painted with that brush.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “You have white people who aren’t racist but because of the ones that are they’re going to be painted with that brush.”

        you mean the same brush that white america paint black men with?

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      so the white kid who “isnt a racist” (how do you prove this?) gets jumped by black kids……….so now he hates black people.

      if we are staying on topic MJ had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more then ONE event that made him think the way he did.

      my question to you is this.
      1. do you beleive that historically speaking black people in this country were victims of racist white supremacy?
      2. why do you think the victim of white supremacy must pick the good whites to mingle with, why isnt the benefactors of racism white supremacy trying to make good with us?

      just like apartheid vs segregation

      segregation was MINORITY blacks marching for equal rights among MAJORITY whites.

      Apartheid was MAJORITY blacks marching for equal rights among MINORITY whites.

      do you see the pattern? do you see who gets oppressed and who does the oppressing? do you see which group is always practicing non violence and which group ALWAYS used violence. why is the non violence group trying to appease the violent group ALL THE TIME

  • timwest1000

    Me too Mike, except it was just yesterday. I was watching FOX News.

  • Oliver Rupčić

    if you’re honest it’s a good thing, to tell the truth

  • GQ

    FUKK all that! Speak about these kids killing each other over these sneakers of yours.

  • i’mreloaded!

    I wouldn’t consider myself racist, but some of deez crackas still got a superiority complex when they walk past u. They half ass open dey mouth or look at u when u speak so I stopped speaking as much. Now Mike got him a white chick he doin what dem crackas been doin to us for years, fuccin da ish outta dem.

  • Obi Won

    Jordan felt that way until Nike cut him that check

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      true, racist ’till dem zillions start rollin’ in lol – to be super rich legally, your gonna evidenuatlly need the assistance of whites – hell, they’re half the population

  • Twonpass

    Its all laughable.

    White folks play dumb all the dam time.

    Please Stop
    First and foremost

    No Black person can be racist,

    real simple.

    Racism operates like this, one group has to have the ability to control every aspect of the other group (black people cant do that to anyone),

    Stop confusing what racism really is with what you want it to be.

    No , not all white people are racist, however they all benefit from it.

    now go look it up for your self to verify that what I said I didn’t make it up.

    Thank you

    • RichFromBX

      hold up, so white people control all aspects of black lives. All successful black folks should be thankful to whitey for allowing them to be successful? Oprah, Russell Simmons, Diddy, Denzel and all them owe some sort of debt of gratitude to whitey? That’s what you must mean when you say “…have the ability to control every aspect of the other group”

      • Twonpass

        Um, this convo will be lost on you I can already tell,

        Please Go and do some homework.

        No black person in amerikkka ever got to be a certain level of successful without the whites man touch, approval, or allowance.

        Your probably one of the many conditioned to believe we are doing great now.

        The reality is a whole different thing entirely

        I can give you the math if you can handle it, that will prove we are no better off then we were during slavery. Even with the Oprahs, Diddy’s Bob’s (Johnson) of the world. we still are in the same boat.

        Please prove me otherwise

      • Macnlx

        You probably right concerning the part that the white are the wealthiest people in america and control every major business in america but calling MJ a sell out because he is with a white woman is another reason black people stay in that same boat

      • Twonpass

        Ummm wrong,
        the main reason is because we keep buying ino a false reality that they are our friends. History has shown you that is not the case and will never be the case.

        He got to be who he was with a sista by his side, now his a lost shell of himself, just a typical (rich owner) does not care about his people.

        done nothing for his own town he put on Chi…worst school, youth violence….

        And he has major influence so that argument wont wash either.

        the reality is what it is.

        WE need to help our own and no other group, because they

        have never helped US

      • Macnlx

        You are sadly still just the racist kind he explained himself to be when he was younger how the hell can you judge a individual in this case (white person) for shit a lot generations before them has done.. that being said minorities need to help each other not blacks, yellows, browns, or what ever race you still trying to point out here

      • Twonpass

        Sadly you are not paying attention ,

        What exactly is a minority and for the record Black people have never been a minority ever.
        check the facts…

        sounds like either a white guy or a typical conditioned brotha or sista response.

      • Sean Taylor

        Hey dere….how much moneyz you have left on yo EBT card dis month fool?

        Get off the goberments tit.

  • Twonpass

    Jordan sold out the first check he got, then proceeded to marry a white women, he has no leg to talk

    the epitome of a sell out. although raised in the racist south…funny and ironic…

    • Rico

      Actually, he married a Latina, who he ended up cheating on with a white woman.

      • Twonpass

        does it really matter.
        He still a sell out

      • Rico


    • FuckU_PayME

      Jordan’s first wife Juanita is Black and the new wife is Latina…..Notice how Jeffery and Marcus are black and new son is mixed…..gotta state facts not hearsay or internet gossip

      • Twonpass

        ummmmm never said that, He was normal then, he later showed you his true colors or lack there of…

        He built everything he has with a sista, and started losing as soon as he left her from some whatever she is , who cares she is not a sista.

        you obviously missed my point

      • U sound like a bitter sista….honestly who gives a fk.. If he married someone outside of his race I guess he has overcome his racism partially. …u should do the same…

      • Twonpass

        Over your head I see..
        But of course I wouldn’t expect you to get it.
        Your a white guy or you want to be one huh?

      • Lmao homegirl u wish I was white….ain’t nutn go over anyone’s head….u just sound like a black racist…lmao don’t really see too many of those….lmao I understand being a little skeptical of white folks but u sound str8 racist. Some white dude musta took ur main or sumn. It’s all good homegirl, i don’t sweat the small stuff. Trust me I get some of what u saying if u tryna be pro black but when u factor in the racist sht u was saying, ur whole message turns to sht…

      • Twonpass

        hahahaha, ..
        your the typical conditioned young brotha who dont even remotely get what Im talking about…
        But thank you for your response

      • Twonpass

        ummm you sounds as though you want to be. I get it….
        Again Waaaaay over your head obviously.


        I’m sorry, what did Jordan “lose”?

      • Twonpass

        over your head , my man……

      • Slaughtr

        Stop explaining shyt fam to some niggaz it’s pointless.

      • Twonpass


      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        I need you to go Fact-check. But since you are coming from a place of HATE, facts are optional.

      • Twonpass

        Over your head i see
        I hate no one, I love my people first, same as you people…get it

      • dasteele

        I don’t think people are racists I think they are confused and uninformed cause different races come with different cultures and people get to use to the routine of their own culture that when they experience another culture it is different and hard to understand we are all one race the human race we all are born we all die when we figure that out the confusion will cease

      • King Dolla

        last time I checked he was worth $650 mill and earns more today than he did in the NBA and thats after he gave her a $168 mill…. Do the math hater

      • Twonpass

        No hate ,
        Over your head i see…..

    • Slaughtr

      Indeed and not only that fck his overrated ass sneakers so many young brothers have got their asses torn out for sneakers. What really has this brother done for the majority of folks that buy his shoes nothing but inflated ass prices and contributed to decades of fcked up mindset among urban black youth. Lastly a nigga is paraded because he was a master at putting a ball through the hoop. Never bought Jordans never will I support his brand.Hate it or love it I don’t give a fck.

      • michele

        Nothing but the truth.. MJ is a bought and paid for Negr0e. Dudes out here killing for his “cursed” sneakers and he hasn’t uttered a word..Retro sneakers are the biggest scam and our dum& a&&e& fall for ths BS..We are nothing more than consumers…bottomfeeders scraping for crumbs

      • Twonpass

        Speak on it my sista

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  • acedameter

    You all sound like suckas. First and foremost, just because MJ is getting paid off his talents does not make him a sell out. Shit, you’ll do work for a living right?. Secondly, there is no problem with mutually ending a relationship/marriage. Shit, Why remain in a marriage when you clearly are not happy. Third, his current wife is not white..she is Latina. Oh, she’s a former model

    I live in NC..and despite it being a “hybid state” we do still have issues with racism especially in MJ hometown Wilmington, NC; this is 2014.

    White people here in NC do not use the N word freely like the white people down in Georgia, but they will deny you serve because of your skin color.

    “Sell out” lol what a joke.

    • Twonpass

      re read your statement , until it makes sense to even you……..

      I know over your head…

      • acedameter


  • Twonpass

    We Love everyone but ourselves.

    Those who get it, understand this as a severe problem.

    the rest just make up excuses for not paying attention

  • Dan_Tebasco

    That’s good… That he considered himself a racist… Sometimes it seems like black people get away by being racist and if they are they aren’t considered racist simply due to some white guilt bs…

    • artcryme99

      If you read the article Jordan’s racism was in response to the treatment he received from white people. What was the white peoples’ racism in response to? Maybe you should hold on to that white guilt just a little bit longer.

    • ccwaterbound32

      how are black people racist when they don’t have a SYSTEM to back them up? white supremacy is the ONLY kind of institutionalized racism in the U.S…the problem is people like you ignore these things and choose to deflect and compare name calling to the prison industrial complex which railroads black men, the flawed judicial system which places these black men into the prison industrial complex, and last but not least the economic warfare waged on blacks to prevent them from prospering as a whole…just because you have a FEW black people with money doesn’t mean they represent the entire community as a whole…so nice deflection tactic and i would like for you to at least TRY to camouflage your white supremacist views….

      • Twonpass

        HE aint ignoring the fact, he is playing dumb like they all like to do. They know dam well what goes on.
        its laughable at best

  • michele

    So MJ ur all better now ???. Went and got Vanilla…MJ ur a sellout of the worst kind

  • underbo$$$

    now he surrounds himself with the opposite of blk folks smh

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  • Elayorx El

    AHH, what’s up with the removing of comments?