Hip Hop Rumors: Mariah Ready To Call It Quits?

Reports are starting to surface that Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon’s marriage is a little rocky, so rocky that Carey is looking to possibly call it quits.

Huffington Post is reporting:

“It is claimed Mariah, 44, is seriously considering divorcing from Nick, 33. “Mariah’d cut him loose right now. But she’s worried about him making a grab for a huge chunk of her $515 million fortune,” one source told America’s OK! magazine, with another insider noting her other half is also in misery.

“Nick feels burned that Mariah is ready to pull the plug. They have a pre-nup, but after Nick tells his side of the story Mariah will most likely settle with him financially and realize her once beautiful marriage has evaporated.” “Nick loves to goof on Mariah, but she hates it,” a source revealed. “She has spent decades cultivating an image of an iconic glamour-puss.”

It is claimed Mariah and Nick, who are parents to three-year-old fraternal twins Moroccan and Monroe, are so upset with each other, they didn’t even celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary last week. “Mariah threw a diva ft and started browbeating Nick about being an absentee, no-good husband. She gave him hell for being immature and accused him of fooling around with other chicks,” an insider said. “She told him to cancel whatever anniversary plans he’d made.” ”

Hmmmm we’ll have to keep an eye on this one…


  • Executive

    That’s when I pull up… Skuuurt!

  • Guest

    “Yo Nick, she like my aura” -Cam’ron

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • Papi Peligro

    515 Million she about to get federlined.

    • soyhiphop

      Yes is good to see men win for once

  • Guillaume Pilon

    she got an album coming out

    thats why

  • The Legendary Troll

    we all knew this wouldnt last

  • Sean Power

    sound like some leak rumors for PR as she get ready to put a new album

  • ShortDogg


  • $21384666

    516 mill, beautiful wife and kids. nick actin like a damn fool

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  • Immortal

    Some of you ladies make moves to quick and settle down without having a large d*ck. Rushing to become some cooped up wife and no longer do you enjoy the married life. well i’ll let you know this is a brand new year, so never fear the Big Daddy is here! To do things in places your husband wouldn’t and do certain things he probably just couldn’t…..I get the Job Done>>>Big Daddy Kane 1988.

  • If this end up to be true then Nick have lost a beautiful wife but become 200+ million richer.

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  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    She is worth 512 million and they have a prenup so he’s not getting that loot. Nick had better sit his a$$ down act right and milk that. Every time she would mention a divorce I would completely act like she didn’t say anything.

    Mariah: I want a divorce!
    Me: “Girl stop playing. You so crazy. Now how do you like your omelets again? Let me butter that toast. Could I top off your OJ?

    • DirkDigg1er

      Agreed. He’ll never get a catch like that again. 44 may be too old for regular chicks but not for wealthy woman.

      If I’m lying, which one of you would turn down Oprah?

      • I’d tear Oprah up without her make up on….but wouldn’t let her in my backyard BBQ without it & her $$$.


  • kane pacino

    smh . . nick aint hittin it right.

  • brotha_man

    this was a shame marriage from the jump

  • The Real Clayton Bigsby

    Its funny but she hates it when he goofs on her? You think this dumb bitch would have realized he’s a comedian for a living ( and a real shitty one at that ) and that he’s a goof in general. Thought she would have figured that all out before she spread her legs and had kids with him. It’s been well documented that Mariah is a head case, just ask Em..

  • $25041764

    nig hit the lottery and bout to loose the damn ticket, oh well maybe they will shoot a drumline sequel or nah

    • therealjjohnson


  • therealjjohnson

    Nick Cannon has a net work of 20 million. Clearly not the same her but he is not broke by far. He would be alright with or without her financially.

    • therealjjohnson


      • soyhiphop

        Lol you could of just edited your first post instead of replying to yourself genius

      • soyhiphop

        That’s all you had to say lol my ipad was tripping dont get all emotional girl

    • Right! That man’s a hustler.

    • Yeah, but $250 million in extra flash cash never hurt nobody! 🙂

  • jd

    Whether they stay married or get divorced, Cannon still wins. My man.

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  • I hope this ain’t true. I liked these folks together.

  • soyhiphop

    If this is true I hope nick get some mills I mean she aint worth it shes 44 by the time hes 44- shes gonna be a 50 something year old granny. .get something young

  • baller187

    she dont need all that money anyway, cough that shit up thot

  • mfactor

    I’m pretty sure she made him sign a prenup. He won’t be getting anything near $250 million

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