Dr. Dre Speaks On Becoming Hip Hop's First Billionaire (VIDEOS)

(AllHipHop News) “They need to update the Forbes list,” says Tyrese.

The singer/actor suggests the financial publication modify its list of richest people in Hip Hop, because news broke yesterday that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are selling their Beats Electronics company to Apple for $3.2 billion. The sale is set to make Dre Hip Hop’s first billionaire.

Dre and Tyrese happened to be together when the world found out about the Beats/Apple deal, and Tyrese decided to share the moment via video on his Instagram page.

In one vid Dre can be heard saying, “The first billionaire in Hip Hop. Right here from the motherf**king West Coast.”

UPDATE: The original posts on Tyrese’s Instagram page have been deleted, but the video has since been uploaded to YouTube. Watch it below.

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92 Responses to “Dr. Dre Speaks On Becoming Hip Hop's First Billionaire (VIDEOS)”


    Salute and congrats but why sell to apple when you can become apple. 3.2 billon only selling headphones imagine if they went into phones, computers, tvs etc……..I remember when SUGE made DRE sign over his half of deathrow and everyone was going crazy like y he did that and DRE response was he might off lost 150Ms but left with a piece of mind now look at DRE 20 yrs later billionaire! Puff it’s your move

    • YouKnowNothing

      You don’t know shit. Don’t act like you know anything. Because if you did, you’d have done it already. Sit down. Grown men are becoming filthy rich and you think you know more than them!?

    • Big_Chill

      man i been saying the same thing, I would love for brothers to start becoming owners, we have the minds, talent, and resources to create our own electronics, yet we still sell to the highest bidder, not to take anything away from Dre, I am extremely proud of him and this is a great move, you can’t deny that, but I stand with you in saying I would like to see our own Apples and Microsofts, but all in all, good shit Dre!

    • Phibes

      What the hell does puff have to do with this.!? ! He’s worth over 700 million, how bout you? What moves are you making? People always looking for a reason to put one man against another. How about saying congrats & stepping your personal game up & stop worrying about Puff.

      • DLOUPO

        Relax I’m not pinning no one against each other but if u think puff ain’t motivated by this then u half stupid….puff said in big homie the only one topping forbes I’m getting lonely well he ain’t lonely no more and that’s y it’s puff it’s UR move and as far as I go yes it’s true, I have more money then you lol

      • Phibes

        More money than me,maybe so. If that’s the case God bless. I’m 24, own 2 successful auto body shops here in NYC (German Auto body shops) & hope to reach your level one day. Lol

        I never said Puff wasn’t motivated.However he doesn’t need Dre’s success to motivate him.They both are successful business men, forget about hip hop.There was no need to mention puff.

        I read the NY times daily & read about a similar deal Citicorp did within the past month for almost 5 billion.However in the comments section people didn’t say Chase,needs to step there game up, or Capitol One needs to step there game up.

        Only on here you read stuff like that. Mainly from no money,self hatting brothers like you. Living in your mothers basement, sitting on your laptop digging in your navel.

      • DLOUPO

        I’m sorry to tell you but it wasn’t me who made this a completion it was them look what dre said in the video the first hip hip billionaire in that article you read did Citicorp say we the first to buy this for 5 billon it’s a competition bit a good one anyway you own 2 auto body I could help you with credit card processing. I could cut ur rates in half lets discuss it

      • DLOUPO

        I don’t believe u but let me know I do loans too

  2. YouKnowNothing

    Why does Tyrese always ruin a good moment in hip hop or any goddamn movie he’s in with his lame ass? What a corn ball. He’s the next Nick Cannon. Smh. Dre, WTF you doing hanging out with this lame? C’mon man…

  3. Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

    Cool for Dre that he has become a billionaire but what does that money still mean when you’re living in a platinum cage?

      • Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

        No, not in these videos. But he always has to watch his back and being reminded of the things he can’t do because of the money. If i was on camera i would front like i’m not miserable too

      • Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

        Just some basic knowledge sweetheart

      • TruthSerum

        Like I said, he doesn’t look miserable to me, I never hear him complaining in songs or interviews about how much his life sucks because of being rich. I’m not gonna assume he is with no relevant proof. If you wanted to raise this argument about Eminem, I’ll play along, because he looks like he’s a step away from suicide these days, always moping and never joking around like he use to…………. But Dre looks happier now then ever.

    • ancientGOD83

      U right mane, eazy had him, he got offed for jerry to control him, then suge like a boss, gangstered him from heller, then got blackballed by iovine. Now while one brother is sadly dead, and the other one shut out, the whore is still smiling on camera and gettn all the smiles for spreading the legs while smiling. Yet the real brothers are gone. And for some reason folks hate on the brothers that sacriced to help this clown, while applauding the ones who stole him and is pimpn his name on any product. I’m asking not u bro but others a question: if dre was still with suge and if suge was behind this deal, would y’all give him the same credit y’all giving now, or would y’all say suge is using his name. Prob say suge is using him, suge ain’t never did this shit and y’all know suge would not be giving 30 mill to usc. But hey suge the crook right, jimmy the man lol. Damn wake up folks. Real comment Bout the cage bro

  4. ancientGOD83

    I know I’m a Hater by label, but hey one billion cool, maybe he will donate another 30 mill or so to USC and another 30 cents to Compton. Most folks say, you don’t know what he gives, yet he makes a point to headline his deeds to white societies. Hey puff got 700 mill, Jay 500, 50 cent 400. Yet no distribution company or anything like: q tips, toilet paper, any commodity that we all need that they can Own that we can have as a people. Why not? Because they are still under control. They have no power and they have to wait on old massa to greenlight anything. hince jay 360 deal.

    Yet. We brag on them cuz we are broke, no wealth, and seeing a familiar skin tone makes us feel proud, yet when they look in the mirror at they skin or ours, they hate it and us which explains the nose jobs n skin bleaching. But they rich. Rich by selling us to the highest bidder. We invest our trust into they lust . but they paid though, right?
    All other races keep they wealth on the low, that way they help they community, yet they broadcast every negro exaggerated wealth so we can marvel in amazement, while they sell us out.
    A white cat stated, black people mane prob is who they trust as Leaders, they never learn, man he was right. He is rich, but from jerry heller to fields to iovine, he is they right hand coon. He and jay and etc hate themselves and Us, look at they actions. How can 50 say f the hood when he sold a fake lifestyle creating fake beefs and made millions while we were dying tryn to get rich, while he just easily sold out.
    But i feel y’all, dre the man, he gave us 50, then rap Elvis eminenm that ruined what was left of hip hop a racists that dre helped create that negroes get programmed to cosign. 50 hurt NYC, em killed hip hop like Elvis did rock n roll, all under dre. But hey he rich and I have great news, if u sell out, hate yourself, your people, u can be rich just like this. I know I’m a hater right, suge may be broke to the public, and dude will never go broke fyi, but least he got his pride and booty.

    • FatherSha_

      You didn’t make one articulate point. Your just rambling about these rappers “selling out”. Your right, that’s not opinion, that’s HATE. DRE isn’t cutting me a check but I’m not gonna hate on dude for making a billion dollar move. You gotta get that out of your blood bro, that stuff is toxic.

      • ancientGOD83

        Bro I will pick up shit with tweezers before i aspire to sell out my folks on a platinum plate. I got hate in my blood, yep I do: I make millions calling women hoe’s, bitches, etc. while being a known closet homo. I sighned Eminem a racists and an ex steroid junkie whom is stuck on his first album. I have been arrested for beating women in the past. I am on pics doing fraternal poses with jimmy iovine and I ain’t went on record doing shit for my people. I can make gangsta ratta tat tat songs but none about the natural beauty of our sistas, or the economic plight of my peeps. I buy 40 mill dollar homes but won’t put just one Mill in my hometown. Quest: do u know what one mill could do in any neighborhood.
        But dre is cool, mc hammer was wack right, oh and I’m am a hater. Naw bro, take that pharoe pic off mane, u on the wrong team.

        Dre has the hate in his European aspired blood, not me. I’m just calling a puppet a puppet.

      • Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin'

        Nice. What about the songs he says he’s gangsta? That’s funny too, i can’t stand ”Let’s Ride”

      • ancientGOD83

        and bro i never respond to pointless points, but where did id say ” dre isnt cutting me a check” im just keeping it real.. so what has he done for you or you all to to be all happy and gluttony like.. did u peep every pic,jimmy is right next to him or behind him? jimmy is evil smart, i give him that… he makes sure he is right by dre is every pic to REMIND HIM and to REMIND us of who is the face and who is the BOSS.

        why cant dre be solo if this is truly his HEADPHONES. even phil knight sits back while michael jordan destroys us with those silly shoes, but jimmy gonna remind everyone that WE are still slaves,damn you havent watched the matrix mane shit. he told neo, everything around you is simulated, a game, a matrix. this is no diff. you caught in it mane. this nigga aint shit but the dudes off of BAMBOOZLED, watch that movie before you call someone a hater, you may learn the tricks they play.

      • Yabiggirl

        He is not stating that Dre should be hated on, what he is saying is that we as a people should stop being pacified by the minor victories that certain “black folks” enjoy….particularly when that victory is not shared amongst his people! smh, I understand ancientGOD83, we hoop & holla everytime they throw us a bone! Its soooooooooo sad that people dont even understand unity anymore, its never been about unity with this league of our black superstars, its all about self perservation! All of us are not gonna make it to the top or even out of poverty by “doing for self”, we as a people need help, genuine help and we know this white world is not gonna give it to us, y shouldnt we expect our brothers & sisters who have the financial security to give back. We r not asking for personal checks for each black person in the world, but invest that money where u know black folks need it the most. Dre grew up rapping about the impoversihed neighborhoods and the lack of choices for brothers growing up in the ghetto…how could u not be the person to create options for those same brothers once you r in a position to do so then? These rich niggaz not starting private schools in the ghetto, there is no chains of supermarkets or community centers owned by these sellouts in the hood…the same hood they were raised in….JayZ speaks of Marcy, but Marcy still looks like a 3rd world ghetto, Compton is still in the gutter but Dre is a billionaire, come on yall, u cant b that fkn braindead…which is y i believe u too r a fkn fool & sellout!!

      • ancientGOD83

        Ashe sista, if more think like you we good as people. Its sad when education tricks folks into thinking if they made it thats it. We think that way while All other races think the total opposite and take advantage of us. I’m only blogging to illustrate to these youngsters over here how Some folks are tricked to thinking.

      • redcons

        At least no one is tricked into thinking as ignorant as you. We see what you think of other races, no one is taking advantage of this educated brother here. Maybe you should try getting some money and a decent education first before assuming what’s going on with the smarter, wealthier class.

      • Yabiggirl

        We no longer have to assume whats going on with the wealthier class, this nations wealth has gon st8 to the top since the 80’s, the rich are gettin richer & the poorer are getting poorer! U expect us to ignore those facts why??? Specifically to our black wealthy class tho, they have done very little collectively to assist the rest of us as a unit! U say that we are looking for a handout, well guess what, every other race takes care of their own but US! Jews support and uplift jews, hispanics the samething when they can, the chinese (they have a china town in every major city in America)…..Think of that on top of the fact that it is known practice to turn away black families for affordable housing loans (but they’ll put u on a housing program no doubt), affordable business loans (but u can get a overpriced car loan tho). Redneck, I mean Redcon, u speak as if there is not a system in place that is set-up to make our climb to the top so hard that we sometimes just stop climbing……..So with that said, how could we not expect our wealthy black folks to do for us what this nation has not since its initial development for black folks!!

    • redcons

      I’m a proud black man, I’m not broke, and I’m wealthy enough to do whatever I want to do and go wherever I want to go. I feel proud because I’m watching someone I grew up with become successful. I was in high school when NWA came out and I never thought any of those brothers would be as successful as they have become, nevertheless, billionaires. I could care less where their money is going or who they are donating it to, because I have never received any donated monies, whether they were donated by blacks, whites, or any other nationality.

      The black man’s real problem is worrying about what other black men are doing and how they are spending their money. Instead n@ggas should be focusing on bettering themselves and taking care of their own families. I don’t see how Dre is a sell out, when he was one of the first ones rapping about real n@gga sht, that is still happening today in 2014.

      You mean Dre the man who also gave us NWA and Death Row, you know hiphop artists who have lasted since the 80s and 90s in this game, artists who have turned their backs and dissed this billionaire Dre after he helped them get millions? No wonder he killed the game with 50, Em, and others, just another example of you ignorant black men worrying about what other black men are doing and how they are spending their money, instead of finding ways to get your own.

      • ancientGOD83

        That bcuz negroes don’t have the concept of , the Village anymore, its what I got, or he, but not we. Bro I spend my life waking my people up, giving my money, time, printing books, speaking not at school, but in the hood. See y’all idol worshippers, and I ain’t no dumb christian. Money got white men faces on it, so even if u have a billion, its theirs. But I won’t waste no more time ever relating on this website, cuz its devil owned

        I knew when the navy, and other sponsors started promoting on here that this site, like world star, sohh are all owned by the enemy, which explains these stories as of late. Y’all treating all these robots like y’all know them. Dre wouldn’t piss on u if u were on fire, but when one person exposes these frauds he is hating. They took away higher level thinking, now its the honest opinion. If u say facts, its a conspiracy, if u have an opinion, its hate. How bout u Google the damage, hear loss associated with these overpriced headphones.

        Man its sad when we all slaves, and one makes it to house nigga and we all happy. But the brother whom calls out massa, the house nigga he is labeled dumb, evil, and once again a hater. Go head bro, when this shit popps off and we taking our land, minds, sistas, children back, let’s see who Andre and them protect, show ain’t you.

      • redcons

        Poverty has white man’s faces on it too. Be poor in the hood, and you get the white man giving you shelter, food, money, medical care, etc and your life ends up theirs as well. I think you got it twisted idol worshippers? naw bro, money is what takes care of you and your family.

        What’s wrong with the navy promoting on here, n@ggas need to know of positive opportunities to better themselves. I know how to stop, drop, and roll so why would I want Dre to piss on me if I was on fire, that’s what I’m talking about with you n@ggas always depending on the next man. If you can’t afford the overpriced headphones stfu and don’t buy them.

        You are the only slave in here, a slave to ignorant thinking, bashing white people, for what? Are you a racist? I hear you Malcolm X, I have my own land, my daughter and wife are mine and well taken care of, my sons are also mine and well taken care of. I don’t need Andre or anyone else to protect me, because I am man, which show ain’t you.

      • ancientGOD83

        Now I’m done sellout or white boy, they moderating my comments so I know its real

      • redcons

        Go back to your pity party soul brother, maybe one day you will be able to get out of your poverty. Can’t blame the white man because you are poor.

      • ancientGOD83

        Are u even a brother talking this sellout shit. I’m not poor because I have supreme knowledge of self and let’s say I am poor, would you help me, would he, see that’s the prob. Everyone is poor, one false move and they can take ur shit. White folks like u and iovinr are the devil point blank

        I know u white bcuz of that poor comment. No soul, no compassion, just support for materialistic shit. Y’all funny, y’all can steal our philosophy, hince the swastika, our music, blues etc, our story, but when one of us call yall on it, y’all can’t take it. That cools though, poor man that one made me laugh. Y’all have to Steal from Us, so who is really poor, who is the real thief. Y’all stole so much until u need a black face to hide y’alls.

      • redcons

        LOL @ I’m not poor because I have supreme knowledge of self. Obviously you are in denial that you are a poor racist.

        You are the one calling white people devils, mad at white people for helping the poor actually I don’t know why you are mad at the white man, because he has money? because he has businesses? can’t be at mad at the white man because your life isn’t going right, you too can have money and businesses, if you put in work. Can’t get no where mad at others who have achieved success and financial gain.

        I am a grown black man, I own 2 businesses, I employ whites, mexicans, blacks, and now one Korean. That poor comment was for you being mad at me calling me a sellout for being successful. Only loser blacks like yourself, who own nothing, have nothing, nor have any true knowledge of anything substantial, are the ones always complaining on other successful blacks and watching where and how they spend their money, and always bashing other races. The white man didn’t put you in your situation you did. You can be a man and get out of whatever poor condition you are in just like everybody else does from every other race.

      • ancientGOD83

        U are putting me in a poor situation and yourself on a pedestal alike your master. You don’t know me or dre, you don’t know i worked in the industry and first hand seen how brothers are treated. I have no clue if you own a business or even a pair of socks. But you think u relate to dre because of your success.

        He gives two shits about any of us. I’m stating the obvious, but you are attacking me as if you are dre himself. And one thing I learned is that agents, street teams, labels, have folks on deck doing damage control on down to blogs. You on here like you jimmy or work at aftermath. I only care bout my race, my folks, not red, white, purple, yellow. All races come together just to shut us out, and kill us with the media. So I don’t deal with them if I don’t have to. I will interview 10000 brothers more until I find the right one, just like they do with they people.
        A Chinese dude told me that blacks don’t get it, Chinese will pay an importer triple before they buy from us. They keep it all in and shut everyone Out.
        I’m a brother, I can never be racist point blank, but your privileged in your mind paying taxes like anyone else, hell you pay more taxes if you really a brother. What u want a pat on the back like dre obviously does for what.
        Your company ain’t black owned and operated so who cares. You bragging cuz u hire red, white, booh hooo. These crackers don’t brag on hiring us, they call it tax break.

        I’m rarely contradictory, meaning I responded when I said I’m done, but you Carlton banks negroes kill me. Do all that shucking and jiving. Then call others poor without even having a clue. Only a sellout would try to use Poor as an insult because u appear to be temporarily isolated in self comfort. But dance on, support dre. Hire Eminem, mackemore, and feel safe, superior. 200 meaning thousands of lil girls missing here and in Africa and you on here defending this clown. Brothers getting killed, used for tanning lotion, sunblock , yet u feel like you made it. Enjoy you and dre success while I help the Poor you frown down on. Ashe to the poor out there

      • redcons

        Chinese doesn’t buy from Americans? See this is why I called you poor, you are just admitting that you are in a poor situation. You said you are rich because of your “supreme knowledge,” yet you are showing you are very ignorant. The Chinese just purchased the Smithfield company established right here in Virginia. They are currently in the process of buying many other American companies right now as we speak. Maybe you should start reading the Business and Financial section of your local newspaper and you would know these things.

        There are just as many black racists as there is white racists, and you are living proof. Also further proof of your ignorance, “I’m a brother, I can never be racist point blank,” just shows your value as an American citizen and as a person. You will always stay with the same low class poverty driven state you have always been in.

        I care about everyone, the way God wants me too, that is the difference between you being poor and ignorant, and me being wealthy with college degrees.

      • ancientGOD83

        U are lost brother, bragging on a European doctrine that is a play off of the mystery systems in Ancient Kemet where we had supreme knowledge of self and the universe. 360* degrees of knowledge (yea you may laugh because you didn’t do your math). Yet now you pay all that time to get a wack degree.

        Guess what, I have a degree also, and I didn’t even pay to have it mailed so I could hang it up because I saw it was all a sham. I graduated from a top school and it means nothing to me at all. Realizing my true inner potential and the esoteric teachings of life made me realize college and all school is a joke.

        But a few bros like you master this system without gaining one ounce of hidden respect, knowledge of yourself or ancestors then you look down as if you made it. You vote, and think you are american. You think this is truly you nature . I think you are Dr dre and in see I hit a nerve. Only two types of so called blacks think I’m racist. One don’t know his story, the other think they MAde it, you are both. This country is a corporation and doesn’t control anything. China is just starting to publicly show that this country is owned by them, they deal inside only then take over OUtsiders silly man. They own your ass too. If you want to break it down.

        All you ranting was started because I stated that these rappers ” poverty pimp the hood” by using it as a marketing tool, then they sell us dangerous liquors, clothes/shoes that get us killed, bad imagery, messages. Then have the nerve to brag on they money. Thats evil bro, and dre has done that. He never sold drugs or killed, but he promoted that lifestyle and got rich, while our children got Dead and arrested. But you call em poor right. And dre is cool cuz he paid right. If what i just said makes me poor ignorant, and if SUpreme knowledge of self is considered nothing compared to money. I’m a poor righteous teacher then.
        Good luck with your climb up the ladder rich man

      • redcons

        Actually the only one ranting here is you, are you not reviewing all of your extra long posts? You claimed through your ignorance as usual, that only poor broke, uneducated blacks are proud of successful blacks, which I have proven you wrong yet again. Maybe you too can climb up that ladder out of ignorance.

      • ancientGOD83

        Ignorance is bliss …..so true. Meaning its fun to play rich, powerful, american, happy pride having negroe.. While knowledge is power. I’m happy you have a company.. Because I don’t work for anyone, nor myself. I aide the cosmos, and they aide me also. I give willingly to my sistas and I protect mother nature. So in return they aide me so I can help free minds. I barter, trade with others without using money.

        I know that is foreign to others, but we Ruled with this concept and our views clash like we will when shit gets realreal. And i can’t wait to help knock down this system you love so much.

        Ashe to my folks that struggle, esp the yougstas that know no better

      • redcons

        Well go struggle black man, I prefer the knowledge and money, you can be an ignorant, broke, whiny, bitter, negroe for the rest of your life if that’s what you chose to be. Anyway me and mine are going to continue to stay prayed up, educated, and plotting on how to get more money, that way we can continue to progress like a black American family is supposed to. Education and employment is important in today’s world, stop using that lame excuse that you are fighting the man as a way to staying broke and unemployed.

        You barter? Just like your ancestors did when they sold their own people off to be slaves. Yea I got knowledge of self, and the main thing I’ve learned is not to trust negroes nor whites, and to depend on and support my family first.

  5. Blaq_Boi

    I hope he ain’t sell off everything. He atleast gotta get paper from his name being attached to the brand.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        What up fam! Had to go out of town on some family sh*t. Back to it. What up with you? I can see some of these cats are still trippin’.


        Yeah, good to see u back, I look over the nonsense, Good debates overall.

    • chocboywonder

      Funny how niggas bring up 50 cent in the convo when talking about richest rappers, then turn around and talk about him with the likes of Rick Ross…I notice no one will ever bring up rick ross in a conversation about wealth.

      the fact that 50 even considered in this conversation means he is doing something right

      • disqus_mvvAJNYLj1

        STFU throwing cheap shots. go suck 50 cents dick

  6. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Congratulations to Dre. Great milestone, a well deserved position through it all, Really against all odds.

    • chocboywonder

      yea, and we should just leave it at that, what’s up with all the mentions by others about other rappers? Only black culture, we can’t just congratulate everyone for their success, we always have to make it a competition.

  7. DiscoverDior.com

    I was one of the first to make a comment saying that “Dre is a fool for selling overpriced headsets in the hood” but I guess I was wrong….Congrats to Dr Dre, for thinking outside of the box…We need more rappers to, stop fighting on twitter and think outside of the box as well….lol

  8. water_ur_seeds

    Who would of thought during the NWA years that Dre would become a BILLIONAIRE??? Haha big up Dre, congrats…

  9. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Congrats to Dr. Dre!

    He has kept his mouth shut and did not go the blown ego way
    as many of his counterparts. For most of the time he has been
    working and making sure his name is only associated with high
    quality product. Of course without Jimmy Iovine this wouldn’t have
    been possible. In this case jimmi could not have sold the phones
    in his name. So great for Dre.

    I will not write anything negative, because it’s counterproductive.
    I can only state, that we as black people shouldn’t be too
    obsessed with what others do. We are still in a time where the
    contribution to the advancement of mankind by black people is
    little. Sure there was improvement but it’s relatively very little.

    But please use this as an encouragement in order to do better.
    it does not matter if your homies think it’s cool what you do.
    It does not matter if you do what is popular or what not.
    It does not matter if it takes 5-10 years of a long struggle before
    you get anywhere.
    Just do what you do best. Educate yourself.
    Be proactive and not just reactive. Meaning

    Be in charge of your life and not let your environment dictate you.

    On a side note.
    7 years ago I have left my hometown with just 1000Euros in my
    hands to go to China. i moved to a country where i didn’t know
    the language and whatever I will have to deal with later.
    I was there once before and I decided I will go. I went through
    a lot of trouble, but I quickly saw that learning quickly is a skill
    I underestimated. 7 years later I look at this tough phase as my
    greatest achievement ever. My life is great now. I have been
    able to open so many doors over here. And whatever business
    I’m doing is running fine. So the best advice I can offer. Thinking
    outside the box doing something completely different can pay of
    in the end. If somebody asks me if I regret anything. I just say
    there is nothing.

  10. FatherSha_

    So we can’t congratulate Dre on his power move? He’s a sellout? I don’t agree with the whole USC thing either but it’s his money. Michael Jordan knows kids get killed over his ugly a$$ shoes, but no one calls him a sell out.

    Reality is this, what are YOU doing for your community? Stop worrying about what these rappers are doing with their bread and start doing YOUR part. A young friend of mine is really active in youth outreach and I recently joined him in his endeavors. I did it so that I could try to make an impact. I should have started a long time ago but I’m doing my small part. You do yours. Dr. Dre isn’t the Mayor of Compton just like Jay-Z isn’t the Governer of NY. Change starts from within.

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