Hip Hop Rumors: Diddy Hires Ghostwriter For Howard Commencement Speech

This weekend, Diddy is returning to his alma mater Howard University to deliver the commencement speech. Some folks have been divided over this because the rapper/actor and constant fixture on the Forbes list never actually graduated from the school.

Regardless of who objects, Diddy is taking the honor very seriously by hiring journalism vet and author dream hampton. Hampton was a fixture during Diddy’s Bad Boy shiny suit days and good friends with Biggie. She has contributed to every  music mag under the sun and moved on to being a filmmaker and was the ghost writer behind Jay-Z’s book, Decoded.



It pays to have good people on your team.

  • Jonathan Cephas

    Who cares. U think Obama writes his speeches? NO!

    • He’s the President of the United States. Perhaps you’re putting Puffy in too high of conpany.

      • Twonpass

        ha, not really same clown different circus…..hahahahahaha

      • I dont put Obama and Puffy in the same realm. If you do that says more about you than either of them.

      • Explain the difference….

      • I wouldnt think this is necessary but ok…
        One is a graduate from Harvard Law School, was a community organizer, then a state senator, then a US Senator, then President of the United States.

        The other didnt graduate college, was in intern at a record company, then became the head of a successful record label and markets clothing and vodka.

      • Jonathan Cephas

        Its spelled “company”…………….

      • I guess its easier to boost your own intelligence by presuming I dont know how to spell company than it is to presume that it was a typo due to the fact that the n is right next to the m on a keyboard. But whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

      • Jonathan Cephas

        Ha u mad. Lol

  • jd

    Don’t worry if he write speeches… you know the rest.

    • soyhiphop

      I steals artist publishing? Oh no wait it was I hired 15 ghost writters? Or I sample every single beat I produced? Ohh I write checks now I remember

      • jd

        You forgot make crappy reality shows and sing terribly and lip sync everything when on stage.

      • While wearing shiny suits.

  • One of the 48 laws of power “Use others to do the work and take the credit” Politicians do it all the time so why is this a problem.Whoever wrote this article needs to learn a little bit about taking the necessary steps to achieve greatness.The same as a ghost writer to a singer. Who cares as long as it’s delivered properly

  • InTheNightKitchen

    I thought ghost writers were supposed to ghost (secret), i didn’t know that a ghost rider had liberty to post about it on IG. I don’t think I’d consider her a ghost writer.

    • Pirate7x

      She’s groupie jouralist, the original media ‘superhead’ if you will. Not saying she screwed every artist she covered but she has a record of riding for whomever was winning at the time for over 2 decades, do a google search. Biggie, then Nas, Heavy D, Jay-Z, etc. She’s more of publicist with a degree acting as a journalist.

      I observed those circles back the 90’s and it was disgusting how hard they jock-rode. I don’t knock anyone’s hustle but you can get off your literary knees and speak from the heart rather than for a few crumbs celebs toss.

  • Seeing as how he didnt graduate from Howard, why did this article say Howard was his alma mater?

  • D_Ably

    Puffys never written anything anyway, raps or speech. Dudes just an overpaid tard, a hip hop mascot, he’s not even on a hype mans level Lmao

  • water_ur_seeds

    Presidents and Prime Ministers dont write their speeches either, who cares???

    • soyhiphop



    Of course he did, & then hired an ‘actor/model’ to play him giving the speech, & pushed his alcohol/clothes/cable channel down all their throats! PuffyDiddy DidIt……..


    of course he dont do a damn thing not even make beats

  • Jared

    That’s good move because his vernacular isn’t the greatest. How is this his alma mater?

  • Jonathan Bacher

    Cant be mad at his achievements but please dont do the speech of you cant write it.

  • Freeing Eritrea

    They are called speech writers. Every one from Obama to your mama uses a speech writer. Speaking of writers, your websites is in need of. Seriously AHH, you can a lot better than this sh8+. #journalism

    • IceBergSlim


    • Ghost writer. LOL.

      Why do I continue to think the AHH team consists of a bunch of goons smoking weed in a project bedroom, with a laptop and liquor, scouring other sites for gossip and changing a few words, at times making things up. Or at times taking the piss out of their readers?

      Here’s my advise, hire a few journalists that’ll cover the who, what, why where, when, and how. That’s basic.

  • soyhiphop

    Who you think writes obamas speeches obama? Lol

    • Papi Peligro

      Sarah Palin writes her speeches on her hand.

      • soyhiphop

        Lol I’m surprised she could write

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  • Papi Peligro

    Who cares. Real ninjas don’t go to graduate look at Diddy. REAL NINJAS sell crack and need to hire comment writers.

    • Pirate7x

      Yup; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Michael Dell are ‘real ninjas’ who said ‘fuq a degree’.

  • Papi Peligro

    Let me give a commencement speech. OK How many of you got your degree in Liberal Arts. Hold your hand up. Alright Walmart “IS” Hiring. Gone pass that down. Alright how many of you went to school for business administration SPECIALIZING in things like Marketing. OK OK. Call centers are hiring Take this application and pass it around. How many of you went to school for Technology. Ok Ok. Put your hand down if you can speak to the Chinese or Indians. OK if your hand still raised you gonna need to work at best buy for like 10 years to get some experience talking to the Chinese and Indians.

    • scullyson

      Funny sh*t right here but true…lol

      • Guest

        Real spit,used to work with a girl who had a PHD in psychology,she made a $1 more than I did.

    • ” ** can’t ** speak to the Chinese or Indians.”

      >>Went for Business management, specializing in contract law & legal.

      >>Makes $1 per hr more than HS dropout stacking Chitlins overnight at Sam’s club!

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  • Slaughtr

    I have a degree in writing and the way I feel if you can’t write your own speech your a fkn idiot. If you have somebody to edit that’s acceptable but hearing real modest words is a better look. I was around Sean and all the early bad boy cats back in the 90’s and really the achievements are good work but to not have really graduated then pose a ghost writer is fake shyt to me. So like everything else love it or hate personally I don’t give a fck.

    • All that time around them back then & it took this to realize he’s fake?

  • They should have never had him there in the first place…Graduate should look up to former alumnus, not Diddy who didn’t even graduate from the institution.

    • Pirate7x

      Did Bill Gates or Steve Jobs earn their degrees?

  • deanharris

    I don’t mind Puff not graduating or hiring speech writers. My issue is that Puff made the majority of his money denigrating his own race and is known over the past 5 years for selling liquor. What type of message are we sending to the graduates? It doesn’t matter what your morals or ethics, as long as you’re wealthy and give us money, you’re an asset to the community.

  • Pirate7x

    And?!! Every President from Obama to Washitah (look it up) has used speech writers to ‘collective editors’ to shape their work. It’s called ‘boss status’ and using your employees. And no rue says you have to be a graduate of that school (rarely EVER happens) or a grad at all to give a commencement speech. Michelle & Barack could not have graduated from all the 50 schools they are paid to speak at commencment for.

    Diploma check: did Bil Gates, Steve Jobs, or Micheal Dell complete their education and earn degrees? Hmmmm….

    Plus Dream Hampton is a classic industry groupie tool. I don’t even knock her hustle that hard but do the science: chick was engaged to Heavy D, rode Nas’ jock, Biggie, Jay-Z, Puffy, etc. to whoever was hot or winning. Media & money are funny-ass bedfellows…