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Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Jeezy Update!

Young Jeezy is coming back for more of that “thug motivation.” The Georgia rapper hosted a listening session in Atlanta and let a select few hear his new music that will be on his new album. Most were uber-exclusive DJ’s with the ear to the streets. This is why we were in the place to be as well. Thanks DJ Drama! In all reality Jeezy limited the number of songs he played but what he presented was very satisfactory to the listener. He also said that he has a special feature that he couldn’t say. I’m thinking it has to be something crazy like Quincy Jones or something. He’s worked with most of the major figures in the game. I also heard Jeezy is dropping an app soon.

Check out our recap of his session that our very own DJ Blak Magic shot:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Trap App

    • Django 2Chainz

      Hell yea its gone tell you all the dope prices & good locations lol

      • Sean Taylor

        tehehehehe and that would be super uber kwel wouldn’t it!!??


  • Son Dollars

    Trap or Die!!!!!

    • Nemesis_Enforcer


      • Breeze


  • tha OG

    Jeezy is that nigga with that Dope music

  • MrNoName2K

    Another album full of street tales and adlibs…yay



  • i’mreloaded!

    I fux wit Jeezy. Real street music. I’ll let everybody else determine if he real or fake, just gimme something to ride to. Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh. Aye!

    • forget if he is real or fake the nigga cant rhyme and cant flow.. lmfao.. cop the instrumental album my nigga

  • digitallife

    Track listing:
    1. Million block player
    2. Three traps
    3. Bricks
    4. Bricks 2
    5. Did I say bricks?
    6. Four traps
    7. Interlude – Talking about traps
    8. I ain’t trapped in years but to ya’ll i’m still trapping
    9. Trapz (Not to be confused with Three traps or four traps)
    10. Pistol in da trap
    11. Sugar lumps
    12. Lobster Sammiches in the Trap
    13. Trap all day
    14. Summer Trap
    15. We got traps
    16. Trapazoid

    • Uncle Ben



      Me Too.LOL

    • GQ

      ….And that album would ride. Jeezy aint dropped a garbage album yet.

      LOL @ yo post tho!

      • digitallife

        That’s a matter of opinion cuz, i’d disagree with you but then again that’s the beauty of music we dont always have to agree just be respectful of each others opinions.

      • GQ


      • Sean Taylor

        Already what, already stupid azz ignorant comment. I bet you don’t tell your boss “already” when he / she tells you to do something….assuming you work at all.

      • GQ

        Whiteboy, you have no place on here. I wasn’t talking to you.

        You have no clue about me or what I have. I’m the definition of a blueblood. I was born into it, never had to work for it,AND still get it on my own. I don’t have a boss, I am the BOSS. Now there’s a CMT site you can check out so gtfoh. No one cares for your opinion on shyt. Cracka.


      • i bet you say “yes sir!! i will take the trash out and scrub the toilet sir!! The fries are nearly fully cooked and the happy meal boxes unfolded too sir!!” ahahahahahahahahaha

      • every single bar he has ever dropped.. pure garbage!! lol.. u better off just coping the instrumental album.. lmfao

      • GQ

        Ok whiteboy, whatever you say.

      • nigga u kno its true

      • GQ


      • shakin ya head like “damn white boy kno what he talkin bout” ahahahaha

      • GQ

        SMH cause if this whiteboy was to say nigga in my face… R.I.P

      • yeah if u called me white boy to my face it be R.I.P.

      • GQ

        Are you in LA?

      • nah, NJ

      • GQ

        Well lets keep it moving then… Good day

      • David Gonz

        jezzey a fukk boy

    • ** Bonus Trap ** = My Trap Fu Style In A Trap Fu Flick!

      *only available on CD version

      • digitallife forgot the b-side of the bonus trap: Cool side of the pillow trapping

      • & the Bonus * Bonus * Trap :


        You wild for that tracklisting though…even funnier because it sounds real!


        #5 Hurt me though LOL~N

    • Funniest sht I seen on here in awhile…..

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  • Immortal

    It’s 2014 and you’re still using “Young” in your stage name? Aren’t you in your mid 30’s with a grown son?

    • GQ

      AHH is saying “young” Jeezy been dropped the “young”

    • Jay Rose’

      he just go by “Jeezy” now

  • I think all people hear is jeezy trap songs, if u actually listen I think he is pretty damn good, especially when he tries to convey a message. Can’t even stunt, all bruh albums been solid production wise and semi lyrically. If I had to throw a nigga out the rap game, jeezy wouldn’t be one of em. I don’t know bout his background or nutn but musically I like his sht. Even the trap songs are well constructed, funny the only song I really couldn’t dig was that icy song wit gucci. I thought it was gabage

    • stfu he is terrible. (ayyyy) he cant rhyme to save his life (liiiiife)

      He picked and paid for good beats (Yeahhhhh) thats it!! lol

      semi lyrically? gtfoh (ouuuuuut)

      i added the adlibs to help u feel more comfortable.. lmfao

      • you mad or nah?

      • nah

      • Lmao you and I have already had words before, i don’t fk wit ur kind. Go head on wit the bullsht man. Adlib deez u clam chowder eating lame. U the Donald Sterling type and I see right thru ya pale azz. This right here ain’t what u want bruh. U have ur opinion and I have mine. Talking bout shut up, easy to say behind a monitor. Real life I’d murk your face with jabs and right crosses…foh lame.

      • *mentions shit like “easy to say behind a monitor

        *talks about murking your face with jabs and right crosses

        *while he safely sits behind computer monitor



        seriously, its cool if you like it, i mean its your guilty pleasure, but you gotta know jeezy sucks, jeezy has weak bars, jeezy doesnt make the beats, he pays for them.. lol jeezy has no talent what so ever. Deal with that shit homeboy.

        *passes tissue

      • In the words of the honorable rich homie quaneth…..blah blah blah blah….lmao

  • lol @ young jeezy, lets be real that nucca cant rap. period.

  • End of Days

    That… whip… though…


  • Splatter

    got a feeling that feature he’s talking about is Andre 3000. everybody and they momma get hyped when andre lend a verse.