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Lord Jamar Speaks On Young Thug Wearing Dresses

(AllHipHop News) Lord Jamar called himself the “conservative voice” of Hip Hop. The Brand Nubian member has taken on the role of speaking out on several topics in the culture that he sees as damaging including the feminization of men.

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In his latest sit down with VladTV, Jamar offers his opinion on Young Thug. The buzzing rapper has garnered a lot of attention for his music as well as his tendency to wear women’s clothing, and Jamar is not supportive of the Atlanta native’s choice of attire.

“I’m not feeling him,” said Jamar on Thug. “I seen the n***a in a video where he came out, and his n***as got guns but he got on some womanly looking shirt on… It’s like the more effeminate s**t that you do, the more you’re going to have to do other s**t to try to prove your manhood.”

Jamar continues on the point that the emasculation of young men affects society as a whole.

“It’s these emasculated young boys that don’t have no father figure in the hood… disrespect women trying to prove they manhood. Running having mad babies with different girls, not taking care them, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning,” adds Jamar. “What another man wears does affect you cause it affects his mind and what he does in society. It affects what happens in society, and what happens in society is going to affect you.”

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Watch Lord Jamar’s interview below.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    “It’s these emasculated young boys that don’t have no father figure in the hood… disrespect women trying to prove they manhood. Running having mad babies with different girls, not taking care them, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning”

    now what idiot is going to speak out against his comment

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      He is 100% correct..

    • Twonpass

      dont worry , plenty… because they themselves have a dark secret… and probably a closet fag they self…just keepin it 100

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i didnt grow up with a father or a male in the house. the ONLY men in my family was born int he fam lol thats how much there was no men in the house. i dont have babies around the world, thank god, but i did subscribe to the ideology that the number of women i have/had determines my man hood. so lord jamar saying that………im like yo that s true. im older now (33) and got a son that 19 months, and i dont feel like i became a MAN til i hit my 30s.
        now i have life lessons i learned from, trails and errors………won a few loss a few and these experiences made me who i am. i have a son, and his father is a man, and i will pass what i know to him so he can be better then me. all this i had to learn…………so if there is a man on this board who did NOT have a father figure and CANT relate to what he saying………..i’ll be interested to know why not. there is men on here commenting who had men in they life and can still relate. but what it is is this………..you got some nagas that already have a self check mechanism in they brain that makes them disagree with anything that is perceived as anti ghey that they cant even let themself decipher whats being said. all they know is its lord jamar and prolly anti ghey so i already know i wont like it lmao crazy

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Word life nigga. Dropping truth there homie. Speak on it.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      @Jonathan Bacher

      So the boy’s that are left by their fathers turn out to be foggots ? ZERO proof for that. Why then skinnie jeans werent invented by the Bloods and Crips in the 50s and 60s ?

      “now what idiot is going to speak out against his comment” ?

      My question is: What funking idiot would run with this theory ?

      i think your comment will be deleted so i captured it.

      1st off…….i wasnt born in the 50s and 60………but men did wear skinny jeans back in the day. hell, the dress code was pretty strange in the late 80s early 90s……….nagas wearing biker shorts and the muscle men wore cut off shirts and other weird garments so hey.

      YOU came up with the notion that a man with no father figure grow up to be f@ggots. lord jamar said you start to disrespect women TRYING to PROVE your manhood. you want an example of that. listen to old west coast rap, especially from death row.
      i didnt grow up with a father/figure, and i DID think being a play boy, having mad girls defined your manhood. during the crack era all the old heads was dead, in jail or strung out
      so our “old heads” was like 25 and younger………..so (lets use nino brown from new jack city) when nino pour champagne on the chick and say ill buy another one………….to a fatherless boy that ish look “manly”.
      when in reality there is nothing “manly” about disrespecting a women
      and a women disrespecting her man does not make her a “strong women”

  • soyhiphop

    Young thug probably gay but there’s a 40 cal tucked in his dress so leave him alone

    • Twonpass

      SMH , all these fags nowadays….
      yeah you to

  • Jonathan Bacher

    When will this idiot stop crying. As long as it’s not having a negative effect on anything everybody should do whatever the fk they feel like

    • sadat

      you must be gay too

      • Jonathan Bacher

        shut up you faggot nigga

      • Twonpass

        you didnt deny it…..
        and you retorted with a gay slur..
        Point proven

      • sadat

        admit it you have no problem because you take in the ass its your right though

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  • Jon

    This is getting ridiculous. Is as if people forgot about the way Prince, Rick James, Earth Wind and Fire, etc…used to dressed.

    • Rico

      And the same was said about them. Trust me.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Bitches love them dudes

    • F.U.

      The jury is still out on Prince even though he’s had some bad bitches in his time. If you’re a man you have no business wearing a dress period!

  • jd

    Give this dude a show. He is entertaining as hell. Lotta truth being told whether you agree or disagree.

  • Eli Pinilla

    He’s right. When you look like a bitch and dress like one, then you get tried, you gotta go extra hard to prove you ain’t one….

    • Twonpass

      only a fag would justify a man wearing a dress..
      yall are so dam lost its not even funny….
      How about , stop wearing dresses and be a real man, but yall too scared to do that .

      • Eli Pinilla

        Who’s justifying a man wearing a dress?!?! U ain’t read me say “he’s right”?!?! As in I agree with him?!?! You must’ve not listened to the interview cuz you would see I was just reiterating his point

      • Twonpass

        I gotcha folks……not commenting on you, just the article…

  • Brindle

    “It’s these emasculated young boys that don’t have no father figure in the hood… disrespect women trying to prove they manhood. Running having mad babies with different girls, not taking care them, thinking they’re being a man. All because they were emasculated in the beginning,” and “What another man wears does affect you cause it affects his mind and what he does in society. It affects what happens in society, and what happens in society is going to affect you.”……. ONLY INVESTED EMOTIONS AND CHOSEN IGNORANCE WOULD SAY HE’S WRONG…

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      yo man i grew up around drug dealers, stickup kids and a few dudes who got bodies under their belts, lost a gang of friends to jail time or body bags…. watch violent ass movies all day everyday, play violent ass video games, been in hte military overseas holding it down. im from philly and was there when Cool C and crew robbed the bank and killed the cop, my mom was a panther, my dad use to fight it out in the street, my female cousin is a stone cold lesbian….. im a father, navy vet, network design engineer, mc/producer with song collabs from signed artist namely BLU, Lil, Oddisee, Stacy Epps…. so society can affect you but nigga i made all my decisions to do what the hell i wanted. Young Thug wearing a dress isnt affecting me or my kids (my boys hate skinny jeans and love 90s hip hop and they youngins). if i follow you and jamars logic i should be on the negative side of the tracks living a life of crime because of the society and environment i was brought up in. Nah!

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    Notice this clown is only in media a majority of the time for negativity
    Jamar and Star should just start a radio show together already.
    Star naively comments negatively on these situations all the time with out having a clue of what’s really going on. I think these dudes just sit around and hate on everything.

    • F.U.

      So you like dresses? Instead of hating listen to his words. He’s spot on and has been since day one. How you going to be in a video with pistols and you admit you bought and wore a little girls dress? FOH lol

      • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

        I never said that. How do you think people felt when dudes started wearing Diamond earrings and fur coats ? I could give a sh*t less what some other dude is wearing, it’s pretty gay for a grown man to be that concerned about what another dude is wearing. It’s a middle school mentality to look down on the most vain thing. Is it funny ? f*ck yeah it is but leave it at that. My overall point is he’s never in the news for any accomplishment only to talk shit

      • Twonpass

        My question to you is, What have WE accomplished.
        We are in the same boat we were when the slave ship dropped us off.
        So again I ask you what have WE accomplished.
        The Sellouts that you will prolly mention dont count as they dont help US no way .

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        thats easy
        what have we accomplished.
        we accomplished to NOT be black (some of us)
        to shuck and jive……oops my bad, i meant “thug it out” on camera to entertain the children of the people the oppressed our forefathers and mothers
        we accomplished how to NOT unify…….got tammit, we mastered that
        we accomplished excepting EVERY way of life america have to offer us EXCEPT being BLACK PEOPLE.

        brother we done did a lot to keep us on the bottom. and what we are doing HAVE to be right cause other blacks keep saying we are progressing……smh

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        check this out…………
        i “dont” have a problem with young thug wearing a dress. and i use “dont” loosely, right.
        what i have a problem with is he is wearing a LITTLE GIRLS dress.
        leave the babies outta this………if he wanna wear a grown women dress then………aye, whatever. but something about him wearing a 9year old dress………i aint feeling that, we gotta protect the babies

  • Executive

    I’d be pissed if I got shot by a nigga in a skirt!

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      damn funny!!

  • So….. It’s cool to f*ck a dude in prison, but it’s wrong to wear a “skirt” in public????? This dude’s logic is killing me. Either you’re against all sh*t that’s gay or you’re not. You can’t give a pass to n*ggas in prison and try to separate them from being gay. I’m sorry, if you f*cked a dude, you gay! Your locale is irrelevant.

    • La’shaun Saint Claire

      ahh, the truth is like a fantastic cup of java, very refreshing… best comment today!!!

      • Yep! I’m amazed at how many people are cosigning what this dude said. Maybe they didn’t view the video or something. But if they’re looking at the same sh*t that I’m looking at they would think that this dude’s mind is grits. How are you going to be against skirts but cosigning men in prison f*cking other dudes and coming home to kick it with women???? If you cosign what Lord Jamar says then you’re advocating that kind of behavior.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i aint clip on the vid………..just copied and paste the quote i agreed with. but if he co-signing gayism in jail and condemning the gay ish in the real world then yeah, his logic is flawed.
        naga lord jamar aint co-sign gayism in jail

      • La’shaun Saint Claire

        No I didn’t watch the video, he’s not that damn interesting, if you fu ck a man in prison and come home and be with women you are just nasty and very homosexual. It’s all homo to me!!!

  • Executive

    This nigga speaking the truth.

  • Tx_Vandal187

    word to lord jamar

  • Lord Jamar is speaking’ the real. Not sure how a real man could disagree with him. But, dudes are on something’ else these days.

  • soyhiphop

    Gays are good think about it that’s one less nicca trying to fucc your girl. .lol

    • Rob


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  • I really don’t care what rappers wear or do not wear, all I care about is how good their music is.

    If a male rapper wears a skirt and I like their music I’ll listen to it or buy it. On the other hand a rapper could be the best dressed person in the world and if I’m not feeling their music I won’t acknowledge them.

    Too much time spent on talking about what others wear and not enough time spent on making good music.

    Rappers need to start minding their business.

    • GQ

      “If a male rapper wears a skirt and I like their music I’ll listen to it or buy it.”

      You’re part of the problem.

      • So what if you found out that your favorite rapper is gay ( just for argument sake ), you’ll stop buying his music or never listen to him again and dispose all your music of him or ask for a full refund?

        I don’t listen to a rapper because of what they choose to wear or not to wear, to me it’s all about the music. Each to their own.

        If that’s seen as a problem it wont be going away any time soon.

        When Frank Ocean came out that didn’t stop rappers from working with him or did it?

        The same rappers who used the “F” word ceased using it. They were aware that if they said anything negative there would have been a backlash which would have hurt their pockets.

        Some other high profile rappers who used to constantly use the “F” word also stopped using in when they found out that their off spring was gay. These rappers change their opinions on things when it suits them to.

        I tell you something if the opportunity came along for Jamar to work with a gay rapper or one that has previously worn a skirt and their was money at stake, I’m sure the dude will have a change of heart.

        ( please note I am man that loves women only)

      • GQ

        If my favorite rapper is gay, then he’s doing a great job hiding it. When you got a Young Thug type of nigga in a skirt in front of your babies messing up they head and still say “oh well, he makes good music” then YES YOU are part of the problem.

      • Celz

        If a nicca is gay and does his gay thing in the gay world or keeps it low key mainstream than that fine by me. I have issue with gay people bringing their agenda into my culture.

        Gay people would not tolerate a bunch of straight niccas comin to their festivals and parades proclaiming our lifestyle and demanding a center stage. It’s a double standard and Young Thug represents that double standard if your gay be a man and be gay. Don’t try to slide it in our mainstream like it’s ok.. There ain’t no such thing as DL, Bi, or curious. If you have sex with a man you’re gay. Young Thug is pushin that grey area which is misleading and wrong.

      • Ipullcards


  • Slaughtr


  • This sh!t is straight outta The Boondocks..

  • olmek

    Lord jamar is an old fart who can’t sell records so he tries to make chips by talkin shit about people half his age. Weak ass shit. Why don’t you just retire you wrinkled old bastard.

    • novi

      Man he telling the truth

  • AlbertoRipRon

    This is pure dopeness that LJ is speaking out on issues like this. We hear to much of the other side instead of this side of hip hop. That’s imbalance. And there’s plenty of imbalance in society today.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    and lord jamal looks just like a sweating crack head in this picture…

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  • daking bytch

    i find it funny mfz wanna attack this man for speaking the truth. Hip hop and the world as a whole need to realize that promoting all this gay shyt is influencing the youth. When 2pac nwa and everybody promoted what they did it gave ya’ll ganstaz and also social awareness. these new artist give u mollys and bragging on what they got. no messages just filler which is why every year ya move on to a new “artist”. Listen to kendrick ab soul jay rock dom kennedy jon connor or underground if u want more then beats n bitches. Buy a pair of pants that actually fit instead of a 32 when u a 38.