Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Tyrese Put The Apple / Beats Deal In Jeopardy?

Tyrese is a cool dude…however Apple may not know that.

First of all, the deal with Apple and Beats is not complete. Dr. Dre has not gotten his money and he is not the first rap billionaire yet. Even with the deal, he may not be the first billionaire but that’s another story. There is a prevailing rumor that the videos Tyrese did with Dr. Dre in it upset the “apple” cart over at the computer giant. It was Apple that forced Tyrese to remove the videos of him and Dre bragging over the deal before the chicken was hatched! But, how crazy would it be if Tyrese’s social media video screwed up a $3 billion dollar deal? At any rate, I wonder if Apple is looking at all the contrary reports on this deal. The deal may be deaded just because it makes them look a bit crazy.

10 Changes That Must Have Steve Jobs Rolling In His Grave

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Most accomplished producer of all time, He deserves it….This is also big business. Not Internet video is gonna stop a 3 billion dollar deal from happening….unless it some Donald Sterling shit.

    • Qudus

      ‘Most accomplished producer of all time’ my a$$; suffice to say you drank the kool-aid. You know that kool-aid, the one where Dre was propped up as a commodity to be marketed by any means….irrespective of his ACTUAL contributions/inputs.

      • HMIC

        You talkin a lot of words homie …but you aint sayin nothin! If you got something to say then spit it out..dont hide behind some bs conspiracy theory

      • Sean Taylor

        He did spit it out, you’re just to stupid and or don’t have the comprehension skills to understand what was said.

        Move along and go play some wee-todded Keef.

      • HMIC

        And you do pumpkin head? FOH with that.. y’all were probably seat mates on the short bus…

      • Daz ghost produced most of Dre’s tracks, is what he’s saying in a round about way!

      • HMIC

        He shoulda come straight with it..instead he typing like he missed his meds.

      • soyhiphop

        Daz scott storche. Johnny j mail man all ghost produced for him which is a pathetic term lol how you take credit for some elses hard production work like is cool? Em jay z snoop ice cube. Kurupt d.o.c all wrote his lyrics

      • Dre was the boss / producer.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Nwa- straight outta Compton
        Nwa- 1000 miles and running
        Nwa- nggz 4 life
        easy- e – easy duz it
        The d.o.c- no one can do it better
        Dr dre- the chronic
        Snoop dogg- doggystyle
        The firm
        Marshall Mathers lp
        chronic 2001
        get rich or die trying
        The documentary

        eazy, cube, dogg pound, Warren g, nate dog, snoop, fuckin jj fad(he produced supersonic) the doc, eminem, 50, game and all the Nggz that came under them have a connection with Dr dre in one form or another…..on top of that, for all the classic shit he put out under ruthless records and death row records, they both f*ck ed him out his money. And left both them situations with nothing. For all the hate Jimmy I ovine gets, dres’s been able to make the same music he been making and now he’s about to be the first billionaire in hiphop. That’s the universe paying him back what he’s owed….This man is the only artist from the golden era of hiphop that was able to capitalize off of his art after getting f*ck ed by his own people for a good 10 years…..

      • SBRon

        Whatever $$ he was “f*cked out of” was on him! “No Vaseline”…I won’t even touch the “most accomplished producer” nonsense!!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Ok, so when he gets f*ck ed out his money, that’s on him. But when he’s about to make a billion and gets the credit for producing classics, it’s not on him?!?! It’s on everybody else? !? …..no vaseline ‘ s just a diss. Cube got f*ck ed to. He ain’t get paid for writing eazy duz it or for straight outta compton. At least not what he was supposed to.

      • SBRon

        “I (Cube) saw it comin” etc… Plus, by all accounts, Dre will end up at about 800 mil & he doesn’t have the confidence to put out Detox or it would’ve been out WAAAAAYYY b4 dem damn headphones!!

      • Eli Pinilla

        What’s any of that gotta do with him getting the credit he deserves and the money he’ll make from branding the headphones?!?!?! Even if he’s on 800 million. That’s still love. He gonna make more money from his outside venture than anything jayz, diddy, or 50 cent did.

      • SBRon

        “Most overrated (so-called) producer of all time” is all I’m sayin… you can throw Puffy in there, too!!!! Dre shouldn’t even be considered 1st “hip-hop” billionaire even if he does get there! That chapter is done…a long time ago!!!

      • SBRon

        Not to mention, “Funky Worm” in every other track…

      • SuperSonic?


        I didn’t know that!

        You forgot Michelle & World Class Wrecking Crew – “Turn Off The Lights”.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I didn’t even drop the singles. He produced the whole Damn album!! Lol I just found out like a few months ago.

      • I just found out with your comment!

        Now I see why you’re the go to Hip hop Historian!


      • Vinsanity

        Also forgot early Above the Law

      • Dayum!

        Dre’s resume is deep!

      • Vinsanity

        Agree with everything you said except Super Sonic. Dope track but he didnt produce it or take the credit.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Haha Def not equal to none of the other names. Was just throwing it out there cuz people don’t really know….and they was big In the 80 ‘ s lol

      • Eli Pinilla

        You switched up your comment……check the production credits. He produced the whole album with yella and Arabian prince.

    • No…but a savvy investor will use it as leverage for a better negotiation….especially if they are the only interested bidder at that price.

      They would be negligent if they didn’t.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I don’t think it’s that serious. Especially because a lot of the reason apple is buying it is cuz of the threat of the streaming service. Apple is acquiring the beats streaming service because theirs is lacking. They actually don’t know what the plans are for the headphones headphones at the moment…..but regardless, the man is coming off clean. When he first came out with these 300 dollar headphones, everybody was lookin at him crazy.

      • It probably isn’t that serious, but you & I would act like it was a deal breaker to save 1 Billion or 2 if we could….they would too!

      • You’re damn right Bro.

        It’s prob to make him sweat and think that the deal has fallen through, once they get him in that position they will always come back with a lower offer. We do that all the time ha ha

      • *Not so much “All The Time” as much as it’s “Every chance we get””

        I know you don’t poke your ex all the time…but you do poke every chance you get!

      • Agree.

        ha ha ha.

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  • Nana De Baus


  • damion

    Dr. Dre must of signed a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which means that all negotiations are kept quiet until both parties agree on terms. The SEC and Apple must take a dim view on this leak.

    • Dope

      Probably, these big companies don’t play around like rappers do, announcing a deal just because some dude said he’s got a cousin who’s a janitor at Aftermath and he’ll pass him the demo. Big companies only announce stuff when the ink dries and this was a bad move.

      But, if they’re really interested in the brand, they may ”punish” Dre by offering a smaller price or something, but still go on with the deal.

    • Sean Taylor

      It’s not like Dre gave out any details. Hell every media site in the world reported about the deal.

      I think it’s more about what they said and how they acted in the video. You’re dealing w/ Apple NOT Interscope.

  • The Legendary Troll

    niggas need to learn when you get to a certain level, certain niggaish shit need to be left alone

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  • Sean Taylor

    I don’t blame Apple for being embarrassed by the Tyrese video and Dre himself for that matter. Multiple “nigga this, shit that, muthafuc*er this, the first billionaire in hiphop, right here from the muthafuc*king west coast….”

    You’re supposedly doing a deal with Apple not Interscope where stupid talk like that is tolerated and encouraged. You don’t brag about ish when ish hasn’t even been finalized. Someone should tell Dre to brag AFTER the deal is done….

    • Troll_E_G

      So its wrong to curse now, what does that have to do with the product used to hear curse words threw music. Sounds like this is false or somebody hating at Apple

    • hoeyuno

      What’s the weather like up there on the pedastool Sean..it must be awesome being better then everyone on the planet..I bet when you walked into church this morning the priest stopped reading and asked you to please take over….

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  • Sean Power

    this would be epic fail of the year and the ultimate niggas keeping it real gone wrong jimmy Iovine would make tryese never put out a again

  • therealest1

    Tyrese has always been an ignorant ghetto ass clown to me.

  • Elayorx El

    It’s quite interesting to witness this sort of behavior coming from those that should know better. It really makes you wonder why anyone really wants to be legendary at what they do. I mean, is it really all about having the most money, and turning everything into some silly competition, trying to impress people you know don’t really give a D about you anyway? Straight ni@@a s#1t! Where is the discipline, and experience when you really need it? Tyrese seems to be a good dude, but seriously, I’m so over hearing about people barking about what part of the region they are from. Dre should be lightyears beyond that, if it’s true about his video high jinks. “Detox” really should be an all encompassing collaboration between all the Hip-Hop greats, because if anyone can pull that off, it’s Dre. Hopefully, this will be a lesson to all those involved in future deals of a similar magnitude.

  • Naaaa, how could Tyrese’s ignorance mess up the deal? Apple stand to gain from this deal and they won’t pull out of it just because of Tyrese. It doesn’t make business sense. Dre has what they want.

    If what has been said about apple asking him to take down the video is true then it may have just been a case of them not liking his choice of words especially with Dre being in the video or confidentiality reasons.

    Let’s just say apple are in a better negotiating position now because of the video and I won’t be surprised if they reduce their offer.

    Tyrese did act like an ignorant person on cam though, what happened to the motivational speaker that he pretends to be? You can only fool people for so long.

    • kino_black

      if apple was to buy beats and then try to sell stakes in the company the feds could call it insider trading because the deal was announced by tyreses black ass before it hit the market the feds take that shit serious and they will flame anybody even apple

  • ChurchOnChrome

    Yeah this was not a good look at all a case study in how social media can get you exposed by your baby mama or a billion dollar company. The SEC could say that the video was a form of insider trading driving up the stock price of Apple and Beat Electronics. The idiot Tyrese should of left well enough alone he was dancing around like he was getting a check Dr Dre was doing fine with staying reclusive and low key but you let this monkey pull you out in the limelight. Dre only owns 25% of Beat Electronics so you wouldn’t exactly get 3.2 billion it’ll be broken up among the varies parties yeah will he come out rich a phuck, you bet, but a billionaire hmm not quite. Majority of the funds would be tied up in Apple stock with the rest in cash. Its a great deal for Apple it gives them a new tech to promote with they extra small ass phones and a streaming service since iTunes is slowly dying. Let this be a lesson don’t phuck with rich powerful people, Dre and Tyrese should of taking the opportunity to buy some stock and bank off the dividends not make hood instagram videos proclaiming a victory when no bullets have yet to be fired.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      I don’t think anyone is saying that Dre is going to make $1 billi off the deal. But if you add that $800 milli to the $650 milli that he already has, THAT makes him a billionaire. Of course this is net worth.

      Good point about insider trading. Is Beats a public company though?

  • Hopefully it doesn’t hurt the business deal, but Tyrese is a donkey…Typical black person showing off before anything is even set in stone…Black folks need to conduct themselves better……….Be professional about your business from start to end.

    • Phibes

      Shut up Meg!


      Shut the phukkk up!!!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    C’mon with the photo of Steve Jobs. He wouldn’t even be down with this acquisition. It goes against everything Apple.

    • Myleage

      nah steve jobs called up dr. dre during an Apple event to talk about iTunes, new music, and stuff they could do together. u need to get on worldstar more.

      • kino_black

        steve jobs is a business man and beats by dre is good business so why wouldnt he be down with the acq?

      • AlbertoRipRon

        Because you two dudes don’t know anything about Apple. Steve Jobs wouldn’t submit to having Beats in their arsenal. What do they offer? Apple has headphones that can rival Beats, they can do their own tech. Okay, what else? Streaming service? Maybe that’s their angle. If Steve Jobs didn’t run with Adobe, what makes you think they would run with Beats if he were alive.


        Apple is probably trying to reach a different group of people by using the “Beats by Dre” brand???

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol @ dude comparing adobe to beats LOL !! not saying steve would be with it but thats not a good comparison lol

      • adobe is not comparable to beats, ill give you that on the basis adobe is a universal platform and beats is not even peanuts to adobe. so if jobs’ apple didnt run with adobe and forced an entire market to adhere to his standards, why would they run with something like beats, which his company and his vision had no parts of? he wouldn’t. do you guys know anything about computers and/or steve jobs? are you guys trolling? 12 years old? or are you really that autistic?

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        im fully aware of what adobe is and i can see steve turning it down … they arent software guys … apple is mainly an hardware company … with proprietary software … which i get why you said they turn down adobe … i dont see apple trying to expand thier software … for years apple computers just came with garageband imovie and iphoto and other random stuff … altho to make it an complete workstation including adobe products like photoshop and premier pro would be a major improvement as well as incentive for the buyer … beats tho altho apple didnt create it … once that check clears … 3.2 billion means they actually do own it from that point on … im not 100% sure myself what the deal is … cause initially i was thinking it was similar to what beats did with hp and htc ….. but im hearing so much more with this deal that doesnt even involve audio speakers or headphones ….

      • Celz

        This kid must be new here getting sonned left and right. Got a few community college courses under his belt and thinks he’s educated lmao…

      • Kid? hahah okay my friend, stay in your cave. People still say “sonned”? i was not aware it was 2002. Community College? wait, you’re telling me human beings actually go to those? Like, actual people?

      • an actual educated response. a very welcomed change of scenery on here.

      • Celz

        It’s the brand recognition in different new market plus a celebrity network for their new wearables division. Two things that Apple can’t engineer or market. Beats is the only billion dollar tech company with a HIGHER PROFIT MARGIN than Apple so I’m sure that doesn’t hurt either. They have been hiring engineers for there new wearables segment all year. Do some research before opening your mouth spouting your opinion as fact..

      • lmao what? Apple is where it is today because of product placement with celebrities and movies/music. How many celebrities do you see with iphones, when the iphone is a closed source cellphone? Beats used Apple’s marketing scheme to get where they are. talk about research, evolution skipped you.

      • Celz

        Not only have shown your ineptness at understanding the business of the tech sector but you resort to an ignorant insult about my evolution that further proves how much of a fool you are.

        Start at Apple’s recent talent acquisitions and position openings and compare those with Beat’s strengths. You might want to actually look into some figures as well instead of basing your opinion on emotion.

      • I’ve been working in the Computer Forensics field for almost 26 years. Full time programmer for about 12 years now… but hey, feel free to educate me on the “tech sector.” You seem to know more than i do at my own life’s work.

      • Myleage

        unless u are God or Steve Jobs or a mind reader or a psychic, kindly go to your corner and dont speak.

      • this dope uses WSHH as his news source. Jobs was a ruthless business
        man, who cares if he called dre n wanted some collabo work. Using dre
        as a public image puppet, did you seriously never take any business
        classes in your entire life…? that was a power move. He would
        vehemently oppose the acquisition, compete, and beat them out, that was
        steve jobs whole modus operandi, it made him, ergo apple, the powerhouse
        it is today. Apple wanted the company because after jobs died, the
        company has been slowly dying. check the market shares of apple since
        he died. what innovations have they done since he died? lern2biznis.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i got an innovation that they created but got rid of but they need to bring back that could get them back in the game something serious … they sleeped on it ! they as in apple

      • Myleage

        sarcasm is a foreign language to you. i was just saying Apple is trying to buy up the whole music entertainment market, so it is NOT against everything Apple is. that worldstar was a joke. sheesh, this is what happens when ppl use a diploma as a PH.D.

      • Logic is an alien concept to you. Steve Jobs’ Apple was about TECHNOLOGICAL innovation’s that were so user friendly they were damn near made for people who were/are technologically illiterate. Beats is not an innovation by any stretch of the term and its not any more user friendly than the next product out there. So it stands for literally nothing Jobs’ Apple was about. Acquisitions were not in his business model; innovations were. As far as “buying the whole music entertainment market”. Citation? Source? All i can see is that they are trying to acquire a trendy headset/streaming company, which used their same marketing scheme, product placement. 0% innovation there.

      • Myleage

        sit down. Apple was NEVER about technology for the technologically illiterate. That is what PC is about. Apple was very NICHE and was meant for the technological “geeky” people up until the ipod, itunes, etc. Beats is following the trend of what apple is doing. what do u think ipods, itunes, and their other products are mostly used for??? music genius.

      • that’s like saying walkman was trying to take over the music entertainment industry by making a cassette player with some headphones to boot. Producing an outlet for the user to listen to music, its a tool moron, not taking over the industry; merely a byproduct of it. Does sony dominate the movie industry because they make the best blueray player? you sound silly. and no, PC is not for the technologically illiterate, hence the open source and literally MILLIONS of OS’ distro’s designed for it, ever get an error for windows and not understand what the hell it meant? that’s because its made for people who understand the language. i’m not even gonna talk about linux since you clearly have no idea what that is either. Apple wants you to think they’re made for geeks when they’re not. I’ve been in the computer forensic field since the days of Prodigy and have been programming for about half as long. You use some OS that your computer came with, i’ve been tweaking the shells of those very OS Distro’s for years, this is my career. When you start writing your own kernels, thats when we can discuss whats made for geeks and what isn’t. you may know hiphop culture better than i, but computers and the peripheral technologies associated with them, that’s my lane, not yours. genius.

      • Myleage

        sony does have a movie production company and is part of the music industry so yes it is trying to take over but the movie market is big and there are these things called COMPETITORS that stop you from doing so. sony and apple are TRYING, keyword, TRYING to own the market. that is the goal for nearly all companies. owning Beats is the next logical step for apple.

        and you are wrong, apple is niche while PC is common and is meant for everyday use. ppl buy Macs for production purposes. u need to change your field man cuz you dont know jack.

      • KatStone

        u wasting ur time explaining to a stupid azz…

    • KatStone

      shut ur stupid azz up….really…

      • AlbertoRipRon

        graduate high school first and maybe we discuss it.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        “We are struggling to see the rationale behind this move,” wrote Piper
        Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. “Beats would of course bring a world class
        brand in music to Apple, but Apple already has a world class brand and
        has never acquired a brand for a brand’s sake.”

        This is why I don’t talk to other people’s kids like you. Go talk to a kid who’s your age. cuz I dnt talk 2 lil girls on da internet

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  • arrdeesss

    Money can pay for school, but it can’t buy you class.

    • Oliver Rupčić

      what does this have to do with anything here ?

      • right lol

      • arrdeesss

        Step up your reading comprehension son. Then read it again.

      • Oliver Rupčić

        it’s a Jay-z quote that isn’t relevant to this article. What ?

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    The more I see this video the more I realize that Dre and Tyrese didn’t disclose anything. Had we not seen websites advertising the deal, we wouldn’t even know what Dre was talking about. So really, the websites (including this one) advertising the “potential” deal are the issue.

    Also, the deal may actually be done.

  • Ranger

    If I was Dre. I would beat tyrese goofy ass

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he was right there with tyrese if that was the case its just as much as dre fault as it was tyrese

      • Ranger

        I see what you’re saying no one put a gun to Dre’s head but Dre usually keeps a low profile and after all the videos Tyrese has made lately I would think it was all Tyrese idea

    • Son Dollars

      he is beatn Tyrese’s ass but not in the way u thinking wasnt one chick in the video… so billionares have sausage parties Im glad Im only hood rich!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    how did that make apple look crazy ?? i dont get it ?

    • Son Dollars

      Thats like ralph lauren selling Polo to wal-mart Im sure walmart would want people to assume ralph lauren was still behind the brand. With out Dre they just beats by apple the vaule could drop therefore apple would be crazy to shelln out over 3 billion!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i can dig it

      • wtf dre got to do with beats anyway.. all he did was allow his name to be on them lol

      • Son Dollars

        probably about just as much as 50 gotta do with his SMS headphones

      • KatStone

        do ur home work before u make stupid statements homeboy…

    • KatStone


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  • Burbz Royal

    Tyrese is gon get blackballed out the industry lol

  • Raheem Classick

    Damn Tyrese, If this deal don’t happen because of Tyrese he gonna have the shit look on his face, Like when Melvin was cooking eggs in the kitchen or when Rodney pulled up in the Honda and rolled down the window, The shook look on Jody’s face, Priceless”

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