Raekwon Reportedly Settles Issues With RZA

(AllHipHop News) The news a lot of Wu-Tang Clan fans have been waiting to hear is apparently close to coming to fruition. After months of speaking through the media, it appears Raekwon and RZA have settled their issues, and The Chef will be appearing on the upcoming Wu album A Better Tomorrow.

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The Los Angeles Times reports the Wu-Tang Clan site issued a statement about the pending LP.

Breaking news : Raekwon and Rza truce : Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album : A Better Tomorrow Details coming!”

Rae had previously expressed his concerns about past financial situations involving the group, but with this announcement A Better Tomorrow seems to be ready to include contributions from all the Wu members.

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  • Opposite Of Everyone

    true mathematics prevailed

  • digitallife

    Kinda hard to work with Rza since he produces all of the music and that entitles him to 50% of the publishing leaving everyone else to split up that 50% amongst themselves.

    • artcryme99

      yeah, he does all the work while rae smokes a blunt and kicks another 16 about crack and fine automobiles

      • Qudus

        Ok, but why is he refusing inputs from the rest of the Clan on this project now? I reckon he’s gotten comfortable with pocketing 50% of the bread and he doesn’t want to switch things up despite the fact his most recent past productions has been doo-doo

      • artcryme99

        Cant argue with that. If they all partners they should vote on the beats. Nonetheless musician/producer should take half no question.

      • vandyll

        lol exactly. nigga in his 40’s still rhyming about silly young boy shit. I saw him perform at Stage 48 in Manhattan last year. Can’t front lotta boring moments.

      • digitallife

        Hey man, some people only express what they know best. Let’s not act like he’s had the ability to really expand his horizons like that. I met the cat back like ten years ago, he’s a pretty cool brother. So was golden arms…i’ll take a 16 about crack and guns that’s nice over 16 bars of preaching.

      • artcryme99

        the dope game is a scam, and coke rappers portray the illusion that you can make it that way. The product is prison and they are the advertising. You might as well take your life and bet it on a vegas roulette. House always wins, kingpins always cooperate. If you know real gangsters you know their children suffer. Am i preaching

      • digitallife

        Brother, if you are turning to music for guidance on how to live your life you’ve already failed and whatever could possibly come out of a rappers mouth should be the least of your worries in life. It’s easy to sit here and admonish another man for making a living legally anyway he can which is the case with many of these guys. While I don’t agree with their subject matter I refuse to sit here and damnify someone feeding their family. I’m pretty sure if we went into your music collection it’s not exclusively limited to conscious rappers and for the record most conscious rappers have failed to sell because the reality is that music is a fantasy delivered over instrumentals. Only in rap has the content of the music always been under this level of scrutiny..damn it if you are too real and damn it if you are classified as not real enough. The reality is that when the mic gets shut off, the dj turns off the 1’s and 2’s, the lights get cut down everyone including the person on that stage heads off into another life. Only in hip-hop do people not get it.

      • MultiBillionHeir .

        But… you can’t blame the fans either when every other line or song title is about how “real” they are…. Rappers have a responsibility for what they say on and off the mic – and the fans hold them accountable.

      • Zookee

        THAT is the reality. Young minds are impressionable whether we like it or not. Youngsters make heroes out of celebrities whether they should or not. Therefore rappers have a responsibility in their lyrics and topics whether they acknowledge it or not.

        I hope Wu-Tang being now an average age of 40 years old can show us, their fans, that growth is possible. They can still be a grimey as they wanna be but with social awareness just like their first joint was. No one wants to hear preaching all day yet no-one of my age wants to hear crimes stories about coke deals all day either. What we want now like we wanted then is the POWER. Just give us that WU-TANG energy and will to strive for power, that’s what was attractive in the first place.

        To this day I listen to ‘Bring the Ruckus’ before going into a job interview or some kind of public speaking, not because of exactly what the lyrics are saying but because of the feeling. Everyone on the track conveys power and the need for it. That’s what we want. Spoken by a true hiphop fan.

      • I can dig it bruh…

      • digitallife

        Can’t blame the fans? The fans are the ones who hand the execs the formula of what is hot and fans really aren’t sending a message that they want more Talib Kweli than other artists. Folks forget this music genre is a business, a business that now operates based of sale trends. The creative process is almost completely dependent on those trends. Let a guy like Mos Def or Talib sell a million units tomorrow and I bet you’ll see every other conscious non-street rapper getting a heavier push.

      • Judah Nazayar

        nope u spillin the truth

      • In the words of the honorable magic bishop don juan……Tabernacle

  • I hope they didnt go thru all this trouble just to have the Chef rapping on some wack ass beats… bring Bronze Nazarynth in.. & Mathematics

    • Papi Peligro

      Yeah them beats RZA been doing is sleepy time.

    • ms marjane

      that’s ray’s problem too – rza’s beats are just not up to par anymore.. i gaurantee at least 60% of rae’s verses will be spit over wack as beats. statistically speaking, based on RZAs other output, it’s really about 80% of the album that will feature wack ass beats. While we’re complaining, I would also like it if method man could spit a few bars with more than one syllable to match..

  • 1SOFLO1

    It was a Promotional Ploy……..if some of you guys were females…LOL!

  • Ronald Tregan

    RZA should only produce a couple songs and have the rest handled by True Master, 4th Disciple, Math & Bronze Nazareth

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      You bit my line homie! Those were my exact words earlier.

      • Ronald Tregan

        lmao damn great minds think alike i guess

    • Real wu fans know this….

    • Ryan Cole

      Isn’t True Master in jail for doing some weirdo shit?

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    good stuff !!

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  • Terrance


  • arrdeesss

    Not like he had anything else going on.

    • $18592567

      u buggin

    • It’s dumb asses like u that need to spend better time researching ur sources…Rae is all over the place..just cuz he aint on the radio doesnt mean he’s not putting in work..

      • arrdeesss

        Calm down dude. Keep your opinion and i’ll do the same. The name calling wasn’t really necessary now was it?. Like I said the ni99a don’t have anything else going on. If you make music and I don’t hear any music at all, that probably means you aint got nothing going on. Anybody with a brain cell will come to the same conclusion. Only thing i’ve heard about dude in the past year or more is this not doing the Wu album nonsense. I don’t listen to the radio homie, my sources are my ears and they don’t lie. FYI most people consider cats who get all types of butt hurt over comments about their favorite rapper to be the dumb asses.

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  • RZA Dat NIGGA!!

    • IceBergSlim

      RZA is played ..This man got you believing his own hype. as long as he has been in the business he should have a large body of work..

      • so all of the production he’s done for Wu group and solo albums…all the Wu affiliated production he’s done..production for other rappers…movies scores…all of that doesnt amount to anything huh bro…fucccouttahere.

      • Joe L. Garcia

        Please kill yourself


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  • jd


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