Dr. Dre's Beats by Dre Cost An Estimated $14 To Make

(AllHipHop News) Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre may have built a $3.2 billion empire on a product that probably costs less to make than a haircut.

The New York Times reports that Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre headphones are inexpensive to make, with headphone designers estimating “the cost of making a fancy headset is as low as $14.” A pair of Beats by Dre can cost upwards of $450, however the quality of the headphones has always been a concern. TIME Magazine ranked Beats by Dre as the second to worst headphone brand out of 18 in terms of  sound performance last month.

While Beats by Dre may be made for cheap and have questionable sound quality, the brand is a marketing juggernaut. Beats by Dre owns an 27% of a headphone industry that reported $1.8 billion in sales last year.

269 Responses to “Dr. Dre's Beats by Dre Cost An Estimated $14 To Make”

      • John Q. Public

        tru.. u hear about the suicide nets they had to put up outside the windows at the factories that make iphones.
        People workin for slave labor were snappin and just hoppin out windows killin themselves. workin for pennies to make crap big business sells for hundreds

      • Thomas Smith

        indeed its unfortunate but it is what it is, this is the world we live in 50 was right “the power of dollar”…..smmfh

  1. i'mreloaded!

    $14 dollars to make? Now dats hustlin. To be honest, I bought my son a pair for Christmas and used them a few times at da gym and they don’t sound too much different than your standard Sony headphones. They just have cool designs and colors. That’s just me though.

    • John Q. Public

      My girl got a pair of the Beats Solos. Its the cheap version that retails for 170. I think they sound great and cancel out noise well. They also never fell apart or broke on us yet.
      That said they are overpriced but still a good product.

      • The_Good_Life

        The cheap version $170….hahhaaa. I know I’m getting old walking round with $30 sonys…

      • John Q. Public

        Yea that’s a good 1st layaway payment for some Beats… get em by Xmas 2014

      • The_Good_Life

        No frontin tho. I do wanna get the SMS wireless joints with Bluetooth. I’ll would put a couple dollars down on those..

      • Qudus

        SMS wireless otherwise known as SYNC. Those headphones are banging. The only draw back for a music enthusiast like me is that I have to constantly keep charging the Bluetooth cuz I always have them on

  2. Tall Shon or T.S

    that is not a surprise when it comes how much it is to make them but i have every pair for the ear buds to the executive joints and i love them. I use the studio ones n all three of my recording studios and no complaints.

  3. RichFromBX

    you’re not buying head phones, you’re buying a brand. slap a rapper’s face on dog shit and put a $500 price tag on it and watch it become all the rage in the hood.

  4. Thomas Smith

    its funny….as soon as a black man becomes a billionaire…..then they find ways to belittle there accomplishments….smmfh

    • h0bb1tm1ndtr1x

      Well his main accomplishment would be his music which no one is questioning in the article. It’s more along the lines of “Hey, this guy has been in the industry how long? He knows music and sells this shitty product? WTF?” I’d have to agree. I’ve been working with audio for only a few years and I’d never pick up those headphones. I’m sure he doesn’t use them in the studio either.

  5. BlackJesus

    Buy low/ sell high. Standard business practice……Jody: “All the real successful folks are sellers; all the broke azz people playing catch up are buyers”…. ” Are you a buyer or a seller?”

  6. grabo2003

    Mmm the timing of the n.y times review is questionable…..besides everything is over priced from gas, electricity, cars, bread, cd’s etc so i dont knaw y the times will pick on a successful product by a black man? Get yo money on Doc. Them Beats are fire though.

  7. The_Good_Life

    Man. That didn’t take long…Here comes the teardown dre…bob & weave. This goes for all products: most of the profit is spent on advertising, marketing and promotions. It cost a mill for a 30 sec primetime add spot on a major network. Athletes want no less than 500k to endorse a brand. How you think the pay for all that? Washing drug money???… Hold up, wait a sec..darn.


    I personally don’t own any of Dre’s “Beats” products because rappers and there merchandise seem to always come with an expiration date….I respect his hustle but I’ve never been that person who runs to the stores because the machine tells me to do so…I buy products that fit my lifestyle and personality…You all have fun with your overpriced headphones that really cost $14….. lol

  9. cricejr

    Regardless of the cost to make, if people are stupid enough to pay $350 for headphones because they are stylish (and inferior) when most other headphones are 50%-75% then so be it. Ive been stopped giving dre money though. Coincidentally, my $10 earbuds actually play sound!

  10. Hardtime Holidays

    I feel like Dre deserves it.He’s been in the game longer then most of these so called icons and now he maybe at the top.I don’t just see a 14 dollar investment I see a major success story.

  11. Freezamon

    Marketing and poor uneducated consumers = mo money mo money mo money every time. A fool and his money will always part.

  12. Freezamon

    But this is always the case when Black stars are pushing product they really don’t own. They may get a small percentage but they don’t completely own. Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Tiger, 50,Oprah etc the list goes on. All of these products are cheaply made in china or some third world country and then black faced…but even the “upscaled” brands Gucci Louis etc fabrics are made in Taiwan just shipped and then stamped where their respective label’s are headquartered at. All of the shit is cheap! thats how it works thats how they become billionaires sell the commoners trash while they live lavish. Wake Up!

  13. Freezamon

    Sterling is right ….there is no black community, Magic, Jordan, Kobe, Oprah etc does nothing of real importance for the black community. You only see them when they pushing a product ,agenda or want you to vote for a president who did nothing AT ALL For the black community.

    • regalpimp

      You sound a little ignorant…I live in southern Cali, and I have personally witnessed the development in our neighborhoods due to some of the businesses opened up in our neighborhood by Magic…Numerous Starbucks, 24 Hr fitness, movie theaters, strip malls…ALL opened up under Magic Johnson’s urban renewal project…There is job center that he has opened up in my neighborhood that provides access to numerous job sites, resume building workshops, and career advisors to help you determine your path…So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say he has done nothing…What have you done, other than make uninformed insults at someone who has done nothing to you?

      • Fatalhp

        No, my fair feather friend, you are slightly wrong. Actually all the “development” in the hood he did was to set us up with low paying jobs (in retail) and a culture of consumerism. You said it yourself and didn’t even know it, “Numerous Starbucks, 24 Hr fitness, movie theaters, strip malls”.
        Lmao, at those who think he did good for the hood. The only thing Magic and his wealthy group has done, is pretty much set up a dropbox of your money(OUR MONEY). If Magic really wants to help and do good, he should build schools and universities instead of strip-malls and Starbucks–to help usher in a culture of PRODUCERS rather than consumers. Thats how he can help.

      • Breeze

        I get what you’re saying but you are slightly wrong as well my friend. Problem with a lot of “minorities” is they don’t use the resources that are already available to them. Apply yourself and apply to the colleges already there for you. The Starbucks and strip malls were built for young people who need to learn a sense of responsibility, learn how to manage, learn how to earn. Pay your own way on your hard earned dime and apply yourself to the schools already available to learn how to one day own and manage your own Starbucks or strip mall. If people choose to work at a Starbucks for a career that’s their choice. If it weren’t for those Starbucks. . . You’d probly get your crib invaded while u workin ya 9 to 5. . . Assuming you have one. And as far as low paying jobs. . . Brotha you have to start somewhere. You think someone gonna come bring a 25/hr paying job to areas where people don’t know shit? Hell nah. . . Who you gonna hire?

      • Fatalhp

        I don’t take away anything that you’re saying. The point of my comment is that, we need to educate our future generation to aspire to greater things like becoming lawyers, judges, engineers, politician, scientist and doctors. Condition them to work hard. People like magic Johnson can easily set a platform to facilitate this status and strait training our children at a young age. But instead, he built strip malls, and its this type of environment that don’t benefit anyone except to the step mall owners. Just saying.

  14. brotha_man

    ok ahh lets get on dre for normal business practices…….like it cost $300 to make jordans…..$600.00 to make a Iphone…FOH with this!! let dre make money……corporate companies been raping us for centuries…not years…centuries

    • Miglet32

      “Raping” is a poor analogy. Nothing’s stopping anyone from educating themselves and buying superior gear, clothing, and equipment.

    • Eric Dunn

      At the end of the day if they say it cost $14, then that’s all you need to know…. “raping” was a terrible analogy. If they wrote an article about Jordans you would complain that they don’t go after Dre and Beats..

  15. Sean Taylor

    This is no secret. Most if not all of the retail items we buy don’t cost anywhere near retail to manufacture them.

  16. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    It’s not only Beats Headphones.
    Most expensive consumer products cost only
    a fraction of the price. Marketing is where
    the money is spent. Retail to cover the high
    shop rents in A-grade shopping areas.

    People are saying all the money goes to China.
    Actually this is only a very small fraction.
    An I-phone costs in production for example
    around 60-80$. Labor costs are highest 10$/pcs
    Material costs 20$. Patents and 3rd party
    components 30$.

    Business has always been like this.
    So don’t let this headline steer attention in the
    wrong direction. Jimmy Iovine will make enough
    money. And Dre gets his share.

    • SomeGuy

      The difference is even with markup, you can buy a way better product for less money. These headphones are just SHIT. Does not matter what markup if the product is a pile of assholes.

      • Sabbatai

        People just are NOT getting this.

        It’s like every single comment here wants to prove how business savvy they are by reminding us all that markup exists in all retail products. Wow, really!?

        Let’s just ignore the fact that these are marked up AND of absolute shite quality.

    • C Josh Doll

      That would be a great comparison, IF Jordan’s literally fell apart in a week, or were so poorly made that it hurt to wear them. The issue isnt the markup, its the markup on SHIT PRODUCTS.

      • Sabbatai

        In the case of headphones? A good all around sound stage. Not just bass. Not just bass with no tone. Compared to headphones which have been reviewed by dozens of websites and all come out ahead of Beats in nearly every category including, sound quality, comfort, durability AND PRICE.

        We returned so many pairs of Beats for broken above the hinge or faulty cables I can’t even count them.

        We return other brands once in a while for various reasons. With the Beats it is ALWAYS one of the two issues I mentioned above.

        Having a clear indication of disproportionate failure rates would be reason for most manufacturers to go back to the drawing board. Yet Beats have had these two issues since they released.

        So yeah, all those clothing companies mark their products up. No kidding? So does every other product sold at retail. Yet, there are obvious better choices for headphones… so why pay more? How does the fact that other companies mark up their products justify the lack of quality in Beats?

  17. St7007

    No different from cell phones you think those Iphones are made with the best of quality and mofo’s waiting in line to pick them up please. Yes Jordan, Gucci bags etc, clothing all that shit overpriced.

    • h0bb1tm1ndtr1x

      That’s why you should by a Nexus straight from Google. $200-$300 for a smartphone that is top of the line and gets Android updates before other phones like Samsung.

      • Sabbatai

        Too bad about that whole first shipment with faulty RAM. Or the latest update which is causing droves of people to visit their carriers to fix all the issues it caused. (Source: I sell these things)

    • Sabbatai

      Yet, where is the phone that can compete with the iPhone or the Samsung?

      This article links to a review of dozens of pairs of headphones that OUT PERFORM Beats. No one cares about the markup… but why pay more when you can get better quality for less?

      • Mohamad Atie

        Have you tried, OnePlus? It’s the phone for 2014 and it costs a max of $450 at full-spec.

    • C Josh Doll

      Over priced isnt the issue, overpriced for JUNK is. No one cares that a Lexus costs twice as much as a Toyota, which costs twice as much as a Kia, because a Lexus is still a quality product, even if overpriced.

      If an iPhone was $600, but then performed like an old MotoRazor flip phone, that would be the same as the Beats issue.

  18. Nightstar Rider

    News flash..most of these products, made in lower cost industrial nations , have huge mark ups. Even those made in the US. You buy Nikes, you know how much up-sell they have? 300.00 shoe probably took 50.00 to make. A 50.00 shoe took 5 to $7.00 dollars. Ladies how much you think those Christian Louboutins , Guccis, or even Tory Burchs took to make? Go no further than your furniture you’re sitting on has a 50% -100% markup in margin. Sales marketing 101, supply and demand. Sure we need to be more enlightened and prudent on what we are actually purchasing. YET, This article is just done to deflect from Dre’s great accomplishment. Dont believe the hype.

    • Sabbatai

      No one ever denied that markup is part of business. Sales Marketing 101? What does marketing have to do with sale price? That is suggested by the manufacturer and set by the retailer. The marketing department of the manufacturer is not setting prices. 101, indeed.

      If a discussion on markup is what you took away from this article I think you missed the bigger point. That being that the headphones are garbage at any price point.

      Sennheiser or AKG products don’t cost as much to make as they do to buy either… but they sound great. Why settle for less just because you’re ok with the practice of marking things up at retail so the retailer can make a profit? They’ll do just as well with your purchase of a better quality pair… at less cost to you.

    • C Josh Doll

      I realize this is an old thread, but needed to say this….you DO realize that Dre didn’t accomplish ANYTHING, right? He neither started, nor founded the Beats idea or brand. Originally it was Monster Audio that built these, and Dre signed on later as the face of the brand, for marketing ONLY. He didn’t sit in a lab or studio and test components and pick out which ones to use. Hell, if Dre HAD been involved in the actual design, they might be decent headphones, but instead they are over-priced pieces of junk with extra bass. When beats were relatively new, I spent almost an hour with a pair of them and a pair of $100 Skullcandy Aviators (which incidentally looked better too) going through every genre, at different volume levels, and testing everything I could, the result: Beats have more bass, and less everything else. Some notes / instruments are completely lost when listening on a pair of beats.

      Dre made bank on the brand, but lets not pretend that he BUILT the brand, say the way Jay-Z did with Rocawear, because he didn’t. No one cares that it was Dre, or is trying to shoot him down, people care that the headphones are overpriced garbage that make you think you look cool, but really just make you look like a complete douche.

  19. Elayorx El

    And THIS is the problem right here, where you have those who love life, and want to be wealthy, but just not at the expense of human life, which is what most do to expand their fortunes. Out of sight….and we all know the rest. But, similar to the way Bible scripture is manipulated to fit particular theories, or POV’s, many will say, “well even Pac said, ‘I was given this world, I didn’t make it’.” Talk about a rock, and a hard place.

  20. ILL Will

    I swear I wouldn’t pay that for some damn headphones if I was rich…it’s just not feasible…you can buy a whole surround sound stereo for that much…lmao..they might as well run up on u wit the burner and take ya cash cuz u getn str8 robbed.

  21. Arrie Mental Woodard

    you can apply this to all types of products we pay bookoo dollars for. How much you think it cost to make the Jordans yall kill each other over?….. stop bitching about the headphones and acting like price gauging isnt apart of monetary history…. bitching about the dam headphones but kicked out 225 for the 5LAB3’s, that 2 hours of wear later have/had a crease in them…. STFU!!!!!

    • Sabbatai

      You seem to have missed the point. No one is arguing about the cost to make vs the cost to buy here. Not one person.

      They are discussing the fact that there are better options for less money that provide better quality sound.

      The fact that people do this, spend money on things not worth that money for status symbol garbage is not new. You’re right about that. Yet, why would we not want people to know about better options?

      Did you buy Beats? You bought a pair of Beats…didn’t you?

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Did you buy an iPhone? You bought a pair of iPhones…didn’t you? Yet, no better in sound quality, or what ever else you need to do on a phone than any other.

      • Sabbatai

        That’s a pretty big assumption.

        It’s also Apples to Oranges (see what I did there?).

        The iPhone compared to an Android device or any other phone is an actual debate worth having.

        Beats vs just about any other pair of headphones, really isn’t. Beats are garbage. Every major website or magazine focused on electronics or audio equipment agree.

        For the record I purchased the phone I chose specifically for what it does that others do not.

        Like, I put thought into it and stuff. You can buy things for reasons other than to be in on a trend.

        Imagine that!

  22. chino antrax

    99.9 of people who buy Beats headphones dont know anything about sound quality they simply buy it because they see fake rappers wearing them .Beats headphones are a fashion item and should only be sold at clothing stores .The purpose of high quality headphones is high fidelity music reproduction in which Beats fails…If Lil Wayne wrote a song about sucking dicks a lot of these “gansta” males would be out sucking dicks ..ignorant suckers.. keep raping them without vaseline Dr Dre. Where is Al Sharpton ..

  23. Guest

    The thought that beats are not good headphones is absurd. There hip-hop head phones and the could also be used for jazz. There not meant to listen to your bullshit rock and country music.

    • h0bb1tm1ndtr1x

      There is no difference between audio of a hip hop song and that of rock and roll. Audio is audio, and those headphones are nothing but a fashion statement.

      • Guest

        Wrong. Why do they make different EQ’s? Jazz & Hip-Hop are bass heavy genres. There is no bass in rock and roll or country. You will appreciate these headphones once you appreciate music properly.

      • h0bb1tm1ndtr1x

        I’ve heard quite a few bass heavy rock songs, we actually wouldn’t have some of the crazy techno sound effects we have without rockers like Peter Frampton. I also listen to techno which is what hip hop ripped all their background music from. Beats headphones are still awful for listening to it.

      • 97srogers .

        Your missing the point, you can do a little research and find that there are much better “hip hop” headphones for the money. Hell for 450 i could get a pair of studio headphones that will sound great no matter what music/movie/game i am currently on

      • VxAssassin

        no bass in rock? are you insane? have you ever listened to metal? death metal? bass drum? bass guitar? double bass drum? have you ever listened to anything other that crap rap?

      • Audiocrank

        Now, when you say ‘Hip-Hop’ are we talking, run DMC, Geto Boys, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS one Hip Hop Or do you mean, Rocky A$ap,lil wayne Clown-rap Shit-hop?

      • memoryman00

        Please can i have some of what you’re smoking?I ask because that’s the only reason i can give for how you came up with these conclusions

      • SomeGuy

        Man you are dumb. LOL. Good headphones have ZERO EQ. The songs are mastered at the studio using flat eq, and are designed to be listened to that way. Beats are absolute trash headphones.. You can get 100x better AKG phones for $150.

      • Miglet32

        Like SomeGuy said, good headphones should be able to provide crystal sound quality symphony orchestra or a bass heavy hip-hop or techno track without missing a beat.

        Good headphones certainly should never have a built in EQ. That’s the job of the play device.

      • Sabbatai

        Regardless of your completely false assumption that there is no bass in rock… there ARE in fact mids and highs in hip-hop.

        Once you know what the hell you are talking about you might learn to appreciate a decent set of headphones.

        Those “EQ’s” you mention? They are there to adjust to your liking, so that headphones with a good sound stage can allow you to listen to ANYTHING. You know, rather than buying a pair of headphones which have HEAVY, TONELESS bass with nothing else.

        Wu-Tang had violins, Roots have live instrumentation on almost every song, Yasiin Bey, Talib, Erykah, hell…even Lil’ Wayne have more than just bass in their songs. Why would you want to limit yourself to bass only? Mediocre bass at that. For more money than what you’d pay for a pair that would sound 1000000% better across the entire spectrum.

        I’m sorry you spent so much on your Beats and don’t want to look like a fool but it’s too late I’m afraid.

        I will trust the dozens of tech oriented websites, hip-hop icons and sound engineers (you know, the guys who work with hip-hop artists to produce their albums and set up their live performances?) who say Beats are garbage along with my own ears.

        You can keep trying but you aren’t going to convince anyone.

      • dogtheshithunter2k14

        Buy a gaming headset for like 50 bucks, its good for both “Bullshit” rock, AND anything with heavy bass. Atleast I can change the bass volume on mine just from the scroll of a wheel.

      • Cman Grunt

        There is no bass in Rock? OMFG, idiot, heard of a Bass Guitar? It has a lot of bass in it, you can assume. And what about vocals, all vocals have some bass to it.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Audio is not audio. Just like all sneakers are not made for all occasions, neither are headphones, but the envious simply refuses to believe it.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Is that why Dre is laughing all the way to the bank? Because MY ears are broken?

      • causticwindow

        hey I got some REAL good hip hop headphones I can sell you, bass goes over 9000, best hip hop phones out there bro

    • Audiocrank

      You are the reason they can sell cheap headphones at rip off prices. I’m old-school HiFi and bullshits by Dre wouldn’t be considered as ‘good’ or even ‘ok’ Loud does not = Good.

  24. Tech Jesus

    The market of people who buy them are not musically tech savvy. It’s funny though, because the people who originally made beats was Monster inc, who have a pretty large chunk in audio cables. If you want a real high quality headphone that you’re getting your moneys worth, go with a pair of AKG studio headphones.

  25. Miglet32

    Garbage gear that costs a fortune… but people ate it up because of the marketing drive. Meanwhile you can get far more formidable phones for listening, DJing, or recording for a fraction of what you’d pay to walk around with a “b” on your headset and god-awful sound quality.

    • dogtheshithunter2k14

      Exactly! I got a gaming headset, which costed me 50 dollars, and its great for making things like techno/dubstep or just making beats for songs

    • Froyolo

      The point is that hype and advertising deliver the image you want, but not necessarily the quality. Your counter example is actually a perfect analogue to the Beats discussion.

    • Ben TEN TEN

      And he actually got us out of the mess whites put us in. No “hype” nor “advertising” about it, just common sense from people who actually took notice of the water filling this sinking ship, and simply made the wisest choice as to who could actually man the deck with action, and not just meaningless words, like your type love spewing out.

      • Cman Grunt

        What did he save us from? Something about ships? xD

  26. Ben TEN TEN

    I’m sure if Beats we’re a white persons invention, they would be considered #1 in sound, quality, and overall appearance in design. Give us a break with the “second to worst in sound performance” racial judgements. Because not everyone are entertained by hillbilly music. I’m sure they’re not the top selling brand because they sound bad.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Are you sure it was a white person, or was it a white person using a black person, with the white person gettin all the credit, like they used to do “back in the day”.

      • rancor01

        lol – both of you fags are wrong – it was an asian.

        “or was it a white person using a black person, with the white person gettin all the credit, like they used to do”

        haha – one look at Africa tells me that’s a fucked up premise to believe. There’s not a single country on that entire continent that I would set foot in.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        I guess not, thanks to what your people did to it. And it will still seem like paradise compared to what america is about to go through again, and is starting to, but is to be far worst than anything ever imagined. Just wait till the next President rolls in. Ain’t gonna have a black man to get your sorry behinds out of what’s coming this time around, like Obama did, for the past 7 years.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Besides, what does Africa have to do with the creation of beats anyway? And Asians do nothing but copy what others invent, but I guess real “fags” wouldn’t know that.

    • August Nelson

      I’m pretty sure what makes them second worse in sound quality is their SOUND QUALITY. You clearly are not familiar with tech.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        And you’re clearly not familiar with what people, who buy Beats, really like in music, BASS!

      • Steve the All-Father

        Which Seinnheiser, bose, and SONY does better than beats….

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Is that a question, or statement, because none of those actually does better than beat, maybe different, but not better for what those who buy them are actually looking for in THEIR music, and not for what you’re looking for in YOURS.

    • TwsT

      yes becuase this is a race thing.

      Theya re the best selling becuase they are fantastically marketed and lapdogs consumers suck it all up. Dre beats going over to apple was just the ultimate icing on the cake.

      Great for them they own a market on low cost items using product placement and by giving every celebrity a pair for free in any style they want aslong as the money shot is taken.

      You see footballers in warm up with them on. Swimmers at the olympicsm Boxers in the gym. You’re totally overwhelmed to the point where you think all these people can’t possibly use them if they are a bad. IT’s brilliant and incredibly effective.

      They aren’t bad they just aren’t good for the money they charge.

    • Michael Russell

      No they are the top selling brand because people are lazy. A little research and you will find these to be inferior in every way. Dre’ himself doesnt even wear these in the studio.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        I guess people are lazy for buying Nike’s and not pediatric shoes instead, which are of far better quality, and better for your feet. People buy what fits their taste, and style.
        Beat were not made for the studio, but for consumers; big difference.

      • Cman Grunt

        I walk in shoes and have Nike. Nike works to produce the most efficient non destructive shoes through careful pricy technology. Point is, the quality of a shoe doesn’t really matter to a person if all that person does with them is walk and wear them down. Shoes are just not the same as headphones when comparing quality.

      • Michael Russell

        Well your argument just fell flat. Why do you feel the need to search for a straw in this very simplistic discussion? Pediatric shoes vs Nike? Really? Bring celery to an apple fight….SMH

      • Ben TEN TEN

        The only thing that fell flat is your sense of comprehension.

  27. Cman Grunt

    Music listeners, don’t misunderstand this, Monster is a good audio company and their headphones have been awesome since they left Beats, everything pure, sharp, and balanced. Beats, all beats are shit though. Monster DNA’s, Diesel Vektr’s, Nokia Purity’s, and others are all balanced and sound great! Not that balanced, but still pretty accurate, just with a bit of a bass bump.

  28. Pat Robertson

    Bs. Got an employee discount for manufacturer cost + 5%. The Urbeats cost $55 for me! There is no way the $14 is accurate.

    • Andrew Holmes

      I’m pretty sure your argument collapsed upon itself while still being formed in your head, If you believe that this is a racist argument, do everyone a favor and hang yourself. It states nothing about race. You are a stupid and naive person who, to make an excuse for the error of their ways, calls that it is racist. Please think before you post. I was so shocked at the stupidity of your post that I just made an account just to respond to you.

      • Chris Howard

        so your answer to his stupid comment is that he should go hang himself? “please think before you post”

      • rancor01

        Suicide by hanging is racist now? News to me. I’ll be sure to pencil it in under “drinking black coffee in a purple sweater” (also racist, FYI)

      • Altered Amiba

        Kill yourself in the most racially equal way possible, you waste of space.

      • Michael Jones

        Andrew you hurt my feelings, how can I go on with my life. Your comments mean the world to me!!

  29. Rumple Stiltskin

    No matter how much you pay for a turd, in the end, it’s still a turd. And, if done VERY carefully, you CAN pollyshit.

  30. AttorneyMarkGoldstein

    I’ve tested the Beats Studio headphones, and they blow most of the <$70 headphone market out of the water. Unfortunately, they're three times that price. You pay a premium for branding and this isn't a new concept. If you identify with the Beats by Dre brand and you're fine with paying much more money than similarly-classed headphones, go for it! Just don't be misled into thinking they're an excellent piece of hardware. If you want good for the money, no-frills headphones, Grado is a safe bet. You could also try reading the Time article linked in this write-up that most of the commenters seemingly missed.

      • AttorneyMarkGoldstein

        Your reading comprehension is terrible. Try reading more than the first sentence next time. I said they’re too expensive for being over $200. No problem though, I understand how you could miss that information because it was all the way down in the second sentence.

      • Woody

        I wouldn’t be so snippy if I had used a “less than” symbol when I was trying to say “more than.” Might have impacted people’s comprehension, counselor.

      • Michael Russell

        Grado was hip before hipsters were conceived. One of the best headphones you can buy in the upper end. I dont care if the hipsters wear them with frilly pink pant to augment the man buns on their heads. I will still use them.

  31. CriSMa

    I read the comments, and got cancer btw the sound quality of these “beats” are so shit I cant even call them headphones put it this way, I get better sound quality with a peice of twine and 2 coffe cans connected togather

      • CriSMa

        being honest is now considered trolling on the internet if these cost 14 dollars to make as this artical suggest I assume there made in china like the iphone, you know they had to make suicide nets in the sweat shops in china because the working conditions where so bad. I bet its just as bad as these

      • AttorneyMarkGoldstein

        You know what they say about assuming things? Actually, based on your spelling, I’m willing to bet you don’t know a whole lot. I’m sure you own more than a few products made in China. Try walking around your house and checking the countries of origin. China will come up more than once or twice.

  32. CriSMa

    something else came to mind have ever looked at the packaging for beats by dre? its literately as if 14 dollars in materials, literately the best packaging in the world for the shittest product

  33. jojo's bizzare adventure

    i actually bought these because of the hype but returned it in a week because it’s terrible.. cheaper monitor headphones out does this by a mile..

      • Just

        Dude he said he returned them, do you not buy things friends recommend? Or go see popular movies? Sometimes the hype is for a good reason, no reason to be a D

      • DJEB

        ProTip: Never use the term “sheeple” (unless you are a derped out conspiracy theorist).

  34. NeckBeard The Pirate

    There was a video that showed how to take a set of high quality Bose headphones, and with a little bit of spray paint and some easily made stencils, make them look exactly like beats.

    It suddenly disappeared from the interwebs not too long after it popped up, I’m sure it is out there somewhere. I’d repost it everywhere right now if I had ripped it off like I should have.

    • David Ford

      I’ve tried to share the video with you a couple of times. It would seem that allhiphop don’t want it posted. Suffice to say that a simple youtube search should yield what you’re looking for…

      • UnmeiX

        I think it just takes a moderator to approve video links posted. I tried sharing it as well, and we probably weren’t the only ones, as these things go.

        I just googled “turning bose into beats”. First result.

      • NeckBeard The Pirate

        Sweet. When it was originally posted I remember some of the links had been taken down. I tried to search it using Yahoo bc that’s whats standard in firefox and it didn’t come up, go figure.
        Anyways, just ripped it off, cheers.

    • Michael Russell

      High quality blose?… that is a misnomer. Bose is crap as well. And guilty of the same bull shyte. Those bose home theatre speakers are about 4 dollars to make.

  35. comment95405

    dude made more money from selling shitty headphones as fashion accessories than his entire musical career and other investments

    Valuable lesson here

    • Ben TEN TEN

      You people are saying they’re crap, yet, everyone wants them, an still selling like mad. Are they really crap, or is that just what you’re talkin? To me, the latter seems more true.

      • Nikko

        I auditioned all three generations (Monster Cable, Beats Electronics and Apple “remastered”). The old ones are pretty much garbage for their price ranges, especially Tour and both Solo and Solo HD. The Pros were good, but at a way overblown price, plus the clamp on your head is uncomfortable. The “remastered” ones are fine, the Solo2 is good, and the Studio Remastered actually has decent noise-cancellation. All of them are still overpriced, but at least they don’t sound like sub-$100 cans like the old ones.

        Oh, and they’re selling like mad because people see them everywhere: ads, music videos, sports, etc. It’s the marketing.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        Market garbage, and it still won’t sell. I’m sure it more than just marketing.

      • Nikko

        Well at the time Beats By Dre was just starting up, the only earphones users knew was their iPod’s. And those were mediocre at best. So they marketed the headphones as “studio-quality”, clad “award-winning” artists with it and people ate it up, simply because they did not know any better.

        Only people who actually compared them with reference-quality headphones in their price range would actually know how bad they sound. But the typical Beats customer won’t even compare reference headphones to Beats By Dre, they automatically assume they have the best of the bunch. So they never find out that they’re missing a lot.

        I still say marketing did it, but the customer base says a lot about the brand.

      • Mongo The Clown

        People went mad over Tickle Me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies and the Pet Rock. Those products were cheap to make, nowhere NEAR the best quality toys made, and made the companies that sold them obscenely wealthy. Yes, Ben, they are CRAP. It’s called marketing and lots of people fall for it.

      • Ben TEN TEN

        All those toys you mentioned were no more crap, or cheaper to make than are toys of today, or even other products like the iPhone compared to cheaper phone models, yet people line up around the block to buy them every time a new version comes out, with no complaints; and it cost no more to make an iPhone than most cheaper ones. Things are simply made at lower cost because of greater access to parts, materials, and cheap labor. Apple says it cost $200 to build an iPhone 6 that sells for over
        $600, but I’m sure it’s much less than that with cheap China labor, but for tax purposes those costs have to look greater than what actually being paid. It’s all crap, not just the beats simply because it started out black.

      • Mongo The Clown

        You were kind of all over the place with that so I’m not sure if you were agreeing with what I said or not- but whichever it was, you didn’t help your case by saying nobody complained about the iPhone.

    • Helgaiden

      While you’re correct about beats making him more money than his musical career…

      His brand would have meant nothing if it wasn’t for his musical career. So the lesson here is become well known FIRST before then marketing a related product to cash in on. Funny how some people don’t understand that.

  36. Seths Pool

    at the end of the day, the end user shouldn’t be worried about how much it costs the manufacturing company to make a product that they want. ultimately they should only be concerned with if the product quality leaves them satisfied with the amount of money they paid. do they think that Beats (Now actually owned by Apple Ironically enough) just took $14, got a pair of beats, turned around and sold it for $450? No, they had to invest huge amounts of money to manufacture/buy colossal quantities to get the (estimated) price that low. So if the customers/critics want to bitch and wine, why don’t they take $14 and go try to buy some (or make some) beats quality headphones on their own?

    • Mongo The Clown

      I can tell you don’t know how this works. The amount of investment made to actually manufacture these mediocre headphones was minimal. They are actually manufactured in China where cheap labor is already set up to mass produce electronics of all kinds- so all Beats had to do is contract a manufacturer to slap on a look and logo to some headphones and put them in the Beats packaging and boom, you have a run-of-the-mill product fools who are tools to marketing and fans of a woman-beating rapper would go nuts over. No, they didn’t have to “buy colossal quantities” but even if they DID, they’re CHEAP. Within the very first year they likely recouped their investment plus a crapload of cash. So YES, all Beats (Apple) does is spend $14 for a pair of headphones of no better quality than Wal Mart cheapies (read the report!) and sell it to gullible people like you for $450. Sorry to burst your bubble, but thems the breaks, kid.

      • Seths Pool

        lol condescending statements from a clown. that’s funny, and ironic. you were pretty quick to call me a “gullible kid” although I’m an adult who wasn’t gullible enough to buy a pair of these headphones. in one of our labs at work we have every model of beats headphones and i have had the opportunity to play/listen to all of them with uncompressed music, and i honestly think they feel solid and sound really good! $450 good? maybe not, but I’m also a guy that’s happy with a normal pair of mediocre earbuds that go to the gym.. and if you can find a comprable pair of $14 headphones at wal-mart, i’d like to see and hear them. So do you own anything name brand Mongo? Or do you just get the “cheaper alternative” and laugh at all the kids’ presents at the birthday parties you work at? lol

      • Mongo The Clown

        Yea, you KNOW you’ve stepped in it when a clown schools you! Seriously, you defend a product that rates worst than Koss (KOSS! KOSS FER CHRISSAKES!) and your naive perspective on the economics behind manufacturing didn’t paint you as a savvy and shrewd judge of headphones. I own plenty of name brand stuff- and when there is a just-as-good or better alternative that costs less, I snap it up. You’d be surprised how much money you can have when you’re mature enough to not be a puppet to corporate marketing. This is all just academic. You won’t think the cheaper headphones sound as good because they don’t have the right little “b” logo. And yea, I laugh at a LOT of things at kid’s parties. But that’s a whole ‘nother thread.

      • PunisherGrim

        Wow. You work at a “lab” that wasted an obscene amount of money on these things? With savvy financial management like that, you should stay on the lookout for another job.

        Wal Mart has JVC and Sony headphones at around the $15 mark that sounds as good or better. They’re probably manufactured in the same Chinese plants with some of the same components. The clown is right. You’re kind of naive when it comes to this stuff.

      • PunisherGrim

        Wow. You’re a butthurt robot. Get a job, kid.

      • DareDevilDour

        Wow. You’re a childish troll. Get a life, little child.

      • PunisherGrim

        You are a braindead puppy. Keep following me around, little guy! You are so hilarious!

      • DareDevilDour

        Quite humorous! Yes. It’s you that’s the intellectually-challenged miscreant, moron. You can’t handle losing, so you troll…… but the bitter taste of defeat remains. So sad.

      • Seths Pool

        LOL i work for the company that “paid about $14 to make these”…. dumbass

      • Seths Pool

        you undeniably just ate your little trolling comment… my employers “savvy financial management” is exactly what has made them just about the richest and most profitable company on earth..

        so what were you saying again PunisherGrim? hahaha

      • Seths Pool

        and now that you mention it, i think i might start looking for a new job… after reading your comment, and finishing the salami stuffed rabbit wrapped in bacon on pasta that i got at our employee cafe, after leaving the on site gym that has a nicer bathroom than your parents’ house (that you probably still live in), and the laundry list of other cushy perks and benefits my lovely employer (that sold your friends those beats head phones) gives me… yeah i think you’re right, my job sucks!!! oh my!!!!

        i wonder if walmart has any openings in the electronics department. help them sell those sweet $15 headphones you speak of

      • Woody

        You do know they “feel solid” because the manufacturer actually adds some nonfunctional metal weights to them to make people like you think they are more substantial than they are, right? Oh, no? Sorry.

      • Sean

        WOW its almost like he is in the business to make money!!! If you don’t like the product, dont’ buy it. Simple capitilism people. He is able to sell these crap headphones for so much becuase people are willing to buy them for so much and he makes tons of money off of them. Anyone would do the same thing in his position.

      • Mongo The Clown

        I didn’t comment on the legitimacy of anyone making MONEY. Capitalism is awesome. I simply point and laugh at the tools who shell out hundreds of dollars for an inferior product because they’re under the spell of marketing. It’s as if people are buying dried dog turds that have been spray-painted gold because they were told it’s worth as much as gold nuggets. So your indignation at my comments was wildly misplaced.

      • Jrestofmyname

        Yea, they might. Or they may take pride in what their stage name represents and make a quality product. Falling back on capitalism doesn’t make these joke headphones any lrss disingenuous.

      • PunisherGrim

        The flaw in your breathless defense of this woman-beater is- these headphones are marketed as a superior quality item manufactured with the best technology and delivering premium performance. The reality is, they’re cheap department store rubbish mass-produced by cheap labor in China. Capitalism is great. But fooling gullible people and scamming them out of huge amounts of money is not.

      • DareDevilDour

        The flaw in your posts are that you are quick to insult those who disagree with you. Get lost, TROLL.

      • PunisherGrim

        So now you’re looking up my comments in other threads and crying “troll” over and over. HOW CUTE! Follow me around like a butthurt little puppy! That’s a good boy!

      • DareDevilDour

        No one has to look very far to see that you are a loser troll. Get over yourself. Like most trolls, you got your ass handed to you in a discussion, so you slip into the shadows and lob monkey-poo. Don’t you think it’s time you admit you’re a loser?

      • PunisherGrim

        Stop pretending you’re even READING these posts. You’re just looking at my screen-name and playing with yourself.

      • Heisenberg

        The problem is people like you exist in this world, and have access to a computer. Did you pay your mom your share of the internet bill his month yet? Loser.

      • DareDevilDour

        Stop lying to yourself that you are getting the best of others. When you resort to trolling after losing an argument, you are just proving that you are a butthurt kid.

      • big mo

        Ok did Beat break any laws? And if a wife beating rapper was selling them IT’S up to the consumer to purchase them, so if beats or Apple paid 1dollar for them and sold them for 1000, its up to the consuer to decide if it’s worth thier money or not

    • Jrestofmyname

      Your statement would be valid if those $14 headphones didn’t sound like $14 headphones. The cost to manufacture would be irrelevant if the quality came close to the sales price.

      • big mo

        You lying now partner, i jump on a plane goin home and I saw 3 kids between the age of 20-23 and i asked are them head phones worth all that money ? They was like hell yeah.

      • PunisherGrim

        Looks like I made your small brain shut down. That’s OK- get some rest, overworked little lump.

      • Jrestofmyname

        Ahahaha you come back to this a month later.

        What a loser.

      • DareDevilDour

        Looks like all you have got are personal insults, troll. That’s OK. Get some rest, there’s lots of discussions for you to be an idiot in.

      • PunisherGrim

        Awwww… your butthurt is tragic. I feel bad that I have so insulted a poor guy who can’t come up with anything besides crying “troll” and writes with a fourth-grader’s spelling and grammar.

      • Heisenberg

        My God there are some dumb mother fuckers in this world. You top them all.

      • DareDevilDour

        Naaawwwww…. your buthurt is EPIC. You should get some attention for that rectal bleeding. No one feels bad that you’ve been identified as a troll. You really need to grow up. That you are now having to poke at grammar and spelling means your creativity is quite lacking. Try harder.

      • PunisherGrim

        And we know 20-23 year old kids are never tools to name brands and only buy the best products regardless of branding. They value practicality over status symbols. I bet those 3 kids, who are no doubt experts on technology and audio performance, tried dozens of headphones before buying those Beats.

      • DareDevilDour

        What brands do trolls like you steal?

  37. causticwindow

    it just seems disingenuous for a serious producer such as Dre to put his name on an actual AUDIO PRODUCT that is so clearly inferior to the competition in every way. It makes me far less inclined to take him seriously.

    • big mo

      really really …… now you take him less serious, you sound foolish. This is a business and this has be done to the consumer over and over and over since I could remember.

      • Jrestofmyname

        You are foolish for thinking something is acceptable because it was previously done. Causticwindow is correct. Putting his name on this product should imply some level of quality. The fact that he uses the connotation carried by his stage name to sell horribly overpriced junk is disingenuous. Really Really (!?!) if you don’t think this is pathetic you don’t sound foolish, you are a fool.

      • big mo

        I’m not foolish, im realistic and I understand how wholesale, retail works. I also have access to the internet as do you, because you didnt do your research and compare products it Dre’s fault ? Come on are u 12 yrs old, you sound silly. Go complain about something else, no wait I get it you bought a pair of them wack ass head phones LOL , hey are you interested in buying a bridge??? Lol.

      • Jrestofmyname

        Wow, you are really dumb. I have never purchased his products as I don’t purchase celebrity endorsed anything. However, that still doesn’t take away from my point which you were too immature / unintelligent to address. Calling someone 12 and saying “lol,” says a whole lot about you.

  38. ReadU

    I never thought that those “cans” were worth the money. If I want to spend on high end headphones (I personally) would buy Grados. There are literary dozens of headphones that sound way better that Beats… and they cost a lot less!

      • AttorneyMarkGoldstein

        I would rather be around someone with shitty headphones than your shitty attitude. Luxury products and the idea of “paying for the brand name” aren’t going away anytime soon. I see Beats headphones as a fashion accessory more than I see them used as headphones. You sound like a sour old man, judging people’s “stupidity” based on what they buy. based on the headphones they wear. Let me guess, you believe only idiots buy clothes from places that aren’t Walmart?

      • Sasha

        lol you can convince people to buy any sort of stupid shit with the correct marketing

        the point of headphones is to sound good, not be a ‘fashion accessory’

      • Woody

        No, but people who buy nonfunctional crap at inflated prices and call it a “fashion accessory” are indeed stupid. Buying an expensive suit that is exquisitely made is fine; buying cheap crap that does not serve its intended function because you think someone will consider you cool to have such an “accessory” is indisputably stupid.

  39. simplelogicneednotapply

    I love being right. My son wanted a pair of this garbage and I talked him into a pair of good headphones for a fraction of the cost.

  40. Stevenlm831

    Why are all of you arguing over whether or not he should have lent his name to market Beats? Considering the definition of premium is different for everyone. While you may get better sound from different headphones, the difference is negligible to most people. Beats aren’t designed for the audiophile. They are designed to be sold to people that don’t care much about the quality of the sound as much add they care about the quality of the image. You see, with Beats you are being sold a premium image. It had nothing to do with sound. You are paying $400 to look cool. Take Jordans for example, they don’t do anything different than any other shoe and cost just a few dollars to produce, but they still cost over $100. This is because you are buying the image not the function. That is why Beats fits so well with Apple. You paying a premium for Apple product, because they are selling you an image. The actual components are off the shelf, but they are wrapped in a pretty package. Value is placed on many tangible and intangible features. That is why companies should charge as much for a product as the market will bear. If the market they are targeting bears the $400 price for a set of headphones, they should charge it. I would personally never buy them as I like higher quality sound. In the end it is up to the consumer to research and find out what they value the most in a product. If you want a set of headphones that plays sound and makes you look cool to your peers get the Beats. If you want the best quality audio go for something else.

    tl:dr, stop getting mad because people value different things in a product.

  41. EZE999

    It seems funny though that people in these discussions are always getting upset about the guy who sells poo on a stick for $400, however, this person obviously knows that people are such idiots that they would actually pay $400 for poo on a stick and knowing this was the sole reason he ever charged $400 in the first place. And to people thinking Beats look “cool”, and that it somehow outweighs the inferior quality of the actual product, well what can I say, the corporate greed machine must love you.

  42. John Huggins

    maybe the beats parts are at that cost then again i presume he doesn’t pay employees minimum wage either i heard they get paid quite well

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