Gucci Mane Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession, Will Be In Prison Until 2016

(AllHipHop News) Gucci Mane will not be hitting any stages any time soon.  According to TMZ, Gucci Mane has accepted a plea deal for on his gun possession charge that will result in him being incarcerated until 2016.

Gucci Mane was found in possession of a firearm twice, two days apart on September 12th, 2013 and September 14th, 2013. The maximum sentence for each charge is 10 years, however, the conditions of Gucci Mane’s plea deal stipulate he will only have to serve 39 months in prison according to TMZ.

Gucci Mane will be sentenced in July and the 10 months between his September arrest and July sentencing will be applied to his 39 month prison term, resulting in Gucci Mane expected to be released December 2016.


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  • The Legendary Troll

    nobody cares. Nigga got off easy when he committed murder but had to press his luck. People like him belong in jail

    • Son Dollars

      So did George Zimmerman go blog about him needing 2 belong in jail…. Gucci killed a jacker trying to get his chain plus u gotta be gay using drakes picture… kill ur self!!! Free Gucci Mane aka Big Guwop!!!

      • IceBergSlim

        Think before you speak..please

      • Son Dollars

        take ur own advise… how his career over he get out in 2 years he got enuff new music put up for his fans. Why do rappers carry pistols? Ask Pac, Biggie, Freaky Tah, Doe B, Jam Master Jay, Soilder Slim, Big Hawk, Dollar and 50 cent. Why do they need a gun. Ur name is Raymond… u gotta be lame as hell!!! Who uses they govt named on here except for a lame ass fukk boy named Raymond Funguson.

      • IceBergSlim

        Slim you a gump..I keep it 100 pimp..Bamma it’s a new day Grow up this bamma is in the rap game to make money aint nobody after this bamma your sucker watched to many videos…I lived it lets keep it gangsta..Nobody is buying that crap music he makes..Lets see how the game go when your boyfriend gets out bitch made stay in your lane Trick

      • Deadwoodz

        Take your dumb ass back to the corner and slang your dime bags, you won’t amount to shit in this life because you have a ghetto slave mentality. Enjoy your worthless existence on this planet.

      • Celz

        Switch it up my G or you’ll be in jail soon.. or worse.. I seen it happen too many times..

      • Son Dollars

        Im on a one way trip 2 prison selling drugs we all trapped up in this living life of thugs… everyone ready but niggas white boys hunt every weekend with rifles and shit riding in big ass dooly trucks and shit and niggas spendn all they got on versace and tom ford laying down scared to touch a .25 fukk dat… Im ready for the NWO r u…. only the military minded will survive you cowards already dead. Jesus and MLK went to jail thats where they put leaders and people they fear yall are what they call bandwagon riders!!!

    • 1SOFLO1

      Committed murder on a self defense case. yeap!! Troll

    • IceBergSlim

      I agree he is an idiot.. This bamma already beat a charge ..still toten pistols for what ? You a rapper your not gangsta make your money and keep it moving now it’s a rap for you. When you come out you have to start over and it is to many cats in the game and your getting older..Saddddddddddddd and pathetic

  • Bruh fkn up the money…I guess good luck or whatever. Two times two days apart? How? Why? Either he was being monitored or he just plain ol ignant….

    • Son Dollars

      He actually lives what he raps about he rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Niggas wanna see him dead but yall think he studio because ur favorite rapper is.

      • Faceda59

        Bruh when you make the kind of money they make ,you have to change your game up.You don’t make millions of dollars to hang out in the projects all day.You get a team around to keep you safe .That don’t make you soft ,It’s just smart.He has too much money to get caught up in this shit.Its hard to keep up wit the game after a few years being gone.The music changes every year.Going to jail aint keeping it real.You can’t get that time back.

      • Son Dollars

        U mean he should do what most niggas do leave the hood and forget they came out of it. Ask any nigga in Atl and they will tell u Gucci is really in them streets with no security. A real D-boy he never went platinum but ball like Tip and Jeezy that because he a drug dealer first then a rapper.

      • Faceda59

        That’s not what I was saying at all.I think you know what I was saying.Be smart,stay free.Sometimes shit happens but I bet you don”t get me two days in a row.

      • Yea u get me once and I’m switching up my style, nigga ever heard of a trap. Not his type of trap but the one u put in ya car…lmao u damn sure won’t get me again on the same sht, real deal bruh.

      • Celz

        And that also means he a dumb nicca.. He real.. I even fuccs with Gucci occasionally but why the fucc would you get rich and stay in the hood? You supposed to get rich and get out, THEN come back and get as many as you can out. Niccas got life fucced up.. You’ll see how cool that thuggin shyt is when you hit ya 40s..

      • Son Dollars

        Nigga its Thug Life not Thug Adolesent Years…. and b4 a lame point it out adolesent is spelled wrong is this the worlds most dangerous site or english 101.

      • Nigga u sound stupid ass fk bruh, u bragging bout he stay in the hood….naw dumb nigga he stay in jail…bruh i done put in my fair share of work and just never understood niggaz in the hood wit ur mentality. The niggaz that was always getn locked up or dumped on is all gon in 2014..I can personally attest that I was losing at least 6 people a yr to death by the chrome, and can’t even count all my dudes that locked up as we speak….i grew up in the worst hood in STL lil guy..ask me how many times I been to jail or prison? Funny I sold mo d than a lil bit but I peeped game and didn’t do the dumb sht others would do. Plus I put that work in homeboi. I seen ya lil comments talking bout what u would do if niggaz would show there face. Lmao I can show you my vid on youtube with my donk wit a 10k outrageous paint job lil homie. Trust me if u saw me you wouldn’t do shit home boi. Think it’s a game bruh, i got shit at home with tripods and scopes and I’m trained to use them. I would never fear a man that breathe the same air as me. You need to grow up tho bruh. But on another note bruh I’m sorry for getn all riled up. I JUST HATE WHEN A Bitch NIGGA act LIKE THEY GON DO SUMN TO ME. I don’t play bout mines dog I’m certified.

      • Son Dollars

        Did Mike Vick team keep him safe? What about Ti’s? fukk a team get u a glock with a beam!

      • I ain’t never said he studio, the nigga is definitely slow as fk tho….what is a millionaire doing back and 4th in jail like my broke ass cousin? No matter how much u love the nigga, he stupid point blank period, I like gucci but he dumb as fk man. Also I don’t buy niggaz albums, magazines posters or none of that fan sht…I enjoy music but that’s where it ends. I could care less about a rapper them niggaz mean zero to me. Also my nigga I can tell u believe in rappers by the way u grilling in ya pic…lmao I got my 1st permanent golds when I was bout 15, lmao wit u lil lames getting pullout grills now thinking yall gangsta. Ain’t shit gangster about me paying 7 bands to get that shit taken out and getn my shit fixed once I got older. Grow up man.

      • Son Dollars

        Nigga only a fool would file down they teeth its 2014… pull outs came about with technology. Just because u had cavities and shit and now u got fake teeth that sound like a personal problem 7 bands…lmao ur shit was really f*cked up. U said it right aint shit gangsta about you. Aleast I show my face most niggas on here is cowards. If I seen any off u fukk niggas in real life I would beat u like solange did joe camel! Once u targeted by these crackers as a problem i.e. Ti, DMX, Guccci, Kat Williams, Chris Brown and ur rich and famous they gone get u one way or another. Just like a bitch sucked Pac dick on the dance floor then said he raped her… he went to prison. Why do u think gay-Z is cool with Obama its deeper than rap fukk nigga open ur 3rd eye…

      • Son Dollars

        First figure out why the us has the highest jail population, then factor in racial profiling and job discrimination then send ur cousin some money on his books and stop being a hoe!!!

      • Son Dollars

        R u a millionare? No… So if a slow nigga became a millionare and your still broke then who is slower u or the millionare?

  • Wait for the bitter bitch niggaz to complain saying he deserves to be locked up. U hoes ain’t did no time. The nigga was facing 25 years at least and got 2. He won. Bitch made niggaz do ya job and start hating. Guwop Biyatch! 2016 ain’t far away.

    • PorchBoySlim

      You sound like a female…a section 8 female at that.

      • Not even gon front, after reading bruh shit I immediately thought of a ratchet ass ho…lmao

    • Celz

      Nicca he lost. The nicca wasn’t makin no money when that shyt happened. He’s winnin overall but I can guarantee you’re the only nicca happy about this shyt..

  • i’mreloaded!

    If u lived da kind of life and had da enemies Gucci had u would have dat tool on u too.

    • better to get caught with it than without it

    • Son Dollars

      exactly these niggas dont know… Pac and Biggie depended on their security and look where they at!

      • Faceda59

        Neither one had them had good people around them.Pac was around snakes that might have killed him.Big never should have went to Cali.

      • matown2

        BIg was round the bigget snake of all being P Diddy. he would’ve never went o Cali if DIddy didn’t ask him to go.

      • Son Dollars

        so Gucci got good people around him…smh he made Waka and his Mom and look how they did him. He even discovered Nicki Minaj aint no loyalty among thieves tho!

  • Faceda59

    Naw, Gucci brought this on himself.two days in a row.Just plain stupid.Most people get five man for pistol charge.He got 39 months he should be happy for that.T.i only got a year guess they don’t have the same money like Gucci says.

    • Son Dollars

      Naw Gucci aint cooperate…

      • Faceda59

        I was thinking the same sh*t just didn’t want to say it.

      • Shid who he gon cooperate with? He the only one doing this shit to himself so there ain’t nobody to snitch on….

      • ThatBostonMan

        People jealous of T.I. and Gucci will want to make the case that they cooperated. Both of these guys got snitched on so I guess if someone snitches on you and you plea guilty now you’re a cooperator? Is that how it works?

        Some people are just ignorant to how the law works. I don’t see T.I. or Gucci as informers. They are the ones who got informed on. The people trying to set them up are the informers obviously.

      • bobbyhansonf898

        hope you end up dismembered.

    • ThatBostonMan

      Both of them got light sentences compared to what any of us would get. If you have money and connections you don’t have much to fear about prison but if you’re broke you’re going.

      And also if you’re not famous you’re going and no you wont be put in segregation.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    damn! I aint a fan but I don’t like hear this. He got enemies so maybe this will give him to chill and come out new like Boosie!

  • RichFromBX

    oh well, live that life you pay that price.

  • Faceda59

    Shit I’m a felon,do have a pistol hell yeah because im going to protect me,my kids,and my fame as a whole.Now if iI get jammed doing that,I’m glad to go to jail.But me just hanging out at the store with my heater for no reason and go to jail.It’s not the same,call me a lame or whatever.Got to look at the big picture i’m trying to be free….

    • John Q. Public

      keep it at the crib… u don’t need that at chuckee cheese tho

    • I been carrying a pistol since I was like 15 or maybe younger. I started putting my sht on the shelf because I no longer live in STL and don’t feel threatened enough where I’m at anymore. I remember it was times I used to take it everywhere, grocery store, barbershop, etc. Hell I wouldn’t even hesitate to take it in church back in the day. Recently got my concealed permit and it’s back on….I don’t go looking for trouble no more but best believe my judge and glock 19 wit the extendo will get a cat mind right….funny I sometimes ride wit my mak 90 laid across the backseat…love seeing the police look funny when I pull my shit out to hand it to em…looks on their faces are priceless….I might have 3 on me at any giving time, not for fun and games but to combat these shoot first ask questions later types….I’m in FLA where u can kill a nigga and say u was standing ur ground, a nigga like Zimmerman would have to go out wit me….

      • Faceda59

        I can’t do anything but respect that.I wish I could do that to see their faces,but no they will hide my black ass for five years.I feel you tho.

      • Only way around that is to trap out ya car with the old presto change o whodini hidden compartment….never met anyone that had one tho.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        its legal in florida to carry more than one at a time with cc permit ?

      • That’s a good question bruh i tried looking it up but didn’t have the patience, when I got my CCW I was prior military so I didn’t take a class or none of that ish…lol I been pulled twice and used the I just came from the range or I was omw to the range ish…they ain’t trip either time. Lmao that is sumn I might wanna find out.

      • Smurfaveli

        How that judge work for you? Been thinking about one or maybe a rhino next.

      • I got the polymer joint….I like it cuz I can put triple o buck, pdx rounds and colt longs all in one cylinder…nasty setup…them rhinos nice as hell they look so sweet with the barrel on the bottom, was watching videos and they hardly kick. I’m thinking of getn one too they going for the high high tho….

  • John Q. Public

    Is the bailiff behind him a woman?
    She look like she would whoop sum1s ass

    • Lmao she damn well better be….

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    People wanna listen to rap and streetshit but when someone is facing the consequenses of that lifestyle they start bitchin like Bill O’Reilly. Wtf?! Those people who say he deserves to be locked up ain’t used to shit!

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn hope that 5 mins of freedom was good while it lasted..

  • End of Days

    Man, that’s free rehab!

  • tra mo

    Time to dust off my old 3 or 4 free gucci t shirts pssssyyyyyccchhhhheee! Hold ya head tho

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  • Tyfromthechi

    And ti got probation

    • ThatBostonMan

      Actually T.I. was in there for a couple years too.

      That’s called having friends, connections, and favors.

      Everyone thinks a black man can’t have good lawyers and friends? People think T.I. had to be a snitch but if a white guy does it then it’s just called being connected?

      Rich people don’t usually go to prison in general. T.I. is far richer than Gucci Mane. Jay Z is far richer than T.I. And when I say rich I’m including having Obama and Oprah on speed dial in that equation.

      • bigdoe6

        Atlantic Records got Tip off. Just like they did Boosie. Atlantic records is a machine with a powerful team. That’s what power lawyers are for.

  • youngplaya

    This a FED case. If Gucci did any cooperating it will be in the paper work. I think it’s come out that dude does have a drug habit and that may have been apart of him not taking a major hit. Anyway like I said, this a FED case. If that paperwork not right it will all come out just like with Alfamega with Grand Hustle.

  • bigdoe6

    You know what? After killing somebody and having enemies in the streets and the industry i would carry a pistol too. I don’t blame Gucci. Hell that just a risk i have to take to protect myself. Shoot first then talk to my lawyer. He killed somebody years ago and i can assure you that this man has nightmares about somebody trying to kill him. So in my eyes I don’t blame him for being strapped up. He just happened to slip and get caught. That’s the chance you take in these streets. Two years aint bad when you facing life but this is what comes with the territory. Keep ya head up Guwop.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      your institutionalized – to each his own tho

      • Bust_1_InyaEye

        I disagree. He has common sense. You’re just green.

      • bigdoe6

        Like i said earlier. Shoot first then talk to my lawyer. The dude above you is a buster.

  • Immortal

    When keeping it real goes wrong……

  • Son Dollars

    Free Gucci Mane Laflair!!!

  • AK

    well i hope his engineer was right about having 9 albums in the vault

  • Sharukh Akhtar

    How the hell did TIP get 12 months? #someonetold

    • John Q. Public

      well Gucci did actually kill somebody with a gun before right? Maybe that’s the type of stuff a judge will hold against u in court

      • squad

        and he had 2 gun charges goofy

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    I bet he wished he never dissed Officer tRicky before he got locked up…. now Rozay is going to use his prison connects to make Gucci’s life hell. Cavity searches every day nigga.

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  • I want to be the first say congrats to Gucci! Prison is seemingly the best thing to happen in a rapper’s career.

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