Hip Hop Rumors: Beyonce And Jay-Z Marriage Rocky?

Yesterday the world went in to frenzy when video surfaced of Bey’s lil’ sis Solange giving Jigga Man a 3rd Ward beatdown in an elevator after the Met Gala Awards.

Now the seemingly perfect couple’s relationship is being questioned. originally reported that this isn’t the first disturbing outburst involving the couple.

“Jay Z allegedly unleashed his own dark side during a disturbing incident back in 2013, according to a new report. According to, an NFL employee spotted the rapper “barking instructions” at Beyonce in the green room before her notorious Super Bowl performance.

“He became angry that she wasn’t giving him her full attention, and he grabbed the mobile device out of her hands,” the site claims. “He discovered that she was texting another man and started going through all her texts. His voice started out low, and he was swearing, ‘You mother f*ing b*tch!'”

Before long, the site claims, Beyonce “jumped up and got in his face and started yelling and swearing right back … She tried to grab the phone back from him, but he pushed her away and continued going through the phone and screaming at her, pushing her away, berating her, and started calling her every derogatory name for a woman in the book.”

Onlookers called the scene “horrific,” but the site claims that Beyonce and Jay Z’s team seemed totally used to such behavior.”

This story gets a little bit of a side eye…




  • Phibes

    You really think if this happened back then, this info would just be coming out now?

    I DON’T BELIEVE IT! #YouNeedMorePeople

    Not saying they don’t have issues,but with an incident like that,people can’t wait to spill the beans or sell the story to a blog.

    • U ain’t never lied bruh….Real deal

  • Faceda59

    Just making up sh*t now.

    • Phibes

      They trying to make him out to be a bad guy. I’m not even a Jay-Z fan,but I think what they are trying to do is dead wrong! He clearly was the victim in this,but because he’s a “Man” hes supposed to suck it up. #GTFOH

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Stupid article that i didn’t even read…

    • Blaq_Boi

      How you know it’s stupid then?

  • Faceda59

    Me either but I think he handled this very well.They have been looking for dirt on these two for years so they going crazy wit this story.

  • Executive

    And we’re just hearing about this now? Lmao. If she farts the news and rumors would be out before the smell goes away.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    Once upon a time….everybody argues……the end

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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    so lemme get this str8

    jay physically handled bey, pushing her and all that……….bey jumps in his face and curse him out (oh how “they:” love to paint our pictures) which should prove that they both can get live during a argument.

    so why in the hell there was none of that going on in the elevator?
    FOH…… we dont believe you…….ah yall know the rest

  • Phatt Killah

    Oh well they’re human…it happens! f*ck it.

  • Jared

    Unlikely. Why even publish this?

  • David Gonz


    • SBRon

      This is about marriage, love, relationship know, grown folk biz…
      You seem to want another East/West Coast feud?!? This thread ain’t got nothin’ to do with that nonsense!! You’re up past your bedtime–Go to bed wit dat kid shit!!

      • David Gonz


      • SBRon

        That’s about what I expected from a toddler…

      • David Gonz


  • LoverOfHipHop

    This AHH writer really needs a job at MediaTakeOut or something. Yah let ppl publish anything on this site.

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Lol. That’s funny

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  • All of these stories on this site comes from TMZ….Last week it was all about Donald Sterling, now it’s Jay and Beyonce..None of these stories end up with ANY of these celebs going to jail for there actions so why should it be so important to us? Where is the privacy? I am tired of TMZ and what they think about the
    world, from a run down office in LA……They did the same thing with
    Donald Sterling and now to Jay and Beyonce. So many other problems in
    the world and because of TMZ we get distracted by whats going on in the
    private lives of celebrities….TMZ should be banned, they are poisonous
    to society…None of these things mattered until TMZ chose to air it
    out to the world..

    • Realist4200

      None of them mattered until people chose to watch. I feel you though.

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  • J Hariss

    LMFAOROFL People wiil do anything 2 be noticed which is really PATHETIC!! I suggest intelligent individuals not buy into the hogwash.The story is obviously bogus. Beyoncé wouldn’t dare entertain nor stand for any of it. hA.

  • $18916246

    It’s not a perfect couple, the fact that they are a well off and powerful black couple seems to be the issue for too many. With all that a life of entertainment presents. Jay & Bey still serve to be role models to all people but particularly to black people as we shamelessly perpetuate baseless, selfish, relations between our men and woman resulting in torn and broken homes. We see Jay & Bey’s marriage as a fairy tale and pretentious couple working a facade to the public which we believe to be too good to true. So the envious wait eagerly for times like these to pull them down, and destroy their public persona referencing many of the well known failing factors found in failing black couple relationships. Physical abuse, mental abuse, distrust, dishonesty, many bad hopeless behaviors black people have allowed to permeate our goals as a growing family. Let’s think for a moment and give them credit for thinking enough of each other and loving each other enough to marry each other and let that be a strength in their public persona in an industry that would otherwise care less if they are role models to us as people. Instead of tearing one of the few successful black married couples black people see period down, let’s not speculate and let them work through their differences.

    • SBRon

      Well put!!