Hip Hop Rumors: Solange May Face Charges For Elevator Beatdown?

This story is never ending…

MediaTakeout is reporting that the NYPD are going to charge Solange with assault in the 3rd degree for laying hands (and feet) on Hov.

5-0 has a full copy of the security tape from the incident, meaning they don’t need Jay’s cooperation to move forward.

The charges may be announced today or tomorrow, due to the 9/11 Memorial Museum Dedication.

Solo faces up to a year in jail if prosecuted…Lawd why couldn’t she just keep her hands to herself?


  • ZUBU

    Waste of taxpayer money…….

  • TheOnlyCoop

    She won’t get a year. And if they charge it’s just because it’s high profile, no way Jay helps them at all.

    • David Gonz


      • TheOnlyCoop

        Your tripping. Don’t let PO fool you. There’s no benefit to doing that.

      • Phibes

        For a dude that’s not from NY,you always got NY in your mouth. We all know what that means.Lol

      • rocnation30

        HUH…..WTF….NO HE WONT

  • Brindle

    on one hand, that’s a waist of tax payer money…. on the other hand, good, she in their spitten in a closed in space, that’s nasty, she need to go to jail, Beyonce know some spitt splashed on her to but she trying to play it off while its burning her cheek… send her to jail so the rest of these uncontrolled women can learn from her, 2 months w/o bail…

  • David Gonz


    • Brindle

      Lol. Not too many know about jayo felony

    • Dubz

      Jayo you not a felon you a misdemeanor

  • 50Cent

    What? So if my auntie slaps me up in a Elevator the NYPD may charge her? Without me actually filing charges?

  • johnblacksad

    don’t start none, won’t be none


    lock this ho up to send a message to females who think its okay to hit men

  • Immortal

    Eh lock her ass up…she’ll come out with a “fix my life” special on OWN, a hit album of old prison hymns, and end up dating Da Brat. Sounds like a winner to me.

  • Chris

    Patiently waiting on a 1-800-TIPS commercial from Jay-Z.

  • Terrance

    Assault 3? That’s a Misdemeanor! She’ll get it bust down to DisCon, IF they choose to prosecute. #WATCH #NOTHING2SEEHERE

    • They can’t without Jay!

      • Phibes

        Yes they can!The prosecutor has the option to proceed without him. It happens all the time.

      • Terrance


      • Only after witness files initial statement *** jay didn’t…end of case.

      • Phibes

        They don’t need his statement.They have video of the crime being committed.

      • Black Trump

        with out jay saying it was a crime they have no case tho… if she says we play like that all the time and it wasn’t what it seemed to be… or it was staged we knew the camera was there the whole time… without audio or a cooperating witness they have no case. all they have is video of what the media put it’s on spin on for ratings.

      • Terrance

        Phibes is right.

      • ** Only after witness files initial statement *** Jay didn’t…end of case.

      • Terrance

        Not in NY…

      • Explain, short of a homicide, how will they procede without a complaining witness?

        Laws may have changed, but that’s a heck of a “confrontation” issue for appeals.

        Imagine a rape case, with no chick screaming rape.

      • ChocolateGirlWondah

        The hell. It’s a domestic assault and the state can pick it up without the victim.

      • That’s only after the witness initiates the complaint… witness / Jay = No case….even if he was shot.

      • ChocolateGirlWondah

        I’m not sure about that. In Mass, the state pickups up the case with and/or without the cooperation of the victim.

      • You mean after the victim *STOPS* co operating. The victim has to file the initial complaint, then if they change their mind and decide to drop it, the state can continue against the victims wishes & subpeona the victim for court, under penalty of contempt.

        *Victim could plead the 5th though* #IJS

      • ChocolateGirlWondah

        No. I mean after the cops come and someone’s face is busted up. The victims’ face is bubbled up and the cops take statements from both parties. If the DA decides to move forward with the case and the victim refuses to cooperate, the state can move forward with or without their cooperation.

      • True…key phrase …” and the cops take statements from both parties” (Technically, only the statement from the one with the busted up face / corroborating evidence / victim’s is the only statement needed.

        Jay Z would have to turn state’s on Solange & *SIGN* a statement…..and that ain’t happening…..

      • Actually bruh the vic don’t have to do sht….If you beat ya chick azz and the neighbors hear the commotion, call them boys and they show up to your door, guess what’s next? You will be restrained in your own home and they gon get the crime scene photos of ol girl face…After that she can say she doesn’t want to cooperate and if the state deems it worthy they can come after you regardless. I have personally seen this happen to a potna of mine.

      • So if she makes ZERO statement, they can get a conviction?
        What if the neighbors call & say you raped her, & they heard it…….can they convict without her?

        You need a victim to confront according to the constitution.

      • I don’t think it’s easy for them to actually get a conviction with no one cooperating but that doesn’t mean that they won’t try. I don’t know about the scenario you presented because with rape you know they gotta do the rape kit testing and stuff, on that domestic violence tip tho all they need is them lumped up photos..

      • Still should need a complaing victim.

        Joe Smuckatelli can’t press charges are me for putting a lump on your eye.

        We could have been sparring / training.
        The alleged victim would have to put it into context.

        Same with rape kit, it doesn’t matter if a condom was used or not, ‘ole girl has to be the one complaining that it wasn’t consentual.

      • You have a point FLA and STL like that too….If the state pick it up that witness sht means nutn….

  • Ummmm….. Yes she’s about to face charges. Duh… The surveillance footage is public and regardless of if Jigga wants to press charges (of course he doesn’t) she will have to answer to the law for this one. Her only escape is Jigga or Beyonce expending political capital to save her ass. Otherwise she’s in the system over this one.

  • Soulgasm

    Mediatakeout though? Smh…

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I’m sure it will be a misdemeanor resulting in no time, especially if she has no record.

    Plus they have to clearly prove that she connected (other than that one kick). Is there a such thing as “attempted assault”? Can you go to jail if you miss? LOL

    • Phibes

      Yep! They will lock you up just as fast.

      • rocnation30


  • That is the funniest sh** I have read all year.

  • Just like I said when it first happened, “Solonge should be facing charges” and you all dogged me out….Now it’s happening, you just can’t your hands on someone like that period….I am sure that she is not going to jail, but she they might send her to anger management. #justsaying

    • Troll_E_G

      The city just want some fine money ,no reason to charge her….charge the police investigating this instead of Real crime

      • Come on seriously, we talked about this before, but if Jay was whipping her ass he would have been arrested first night—It has nothing to do with NYC.

      • Sean Taylor

        If that were me or you and they knew who we were we would’ve been locked up as soon as the tape was aired.

  • AlexYouOC

    Solange = Jojo Simmons

  • Jared

    Y’all going too far with this shit man lol. So first they want to sue whoever under the court of law yet still use the video to incriminate her under the court of law?? LMFAO…CNN is like TMZ2 with this. Imagine if sound was included smh lol

  • RealSpit

    Im a 90’s kid and we came up w/ everybody scrapping with everybody (man vs man, women vs women, etc) and never even thought about the police getting involved unless you killed or stole something. Now days police be jumping in everything, niggas be claiming they gangster one day then the next be suing niggas for whipping their ass. Whatever happened to leaving a fight just a fight and nothing else.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      No offence but I fail to see the correlation between your post and this article. They didn’t mention Jay pressing charges, so……….

  • Sean Taylor

    Why wouldn’t they? The incident was caught on tape, there’s no denying who did what. If that were me or you we would’ve been already locked up….

  • pauleyPee

    Apparently this writer doesn’t know the law. Electronic evidence is highly circumstantial. In other words, if nobody talks? There is not a chance charges will be filed. Not even a little bit (see: Corpus Delicti).

    Imagine, the elevator camera has probably not even been calibrated any time recently. That alone would be cause for a detective to throw the case in the trash before ink ever touched paper.

  • D_Ably

    We all know Jigga put them on her. He ain’t being to quick to tell them to leave it is he. Yeah real ‘G’ that dude lmao

    • What kinda language u speaking

  • Ionno bout yall but please don’t run ONE mo article bout this sht….wasn’t nutn to see

  • Lucky Lefty

    lmao NYPD needs to spend their time finding the abusers within their own ranks and not worry about what happened between two family members when the person that was actually attacked ain’t even thinkin about pressing charges smh