Hip-Hop Rumors: Will The Standard Hotel Sue Leaker Of Jay Z / Solange Fight Vid?

The person that has leaked the video has been found and fired.
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But the plot thickens! The person made a cool $250,000, selling it to TMZ, but they may have more that 99 problems if The Standard has its way. The hotel is pushing criminal and civil charges against the former employee! That’s right! Not only do they plan to get that money they received from the sale, they are looking to put the person in jail!

I don’t know what the legal precedence, but my sources say he’s going down. That money will go FAST on lawyers and defense.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    Please, even if they sue the man or try to press charges, it still won’t be 250k. It doesn’t work like that. Just cuz he made 250k off the tape don’t mean that they can just choose to take that from him. Like “oh, you made 250k?!?! Well, we gonna press charges and make sure we get all that money from you”. And keep in mind, he can settle in both cases. So even if they wanted that much, he would still settle for less….and lawyer fees won’t be that much either lol nggz act like he beating a murder rap. Or like he’s facing years in jail……lol people are funny. Unless jay is pushing for it, it won’t happen. And if it does, it Def won’t be 250k worth…..

    • Breeze

      They be over doing it with shit. Kir I wouldn’t even take him to court. . . He got fired let that be lesson learned. If it wasn’t jay and bey there would be no talk of any court bs

      • Eli Pinilla

        “If it wasn’t jay or bey there would be no talk of any court bs”

        ^^^^^^ this

        Nggz act like he leaked nsa documents or like he has to move to Russia to find exile and sh*t lol

      • TheOnlyCoop

        This hotel has a ton of high profile clients. This is about making them all comfortable.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Most likely he signed a nondisclosure to work there stating he could be terminated and even more if violated. Since that money is income he will have to pay state and federal taxes. Then they will sue him for damages and the cost of the legal fees. The hotel wants to keep the money coming in from their clients that want secrets kept. On top of that they want to send a message.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Their only doing this because of the publicity behind it. So they have to make public moves so that they can be seen as doing something. As the story goes away so does this. Cuz this is a product of the footage turning into an actual story…….can they go hard, sure, will he end up broke? No. Regardless of how hard they go. Taxes at most is 33% for 250k individual income. So that’s roughly 82k. That’s still around 167k take home. Not including write offs or what he made as an employee…….so even if they go hard, will it affect him as much as they making it seem?!?!?! Naw. Unless he’s in debt, owes child support, and the government wants all that money before he touches it. And he ends up with say, 180k before taxes and then u throw in the 30% and so on…

      • TheOnlyCoop

        In New York state the tax rate on 200k plus is 6.85% the feds 39.6% on that type of income if you don’t have a ton of wealthy people write offs. So that’s a total of 45% plus. Plus like I said if they want to show their high client base that they have ensured that they message has been sent they will go in. With that nondisclosure in place the legal fees of the hotel alone will bankrupt he or she.

      • Eli Pinilla

        The tax rate isn’t 39% on 200k…that’s on 398k and up. Even with the 6.85 state tax, he still coming clean…. but whatever, that’s his pockets… I’m just sayin, it don’t matter how hard they go, it’s not gonna cost him that much. Just not gonna happen. He can say f*ck a lawyer, give me time, and I go home to this money. Only the irs can hit you that hard. Irs and fraud. He did neither….and if this dude is getting smashed to the point of bankruptcy, then every hotel that’s ever leaked shit would have done the same. This wouldn’t be the first case of this happening……I believe they are pr ‘ ing this for the reasons you say. So other celebrities can see they trying….but it ain’t gonna bury the dude though….He got off. If it woulda been 50k or something, I would understand. but he ain’t kill nobody, so I don’t see him ever having to spend that much in lawyer fees and fines….

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Sorry you’re correct about the Fed rate. I doubt he’ll do any jail time, but when it comes down to employment NDA contracts being breached that can be costly. Which is why companies use them. Why have them if you’re not going to enforce them. If he goes to civil court without and attorney he is sure to lose and he won’t be able to own anything until the debt is paid. If he gets a new job his wages can be garnished. They can’t go as hard as the IRS, but the garnishment can stay in place until the amount set by a court is repaid and leans can be placed on any property and accounts that he has. This is the first hotel leak of this level. This is more than just saying so and so is here. If other celebs hear that they really went after this guy the other employees will think twice. But if they don’t the other employees will hear about it and think it’s open season.

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  • 100problems

    I would be in another country at that point..foh.

  • David Gonz


    • $18916246

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      • sakiru oresanwo

        Lol at ^^. Did he expect jay to put his paws on Solange and lose everything to become a bum like him??


    I’m about to beat my meat to my own website.


  • Okay, here is the best way to resolve this–The female guard who stole the tape should not get a lawyer, admit to fault, turn herself in, and accept whatever sentence she gets…Because I am sure she is not going to do any hard time, she might get community service or something…Point is no lawyers mean no fees, and hopefully the money that is stashed and will be available when it’s all over….And I am almost sure she can make even more selling her experience doing interviews with the media. THE END


    FOH let the person get their cash off this stupid ass video…stop trying to hold them down when they probably wouldn’t make $250,000 in 10 years working at your damn hotel