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Trey Songz Talks About His "Discrepancy" With August Alsina For The First Time (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Two months after August Alsina intimated that himself and Trey Songz had a “falling out”, Trey Songz finally addresses the short-lived disagreement for the first time.

In a March 2014, August Alsina informed RapUpTV that he didn’t “f*ck with Trey [Songz]” and less than two weeks after the interview was posted, explained his comments further to The Source:

All I said was, ‘we ain’t good right now’. With this music sh*t, sometimes it gets deeper than music. Like when you become somebody homie or whatever, I hold you to a certain standard and you know, that’s how it is.

After months of Alsina answering all of the questions regarding the rift between him and Trey Songz, Mr Steal-Yo-Girl finally chimes in. During a recent interview with Capital Xtra, Songz addresses the “discrepancy” he had with Alsina and speaks on their personal relationship:

We had a discrepancy and he didn’t know how to deal with that. He hasn’t been in the situation where he has to answer the same question a million times, that’s frustration. He probably said some things he really didn’t mean. Out of pressure. I really care about him. He got a lot going on in his life outside of music and I know that about him. So, I didn’t feel the need to speak out against him.

Check out the full segment of Trey Songz interview with Capital Xtra below:

  • well said…AA probably just went off at the time when asked and probably wouldn’t if he had to do it again.

    • yahgirljazmine



    i care about him? what kind of gay ish is that?

    • Ipullcards

      That’s the problem with black men. No compassion towards your own BROTHER! Smh. Why we will never be in top as a ppl ever again. What’s wrong with that? I know killers and we meet n greet it’s always love u my g or what ever. You sound like you have issues expressing your true feelings and recognizing your emotions. Nothing soft about what trey songz said. If he’s gay or not, nothing wrong with it!

      • yahgirljazmine

        friends exactly…like he said like my little bro

    • polax

      that not gay at all you dont have friends that you care about? you sound like a full blown retard i care about my brother, i care about my male cousins and male friends and im as straight as it gets you sound silly

      • Ipullcards

        Yup just said the same thing

      • yahgirljazmine


      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        these dudes is way too tough nowadays

    • As a signed artist I can speak from experience and tell u that him saying that he cares isn’t gay or anything like that. Of course some people have vomit of the keyboard or just don’t know anything so I understand why you would say such a thing. But trey and august are both major artists in the same urban lane. its a brotherhood to being a major artist just like being an NFL or NBA player. The entire industry is built around exploiting artists so two young brothers in the game have to care about each other cuz at the end of the day their labels will drop both of them as soon as they stop making money for them.

      • yahgirljazmine


    • yahgirljazmine

      gay??? never that

    • Kharifa HartBreaker

      heck yea lmao shit too funny

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      so you dont care about your homeboys or you just that tough? Shit i love my niggas and they love me too thats why we fam and ride for each other. is that a hard concept to grasp.

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  • $18916246

    That’s whats up..Trey’s a good dude…you gotta excuse August…he had a bout with what can be called KANYEMOUTH….where senseless ranting will cause mass embarrassment and confusion.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    couple alert!

  • Didn’t watch the video but tre statement sounds solid, kept it a hondo

    • yahgirljazmine

      if he don’t care no one else should