Dr. Dre's Son Speaks On Dad's Beats/Apple Deal (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Beats Electronics’ blockbuster deal with Apple is about to land a windfall for co-founder Dr. Dre. The $3.2 billion dollar sale is going to greatly increase the legendary producer’s net worth, but it appears that fortune may not be trickling down to his offspring just yet.

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TMZ caught up with Dre’s son Curtis Young as he was preparing to board a flight to Mexico. The photog asked the younger Young why was he flying commercial and not privately since his dad is on track to becoming a billionaire.

“Pops where the private jet at?” Curtis jokingly asked. “That would be nice right now. I’m about to fly coach.”

Young does makes it clear he is proud of his father’s accomplishments, and the money Dre makes is his own.

“That’s his money,” added Curtis. “He took it to another level in Hip Hop. I’m proud of him.”

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Watch Curtis Young talk about Dr. Dre’s deal in the video below.

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  • IceBergSlim

    Wow..That’s a tricky issue their cause his son is in his thirties so he should be making his own path but at the same time Damn that’s his father I just can’t see me not breaking him off some bread and also was Dr. Dre in his life growing up

  • Sean Taylor

    WOW a “celebs” kid that doens’t act like his parents owe him the world.

    Nice work Dre!!

    • Ipullcards

      Nice work to the mom!!

    • Calico Joe

      He should act like it. Dre ain’t raise him. He didn’t even acknowledge him til he was 18. He missed almost every special moment in his sons’ life. Nice work Dre??

  • MrWindyCity82

    “I’m about to fly coach, I’m humble”…. NICE!

  • Savimbi

    That’s dope, but at the same time Dre ain’t really the floss type so it may have rubbed off on the kids. Hell so kids who’s parents have less money compared to Dre be acting spoiled as shit lol He has the name what more could you ask for…

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    He didn’t grown up with his dad his mom was a (groupie) she told him his whole life
    that DRE was hes dad…when he got 18 him and DRE took a (DNA) and he was his
    son…DRE broke him off with bread cause his mom for 18 years never asked for 1 dime
    and he didnt either…he was rasied his whole life to be humble DRE said when he first
    seen him he at (18) he looked just like him and had his lawyer set up the test…he good
    he talk about on it youtube

    • Ipullcards

      Real ppl.. Any other woman would of tried to clean him out

      • Calico Joe

        She should’ve cleaned him out. How you deny your son for 18 years? Why wait so long for a dna test? I would’ve been grateful for whatever bread he threw me after the test results, but my attitude would’ve been f*ck you.

      • Ipullcards

        It probably is.. But malice begets malice he has more money to make her life a living hell. She handled it better than u would of obviously lol

      • Calico Joe

        I feel you, but 18 years though fam. The whole while your father making millions and being absent for the most important moments of your life cause he didn’t believe you was his child. That’s f*cked up.


        naw dre did even know that he had a son…she never told him
        when he turn 18 is when dre first meet him

  • johnblacksad

    If I’m not mistaken, Bill Gates said each one of his kids was going to get $10 million a piece… said they they didn’t need more… eh!

  • water_ur_seeds

    That got slightly awkward lol Hood Surgeon’s ‘The Autopsy’ mixtape was dope few years back…

    • John Q. Public

      Yea I remember that… I bumped it for a lil bit when it dropped

  • Just because you fly coach doesnt mean he’s broke. he’s probably about to blow some racks in cabo! p.s. camera man seems scared to ask questions lol

  • $18916246

    This is spin….mindless media.


    seem like he was raised right

  • Cold Hard Truth

    the reporter sounded like quite possibly the stupidest human being on the planet , makes sense that he works for TMZ

  • Mac7504

    Damn Curt gain some weight…lol I knew of him through a friend of a friend, met him once and he seemed like a stand up dude…I wanted his Hummer at the time (when Hummer were slightly in).

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  • John Q. Public

    TMZ guy was very disrespectful, But that’s not surprising. Curtis handled himself well under some dumb ass questioning.

  • TMZ once again, that’s what I am telling yall, TMZ is poison…Dre didn’t even get the check yet and they are already trying to dig for dirt…I used to watch TMZ untill I realized that they get way too person, leaking things to us that don’t need to be heard….Those sons-of-bitches in that run down office in LA need to go somewhere.

  • Montezuma1

    Not a fan of Dre but his son displayed some class. Salute to the young man for not airing family dirty laundry publicly. Dre’s children from his current wife definitely enjoy more perks of his wealth than his previous children and there may be reasons for that but regardless this young dude could’ve taken this opportunity to do what disgruntled people do and he didn’t. Classy young man. More people should be like that.

  • R.E Dykes

    ha ha right

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